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Course Name: Practicum 4a Course Code: EPC4403

Instructor Name: Dr Pauline Keith

Task Title: Coursework - Plan or Proposal: 30%

Due Date: Week 5 Date Submitted:

Student Name: Amna Mohammed

Student ID: H00226150 Section:

Late Penalty:
Unless special circumstances are agreed with the course teacher regarding late submission, work
submitted 1 working day late will be deducted 10%, 2 days late 20%, 3 days late 30% and any work
submitted more than 3 days late will get a zero mark.

Academic Honesty:
Breaches of Academic Honesty will be treated with the utmost seriousness. You are reminded the
penalties for cheating or plagiarism include dismissal from the HCT.
(for more information please refer to Academic and Student Regulations, HCT Academic Honesty
Policy, Student Handbook)

Student Declaration:
This assignment is entirely my own work except where I have duly acknowledged other sources in
the text and listed those sources at the end of the assignment. I have not previously submitted
this work to the HCT. I understand that I may be orally examined on my submission.

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Possible Coursework - Plan or Proposal: Template:

Student Name: Amna Mohammed ID #:H00226150

Justify the PDP with regards to the benefits of critical reflection to professional development incorporating a diagram that clearly explains the planning / assessment

Introduce the PDP setting:

As a teacher, I have strengths and weaknesses points in my teaching, so I choose to improve my weakness based on my
last TP which had some challenges. Besides this, I was thinking a lot how I can develop my goals because I want to be a
flexible and effective teacher in the learning environment.
So my main goal for this year is how I can give students more than one activity in one lesson by stopping students
continue doing their current activity when time finish by using one strategy "using timer". Because some students spend
more than limit time so I decided to teach them my own way to remind them about a limit of time by operating timer on
the board. Because in my pervious practicum, I faced a challenge with some students who did not stop from activity when
the time finish and still chatting and playing with materials ,as a result, they disturb other students and waste time. But
first of all, what can I do to tackle this problem is showing students how many activities we have today so they will be
aware of them, then I will focus on my instructions by making them clear and simple. On the other hand, with students
who consume more time, I am going to put them in the same group and sit with them just for explaining steps about
activity and also expand for them the limit time of activity. And students who are finished of activity, they will get
another activity by giving them small instructions on small paper to do it so they will achieve more than one if they have
two or three tasks.
My second goal is using effective consequences to control student's behavior in a classroom. What I mean is every class
has some naughty students and when they get punished that leads to making them responsible for their behaviors. So I
choose this goal because when students are polite and quiet, the students will understand better, they can ask a teacher for
repeating the idea or any point in class, so they will be productive at the task and achieve outcomes. So what I will do in
this practicum is using warning card with students who doing noisy and disturb other student s when they are chatting,
shouting or bullying inside class. Besides this, I am going to use unhappy faces with a student who are not prepared for

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lesson or student who playing with their materials like books or pencils that is mean you did something wrong. Finally, in
the last five mints of the lesson, I will give them "think sheet" consists four questions to fill: According to
Teacherspayteachers website that "what did I choose to do? Why did I make this choice? Who did I bother or disrespect?
Two things I could have done instead. This sheet is useful when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of
another student. Therefore, the student reflects his behavior in this sheet and let them think of alternatives rather than just
apologizing and moving on" (Think Sheet - Classroom Management, n.d.). Or I can use my own sheet about give a
student "think sheet" consists three questions what is the bad thing I did in English class? Who did I bother or
disrespect? How can I fix my attitude? Because in the last practicum I was suffering a lot of misbehavior students and I
was talking with them about their behavior and this way did not work with them. Then, I used another way which is I
asked naughty student stand for 10 mints that was effective way but in this year I don't want to be harsh with them.

The last goal is how I can use effective feedbacks which create positive environment for students. When teachers
encourage and motive students, they will be more productive and creative. Moreover, students will be proud and improve
themselves when teacher praises their behavior or abilities after they doing something in a nice way, complete their tasks
on the time and participate in class. I am going to focus on student's writing who write a story in English lesson and I am
going to let them read what they wrote. Also, I will give them pos itive feedbacks and explain why for example, I love the
way you described the characters in your story rather than saying excellent job. Moreover, encourage the student behavior
like you are sitting politely in my lesson. Another example is parsing student who is improved in spelling the words like
now I see more improvement in your spelling. The last example is I like Mohammed because he always prepared for
class, he brings his pencil and book in each lesson. By using direct feedback and explain why they will know their
strength points.

