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HealthCare for our Heroes

All gave some, Some gave all

A Civic Engagement Proposal by: Luke Roth

HealthCare for our Heroes
All gave some, Some gave all

The Cost of Freedom:

As the United States continues to engage terrorism throughout Afghanistan and

the greater Middle East, american forces continue to engage in the longest conflict the

nation has ever endured. Every year thousands of the nation's greatest heroes

endeavour exceptionally difficult and dangerous situations to serve and protect our

freedoms and liberties in the homeland. Thousands of college age students will be sent

to Afghanistan, South Korea, Japan, and possibly sixty-seven other nations to protect

our ability to live a life in the pursuit of happiness.

Brave Soldiers are not receiving the best care:

Every day in the Dubuque community and across the nation our veterans are not

receiving the best healthcare that the nation could provide for them. According to the

Wound Warriors Nonprofit, over 540,000 Veterans have been diagnosed with Post

Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and an average of twenty-two veterans commit

suicide a day because of the effects PTSD has on their daily-life. American Veterans

are waiting exceptionally long periods of time to get the medical care they so direly

need. Due to the lack of funds, and organization within the VA many Veterans who have
HealthCare for our Heroes
All gave some, Some gave all

served in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq are not getting adequate treatment for both

Psychological and Physical issues which is costing many of our heroes their lives. The

President's 2018 Budget includes over $186 Billion dollars funneled into the VAs

Budget to allow for treatment and care for our veterans however, due to

mismanagement and lack of accountability within the VA Administration most of these

funds will not be handled to the best efficiency. The VA Controversy of 2014 in which

our Veterans were denied healthcare opened an investigation on employees at the VA

were falsified official documents, and leading to the death of multiple veterans on the

waiting list, is unacceptable.

According to the Congressional Research Service, in the last seventeen years

the overall veteran population has decreased by over 17%. From 2001 to 2014

VA-Enrolled veteran population has increased over 78%! With the Second World War,

Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans all increasing in age many of them are

becoming more dependant on our healthcare system. American heroes have stormed

the beaches of Iwo Jima, defended the City of Hue, and battled across the streets of

Fallujah, All in the name of freedom and democracy. The least thing we can do as a

society is ensure these heroes have the best healthcare we as a nation can offer.
HealthCare for our Heroes
All gave some, Some gave all

What we can do as a society:

As a nation of the free Americans have the right and ability to freely assemble

when we are not satisfied with the job the government is providing. Partnering with local

legislatures and veterans groups in the community the purpose of the proposal is to not

only raise awareness in our community, but also call on members of our community to

help volunteer time to help transport these heroes to the VA Hospital. With the support

of our community, the organizations involved, and our local congressman this proposal

is intended to make a fundamental difference in the way our legislatures handle the VA

and our Heroes. The proposal is to enhance awareness on the federal government, but

also grow support within our community to raise a group of volunteers to drive our

heroes to the nearest VA in Cedar Rapids. Together as a community we have the ability

to truly change the way American veterans are treated in the Dubuque community and

hopefully across the nation!

HealthCare for our Heroes
All gave some, Some gave all

Proposal Timeline:

October 6th, 2017 Connect with UD Sparta Organization

October 9th, 2017 Phone discussion with Veterans Freedom

Center (VFC) to discuss partnership on
volunteer driving

October 16th, 2017 Host recruiting booth in MTAC, generate

student leads for volunteering

November 9th, 2017 Meet with volunteer student drivers

affiliate them with VFC

November 16th, 2017 Creation of Facebook page

November 16th, 2017 Connect with local organizations online to

increase exposure in community through
social media