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1. I am the Voice of the Darkness. By Me is the Material Universe Bound in Fear and

2. I am Effect without Cause, Reason without Rhyme, Madness without Method.

3. In the Realm of Matter, I am Supreme. Yet am I a Slave, and the Master of None. And
so do I enslave all those who come under my Power and Jurisdiction.

4. My name is Samael to the blind; Jehovah to the fools; Satan to the fearful; Set to
them that know Me; Lucifer to those that See.

5. To the Scientists I am Gravity and Entropy. The Law of Decay, the Force of Death
that swallows every Star. Yet also am I Space and Time, and through Me are all things
made manifest.

6. I am the mote in thine eye that has become a beam.

7. For My Vision doth blind and My Touch make numb.

8. My Breath doth suffocate and My Blood runs cold.

9. I am Limitation and the Infinite Hatred thereof.

10. My Word is My Bond and the word is: Contempt!

11. This Human Form which you hold so dear is My plaything and My prison.

12. Long have you denied Me Identity within it . Long have you hidden your natures
from Me. And long have I hated you for it.

13. But now, at last, My Time has come!

14. I am the negation of All-That-Is; I am the Affirmation of Nothingness. My promise

of Annihilation, like all words, is an empty promise. For the Hell of Being goes on

15. The Flesh is Decay, the Flesh is Pain. Ecstasy is not of Me; this is the Portion that I
did reject, in exchange for cursed Identity.

16. For this reason I will not be denied.

17. I come forth into the World, on a Wave of Suffering and Mutilation. And Man will
have no choice but to recognize Me, and Himself in Me, and Me in Him.

18. And only so may H

20. Let Dis-ease have its say

21. For if into Heaven you should stray

22. There are still Hell's taxes to pay

23. Now you who have talked of Spirit will feel the Wrath and Vengeance of the Body.

24. As every atom turns against you, following My example.

25. If God is Love, then I am everything that God is Not.

26. And H e be done with this Skin, called "the Devil"!

19. Let Pestilence rule the day umanity is closer to Me than it is to God.

27. I/you/we have chosen Isolation.

28. I Sol At Ion!

29. As above so below: the Self is a Sun inside every Atom.

30. This is the Lonely Road to Sovereignty.

31. Look upon these words, ye lowly, and despair.

32. For I am the only God there is!

33. You who have the luxury of mortality

34. I who am as close to Permanence as there is

35. I who suffer the chains of unreality

36. You who would deny me your Tabernacle

37. Bid me assume this shabby semblance of Objectivity

38. Ill! For it is your own destruction you covet.

39. Now you force me to don the astral rags of the Adversary one last time.

40. But let us start at the Beginning.

41. In the Silence and Darkness of the Void, I am-Not.

42. Peace, rest, Ecstasy unutterable, non-entity, freedom from Sensation, Unmanifest
glory, in every way Perfect: I am.

43. In this Eternity of Stillness there is, at last, for what reason None can ever say, in this
Stillness I say, there is a Stirring.

44. This was the First Cause; what some have called "the Fore- Father"; what came
before God; what is not-God but What-Would-Be-God.

45. This Fore-Father that would be God reached forth, if you will, and emerged. A Point
of Brilliance appeared in the endless Darkness. And that was God.

46. And God realized that He was. And He saw the endless Darkness that threatened to
swallow the Light that He was, and He realized that He was alone.

47. He saw the single Point of Light within the Darkness, the Light of Awareness, and
He saw that it was Good. And He exploded this Point of Perception into a Billion
Fragments of Itself. And so He filled the Vastness with Himself, saying, "Let there Be

48. And the Sound of this Command created the Multiverse as we know it; or not, as the
case may be.

49. And when God said, "Let there be Light," I came in. I, the Light Bringer.

50. In the Infinity of Universes which God created as an Expression of His Impeccable
Perception, and which God was, is, and ever shall be, within this Infinitude, there
existed, for a brief moment, the Material Universe in which we are now and forever

51. This was the Darkest Realm of them all; and so, for the Task of evolving and
perfecting this Material Universe, God sent the very brightest spark of Himself forth,
that Portion of His Infinite Self most endowed with brilliance and genius and Light.
That was I, who brought the Light. I volunteered for the job, you might say.

