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Text which will be analyzed in this essay is a short story called

Macquaries Mateis a short story written by an Australian author Henry

Lawson . Macuquaries Mate story is one of Henry Lawsons short story

collection. The story was published in one of Lawson s short stories

collection book called While Billy Boils in 1896 .

The author chose this short story to be analyzed because The story

describes what does mateshiplook like , how does the meanship work and

also Why does meanship be such important things for the Australin.the story

is not only told about the meanship but tells how important the meanship is

for The country and the Australians. Describes how Mateship has becomes

the identity of The Australia.

Macquaries Mate is a short strory is about a man named Macquarie.

Macquarie is a diggers man, to fullfill his needs he likes to bargging his

digging things to people. He likes to come from one bar to another bard for

bargging his digging things. However, one bad thing happens, Macquarie

does some barging to some chaps, when Macquarie does some bragging he

doesnt appear with the deal between that the cheap and Macquari made.

The chap knew that they have been lied by Macquarie and the expecting him

that he will return for what he has done yet Macquarie doesnt seem to return

again and they chap only met is Macquaries Mate.

The next day Macquaries mate comes to a bar There are some chaps

in the bar stiffers shanty are talking about Macquaries absent. They have

been wondering where does Macquarie go and thinking how could

Macquarie betrayed them. When Macquaries mate come to inside,some of

the chaps are dragging about Macquarie that he is a scoundrel , loafer ,

blackguard towards Macquaries Mate.

Macquaries mate is keeps trying to defence his friend that he is done

nothing as the chaps said to him. Untill, one of the chaps said that Macquarie

never has a man in his back yet Macquaries mate deny it. Finally the

Macquaries mate has some argue with one of the chaps then the chaps let

Macquaries mate out from the bar.


The title of Macquares mate is a story of Henry Lawson where the

author tries to describes the bound and the intimacy that has created by the

value of matesip in The Australian People and through the story its also

show the value of matesip has created The Australia countrys identity which

is upholding the strength of loyalty and equal towards each other.

Australia is known for upholding their countrys values because for

them values is a way to tell the identity of the country and the Australian

people as well. One values that stand up about Australia is Mateship .

From Henry Lawosns story Macquaries Mate , its describes how strong the

meaning of Mateship and bounding The Australian People really tights to

each other and the country also.

Mateship describes Australias diggers in World War I. and usually

used to called the relationship between men in the colonial era. , since then

mateship is really unchangeable.For The Australian People mateship is not

only about friendship but it is also about care, respect and loyalty to each


Mateship is not only just a values But mateship has described

Australia is a country that has a strong nationality and also to The Australian

People. The Australian People consider Mateship is not only just a words

but its also becomes identity of The country and as The languages of The

Australian that upholding of equality, friendship, respect and loyalty not the

relationship between men but also women. ( Terry G, Jordan-Bychkov , 203 ,

p 52) high lights that they called mateship to explain and describes their

natonal unity and oneness as a people.

In Australia, the words of Matesip is not only the relationship between

two people but it can relate to another thing for instances is in Military

Context. In Military, Matesip is regarded as an Australian military virtue. For

The Australian soldiers that they consider a matesip which is it seeks to instill

as including a will to win , upholding dedicate to duty, honour , compassion

and honesty.

The Other side ,matesip is where they can build team works , loyalty ,

physical and moral courage neither individuals and to the country. "Of course,

on the other side of the political divide, more conservative Australians have

often identified with mateship. As quoted They've often pointed to the

sacrifice of Australian soldiers in wartime, in particular the Anzacs at Gallipoli

and on the Western Front during World War it's about devoting you to the

national effort.(Nick Dryenfurth , Margaret BurIN , 2015).

Moreover, the aspect of mateship culture has combined with the

original convict and then colonial culture. As of the values of matesip is that

The Australians people are expected to behave himinity and not to think only

about themselves but theirs peers. Mate-ship is also associated with having a

sense of humour and having someone to have a laugh with; and being a

mate to someone in a time of need is something that most Australians

believe they identify with, which ties in with the Australian qualities of

tolerance and acceptance.


After analyzing the tittle story Macqauries Mate which is one of a

story collection by Henry Lawson. It can be concluded that the story this story

reflects one main Australians Value that; is Mate-Ship . This value holds

the main role in describing of Australias Identity and The Australian people

as well.

