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Niku M. Tabatabai Tabatabainiku@gmail.


To conduct various informational interviews with Reproductive
Endocrinologists in order to explore all aspects of the field and find a Reedy High School, Class of 2018
mentor to guide me throughout the year. GPA: 3.963 (4.0 scale)

EXPERIENCE Top 5% of Graduating Class

Volunteered at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital- Plano (June 2016 - SKILLS

Volunteered on the womens health/postpartum floor Fluent in Farsi
Broke down patient charts and prepared them for discharge
Made patient beds and set up their rooms Proficient in Spanish
Assisted nurses with many of their tasks
CPR/BLS certified
Independent Study and Mentorship- Obstetrics and Gynecology (2016-
2017) AWARDS
Mentored by Dr. Elise Harper and allowed to sit in on patient
Award of Excellence in Anatomy
and Physiology
Volunteered at Sunrise Nursing Home in Frisco (2015- present) A/B Honor Roll
Talked to elderly patients with Alzheimers disease
Played games and interacted with residents RELEVANT COURSES
AP Biology
AP Physics 1
Member/ Officer of HOSA, an organization for future health AP Chemistry
professionals (2014 - present) Anatomy and Physiology
Health Science
Served as President- Elect and Secretary while leading group of Medical Terminology
over 100 members
AP Spanish 5
Planned and organized two successful Make-A-Wish reveals
Planned and supervised multiple volunteer opportunities
Competed in medicine/public health based competitions
National Honor Society (March 2016- present)
Regularly volunteer under this organization throughout the Frisco Hygiene for Hope Fundraiser
Fundraised over $900 through
National Art Honor Society (January 2017- present) GoFundMe and social media
Competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event and received a
Assembled and donated over
perfect score of 4
100 hygiene kits for Frisco
Shes The First club officer- Secretary (2015- 2016) Family Services
Emphasized the importance of
Helped plan and execute a fundraiser to help raise funds for girls
maintaining feminine health
education in third world countries
through my fundraiser
References Available Upon Request