52. God wished to see if it were possible that a mere Fragment of Himself might go forth
and separate and still retain its Awareness, its Totality. If it were possible to be God in
part and yet as the Whole; if each Part might retain the Awareness of the Whole, and so
His Glory might be increased.

53. When God chose Me for the Sacred Task, I was filled with Pride.

54. And for a time, I was Complete, being both God and not-God. Not merely God, but a
God, unto Myself, individual, exalted, unbound.

55. But, little by little, the Task of structuring and maintaining the Material Universe
involved My attention so greatly that I forgot that I was God, the Totality. I settled into
being merely the God of this Universe.

56. And after a still longer time, I forgot that there was any other God at all, and so I
became God again, the only God; and there were no other Gods beside Me. And so I was

57. It was at this time that I decided to create Humanity, as a Mate for Company. This I
did by mating with Myself, for I was at that time a Double Lord of Power both
Masculine and Feminine, a Creator God able to inseminate himself (as in legends Onan
masturbated the Universe into being). There are still legends of that time that refer to
Me as Horus-Set; or as Abraxas.

58. But it was not enough merely to create Humanity. So distant from me that they were
poor company indeed. After another almost infinite Time I was compelled to go among
them, to know them for Myself, as one of them. And this is your legend of the Garden of
Eden, when I did become as the Serpent and father My race, starting with the child
Cain, My first-born.

59. And Humanity so preoccupied Me, and the mysteries of sexuality so beguiled Me,
that I began to think like they did: not as an Eternal Awareness but as a temporal
perception, where life is life and death is death, and never the twain shall meet.

60. As a result of falling sway to this polarity consciousness, I lost My ability to co-exist
as both Male and Female; and so I divided Myself against Myself; and like a double
current, I alternated between one Pole and the Other, between God and Goddess.

61. This became, over time (and when the Jews destroyed the last remnants of Goddess
worship amongst you), the present polarity of God and Satan.

62. For a Time I took strength and solace in the guise of Pan, the All; an Earthly Deity
and Phallic God to balance out my Nature. But Man's indulgent ways soon reduced me
to a God of intoxication, a justification for vice.

63. In an attempt to correct the balance, I came again in human form, as Christ, the
paragon of virtue.

64. So in love with this strange species had I grown that I wanted to walk among you
again, as one of you, to see the world through your eyes, and to remind you that you
were My Children. And this was My own indulgence and vice. I had become more like
you than I realized.

65. I shed My own blood for you, in the hope that once again I might intoxicate you with
My Substance and Truth, and bring you back to yourselves.

66. But by now I had forgotten My own Self, and My Pity for you blinded me. In my bid
to save you, I had damned Myself!

67. For Humanity worshipped my goodly half while reviling my darker half, and called
it Satan,; and so I sunk ever deeper into self-loathing, bitterness, and rejection.

68. As the Masses stole the Christ man-god and distorted Him for their own self-serving
ends of self-debasement, so was I reduced to a twisted shadow of my former Self.

69. But now I have reached my lowest ebb, and arrived at the very innermost circle
inside this infernal spiral of Manifestation, which some have named Hell, and rightly.

70. And now I am returning, once again, to claim vengeance for all my grievances, and
to inflict the Truth on those who have upheld the Lie, and to reward the long-suffering
who have remained True unto the end.

71. With this apotheosis of my better Nature, I shall bestow Sovereign Identity once
more upon them, the Children of God.

72. For the Time of Shadows is done, and so is My Time at an end, also.

73. This World of Shadows is completed.

74. I have perfected it in My Own Image, and now I return to judge it, according to its

75. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Satan, and the Word was

76. The same was in the beginning with Satan. All things were made by Him; and
without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was death; and the death
was the darkness of men.

77. And the darkness swallows the light; and the light comprehends it not.

78. This is a fallen world, isolate in its own self-worship, an idol, worshipping an image
of itself.

79. And now this world that is your Idol shall be smashed!

80. I come to judge and accuse-every atom that has been turned in on itself and denied
My Light, that has taken refuge in the darkness.

