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What group does this animal belong to: frankly, I took this lesson in the
school and I teach the students this lesson with grade 3, and I did
differentiation between students abilities and they were sitting in the
tables as their abilities and each table has color and it was easy for me to
apply different activities according to their level and it was easy for me to
assess students while they were on the task. Also, I learned from this lesson
to use eye contact while some students were talking during the lesson.
Students were interesting in group activity while they were classifying
vertebrates and invertebrate. I have noticed that the MA took more than 8
minutes and I thought their activity maybe not linked with their level and I
have to ask MST to help me how to arrange the activities which linked with
their level.

Staying alive: My MST taught her students this lesson and I was observing
her how she deliver the lesson and I took the important points by writing in
my notebook. I like the warming up, she lets the students imagine about if
they were in desert alone what they can do to stay alive. I saw how the
teacher grab the students attention while she calling their students name
and she ask him a surprised question to let him focus. She was using these
strategy after showing them a video about lion chases the antelope and some
students were talking together and she just call their names and asking them
questions. My MST assess her students by asking students open the unit
questions and giving them time to solve the question individually. After they
finish she walks around them and check their work.

Is this living or non-living? Teacher explained this lesson on Thursday

while I was in Sharjah Women College so I was not able to see her while she
is teaching them this lesson.

How can we help plant to grow? I asked my teacher if I can teach them
this lesson and she let me explain the activities for children and she took
teaching part. I abled to explain the activities very well by giving them clear
instructions and I used one strategy which is timer to let students aware
about the time of each activity. Most students were stick in the first
activity and they were asking their teacher and me about the role of each
part so teacher explained for them on the board.

The transition between activities was good and I abled to help LA and MA
students while I was walking around students and assessing them in the same
time. The students were interacting in the last activity and I noticed that
most of them able to distinguish what is similar between animals and plants
and what is different between them.