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The Great Depression and New Deal Test Name:___________________

Multiple Choice Write the correct letter in the blank provided.

1.____ The President at the beginning of the Great 8.____ All were causes of dust storms EXCEPT
Depression was A. overgrazing by buffalo.
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt. B. poor farming techniques.
B. Theodore Roosevelt. C. drought.
C. Herbert Hoover. D. static electricity.
D. Woodrow Wilson
9.____ Railroad police or guards were referred to as
2.____ The stock market crash occurred in the year
A. Bears.
A. 1928.
B. Bulls.
B. 1929.
C. 1932. C. Boars.
D. 1933. D. Butterflies.

3.____ Which state was NOT a part of the Dust Bowl? 10.____ The Great Depression was ended by
A. Colorado A. the New Deal.
B. Oklahoma B. the end of the drought in the Dust Bowl.
C. Texas C. reopening failed banks.
D. Arkansas D. World War II.

4.____ Which word means a tax on foreign products? 11.____ FDR communicated with the nation using
A. import
A. fireside chats through the radio.
B. export
B. fireside chats through television.
C. speculator
C. telegraphs
D. tariff
D. mailed letters.
5.____ Which BEST describes the Great Depression?
A. Lack of food 12.____The President at the end of the Great Depression was
B. Shortage of men willing to work A. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
C. High unemployment rates B. Theodore Roosevelt.
D. Increase in the purchase of stocks C. Herbert Hoover.
D. Woodrow Wilson
6.____ Which of the following insured bank deposits?
A. CCC 13.____ The Tennessee Valley Authority
B. AAA A. limited farm production to increase prices.
B. built needed public facilities
C. planted trees, cleared fields and built roads.
7.____ D. built dams to provide electricity for rural areas.

Federal Work
14.____ People over-speculated on stocks, meaning
A. they sold all their stocks at once.

Social Security ? Farm Assistance

B. they were afraid to buy them.
C. purchased stocks using borrowed money.
Environmental D. purchased stocks using money from savings.
Programs 15.____ The Federal Reserve
A. failed to regulate the stock market.
Which of the following completes this diagram?
B. failed to prevent the collapse of banks.
A. The stock market crash
B. The Federal Reserve C. failed to prevent high tariffs.
C. The Fair Deal D. failed to help disabled individuals.
D. The New Deal
16.____ Farmers had a surplus of crops causing Short Answer
A. income to fall because they had to lower prices. 20.____ Which is NOT an impact of the New Deal programs?
B. income to fall because they had to raise prices. A. Many new jobs were created
C. income to rise because they had to lower prices. B. Taxes were raised to pay for the programs
D. income to rise because they had to raise prices. C. the Great Depression was ended by the New Deal
D. the programs led to a bigger role for the federal
17.____Which is NOT a major cause of the Great Depression? government in American lives.
A. The Dust Bowl
B. The stock market crash 21.____ Which was NOT a RESULT of the Great Depression?
C. Failure of the Federal Reserve A. Businesses and Banks closed
D. High tariffs B. People were hungry and homeless
C. The Federal Reserve failed
18.____ Social Security D. Farmers income fell to low levels
A. limits farm production to increase prices.
B. builds dams to provide electricity for rural areas. 22.____ Areas where many homeless built shacks for homes
C. creates public works projects like roads. were called
D. gives government payments to retired or disabled A. Hoovervilles.
workers. B. Roosevelt Suburbs.
C. FDR Towns.
19.____ At the peak of the Great Depression, unemployment D. FDR ghettos.
A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 25%
D. 35%
Short Answer

23. List the following events in chronological order, listing the event that started first as number 1, the second event as 2 etc.
The Great Depression World War II The Roaring Twenties The New Deal

24. List the 3 major CAUSES of the Great Depression

25. List the 4 RESULTS of the Great Depression