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Mexico Citys economical and political center, where

are performed comercial, tourist, manufacturing,
academics, administrative activities, among other.

This dynamic generate daily 13,000 tons of garbage,

approximately in Mexico city.

Individual generation garbage: 1.46 kg.A family

generate 1 cubic meter monthly of rubbish.
Creation Laws solid waste of Distrito Federal,
environmental management system.

Recycle: Process for waste treatment, both industrial and

domestic to obtain raw material starting waste.

Objectives recycle waste:

*Conservating or saving energy

*Conservating or saving natural resources

*Decrease volume waste

*Environmental protection

Greenpeace spreads:

Social conscience

Recycle benefits:



Recycle companies in Mexico City:

Vitro: Producer and recycle glass.

Biodiesel Moreco: Recycle vegetable oils.
Ecoce: Civil association nonprofit. Created 2002,
foster gathering and reused waste pet
Recycle companies: Recycle paper, glass,
batteries, metal and organic.
Why is recycling important?
Importance of recycling

1.-We save energy and fight against climate change

If we recycle we reduce the work of extraction,

transportation and processing of new raw materials,
which leads to a significant decrease in the use of the
energy needed to carry out these processes.

At lower energy consumption, we generate less CO2

and reduce the greenhouse effect. In other words,
recycling at home means helping the planet and
helping to fight against climate change.

2.-We use less raw materials

If we recycle glass, paper or plastic, there is no longer

any need to make use of so many new raw materials to
make products. In this way we will save a significant
amount of natural resources and will conserve, among
other things, our forests, the so-called lungs of the planet,
whose work is fundamental to decontaminate the

3.-We manufacture new products

Through recycling, new products are created. Although

you have never stopped to think about it, there are
everyday objects that are born from recycling. Many
shoe boxes have their origins in tetrabriks, a tire tire can
be made with those same soda cans that you store in
your refrigerator, and that polar liner that shelters you so
much has its origin in PET plastic bottles. Keep in mind
that these products require less water and energy, and
generate less pollution during the process. There are
many companies that have implemented ecodesign
with the aim of designing but respecting the
environment. They even reuse objects as diverse as
traffic signs or tires and give them a totally different use.

4.- We create jobs

Recycling at home means preserving the environment

and something as important as helping to create and
maintain jobs. Because the waste recycling process
requires companies and workers to collect the different
materials and classify them.

5.- We preserve the environment

If we recycle, the industry pollutes less air by reducing

the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, we protect our
soils because the waste goes to the corresponding
place and does not accumulate in the waters of our
rivers and seas. By using organic waste for the
composting of our gardens or crops, we avoid chemical