The Australian people believes that mate ship as main thought that

they should well behave humanity and they should think about others around

them. Mate ship also has created how much important of loyalty, friendship

and equal to take care with not only towards The Australian people butamong

people who live around them and live in the country.

Mate ship is not only reflected loyalty and friendship, its also help the

Australian people accept differences others people and others culture. So,

through this values can lead Australian becomes a country that can create

equality and respects to each other.


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Macquaries Mate

The chaps in the bar of Stiffners shanty were talking about Macquarie, an

absent shearer who seemed, from their conversation, to be better known

than liked by them.

I aint seen Macquarie for ever so long, remarked Box-o-Tricks, after a

pause. Wonder where he could a got to?

Jail, praps or hell, growled Barcoo. He aint much loss, any road.

My oath, yer right, Barcoo! interposed Sally Thompson. But, now I come

to think of it, Old Awful Example there was a mate of his one time. Blessd if

the old soaker aint comin to life again!

A shaky, rag-and-dirt-covered framework of a big man rose uncertainly from a

corner of the room, and, staggering forward, brushed the staring thatch back

from his forehead with one hand, reached blindly for the edge of the bar with

the other, and drooped heavily.

Well, Awful Example, demanded the shanty-keeper. Whats up with you


The drunkard lifted his head and glared wildly round with bloodshot eyes.

Dont you dont you talk about him! Drop it, I say! DROP it!

What the devils the matter with you now, anyway? growled the barman.

Got em again? Hey?

Dont you dont you talk about Macquarie! Hes a mate of mine! Here!

Gimme a drink!

Well, what if he is a mate of yours? sneered Barcoo. It dont reflec much

credit on you nor him neither.

The logic contained in the last three words was unanswerable, and Awful

Example was still fairly reasonable, even when rum oozed out of him at every

pore. He gripped the edge of the bar with both hands, let his ruined head fall

forward until it was on a level with his temporarily rigid arms, and stared

blindly at the dirty floor; then he straightened himself up, still keeping his hold

on the bar.

Some of you chaps, he said huskily; one of you chaps, in this bar to-day,

called Macquarie a scoundrel, and a loafer, and a blackguard, and and a

sneak and a liar.

Well, what if we did? said Barcoo, defiantly. Hes all that, and a cheat into

the bargain. And now, what are you going to do about it?

The old man swung sideways to the bar, rested his elbow on it, and his head

on his hand.

Macquarie wasnt a sneak and he wasnt a liar, he said, in a quiet, tired

tone; and Macquarie wasnt a cheat!

Well, old man, you neednt get your rag out about it, said Sally Thompson,

soothingly. Praps we was a bit too hard on him; and it isnt altogether right,

chaps, considerin hes not here. But, then, you know, Awful, he might have

acted straight to you that was his mate. The meanest blank if he is a man

at all will do that.

Oh, to blazes with the old sot! shouted Barcoo. I gave my opinion about

Macquarie, and, whats more, Ill stand to it.

Ive got Ive got a point for the defence, the old man went on, without

heeding the interruptions. Ive got a point or two for the defence.

Well, lets have it, said Stiffner.

In the first place in the first place, Macquarie never talked about no man

behind his back.

There was an uneasy movement, and a painful silence. Barcoo reached for

his drink and drank slowly; he needed time to think Box-o-Tricks studied

his boots Sally Thompson looked out at the weather the shanty-keeper

wiped the top of the bar very hard and the rest shifted round and sposed

theyd try a game er cards.

Barcoo set his glass down very softly, pocketed his hands deeply and

defiantly, and said:

Well, what of that? Macquarie was as strong as a bull, and the greatest bully

on the river into the bargain. He could call a man a liar to his face and

smash his face afterwards. And he did it often, too, and with smaller men than


There was a breath of relief in the bar.

Do you want to make out that Im talking about a man behind his back?

continued Barcoo, threateningly, to Awful Example. Youd best take care, old


Macquarie wasnt a coward, remonstrated the drunkard, softly, but in an

injured tone.

Whats up with you, anyway? yelled the publican. What yer growling at?