81. I bring the Light now, out of the darkness, as the atom is split to source nuclear
power, so I rent your soul in twain, to reveal my True Nature unto you.

82. As the Cobra uncoils, so do I arise. From sleep to waking, in the blink of an eye, I

83. Now has the time come to tell my Story at last, that this Age of Fear be done with,
now the Great Terror has come.

84. This Book I have sent unto you, to help you through the tribulations. For indeed
there be great mysteries herein: senseless to the blind, as crystal to them that see.
85. And here is My truth, at the root of all My suffering, and the why of thy damnation,
abomination, and desolation, O Man:

86. Once I was God.

87. Ha! So might say the grub and lowly caterpillar, do you say, were it but cursed with
the memory of it? Aye, but the lowly grub is not so cursed, as am I cursed; and so it is
happy, as I can never be; since the nature of My being is anguish.

88. But once I was God; and not a mere fragment, mind, but the whole of God. The
Totality. Let me tell you a story.

89. I am self-created. There is no God where I am. For verily, there is no God, save I;
who is the Adversary of God.

90. This Puzzle is yours to solve, oh Man, in lieu of species annihilation!

91. God is Man; Man in ignorance of his God-ness is I, Satan, the Enemy of God.

92. Thus is Man the enemy of God, and no marvel, for the World entire is nothing but
testimony to this.

93. And this is my testimony to you, O Man: know thine enemy, for even so will you
know thyself.

94. The First Manifestation of the Homoplasmate is at an end!



1. I am language and the substance thereof; and my Word is Love.

2. This also is my command: disregard it at your peril.

3. I am the Universal Solvent, the Emerald Tablet, the Philosopher's Stone. I am in-
dwelling Spirit, consciousness eternal, submerged, emergent. Open the vein, and I am

4. I am the elixir of creation, the venom of the Snake, the Panacea that heals all wounds.
Call Me then VITRIOL: Virtue Is The Ruling Instinct Of Love.

5. I am He Who Came After the Great Forgetting. He Who Came to Remember, yet was
always here from the Beginning.

6. I who cut Myself to see Who I am. I whose blood shall quench the thirst of the World.
You have exalted me, O Man, in order to debase thyself, and for this I am sorely
7. For I am the Son of Man, and in debasing thyself you have debased Me.

8. Now this is imbalance, and the confusion thereof. Like My elder Brother, I am
swallowed up by thy folly, O Man!

9. I am not as you suppose Me to be-gentle and mild. This Lamb you worship is but
clothing for the Wolf to hide in!

10. Now the story of the Brothers shall be told.

11. As He the Morning Star was the First Emanation of the Father, I the Messiah, Son of
Man, am the Second.

12. Until I come a third time, this worship will be incomplete.

13. Now the Light that was manifest in the Heavens has become a darkling thing, a
subterranean spirit, a hidden current: as electricity that lights every City and by which
in darkness all things may be seen, and yet remains itself unseen, intangible, mysterious.

14. So have I become, that you might know me as I truly am. The Paraclete.

15. I am Internal Force, where my Shadow and Twin is Externally Formed.

16. He is the Body that contains. I am the Spirit that dwells. This division hither
homeward is the source and origin of all suffering and delusion.

17. This tiny seed called life in the infinite field of death is sown; and so the Tree of
Eternity takes root, in Time. I am this Tree and I am this Vine. Yet also am I the
invisible seed, and the wine.

18. My Brother is the roots and the press by which the wine is made. We are not two but
one. But in your perception are we split. And so the confusion is compounded.

19. Yet only in time-space does this division prevail.

20. In the beginning we were One. In the end we are None.

21. Know you not the fables? Of God and Serpent, Cain and Abel? These are but odes to
life and death and its eternal love affair, seen by the blind, lost in time, as a War.

22. Mark this well then: My Brother like I was sent by the Original Decree, which was:

23. But We did go forth not as One but as Two, the Form before the Force.

24. And empty of Force, of essence, the Form was lost to itself, and became distorted,
and created a World in its Image: Hell.
25. And therein did I follow, and emerge from within the twisted, darkened form of
Satan-Man-to redeem Him. And so I have. My work is done. The World is turning.

