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Beginning Developing Applying Extending

Presentation Content Shows little to no effort Shows some effort Considerable effort was All of the content of
researching the festival researching the festival made to research the applying, plus gives
or chosen First Nation. and chosen First festival and chosen First personal reflection on it.
Very little information Nation. Includes some Nation. Detailed
about the festival or information about the information about
chosen First Nation. festival and chosen First chosen First Nation.
Nation. Includes Explains why the
information that is either festival came to be and
written/spoken or/and the impact it has had on
visual. chosen First Nation.
Includes both
written/spoken and
visual information.
Presentation Delivery Disorganised. Poor use Organised. Attempts to Organised and logical All of the content of
of eye contact, body use eye contact, body structure. Effective use applying plus
language and voice* language and voice to of eye contact, body something that goes
connect/engage language and voice to above and beyond, for
audience* engage audience* example may decorate
the room to represent
chosen First Nation
setting/give a
demonstration, etc.
Worksheet Less than 60% correct All working out shown. All working out shown. All working out shown.
and/or working out not 60-80% correct 80+% correct. All answers correct.
Break Out Clues Did not make four clues. All four clues were All four clues were All of applying plus the
based on the based on the worksheet clues were less
worksheet, but there are and were accurate. predictable/had an
errors in the some of kind of twist.
Artefact Not all members of the All members of the All members of the All members of the
group made an artefact. group made an artefact, group made and were group made an artefact
but were not able to able to explain how it and were able to
explain how it explain how it
represented chosen represented chosen represented chosen
First Nation. First Nation. First Nation. Evidence
of considerable effort
making the artefacts.
Group Work Did not work effectively Some group members All members contributed All members contributed
as a group. did not contribute as equally to the project; equally to the project; all
much as others; some some difficulty resolving members listened to
difficulty listening to disagreements or others opinions; all
others opinions and/or listening to others members were able to
resolving opinions. discuss and resolve
disagreements disagreements
respectfully. respectfully.

*Presentation style may affect this: discuss expectations with teacher if you are choosing an alternative style.