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AP Chemistry Podcast DVD

Featuring Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams from Peak Educational

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Zumdahl Chapter Handouts Topics Podcast

1-3 Intro - Stoich Intro
Naming Cmpds 2.1
Balancing Eqns
Limiting React. 3.1
% Yield
% Comp
% Error
Empirical –Molecular 3.2
Combustion Probs.
4 Reactions Electrolytes & Non 4.1
Making Solns
Precip rxns 4.2
Acid-Base rxns
Other non-redox rxns
Oxidation #s 4.3
Balancing Redox
Predicting Redox 4.4
Ppt rxn stoich 4.5
Acid-Base Stoich
Redox Stoich 4.6
4 Review
5-6 Thermo – Gases KMT 5.1
Ideal Gas Law 5.2
Gas Stoich
Daltons Law
Real Gases
1 law of Thermo 6.1
Finding ∆H
Specific Heat
∆H and Hess’s Law 1 6.2
∆H and Hess’s Law 2
Different Kinds of ∆H 6.3
5-6 Review
7-9 AtomTheo - EM radiation 7.1
Bonding Nature of Matter
Atomic Spect of H
Bohr Model
Quantum Mechanics 7.2
Periodic table
Aufbau Principle
Periodic Trends
Types of Bonding 8.1
Bond Polarity
Dipole Moments
e- configs
Forming Binary Ionic 8.2
Bond Energy
Lewis Structures
Octet exceptions
Resonance 8.3
Hybridization 9.1
Localized e- model
Intermolecular Forces 10.1
Metallic Bonding
Network Solids
Molecular Solids
10-11 Solutions - States Vapor Pressure 10.2
Phase Diagrams
Solution Composition 11.1
Energy of Solution
Solution Factors
VP of solutions 11.2
BP elevation
FP depression
12 Kinetics 12.1a (Prom Date)
Intro Reaction Rates 12.1
Initial Rate Method
Integrated Rate Law 12.2
Integrated Rate Law 12.3
13 Equilibrium Eq constant 13.1
Eq and pressure
Eq Calcs 13.2a
Le Chatelier’s
Eq Calcs 13.2b
Le Chatelier’s
14 Acid-Base Definitions 14.1
Acid Strength
Base Strength
Calc pH of Strong 14.2
Calc pH of Weak
Calc Ka from % diss. 14.3
Polyprotic acids
Acid-Base of Salts
Calcs with salts 14.4
Effect of structure
Acid-Base of oxides
15 Buffers – Ksp Common Ion Effect 15.1
Titrations 15.2
Indicators 15.3
More Ksp 15.4
15 Review
16 Thermo Spont and Entropy 16.1
Thermo Laws
Free Energy
Calcs and Thermo
Free Energy and Eq
17 Electro Galvanic Cells 17.1
Reduction potentials
Cell potentials and Eq 17.2
Nernst eqn
Batteris and corrosion
Electrolysis 17.3
21-22 Organic - Nuclear Naming 21.1
Finctional groups
Balancing nuclear rxs 21.2
Kinetics of nuc decay
Fission and fusion 21.3
Nuclear bombs
Review Materials Semester 1 Review Sem 1 Review
Flinn Rxns Flinn a-k
Flinn Rxns Flinn l-z
Flinn Rxns Flinn AA-LL
Acid Base Acid Base
Atomic Theory Atomic Theory
Colligative Colligative
ElectroChem ElectroChem
KcKpKsp KcKpKsp
Kinetics Kinetics
Thermo Thermo