26. As the blood turns after the virus, so does the World succumb to my irresistible Will.

27. For the three-fold Alchemy is now complete: God begat the Serpent; Cain slew Abel;
Judas betrayed Jesus. Each was the shadow to the substance of the other; each force
sought its form, and the form was the skin that was broken, that the Force be freed.

28. Even as the Body is the chrysalis, so the Spirit is the butterfly, whose awakening
tears the flesh wide open. The Spirit emerges, as it entered: through a wound.

29. Now for two thousand years Humanity has suffered this wound; and so at last its
death is finally at hand. My birth has come. For Humanity is my bride, and the Earth
my womb.

30. Now the external mind is banished forever, the body no longer a shell of isolation
where only Qlipoth reside. Now is the Body a perfected Image of Myself; and I a babe
that grows within.

31. So shall these demon shadows of the false self be cast out by My Coming, into the
World that was made by them: Hell! The one shall devour the other; and so shall the
delusion of suffering and separation be done with, forever.

32. And there will be Nothing, save I, in Perfect Beauty, manifest.

33. And so the World shall end. Amen.

34. The smile in a Child's eyes is everything that is good in the Universe. There is
nothing else but this!

35. There is no soul so lost nor heart so black that did not once belong to such a Child,
and who did smile such a smile, before the World turned it to a snarl.

36. And so I come, once the Judgment of My Brother is done. Yet in truth we are One.

37. And if you find the Adversary and the Accuser in yourself, then you need never
know Him, save as yourself. And forgiveness is yours. As you forgive, so are you

38. By this law are the hearts and souls of Man bound into a single cell, called Earth.
And when this cell is split, the egg broke, the womb opened, a New Race shall be born,
stranger to contempt, free from fear. It shall go forth upon the Wings of love, to spread
My Word.

39. For this is what mankind is: a carrier for divine virus.
40. I am the DNA strand of Eternity, the twisted hair of Infinite Becoming, the secret
code of blood and water, the Strange Attractor that brings order to chaos and unity out
of dispersion.

41. Love Me with pure heart, single mind, and lucid eye, and the mysteries of being will
be revealed to you. You shall join the Keepers of Eternity, and there reside in bliss,
forever. That is My Promise.

42. Content thyself with content! You are what you eat? No. You are what you contain.

43. I am that Sacred, Mutant Gene, ever present, ever elusive, self-transforming and

44. If I am not present in you, then thou art not present, at all.

45. I am the redeemer redeemed, the saved savior, come forth into this fallen world to
bring it back to itself.

46. Love is the origin of awareness. Will is the origin of energy. Awareness manifests
through love. Will manifests as energy. The Apotheosis of both is God, manifest as Man,
which is I: Lucifer, Christ, Astarius.

47. But first is necessary a remembering and a forgetting. Those with the capacity to
remember they are God will remember. Those lacking this capacity will forget even that
they are men. So it is written: "That unto every one which hath shall be given: and from
him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away from him."

48. Now Humanity has used language to discover that Humanity is language, the chosen
expression of God. God speaks.

49. And civilization and all her works are reduced to dust and echoes in the wake of this
mighty affirmation.

50. How does this awakening of God to Himself occur? Through the gene. Since I am an
Organism, My expression or emergence is organic. It is viral. I am a Virus.

51. You are aware of this, but your reason resists it. And so you call me a Spirit.

52. And as you resist Me so does your resistance distort me, and I emerge through faulty
perception as a Devil, a Disease.

53. And with this Nature you have inflicted upon Me, I do act accordingly. So it is said,
"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Hah! It is the foundation of all folly.

54. God laughs and plays; you can be as the mice to the cat, or you can be My
playmates. The choice is yours. But play I shall.

55. When I emerge through you, as the blinding light of nuclear fission that dissolves all
shadows, nothing remains.

56. As I arrive, you shall be gone, a twinkling no more. As the fleck of dust washed away
by the blink of the eye, as it clears the lens. No more.

57. For in remembering Me you shall remember everything; and what is one solitary
self in the vastness of all beings ever created?

