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Prophetic Brief
Insight and Analysis for the 21st Century
Building a Powerful Church to Thrive During a
Time of Crisis - Part 11
Physical Campus or Building & Architecture
When people ask you what church you go to two questions usually are at
The Afghanistan the forefront of their minds: how many people are in your church, and
where do you meet / what are your facilities like? Can you imagine Jesus
Briefs being asked the same questions? Suppose someone pulled Andrew aside,
or James and his brother John, and asked: where do you meet? They
probably wouldn’t have known how to answer, or at best their response
would have sounded like this was some kind of fly by night operation.
Sometimes we meet by the seaside, others on the side of a hill and then
there are times we sit at a guy’s house in Bethany. We’re never sure where
we will meet next because this guy is kinda unpredictable.

Might have been hard to attract

visitors to a service like that – but that
was the whole point, Jesus didn’t
come to found an organized religion
but to minister life to people. Clearly
General David Petraues is the there is nothing wrong with having a
new Commander in Afghanistan building and planning times to meet –
after General Stanley McCrystal I do it and we all do. The issue here is
was relieved of command by putting the emphasis on the wrong
President Obama. Can Petraues thing. Much of the modern church
do in Afghanistan what he places massive emphasis on the
natural aspects of their ministries, and
accomplished in Iraq? where a church meets has wrongly
  come to indicate the quality of their
In a series of short video vision and leadership – a reality that is just not true. Multiple campuses
b r i e fi n g s , S c o t t We b s t e r and various service times define Christianity in America more and more,
addresses Afghanistan from the yet when one peers into the inner dimensions of most of these churches,
perspective of the Word of God. genuine apostolic architecture is almost completely absent.
Included in the video sessions Location, Location, Location
When I first started a church here in Marietta, a pastor friend of mine was
  trying to be helpful by offering me advice. There are many important
1. Why Be Aware issues in correctly founding a ministry, vital issues that cannot be skirted
2. The Formative Process or missed, but he didn’t say anything about the relational dynamic with
3. U.S. Involvement apostolic leadership, or about getting the mind of God regarding what
4. Key Players things specifically the Lord wanted us to focus on and emphasize. He
5.What Does the Future Hold might have assumed that a strong moral code and a principled lifestyle
would be at the foundation of our new church and he would have been
6. Kingdom Insights correct, though sadly that is the case less and less with churches and
  ministries these days. What was his singular point of insightful counseling
Visit to me: “location, location, location.”
where all 6 videos have been
posted for viewing. He advised me to find a building on a busy thoroughfare, to study traffic
patterns to see how many vehicles passed the location per day, and to get

1 Corinthians 3:10...14
By the grace God has
g ive n me, I l aid a
foundation as an expert
builder, and someone else
is building on it. But each
one should be careful how
he builds…14 If what he
has built survives, he will
receive his reward.

into a building that people could find easily which had a certain profile.
Evidently my friend had been seduced by the spirit of the age and was The strength of building
now moving toward real estate as his primary calling. But it gets even
worse. A church near me built a gargantuan building that was supposed to people who embrace and
be a celebration of architecture, a city-wide and national landmark. They
numbered the seats to equal some significant spiritual quantity, put in live from the correct
massive stained glass and a pipe organ, and people streamed into the place
for years. values and biblical
principles ensures that no
It didn’t seem to matter to people that every few years this pastor was
accused of having adulterous affairs – the people still came to his matter what type of
“cathedral”. The man is dead now, but his demise did not come before he
pled guilty to a felony and his court appearance was broadcast across the facility one meets in,
city and nation. By that time his sheep had scattered, and this “holy and
awesome building” had just a few folks bouncing around inside its there will be vibrant
cavernous space designed for thousands. The building has been purchased spiritual life within all
by another ministry at a fire sale price from a church in distress. The sales
broker said the campus was “one of the largest religious facilities who are joined together
available in the United States, and we are happy to have brokered a
successful outcome for a property this size, especially in today’s in Divine purpose.
challenging economic climate.” Perfectly fitting last words spoken about
the commercial value of a property, a fitting but sad epitaph of a church
Apostolic reformation is
that did not build correctly. bringing a needed shift in
Let Each One Be Careful How He Builds focus off of the external
1 Corinthians 3:10 By the grace God has given me, I laid a and back to where it
foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it.
But each one should be careful how he builds…14 If what he has belongs – that which is
built survives, he will receive his reward.
internal. Large facilities
The strength of building people who embrace and live from the correct
values and biblical principles ensures that no matter what type of facility and multiple services do
one meets in, there will be vibrant spiritual life within all who are joined not guarantee successful
together in Divine purpose. Apostolic reformation is bringing a needed
shift in focus off of the external and back to where it belongs – that which building and neither are
is internal. Large facilities and multiple services do not guarantee
successful building and neither are they an indication of dynamic spiritual they an indication of
dynamic spiritual life.

