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December 4, 2017

Dear Prof. Intawiwat,

Over this semester I have learned and built on my knowledge of a wide variety of technical
writing concepts. This class familiarized me with many genres of technical writing used in the
business world, from memos to proposals and reports, and using the fake companies in our group
and individual projects made doing so much more interesting than I would have expected.
Individual Projects
Can you specifically show me how these assignments have enhanced your use of
technology to create and write in multiple genres?
These assignments have enhanced my use of technology in multiple genres by teaching
me how to write and create everything from memos to infographics and even an E-
Portfolio. Early on in the semester I built an understanding of how to properly create and
analyze memos, and I later was able to transfer much of that knowledge to different
formats of letters. I learned how to make infographs with canva and how to use prezi for

How about your research skills?

The social media research essay enhanced my research skills by familiarizing me the
UNCC Librarys research materials and system. Also for the incident report I researched
solutions to prevent further incidents, along with what the costs associated with each
solution would be.

How about your critical thinking skills?

I used my critical thinking skills to analyze different example memos in the class to
determine what parts of them I could learn from, and which ones could be improved
using the qualities of good technical writing. These skills were also important for creating
the solutions in the incident report, and evaluating how they compared in cost and

What about reflecting on your writing and choices you made?

Reflecting on my work and the choices I made over the semester, there where some
assignments that would have been much easier if I had attempted them in a different way,
and many that I would have had a better time on if I hadnt overthought their instructions.
I think my decision to interject humor into my individual and group assignments was a
good one, as it helped drive my interest and focus for those assignments. Overall I feel
my writing was decent to good, but would have been better if I had used better time
management, as many assignments ended up being rushed or late, and could have been
improved by spending more time on them.
Pick 2 of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and briefly discuss how these
assignments utilized or how you utilized the chosen SLO?
The assignments I picked made use of my rhetorical knowledge and knowledge of
conventions. I used rhetorical knowledge in the three letters to determine what tone and
formality best fit the context and intended recipient of each letter. Working on all the
assignments both used and build on my knowledge of conventions affecting my style,
organization, and design. It also guided my citation practices for the incident report.
Group Projects
How did this project enhance your research skills
The group projects helped enhance my research skills by both giving me more research
experience, and by making me research things as part of a team. As a group we often
ended up helping each other by researching problems each of us had with our sections, or
working with another group member when they got stuck. By doing this we were able to
both save time, and research some things from multiple perspectives.

How do the SLOs (especially Critical Reading, Rhetorical Knowledge, and

Knowledge of Conventions).
In our projects my group applied our rhetorical knowledge to tailor our tone and style to
match the intended audience of each assignment, from employees, to our CEO and board,
and even for audiences outside our company such as customers or potential business
partners. We used different composing processes for different types of projects to
brainstorm potential ideas and topics, set a framework for our assignments, and to help
improve each others arguments. We often incorporated critical reading in our composing
process when we had other members check our sections after we finished them in case
we had missed mistakes that a second pair of eyes would catch.
Textbook Exercises
Did you find these useful? Explain.
The textbook assignments were useful in providing the foundation for how I formatted
other assignments, and analyzed their structure or information I researched for the other
assignments. While I didnt find the textbook assignments as interesting as the ones
related to our companies, I found that I often would end up using concepts I had learned
in one textbook assignment in future assignments, textbook and otherwise.
How do the SLOs relate to this project?
The textbook exercises are what most of my improvements in the SLOs are based on.
Exercise 4 on page 35 had me use rhetorical knowledge to adapt memos for different
audiences, while exercise 2 on page 13 had me apply critical reading to analyze how a
memo could be improved, and exercise 2 on page 55 made me apply it to researching
what made a certain company ethical. The variety of assignments improved my
knowledge of conventions for the different types of technical writing I worked on, from
emails and memos, to letters and presentations.

In conclusion I feel that my understanding of technical writing has improved a lot over this
course, and I hope I can apply what I have learned once I finish college and enter the
professional work environment.
Thanks for turning what thought would be a boring course into one of my most interesting ones
this semester,
Nathan Holzworth
Write the names of your group members in the numbered boxes. Then, assign yourself
a value for each listed attribute. Finally, do the same for each of your group members
and total all of the values.

VALUES: 5 = Superior 4 = Above Average 3 = Average 2 = Below Average 1 = Weak

ATTRIBUTE MYSELF 1. Deepak 2. Maxwell 3. Tyler 4. Rockford

Mirchandani Mohr Dowling Stoller
Partcipated in 5 5 5 5 5

Helped keep 4 4 5 4 5
group on task.

Contributed 5 5 5 5 5

Quality of 5 5 5 5 5

Contributed 5 5 5 5 5
TOTALS 24 24 25 24 25

I just wanted to comment that everyone in my group was great to work with this semester.
Towards the very, very end a couple people got a little stressed, but the whole time everyone
kept their cool and kept professional and got through it fine. Everyone always did their part on
the projects and was always willing to help the other members of the group, and we all always
finished our parts on time even when sometimes it seemed like things were pushing really close
to the deadline. It was a very good experience as groupwork groups go, and part of what really
made this class for me along with what we did for our fake company.