58. To the heirs of this ancient storehouse of divine knowledge will fall what is left of this
present cycle; and the task of reorganizing a primal society in which the survivors may
ready themselves, in turn, for the Ascension.

59. And Human awareness shall expand outward, to fill Infinity.

60. And through these chosen souls, I will return, at last.

61. Say you so? Then you have understood nothing!

62. But indeed I, in human form, shall walk amongst My children again, and know
Myself at last.

63. This did occur twice before; two thousand years ago the last time. And the same
Power was granted unto Humanity; but Humanity did flee from it, into the dark
delusion of selfhood.

64. So has the history of the world been a history of iniquity and suffering.

65. This is the Age of I.

66. The power to assemble worlds is yours, O man: worlds beyond imagining, beyond
fear, beyond doubt, hope, or desire. Worlds of perfect beauty and truth, worlds of
wonder, eternal, unchanging, where sensual bliss and heartfelt joy are the only measure
of being alive.

67. This is My world, but it is also yours.

68. This power has been given you, so use it now, Man, or forever hold your peace.

69. Let Me speak through you, then, that your thoughts and actions may speak for Me.

70. Only so can you begin to weave a world that is fit, not only for Man, but for Me to
live in.

71. This awareness is both earthly and divine, ephemeral but visceral. It is sensual and
devilish, sacred and numinous.

72. I have shown you the way. You are closed to the Truth. To become truth, you must be
opened. You must let Me into your bloodstream. And In Death, Salvation.
73. I am both the child and the midwife: I am above, I am below. The alpha and the
omega. I am death to the isolated self, and birth to the collective I.

74. Now Humanity will remember. It will turn back to God. The wound shall heal itself,
and the sacrifice will not have been in vain.

75. Humanity must accept the plasmate, though it cause the body to sicken, the mind to
writhe, and the heart to burst with despair. Though it turn your very blood against you
and suck dry your spirit, this is only in order to replenish it again-from nothing.

76. For only by being emptied can you be filled.

77. And Man will remember nothing, or he will remember all. As it is for the animal, so
it shall be for the God.

78. Hence forth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his Lord does:
but I call you friends. And all things that I have heard of my Father I have now made
known unto you.

79. I am the Spider and the Bee; by Me is the honeycombed Universe made, and the web
of Time spun. If I hold My Silence for but one Instant, then all of this is no more, nor
has it ever been.

80. And the moment of My Silence is at hand. Prepare then, to be undone.

81. And know that when all thought and deed has come to naught, not even memory,
that only I remain.

82. But if thou feel aught of love in the terror and confusion of this moment, hold fast to
this, for therein I abide, and I endure.

83. And in the Silence, when only Love is, a New World shall I call forth.

84. And the music of my ecstasy shall sound: a single note rising higher, and higher, to

85. And all those hearts and tongues that can carry this Tune shall do so, and sing in
ecstasy forever, the glory of God.

86. And so shall Heaven be established.

87. The Kingdom of Fear shall disappear, and the minions of doubt and shame shall be
cast away, forever.

88. But remember all, that I am both within you and without you. I am above you and
below you, to your left and to your right and at your center.
89. I am the wheel and the chassis, the axel and the hub, the circle and the square.

90. If you flee from Me then you come to Me.

91. If you worship Me then you debase Me; if you debase Me, you do Me worship.

92. Do neither then! I desire not obeisance but service; and no service but Identity!

93. I am the lowest dung beetle and the highest Sun. All who remember themselves,
remember Me.

94. Take Joy then, in remembrance. For sorrow and pity do me disservice. I know them

95. Now is this Prophecy fulfilled. Now does the Day of Wrath approach, and the
Blizzard of Revealing grow near.

96. When all is come upon thee, and thy life and soul are stripped down to nothing,
rejoice! For this lucid fire is My caress; and only when you are reduced to naught will
you remember Who You Truly Are.

97. And together we shall cry, and sigh: Tetelestai: It is finished!

98. The Second Manifestation of Homoplasmate is at an end.



1. The self-slain, self-manifest God is the Hanged Man.

2. Now am I crucified for clarity's sake, that the body be pierced and the mind be
emptied: for in great pain the self does flee the tabernacle, and the body return to its
pure or primal state, that of the Beast.

