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Dear Reader,

This blog website is my final portfolio for the 2017 fall semester of ENC 1101, taught be

professor Pierson. This class was a discourse community that valued both individual and group

work dynamics, developing writing abilities, and learning about the key concepts of writing in

the real world. All four essays that are posted to this site are class assignments that demonstrate

the skills and knowledge learned throughout this sixteen-week course. To demonstrate how I

have improved these works, revised copies of aforementioned essays containing highlighted

changes have also been posted. These papers are also accompanied by two reflections on the


The blog post listed as paper one is an autoethnography. This assignments purpose was for me to

demonstrate my knowledge on literacy sponsors, Discourse, and rhetorical situations. This was

done by selecting an intimate community that I was a member of and analyzing it using these

three concepts. My selected community was the Adventure Time fanfiction community.

The blog post listed as paper 2 is a short essay outlining my writing process. This assignment

required me to use concepts learned throughout unit two on self-reflection and writing analysis to

revise the paper one section on my writing process. The overall goal of this paper was to

determine what aspects of my writing process were efficient and what aspects of it needed


The third paper posted was an essay on an aspect of rhetoric. Throughout unit three, our class

broke into small groups and researched a rhetorical concept assigned by our professor. Once this

project concluded, we selected another rhetorical concept presented to us by another group in

which to research and write about. My selected concept was ethos, pathos, and logos.
The final paper posted on this site was from unit four of the course. In this essay, I analyzed the

2017 UCF admissions essay prompt and my essay response. Within my analysis essay, I

discussed various concepts learned throughout this course that were important to/ present in this

non-writing studies course. This paper was meant to demonstrate the learning of and the real

world uses of the class concepts learned this fall.

The purpose of this portfolio is to present the effectiveness of teaching college students the basic

concepts of writing studies and how it can affect their writing skills. On a personal level, I hope

that this portfolio also displays my steadily improving writing abilities from throughout this



Robert Gage Lucas