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Chris Blankenship

Lesson Plan: September 25, 27, 29, 2017

SoL(s): USII.4 The student will demonstrate knowledge of how life changed after the Civil War


a. identifying the reasons for westward expansion, including its impact on American


b. explaining the reasons for the increase in immigration, growth of cities, new inventions,

and challenges arising from this expansion;

c. describing racial segregation, the rise of Jim Crow, and other constraints faced by

African Americans and other groups in the post-Reconstruction South;

d. explaining the impact of new inventions, the rise of big business, the growth of industry,

and life on American farms;

e. describing the impact of the Progressive Movement on child labor, working conditions,

the rise of organized labor, womens suffrage, and the temperance movement.

Materials Needed:

Monday- projector, worksheets, paper helicopter activity sheets, scissors.

Wednesday- Readings, worksheets, projector

Friday- worksheets, paper to make childrens books

Outline of Procedure:


o Warm-Up

o Students Decide on Paper Topic

o Technology Advances Summary Question Review

o Guided Notes Technology Advances Outline

o Helicopter Assembly Line Activity

o Technological Advances Circle Sheet (Homework if not finished)


o Warm-Up

o Progressive Movement Summary Question Review

o Guided Notes Progressive Movement Outline

o Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Reading


o Warm-Up

o Review and Grade Progressive Movement Worksheet

o Childrens Book about Progressive Movement Activity

Essential Question:

Monday: How was social and economic life in the early twentieth century different from

that in the late nineteenth century?

o How did assembly lines help productivity?

o How does technology help our lives? Businesses?

Wednesday: How did workers respond to the negative effects of industrialization?

o What changes came about from accidents and deaths?

o Would anyone like to work in these harsh conditions?

Friday: How did the reforms of the Progressive Movement change the United States?

o Is it better to work at jobs now or at the beginning of the century? Why or why



o Guided Note Taking, Assembly Line Activity (Movement)


o Guided Note Taking, Reading Passage


o Presenting/Making Childrens Book