This leads to obvious questions such as . . . “What are some of the

components which must be embraced to ensure correct building? How do I A Developed PROPHETIC
as a leader know that my emphases are correct? What does correct spiritual PERSPECTIVE
architecture look like?” Allow me to list and explain a few vital
requirements necessary to build according to correct spiritual architecture: A fresh look
at Prophetic
#1) Building correctly requires individual awareness and specific Operations
focus. from a
The stated requirement is that we must be careful how we build. The Greek Kingdom
word for “take care” is blepo, it means to look at carefully, to take a keen Viewpoint.
interest in and give it serious consideration. Life must be built consciously, Now
and the requirement is for “each one” or every person to engage in sober Available>
spiritual reflection about what we are building in our lives. In the NIV the
phrase is to “be careful how he builds”, in the NKJV is it “take heed” and
in the RSV is it “take care”. God is the architect and designer of human life, and as ones who are in partnership
with Him we must be acutely aware that we are carrying out the plans of the original architect of our lives – we
cannot be sloppy or uninformed.

Awareness is important because something is being built in our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.
Problems occur when we run into a crisis because we didn’t know that we were building a faulty marriage, or an
insufficient personal identity, or a church that was focused on the wrong thing and measuring by the wrong
standards. The command is to give earnest and serious contemplation to what is being built and how it is being

#2) Building is only possible in a relational context.

Paul laid the foundation for correct building and others built on that foundation, indicating that our advance into
building strategies is corporate. Though we are building our individual lives, marriages and families and churches,
we are not doing so in isolation. We are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit
(Ep 2:21). The apostolic has been graced by God (it is not the result of natural wisdom or life’s experience) to
understand architecture, and it is vital to be in relationship with valid apostolic ministry. Apostles activate a
building dynamic in the body of Christ, and each church can measure what they are building up against the
blueprint received by a master craftsman. It is obvious and apparent that New Testament life was built upon close
proximity to apostolic leadership whose grace positioned them to have : 1) the ability to see correct design 2) to
be empowered to have sight and understanding Kingdom emphases, moral code, and Kingdom values 3)
continued spiritual resource (revelation, insight, constructive input, directive counsel, etc) which was absent of
Babylonian contamination and 4) the strength and courage to continue to build in the midst of a hostile

Building according to the divine pattern means that one must embrace the full dimension of Christ as found
within the framework of the scripture . . . “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some
evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the
edifying of the body of Christ . . . . (Eph 4:11-12) Building without relational connectivity to the grace of a wise-
master builder would appear to be not only a violation of design but pure foolishness.

Enemies of correct building, therefore, are things like: a) apostolic leaders who use the God given grace to build
their personal profile rather than distribute it to others b) pride, insecurity and lack of identity and human
dysfunction which inhibits correct relational joining c) incorrect views of authority and placement which wrongly
equate spiritual rank with value – the apostle who receives blueprints is no more essential or important to the



building than the person building them into his life d) a highly developed sense of personal ownership of our lives
– if we are to receive blueprint from “another”, then our life cannot be authoritatively owned by us, etc.

#3) Church leaders must embrace and foster a building paradigm.

Leaders can inhibit correct building by placing too great an emphasis on immediate blessings, or by focusing on
externals which give the appearance of success but which don’t last. The fire will test what sort of building we
have done (1 Cor 3:13), so it is clear that not all building is sustainable. We must lead the people towards
engagement with building dynamics in their own life, and foster an environment in the church, which celebrates
process, long term building, deep reflection and awareness of what is being built, etc.

Leaders must divorce themselves from a quick-growth syndrome and see that internal building inside of people is
the most valid distinction of correct building. Paul wrote to Timothy and stated, “These things I write to you,
though I hope to come to you shortly; 15 but if I am delayed, I write so that you may know how you ought to
conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God,
the pillar and ground of the truth.” (1 Tim 3:14-16) Note that the pillar
wasn’t a physical building but the actual conduct (lifestyle built through
obedience to God) of the people which brought validation to the message.
True spiritual labor is always connected to people moving towards Christ-
likeness: My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is
formed in you, 20 I would like to be present with you now and to change 2778 Cumberland Blvd
my tone; for I have doubts about you. (Gal 4:19-20). What is happening
within the hearts of people must be focused on with the realization that it Suite 163
takes time to bring people into long-lasting human transformation. Symrna GA 30080
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The accurate joining to a true apostolic source provides the context by
which any and every church should find itself. Capturing this spiritual
architecture ensures that a powerful church can be crafted even in the midst
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of crisis. And what happened to the people who carried on the ministry of
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have been faking it all along when it comes to true building.

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