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Study of XBEE of 800 meter range

2. Study of Aerobraking Heat Shield, so as to keep descent rate well below 50 m/s
* Once deployed from Rocket, CanSats AeroBraking System needs to be turned on
* Heat shield should face the direction of descent during descent
* Tumbling during descent fetch negative points, hence study of plausible pyrotechnic
mechanism to maintain orientation and stability
* deployment of Parachute at an altitude of 300m and simultaneous release of
AeroBraking heat shield

3. Inclusion of Sensors in Probe for

* Air Pressure
* External Temperature
* Battery Voltage
* GPS Positioning
4. Study of Telemetry

Section Presented by

System Overview and Management Avishek Kumar Jha

Aerobraking Heat Shield Akash Jain

System Stability Mechanism Vishesh Tiku

Parachute deployment and release of Aditya Chaturvedi & Akash Jain

AeroBraking Heat Shield

Sensors Nida-e-Falak

Telemetry and Plotting Data Field in Real Robin Kumar Singh & Maya Khangembam
Time during Flight

Probe Final Integration and Test Apoorv Goel