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Current Research

1. Schnaiberg, Lynn. "A Difficult Mission." Education Week, vol. 16, no. 17, 1/22/97
Supplement Quality Counts, p. 170. EBSCOhost,

Lynn Schnaiberg says, New Mexico is among the worst half-dozen states in the percentage of

children living in poverty. This article discusses mostly about the education of children in New

Mexico. It talks about the reasons why education in New Mexico is not improving. Poverty is

one of the main reasons why education in New Mexico is not great. This article expresses in

many ways that poverty in our state affects education and childrens lives. I believe this source is

biased. , I believe that we as the community, should try to help those in more need than us.

2. Page-Reeves, Janet. Commentary: The Nexus of Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness in

New Mexico.

Janet Page-Reeves describes New Mexico as one of the states with highest poverty rate. 5,000

children in the Albuquerque public school system who lack a place to live (Janet Page-Reeve).

With these statements, we can see that poverty is a large problem in our state. Also, there are a

lot of children without a shelter. This article, also talks a lot about hunger. There are many adults

and children that dont know when they will have their next meal.

I believe this article proves that poverty is a major issue in our state. It doesnt talk much about

suffering in the winter, but there are children without homes. From this we can infer that they

might not have proper clothing for cold times. The company could donate clothing to those
homeless children. This article also suggests to create programs to inform people about this

problem so that they can help out.

3. Harris, Fred R. New Mexico 2050. University of New Mexico Press, 2015,

About 30 percent of New Mexicos children were found to be living in poverty in 2012 (Fred

Harris,53). Also, if the low income and the poverty groups were combined half of the state

struggles to provide the basic necessities, states Fred Harris (53). This article also talks about

how being part of these groups effects childrens education and future lives. This article helps

us understand that poverty affects children in many ways. I believe that even a coat or clothing

would make their lives better. I know that food or other things may be more important, but the

only way that Cold Peak can help is with monetary donations or clothing. I do believe this

source is reliable because it has similar statistics as the first two sources.

Attempted Solutions

4. Fall 2017: Coats for Kids. Albuquerque Fashion Incubator, 17 Sept. 2017,

Albuquerque Fashion Incubator will make 100 coats to donate to children in New Mexico. The

cost for design is $500, $350 for production, and $40 for catered lunches. I think this source is

the most helpful because it is a local solution and it is very similar to what my purpose was. The

Albuquerque Fashion Incubator works with Coats for Kids, which is one of the biggest
organization for the kind of issue I wanted to focus on. I believe this would work, but if we

collect a percentage from profit and use that to produce the clothing for needed children.

5. Coats For Kids Foundation. Operation Warm,

Operation warm is a nationwide organization, but they have a section where you can help

fundraise to give out coats in your community. The company could use a percentage of the

profit to order coats from operation warn and give out to the Albuquerque area. Or an

elementary specifically. I believe this source is very useful because it has accomplished its

purpose of helping many people. Cold Peaks purpose is to have an accomplishment like this. To

able to expand at least around the state to help other cities that might have harsher winters.

6. About One Warm Coat: Our Story, Mission, Vision, History, Awards & Key
Information. One Warm Coat,

One Warm Coats has giving about 5,000,000 coats in the U.S and 10 other counties. There are

10,000 and more companies partnered to help. They distribute to the communities where they

were collected. They collect coats and make coats for both adults and children. Cold Peak could

partner with this organization to help children in New Mexico. Also if Cold Peak cannot make

the coats on its own or make enough profit to make 200 coats, Cold Peak could help by donating

to One Warm Coat.

My solution

7. Cook, Daniel Thomas. The Commodification of Childhood: the Children's Clothing

Industry and the Rise of the Child Consumer. Duke University Press, 2004.
Daniel Thomas Cook believes that it is important to treat children as real customers, design

clothing with childrens needs and desires (3). We should ask the children what they like

rather than trying to see through the mothers eyes. From my understanding this book talks

about the things that have changed in the childrens market. I believe that trying to understand

what children like could help improve sales, because they are a major influence in the

consumption of goods in a household. Also, if there are coats being made for children it should

be something they will enjoy wearing but also keeping them warm so that the mothers and

fathers are worry free.

8. Darian, Jean c. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management,

In Jean C. Darians research results indicates that purchases were more likely when both

parent-child were involved in the decision making. I would agree with this, because when I was

a child my parents would decide on pricing and quality while I would decide on style. For

marketing purposes, I believe that taking childrens ideas like the other article says is important.

I believe this source is reliable because it is a management textbook. This source will be helpful

to know how to sell more products.

9. Li, Arbi. The Costs of Starting a Fashion Brand: Production. HYPEBEAST,

According to this article the production cost in a country like Mexico making shirts is $3 to $5,

jeans for about $35, and jackets for about $15. I can believe this because when Ive gone to
Mexico the clothing in the stores were still less expensive than clothing here. We could import

clothing, because I believe it would be inexpensive. I believe that cold peak can import these

goods from Mexico to lower the cost of production.