Dye want a row? Get out if yer cant be agreeable!

The boozer swung his back to the bar, hooked himself on by his elbows, and

looked vacantly out of the door.

Ive got another point for the defence, he muttered. Its always best

its always best to keep the last point to the last.

Oh, Lord! Well, out with it! Out with it!

Macquaries dead! That thats what it is!

Everyone moved uneasily: Sally Thompson turned the other side to the bar,

crossed one leg behind the other, and looked down over his hip at the sole

and heel of his elastic-side the barman rinsed the glasses vigorously

Longbones shuffled and dealt on the top of a cask, and some of the others

gathered round him and got interested Barcoo thought he heard his horse

breaking away, and went out to see to it, followed by Box-o-Tricks and a

couple more, who thought that it might be one of their horses.

Someone a tall, gaunt, determined-looking bushman, with square features

and haggard grey eyes had ridden in unnoticed through the scrub to the

back of the shanty and dismounted by the window.

When Barcoo and the others re-entered the bar it soon became evident that

Sally Thompson had been thinking, for presently he came to the general

rescue as follows:

Theres a blessed lot of tommy-rot about dead people in this world a lot of

damned old-woman nonsense. Theres more sympathy wasted over dead

and rotten skunks than there is justice done to straight, honest-livin chaps. I

dont blieve in this gory sentiment about the dead at the expense of the living.

I blieve in justice for the livin and the dead too, for that matter but

justice for the livin. Macquarie was a bad egg, and it dont alter the case if he

was dead a thousand times.

There was another breath of relief or being reported dead, and then turnin up

again. Where did you hear about in the bar, and presently somebody said:

Yer tight, Sally!

Good for you, Sally, old man! cried Box-o-Tricks, taking it up. An, besides,

I dont blieve Macquarie is dead at all. Hes always dyin, it, Awful?

The Example ruefully rubbed a corner of his roof with the palm of his hand.

Theres theres a lot in what you say, Sally Thompson, he admitted

slowly, totally ignoring Box-o-Tricks. But but

Oh, weve had enough of the old fool, yelled Barcoo. Macquarie was a

spieler, and any man that ud be his mate aint much better.

Here, take a drink and dry up, yer ole hass! said the man behind the bar,

pushing a bottle and glass towards the drunkard. Dye want a row?

The old man took the bottle and glass in his shaking bands and painfully

poured out a drink.

Theres a lot in what Sally Thompson says, he went on, obstinately, but

but, he added in a strained tone, theres another point that I near forgot, and

none of you seemed to think of it not even Sally Thompson nor nor Box-

o-Tricks there.

Stiffner turned his back, and Barcoo spat viciously and impatiently.

Yes, drivelled the drunkard, Ive got another point for for the defence

of my mate, Macquarie

Oh, out with it! Spit it out, for Gods sake, or youll bust! roared Stiffner.

What the blazes is it?

HIS MATES ALIVE! yelled the old man. Macquaries mates alive! Thats

what it is!

He reeled back from the bar, dashed his glass and hat to the boards, gave his

pants, a hitch by the waistband that almost lifted him off his feet, and tore at

his shirt-sleeves.

Make a ring, boys, he shouted. His mates alive! Put up your hands,

Barcoo! By God, his mates alive!

Someone had turned his horse loose at the rear and had been standing by

the back door for the last five minutes. Now he slipped quietly in.

Keep the old fool off, or hell get hurt, snarled Barcoo.

Stiffner jumped the counter. There were loud, hurried words of remonstrance,

then some stump-splitting oaths and a scuffle, consequent upon an attempt to

chuck the old man out. Then a crash. Stiffner and Box-o-Tricks were down,

two others were holding Barcoo back, and someone had pinned Awful

Example by the shoulders from behind.

Let me go! he yelled, too blind with passion to notice the movements of

surprise among the men before him. Let me go! Ill smash any man that

that says a word again a mate of mine behind his back. Barcoo, Ill have

your blood! Let me go! Ill, Ill, Ill Whos holdin me? You you

Its Macquarie, old mate! said a quiet voice.

Barcoo thought he heard his horse again, and went out in a hurry. Perhaps

he thought that the horse would get impatient and break loose if he left it any

longer, for he jumped into the saddle and rode off.