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Justify your professional development goals for this semester.

Previously stated development needs

Skills you personally know you Personal development
Needs of the setting Comments:
need to develop interest
MST recommendation

MCT gave me
tip that "you
should teach
students your
own way to
stop - Hands on
completing activity more
doing activity MST gave me tip about clarify
because that is than
my instruction and be specific
effect on time because when the students are worksheets.
management focusing on their activity it is
and give them - The student
difficult to change something I used different
clear while they are working. depend on
I need to develop student activities and I
behavior. engaged my students activity more
before giving
very well.
task" than
MST gave me another advice
Another tip about using correct grammar curriculum.
was be because students are learning
comfortable quickly even if it wrong.
with students
and giving
them effective
not just
excellent or
good work but

v. 2016-09-01 4
explain for
them their

Goal 1 (list
&justification of

Concise Reflections & actuality

Goal 1:
- That's will save the time for discussing about activity or
moving to another activity in the lesson.
Stopping students
continue doing activity - Students will follow the lesson with the teacher and will not
when time finish disturb the flow of lesson.
- Teacher can give them more than one activity.

Action 1: - Simple and clear instruction before giving students activity.

Giving student clear - Showing them the limit time of activity by operate timer on
instruction about the the board or counting down.
limit time of activity - Teach students what to do with their hands, bodies, eyes and
and using timer.
mouths when they hear the timer rings like (hands up that
mean stop).

v. 2016-09-01 5
Extra time for students - I will sit with students who struggle and have difficulty on
who spend more time the task by giving them specific steps.
on activity

Desired time frame: - Each activity needs certain time to achieve it so I will sit
with low students who working slowly and I will model for
them how to deal with problem solving step by step or
equation in Math lesson.
During the class - I will investigate of student's performance during the first

Any support needed - From MST - I will enhance my abilities in teaching from teacher
feedback feedback so I will implement her useful tips in next lesson.
- Using timer - By teaching students that timer is a signal to pay attention to
your teacher after doing activity.

Data collection tools to

be used to provide
- From MST
evidence of the success comments
of the action
- Record video
- MST will notice my preference during the lesson.
- Pictures
Evidence (after I used this goal during
my TP and I reached to
I reached to this goal and I was stratifying about my self
this goal by giving them
because I organized more than one activity during the lesson.
clear instruction and
From the first lesson that I was teaching my students I
reminding them a time
mentioned that there is a timer on the board during the
of the activity.
activity. Actually, the follow of the lesson was good and most

v. 2016-09-01 6
of the students were reaching the learning objective because I
was walking around them during the activity.

Goal2: - Consequences create effective environment for learning

because classroom will be more orderly and productive
Using effective because some kids need consequences to stay on task.
consequences - Consequences is teaching student's self-control and adjust
behavior of misbehaver students and promote personal
responsibility on students.

Action 2: - Focus on students who are chatting in classroom or playing

- Using warning with their materials by giving them a red card or unhappy
cards or unhappy sticker that means you are doing something wrong and break
faces sticker that's rules of classroom. Then, at the end of the class teacher will
mean teacher give student "think sheet" consists some questions to let
bothered of student fix his mistake in next class such as what I did in
student behavior. English class? Who did I bother or disrespect? How can I
- Giving student fix my attitude?
think sheet. - This is better way instead of saying don't cheat with your
friend or don't play with your pencil.

Desired time frame: - After follow these ways she will observe student's behavior
- During the class in the next lesson if they change their behavior or not.
and after the class
Any support needed - Students will be upset and will think about his behavior.
- Using unhappy
- Student will fill" think sheet" then he will analysis his
face sticker
behavior then will fix the situation.
- Warning red card

v. 2016-09-01 7
Data collection tools to
be used to provide
evidence of the success
of the action

- Collecting think
sheet paper.
- Taking Photo

Evidence (after I did not reach to this

goal because teacher
used her own strategy I have noticed that teachers were punishing their students by
and her students used sending the misbehavior students to the class to show students
on her style so I could in another class that this student did something wrong and
not apply my strategies. letting him write a apologize letter or sending to supervisor.

