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Brief Contents


PART 1 The Global Manager's Environment 21

Chapter 1 Assessing the Environment: Political, Economic, Legal,
Technological 22
Chapter 2 Managing Interdependence: Social Responsibility,
Sustainability 58

Comprehensive Cases PC1-1

NEW: Case 1 An Ethics Case: Stockholders versus
Stakeholders Lanka) PC1-1
NEW: Case 2 in International Markets: Balancing
Business Interests and Host Nations' Security
Concerns (Global/Middle East) PC1-3

PART 2 The Cultural Context of Global Management 89

Chapter 3 Understanding the Role of Culture 90
Chapter 4 Communicating Across Cultures 130
Chapter 5 Negotiation and Decision Making 163

Comprehensive Cases PC2-1

NEW: Case 3 Google's Orkut in Brazil: So Social
about (Brazil) PC2-1
Case 4 MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge
(Saudi Arabia) PC2-9

PART 3 Formulating and Implementing Strategy for International

and Global Operations 191
Chapter 6 Formulating Strategy 192
Chapter 7 Implementing Strategy: Alliances; Businesses;
Emerging Economy 234
Chapter 8 Organization Structure and Control Systems 261

Comprehensive Cases PC3-1

NEW: Case 5 Alibaba in in China &
Beyond (China/Global) PC3-1
NEW: Case 6 Carrefour's Misadventure in Russia
NEW: Case 7 Expansion in Africa: A New
Exploration Strategy (U.S./Africa) PC3-27
NEW: Case 8 Evaluating the Chrysler-Fiat Auto Alliance

PART 4 Global Human Resources Management 287

Chapter 9 Staffing, Training, and Compensation for Global Operations 288
Chapter 10 Developing a Global Management Cadre 318
Chapter 11 and Leading 348

Deresky, Helen digitalisiert durch:

International management IDS Basel Bern

Comprehensive Cases PC4-1

NEW: Case 9 Foreign Investment in Chinese Banking Sector:
HR Challenges (China) PC4-1
NEW: Case 10 Nooyi: A Transcultural Leader

PART 5 Integrative Section

Integrative Project IC-1
NEW: Integrative Case: Case Mahindra and (B):
An Emerging Global Giant? (India/
NEW: Case 12 After the Breakup:
The Troubled Between
Volkswagen and Suzuki

Glossary 375
Endnotes 381
Name and Subject 397