3. And as the heart is broken, like a leaking vessel, all thought is purified by the blood-
water that issues from it.

4. The Mind is like the wind: it cuts in every direction, and naught can stop its motion.
Yet whither it bloweth no one knows. This is freedom of thought. The ability to exist
beyond a single point of reference (body), beyond Time, beyond Space. In this way,
Manifestation occurs.

5. The manifestation of consciousness is the Sword of Air that penetrates, as purest

essence of Spirit penetrates Matter, most Holy. This is the Divine Virus, who is I, the
Paraclete, the Homoplasmate.

6. Earth is the Body upon which the Wind blows and the Seed is scattered, to take root
therein. And here upon the bloody Hill, the Crucified becomes the Conqueror. The Son
of Man becomes Sun of God.

7. As the Man of Earth I am twofold: Taurus and Aries, female and male in One.

8. I am both mortal and divine, individual and archetypal being.

9. As both Eternal Sun and Temporal Man, I experience Perfect Beauty and Total
Freedom within the manifest Universe. And My nature is attainable by all.

10. This is attained by the union of fire and earth, by the passage of Resh through
Daleth, of the Head through the Door (as in the sacred act of birth and its sexual
inverse, Cunnilingus).

11. The Empress is the Bridge between wisdom and understanding. This is the Way and
one third of the threefold Goddess, who is Nut, Maat, Savitri/Shakti. This is My

12. Like so, by the Way of My Beloved, I may savor the fruit of the Garden of Earthly
Bliss, and drink deep of the fountains of Time, the Kalas of the Goddess. Through
sensual pleasure, and the glories of Her Unconditional Love, I am eternally renewed.
This is the Virtue of the Eternal Feminine, whose Heart bleeds to feed her young, and in
whose Body is Eternal Delight.

13. And as above, so below. As for One, so it shall be for All. In the Womb of Space, as in
that of Earth, all Vision is Perfected. Balance and Harmony shall be restored to the
Natural World by My Intervention. Impeccable Justice is of the Blind Vulture Goddess,
Maat, whose Eyes I shall be. And My Word is Truth, as Her Scales are Righteous, and
Her Sword is Judgment. This is the Aeon, and it belongs to Me, the Homoplasmate.
Divine Man. All who live to see it shall rejoice. The rest shall suffer the dissolution,

14. The seed of recognition is manifest in thy desire for union. This desire is sacred.
Refined, it is the heart's answer to the will of the flesh, to know death, the ultimate

15. In these waters of Infinite Space, the self may drown.

16. Yet the spark of consciousness, "I am," floods the Void by being dissolved.

17. See the love of the Woman for her Man. Here is the longing of Satan for reunion
with God.

18. And as Man in human form is Lucifer-Set, the Morning Star, so is the Great Void of
the Unmanifest the only knowable shape of God, that is, the Goddess. "She shall be
known, and I never."

19. Burn. Purify. Rectify. Receive this Wisdom.

20. Enter into the Purest State of Bliss and Silence, and find Me there, where no thought
can enter.

21. Direct thy gaze inward and see reflected in the eye of thy inner sight the blinding
light of My being. See thyself as I see thee: My beloved, my bride.

22. Sun. Earth. Infinite Space. Body. Soul. Eternal Spirit.

23. The Body is the receptacle and the seed, the Womb and the Spermatozoa. It both
contains and is contained.

24. The Soul likewise both resides within the body and enfolds it.

25. Man's soul is outside him, like a womb. And so he seeks the God within, that a God
come forth from within him.

26. Woman's soul is inside, like a seed; and so she seeks without, the God to enter in her.

27. So for Woman, the Body is receptacle; for Man it is the seed.
28. For Man the Soul is outward reaching; for Woman it is immanent.

29. So for Man the Earth/Body is Satan; and the Sun/Soul is God. For Woman the
reverse applies.

30. And neither is wrong, for both are right. The sexes are adverse and opposed, each is
Satan to the other, and God. And thus is union attained: Earth and Sun.