Goal3: - That's will motive, encourage and direct students about their
achievement and will help in learning environment to have
positive atmosphere.
Using effective - Students will be proud and improve themselves when
feedbacks teacher praises their behavior or abilities particularly when
she corrects their work.
- The goal of feedback is to provide students with insight that
helps them to improve their performance.

v. 2016-09-01 8
Action 3: - Focus on students who write story in English lesson and I
am going to let them read what they wrote. Also, I will give
them positive feedbacks and explain why, for example I love
the way you described the characters in your story rather
Im going to focus on
than saying excellent job. Also, I am going to praise student
student writing.
who improve his spelling words and write the correct like
now I see more improve in your spelling.
Giving feedback for
student who has a good - Giving positive praise to students like I like Mohammed
behavior because he always prepared for class, he brings his pencil
and book in each lesson.

Desired time frame: - Teacher will explain for the students about their current
level of performance and what they can do to improve.
- Because students performance needs time to develop in
writing or any subject.
During the class.
Any support needed - I will acquire new ways of approaching and using data
- From MST through training and follow up.
data collection tools to - By written feedbacks on student's textbook after correcting
be used to provide
- Student's work
their work and taking photo.
evidence of the success and photo.
of the action
- MST comments.

v. 2016-09-01 9
Evidence (after used effective feedbacks in my lessons
I reached this goal and I
and even when my MST asked me to praise the students
behavior at the beginning of the lesson or at the end of the
dayj. Moreover, I used it more with Jana case because she was
suffering of slow in writing and while my MST I sat near Jana
and I was telling her about spelling to copy it from the board
I abled to use this goal to Textbooks. Afterthought, I gave her a good feedback to
while I was monitoring feel proud of her self.
the students during I saw that there is an improving of Jana case in the last two
English lesson. Even I weeks of my TP.
used this strategy with
special need case like
Jana case.

Think Sheet - Classroom Management . (n.d.). Retrieved from Teachers Pay Teachers: -Sheet-Classroom-


v. 2016-09-01 10
Professional Development Plan

0-59 60-66 67-76 77-86 87-100

Criteria Weighting Below course Achievement that Achievement that Achievement that is Achievement that is
requirements minimally meets the satisfactorily meets the significantly above the outstanding relative to
course requirements course requirements course requirements the course requirements
Introduction Task 40% A explanation with no A explanation with A clear explanation with A very clear detailed An extremely clear
Table Completion detail showing thinking minimal detail showing some detail showing explanation showing detailed explanation
and personal reflection some thinking and much thinking and much thinking and showing considerable
personal reflection personal reflection personal reflection thinking and personal
Goals 60% Goal is vague without Goal is unclear, without Goal is relevant, Goal is substantial, Goal is significant, well
Task Completion detail and explanation, detail and/or some detailed with some detailed, clearly detailed, clearly
and contribution to explanation, and explanation, and explained, and explained, and
professional growth contribution to contributes to contributes to contributes to
Goal is minimally linked professional growth professional growth professional growth professional growth
to the teaching Goal is minimally linked Goal is satisfactorily Goal is very clearly Goal is extremely
competencies to the teaching linked to the teaching linked to the teaching clearly linked to the
Little or no Strategies competencies competencies competencies teaching competencies
are explained and show Strategies are Strategies are Strategies are realistic Strategies are highly
little sequenced unsatisfactory and may satisfactory and may and indicate sequenced realistic and indicate
measures for success indicate sequenced indicate sequenced measures for success sequenced measures
Limited evidence to measures for success measures for success Very good evidence for success
support reflections Limited evidence from a Good evidence from a from a range of sources Wealth of evidence
range of sources (e.g. range of sources (e.g. ( e.g. lesson plans, from a range of sources
lesson plans, student lesson plans, student student work, ( e.g. lesson plans,
work, work, materials, materials, reflections, student work,
reflections, +) to materials, reflections,

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