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Jl. Pahlawan No. 36 Tulehu. Phone (0911) 3869260

No : /RSUDT/ /2017

I am who sign below :
Name : dr. Mercy Soplanit
Posisiton : General Practitioner
Unit of Work : RSUD Tulehu

Explain that examination from dr. Kevin J. F. Noya on the patient :
Name : Tn. Muhittin Sark
Age : 44 years old
Occupation : Mechanical Tech
Address : PT. Kar Powership Indonesia site Waai Village, District of Maluku Tengah

On November 24, 2017 at 12:20 the patient was admitted to the emergency room at Tulehu Hospital
due to an accident while working in the workplace, Patient in :
- Full awareness
- Looks torn wound on the left upper lip area
- Swollen on the right wrist

Finding in the patient :
a. History
Patients present with a wounded complaint on the left upper lip from a fall in the workplace
approximately 30 minutes ago. Complaints accompanied by swelling on the right wrist. Fever (-),
decreased consciousness (-), vomiting (-).
b. Physical examination
BP : 120/70 mmhg
HR : 92x / m
RR : 17x / m
Temp : 36.5⁰C
Head : Torn wound on the left upper lip
Chest : Normal
Abdomen : Normal
Extremities : Swollen on right wrist, crepitation –

Tulehu.5 mg 2x1 d. Result of Laboratory. Proza tab 1x1 Diagnosis of the patient:  Vulnus laceratum Regio labium oris superior  Multiple vulnus excoriatum  Wrist pain ec traumatic Thus this letter was made to be used properly. Mercy Soplanit Nip : 198808152014032004 . Dexamethasone tab 0. 2017 The doctor dr. c. November 27. As mefenamat tab 500 mg 3x1 c. Cefadroxil tab 500 mg 2x1 b. Rontgent and Important Consultations : Head Rontgen : Normal Right hand rontgen : Normal Therapy was given:  Treat injuries  Home medicine: a.