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Rockhead 1

John Rockhead

Ms. Cortez

UWRT 1102 - 004

6 December 2017

Final Reflection

I believe that during this past semester, our course assignments have had a positive

impact on the accomplishment of the course goals and outcomes set for the class. At the

beginning of the semester, my expectations for this course were pretty since I started imagining it

was going to be just like my UWRT 1101 class. I really like the way that the class was structured

and the assignments interested me while also helping me understand the goals and outcomes that

were meant for that class. Since this class was the next level in the University Writing Program, I

kept my expectations at the same level, if not higher.

During the course of this semester, this course has not felt too overwhelming nor too

easy. I felt like I had a good balance to where I was challenged at moments but not all the time to

where I couldnt handle the course load. Due to this experience, I didnt feel like the challenging

aspects of the course were any different than it would be for any other writing class I take. For

me, its always making sure I manage my time and handle my writing process efficiently. Before

taking this course I didnt, realize how important that having a good writing process was and

how much of a difference it could make.

My favorite assignment is definitely the inquiry project while my least favorite will have

to be the very first research and writing log. The inquiry project taught me a lot about the topic I

had and I learned everything I wanted to plus more. I think that it even boosted my love for

music and made me want to research other related topics. This assignment also aided to the
Rockhead 2

understanding on my writing process and what I need to do to improve it. I believe my inquiry

project increased my understanding of personal interests, student learning outcomes, and helped

improve my writing. I close second for favorite would be the rhetorical analysis. I think that

when youre given a little freedom in what you want to write about it makes writing a lot more

fun and easier to be worked on. The only reason I say that the very first research and writing log

is my least favorite assignment is that when first doing them I felt like it was a waste of time and

unnecessary. It was only after I realized how they could actually benefit me when I started to

enjoy them.

The one thing I can say I struggled and improved on is my writing process. I go into

detail throughout my ePortfolio, but this is something that I have had time to think about,

discuss, and work on. My writing process was very poor and lazy coming into this class and I

didnt have any motivation to change it due to my lack of interest in writing. However, thanks to

the help from various class assignments, discussions, and class sessions, I realized the

importance of a good writing process and why I needed to improve my own.

After taking this course and building this ePortfolio, my impressions on writing has

certainly changed. Im no longer as disinterested in writing as I used to and I now have better

diligence when it comes to writing. I feel like my steadily improving writing process can help me

not just as I write more papers in college, but also with my future career. I am a computer

science major and therefore I am writing code all the time. I guess I never looked at it as a form

of writing but it is, and I realize that Im going to be drafting, reviewing, collaborating,

rereading, and editing, just like I would be doing in a writing class. I strongly believe that due to

this class and the ePortfolio, I have improved my multimodal, and writing skills, thus further

preparing me for my long road ahead.