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Date: 16-10-2017 Student: 24

Time: 9:35- 10:15 School: Westgreen Primary School

MST: Miss. Leila Ali Class: 3G

Life process How can we help plant to

Unit: No. Ss students

Prior Knowledge (What knowledge are you building on?)

Warming up on the carpet ( 5 minutes)

Ask student how can you help plant to grow unit become flower?

Showing them a video on YouTube about how does a seed become a plant?

Ask them what are plants need to grow?

Ask them about four part of plants?

Lesson Activities: (What will students do in the lesson?)

This activity related with video Individual activity

Time of activity: 10 minutes.

Recourse: worksheet incudes a big picture of plant, pencil.

Explain the activity: student will label the names of the four parts of plants and will write them down. Then, write what
does each parts do?

Individual activity

Time of activity: 12 minutes.

Recourses: worksheets, scissor, glue, note book.

Explain the activity:

They have six flowerpots that help show the growth of a seed to a plant then they will cut out the six boxes. Place them in
order from left to right on a long strip of paper. Then, glue them in your notebook.

Group activity Mixed Ability

Time of activity: 10 minutes.

Teacher will ask students some challenge question:

Have you ever seen flower walk as a human? Explain why?

How plants are similar to animals? How plants are different to animals?

Lesson Objectives: These must be SMART objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound

By the end of the lesson, students will be (better) able to:

Know how to keep plants alive.

Plants are living things and they need to stay healthy to survive.

The similar between plants and animals and the different between them.

They will know the parts of plants

Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the goal?)

(How will you evaluate the objectives that were identified? Have students practiced what you are asking them to do for

While teacher ask them questions and observe the children during activity.

Personal focus (related to PDP): Giving a positive feedback to students.


I asked my teacher if I can teach them this lesson and she let me explain the
activities for children and she took teaching part. I abled to explain the activities
very well by giving them clear instructions and I used one strategy which is timer
to let students aware about the time of each activity. Most students were stick in
the first activity and they were asking their teacher and me about the role of each
part so teacher explained for them on the board.

The transition between activities was good and I abled to help LA and MA students
while I was walking around students and assessing them in the same time. The
students were interacting in the last activity and I noticed that most of them able
to distinguish what is similar between animals and plants and what is different
between them.
Individual activities