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Experienced with Cisco Call Manager, including switches, routers, gateways, PBX, network
management system, operating systems, and network management applications
Experience includes designing and building the Network infrastructure using Cisco IPT and UCCE
Designing and implementing complex enterprise network (LAN and WAN) L2, L3 switching, using
Cisco routing protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, GLBP and BGP4.


Session Border Controllers: Cisco CUBEs, ACME 4500 (SBC), 3820 SM (Session Manager), 3800
ASC (Application Session Controller), and ISR (Interactive Session Controller)
Cisco Data: IOS 11.2.x 15.1x
Cisco Switches: Catalyst 2900, 3500, 3600, 4500 and 6500 Series
Cisco voice gateways 2800,2900,3800 and 3900 series
Cisco Routers: 2600, 3600, 2800, 3800, 3900, 7000, 7200, and 12000 Series
VoIP: IPCC/UCCE (8.5), CVP ( 7.x), ICM scripting (8.5), UCCX (8.x), Call Manager/CUCM (4.3,
5.1, 6.2, 7.1, 8.5, and 9.1), Unity/Unity Connection, ATA, VG224/VG228, AS5300, AS5350, AS5400,
AS5850, Gateways, Peripheral Gateway (2200, 3662 and Cisco PIX firewalls), and FWSM 6500,
Nexus 7K, 5K and 2K, Cisco Juniper Routers, Switches and Firewall. Cisco UCS series, VMware
ESXi 5.1, 5.4, VCenter and VMware site recovery manager.
Hardware/Software Configurations: VoIP, Frame Relay, ISDN, VPN and Security, Nortel, Avaya,
VoIP platform, DMS500 Gateways, and Sniffer NG
Cisco UCS hardware, B and C series, OVA and VMware 5.5 and 6.0 revision
Deployment of end to end UCS platform including VMotion and VCenter
Deployment of Hosted Communication Services

Completed the following Unified Communication Projects:

Designed and implemented Enterprise Call Center solution for Pfizer and AAFES.
Designed and implemented multi Call Manager clusters to support over 80.000 phones for SSA.
Integrated Avaya IPT with Cisco IP telephony for commercial and federal clients IRS.
Designed and implemented complete video solution for the United Nations.
Designed and implemented advance technology cluster using Cisco Call Manager 8.5 and 9.2
(SME) for GMC global deployment.

Merrill Lynch Projects:

Integrated Genesys Call Center with Cisco Enterprise Call Center and IP Telephony Clusters
Migrated multi Call Manager clusters from older revision to 6.1.3 and 7.1.5 revision
Integrated Cisco IPT telephony cluster with SBC (Session Border Controller) using SIP protocol
Integrated Trader Voice System IPC with Cisco IP telephony and Cisco ISR using SIP proxy
Integrated Avaya with Cisco IPT using Qsiq, Used Avaya MM for Cisco Voice Mail.
Assist Avaya Engineer building and configuring AVAYA test platform: ACM, SES, CLANE and MM.


Worked with Verizon enterprise Ucaas implementation team to migrate and upgrade Verizon
customers call manager clusters from 8,6 to 11.5 revision.
Migrated Verizon customer from PSN to centralized SIP calling using Cisco CUBE and Acme SBC.
Design and implemented Amazon and Google cloud connectivity platform to enable client
maximization of their applications and portals


Designed and built new Cisco call manager 10.5 cluster and migrated 2500 Avaya phones into this
Migrated all distributed legacy PSTN gateways into centralized ACME session broader controllers
and standardizing all dial plan into global dialing.

02/16 to SCHRODERS - Trading, NY

05/16 C9 Cloud Trading System Engineer
Working with the IPC trading system move to C9 cloud for 30 traders to eliminate the use of legacy
private wire and enabling C9 cloud to service the trading system mobility.
Responsibility to build the required UC environment at C9 cloud and installing the trader interface by
enabling connectivity between Schroders traders and another trading company
Implemented cloud Digital Asset Management application and real-time inventory system.

06/15 to NYS, ITS - Albany, NY

03/16 Cisco AS, lead Unified Communication Engineer
Working with Cisco AS to design and deploy New York State HCS unified communication platform
that consists of consolidating 12 call managers clusters (200.000 Phones) into centralized SME as
HCS for global dial plan and centralized SIP Call routing
Working with Cisco AS to design and consolidate 46 data centers into two data centers using latest
Cisco 7K and 9K configurations.
My responsibility generating a low-level design and building proof of concept in the preproduction
lab and deliver the design to the state with all the necessary documentation for major roll out of the


05/15 Lead UC & Collaboration Engineer
Designed and deployed centralized and virtualized unified communication platform in two data
centers to provide Linde with rich media platform using Cisco call manager, unity connection and
CUPS 10.5
Designed and deployed centralized dial plan for 83 remote locations and 4000 phones using Cisco
CUBE and SIP trunk termination at the two data centers.
Utilized Cisco Prime 2.1 infrastructure for complete Management solution