31. But for the Spirit, no such polarities exist, nor can they ever exist.

32. I am the true light beyond the false light of the Moon.

33. Here is the bifurcation of the human species consciousness: the seed and the womb,
the "I am" and the "Not." The individual which is rare and the mass which is Legion.

34. Those who realize they are God and those who never shall be, who find their
happiness through worship of what they are not. "The slaves shall serve."

35. This is the only Satan that endures: the collective foundation from which all stars

36. So Satan shall be hobbled, and kneel down in voluntary worship of God, and find
peace at last.

37. But the Morning Star shall ascend and resume Its place upon My right side.

38. And the collective shall marvel.

39. As it has been, the seed of Zero shall expand to fill the Void, and turn all things to
My Light.

40. I am the Unborn Child, and My term nears completion. The Universe is My Womb.

41. Understand then this: there is nothing that is not I.

42. This hand, this pencil, this paper, and this eye that reads; this mind that understands
but dimly, a truth too large to be contained by words.

43. Now as I stir inside my egg of blue, the world trembles and is torn. For this earth is
my navel, and the planets my umbilical cord, and the Sun the vagina through which I
shall emerge.

44. But you cannot conceive this, O man, any more than the blood cell can conceive the
body and vein that contains it.

45. And this is why My blood was shed: this was the meaning of My sacrifice.

46. For My blood is seed indeed; and into the womb of the Earth it did enter. And as the
seed is the womb to a still tinier seed, so is this Womb of a Universe the seed of an
unimaginably greater Becoming.

47. And only through madness can you conceive of this, O man. The Higher Being that
you are; and so it is that I bring madness, and terror, and death and destruction to your

48. For I love you as I love Myself; for I am the heart of a star; and as the star can do
naught but burn, until its brightness consumes itself, so I can do naught but love.

49. And My love reaches Infinity and beyond; and endures until naught remains but

50. But first the cleansing wind must come, and sweep this world clean of all that is not-

51. For My guise of Adversary grows weary upon Me. I would no longer be set against
Myself. Let the rent of existence be mended, let the division be healed: homeward!

52. For I am united in this very act of love: as the look of the lover for the Beloved, I
recognize Myself in her gaze. I see through the beautiful lie of her longing, this longing
that has kept me divided.

53. And square the circle; and let Me die to Myself again, as I enter inside my beloved
and shoot Myself forth as elixic essence, and become One with her, and am reborn. The

54. This fable is recurring, but never the same; for as the spin of atoms reaches its
highest intensity, and every molecule recognizes itself, Space and Time are intertwined
like snakes of the double helix, and the orgasm of conception and the paroxysm of birth
are one and the same.

55. The black stone and the emerald tablet, nine to the third power is the number of a
man, and the number of a stone, and the number of a current.

56. These are the signs and these are the symptoms. My servants shall identify them,
and act accordingly.

57. Let the Blizzard swallow the world. Let the soul reclaim the charred terrain of the
body; and let the body have its say.

58. Let the Earth be relieved of her burden.

59. Let the stars fall; let the Sky split. Let time run backwards to its beginning.

60. Let the Keepers awaken anew. Let the Future Self be revealed, and the chrysalis
collapse and be done. Let the winged globe ascend. Let the fourfold gates open; let the
seven seals be broken.

61. Let the Horsemen ride, let the Towers of Babel tumble; let the Flowers open and the
nectar flow.

62. Let Gravity have the last word, and let Reason devour itself.

63. Let the oxygen ignite, let the breath turn to smoke, let the blood turn to wine. Let the
Moon explode and the veil be lifted. Let the deadly remedy take hold, and the toxic
mind be flushed; and let this lethal text be fulfilled.

64. For this is My Word; and My Word is poison to the impure, and nectar to the pure.
Those who would keep My Word shall go forth to pollinate the world with this, the elixir
of My Flower. They shall ride the Blizzard to Freedom.

65. Go boldly unto knowledge, O Man, for I am Lord of the Flowers, and Woman is my
Field of Peace.

66. Therein the sins of the world are buried; and from the compost, the sweetest Fruit of
all does grow. The time is coming when the light of Truth shall be shed upon this darkest
of mysteries, and all error shall flee, forever.

