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a. How much is the output voltage of a carbon-zinc cell?

b. How much is the output voltage of a lead-acid cell?
c. Which type can be recharged, a primary or a secondary cell?

a. The negative terminal of a chemical cell has a charge of excess
electrons. (True/False)
b. The internal resistance of a cell limits the amount of output current.
c. Two electrodes of the same metal provide the highest voltage output.

a. Which has longer shelf life, the alkaline or carbon-zinc cell?
b. For the same application, which will provide a longer service life,
an alkaline or carbon-zinc dry cell?
c. Which size cell is larger, C or AA?
d. What type of cell is typically used in watches, hearing aids, cameras, etc.?
a. How many lead-acid cells in series are needed for a 12-V battery?
b. A battery is rated for 120 A_ h at an 8-h rate at 77_F. How much
discharge current can it supply for 8 h?
c. Which of the following is the specifi c gravity reading for a fully
charged lead-acid cell: 1.080, 1.180, or 1.280?