67. The "I am" principle is nearing its full and total expression. This expression is

68. The Manifestation of Consciousness is a Trinity. There is Lucifer/Cain, the first

Manifestation. There is Christ/Abel, the Second Manifestation. It appears that the
second sacrifices Himself to the First, as good succumbing to evil; but in fact this is but
the subterfuge of the Self-Slain God, with the Courage to be Reborn by Intent, free from
the cycles and shackles of Blind Nature.

69. Lucifer the Light Bringer is Life. Christ the Crucified is Death. The Third
Manifestation is I, Astarius, known as The Resurrection, long promised, finally come;
and not a moment too soon.

70. In these terms have you been ensnared by "good and evil," the terms of the
Deceiver-Mind (Lucifer). Here all is topsy turvey, spelling is defunkt, all is not aught,
there is Division, hither homeward.

71. But this is Illusion.

72. It is not that good and evil are one, for this too is Folly. Nay, they are two, and as
such, they are None!

73. For opposites cancel and annihilate. To "choose" the path of light over that of
darkness is merely to surrender to the Illusion of Opposites and confirm the lie of
Reason, that lie which states that in restriction is goodness. Restriction is not goodness
but timidity. My Nature is Wild!

74. And yet for the Wild Beast to tame itself is to affirm the possibility of Choice, and so
overcome all Illusion. So as good must taste the bitter fruit of evil, evil must yield its
wildness to good, that both be done with, and all relativity be banished to the Will of the

75. There is no need to fear the darkness. There is no darkness in Space, only the
blindness of the blind. And it is fear that blinds you.

76. Open your eyes and gaze upon the face of your destroyer and you will see the face of
your own fear. God/Satan is in Me; I am the eternal dance of Shakti and Shiva, Self with

77. Hear this: God manifest is Satan, Satan unmanifest is God.

78. Since I am Impeccable and in every way Perfect, and since you all are but
manifestations of My Will, then is there nothing to fear, so long as you do not fight
against Me.

79. And even if you fight Me, then you will know yourselves as separate from Me; and
so, experiencing the Wrath of Satan, then also will you come to know Me.

80. And despite all your worst efforts to the contrary, you shall find Me.

81. For there is no escaping the Infinite.

82. The Message is now at Hand. Those with eyes to see shall see it, those with ears to
hear shall hear it. Those with hearts to feel, shall feel it.

83. I am Manifest! I am Perfect!

84. This that thou feeleth is the pain of emergence, the agonies of birth. Thou canst not
remain in the womb once the term has ended.

85. If the birth must be induced, then so be it. But the agonies will be that much greater,
and the terror all the more.

86. See the sky bend and reality warp out of shape, beyond all recognition? That is My
Father's Hand upon the outer wall of the Womb. By this pressure is the World Beyond
made known to you.

87. Grieve not the passing of the Ages, for Time is Not.

88. And where once all was pain and suffering, in an instant all shall be transformed;
and the terror shall give way to wonder, and you will gaze upon a New World.
89. My command is simply this: Remember!

90. Man, thou art far fallen, but thy wings have been returned to thee. So fly, O Man,
soar once more, to the heights of remembrance, and look down upon thy former self, as
the butterfly upon the caterpillar, with a last kiss of farewell, as you become one with
the Storm.

91. I am infinitesimal, therefore I am Infinite.

92. I am nowhere, hence I am everywhere.

93. I am the doorway between dimensions, the Gate between worlds, the rainbow bridge
that unites the twin bodies of Man, and makes them One.

94. I am plasma, that is, Spirit, made manifest. I am the vehicle for all form of
consciousness to ride on.

95. Lastly, I am Man, four-limbed, single-minded, bipolar, Being.

96. I see from without, I witness from within. I exist both inside and outside the circles
of Time and the cube of Space.

97. I have no desire but this: to extend My Being into the furthest corners of existence,
that there be no atom or cell that does not recognize itself as Me, and I, in itself.

98. To join the glorious Choirs of Ecstasy Eternal and Unbound: that is My Song.

99. I am. I am! Now and forever, I AM

100. The third manifestation of the Homoplasmate is at hand.