08/14 Lync Lead Architecture Engineer
Designed and deployed centralized and enterprise Lync 2013 platform for 16000 users to handle all
audio, video and unified collaborations needs, Integrated the platform with Avaya SM, ACM, Cisco
VS and SBC platform using SIP protocol
Redesigned all regions eight data centers to be ready to deploy full enterprise unified communication
solution to services 75000 end users. Utilizing the latest Cisco 7K, 5K and 2K switches, SAN storage
technology using best configuration practice to guarantee 100% uptime
Developed project low level, high level and testing documentation.
Implemented global and centralized dial plan using ACME SBC 4500 to solve over lapping dial plan
existing problems

01/13 to HHC - NYC

11/13 Lead - UC Architecture
Designed and implemented health and hospital unified communication network for two data center,
40 hospitals and 183 clinics. Using Cisco 9.1.x call manager as two SME cluster, 40 leaf clusters
using UC - C240 platform.
Implemented Centralized unity connection voice mail and Cisco CUPS for federation
Used Cisco CUBE as SIP trunk termination to carrier and centralized dial plan.
Developed high level and low-level design documentation for the entire projects.


12/12 Cloud Computing Architect
Designed and implemented HP private cloud IaaS for Bank of America using Cisco Nexus
switches7000 series, Cisco FW 5500 series, load balancer and Cisco ACE.
Design and implemented Cisco SAN platform for cloud storage
Design and implemented the virtualization platform using VMware / Vcenter using window and red
hat OS.
Implemented PaaS platform for developer using Ruby and open API interface
Applied end to end cloud security for user management, application and infrastructure
Integrated Cisco CUP with Microsoft Lync to deliver SIP access cloud federation
Cloud computing used applications: Cisco CUCM, voice blast, recording and click to call
Deployed Cisco UCCE 8.5 in the cloud as application as services and integrated the platform with
SIP trunk to ACME 4500 SBC for call routing.
Design and deployed ACME SBC 4500, SM 3820, and ASC for Bank centralized SIP core

02/10 to JPMC- NYC

Design, implement and test JPM chase midtown Cisco call manager clusters using Cisco call manager
8.5 as SME to service 4500 phones. Migrated 1200 Avaya phones into Cisco phones
Integrated ACME session border controller (4500 SBC) with Cisco SME cluster for SIP inbound and
outbound calling

07/10 to GMC - Detroit, MI

02/11 Lead UC Architecture
Designed and tested advance technology cluster using Call Manager 8.5 as SME to handle centralized
dial plan and call admission control to services 16 call processing clusters for GM national and
international regions.
Built global IP telephony standards for call manager clusters as centralized solution to service GMC
national and international clusters
06/10 Senior VP, IPT, UCCE/CVP 7.x Test / Implementation Engineer, GTI Voice Group, Technology
Certification and Validation

Responsible for building and testing all new technology at BoA/ML (R&D, Pre-Production Lab),
generating test certification standard documents prior to deployment in production environments
Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Integration: As Lead Engineer, responsible for integration and
upgrade of Merrill Lynch IPT and Unity Voice Mail Clusters with Bank of America

Products Certified:
Cisco Call Manager 6.1.2 new functionality, Cisco Call Manager Migration from 4.1.3 to 6.1.2,
Cisco IOS 12.4.14. T4 integration with Avaya ACM 3.1.4, Cisco Gateway Integration with IPC Turret
System using SIP trunking and QSIG, Cisco Call Manager 6.1.2 Integration with Cisco Call Manager
6.1.2, ICM 7.2 and CVP 4.0.2 where call treatments were handled by CVP and Witness Recording.

07/07 to PFIZER - NJ
12/07 Call Center UCCE 7.2
Designed, configured and implemented Pfizer Global Call Center in Two Data Centers to service 500
agents, using Cisco UCCE 7.2, CVP 4.0.2 and CUCM 5.1
Responsible for configuration of all ICM Scripting, CVP Components and integration, Generate low-
level design documentation and detailed test plan to be used in global rollout.


06/07 Senior IPT, IPVC, IPCC Designer and Implementation Engineer, Advance Services Group

Designed, configured and implemented the following projects:

Project IPVC, United Nations

Designed configured and built IPVC test platform for four United Nations locations, using Cisco Call
Manager 5.0.4, 3745 MCU, gatekeeper, 7985 video phones and H323 endpoints.
Integrated Cisco Meeting Place 5.4 with Lotus Notes for scheduling of video conferencing through e-
mail. Implemented end-to-end QOS for the platform

Project IPT UBS

Built IPT test pilot for UBS in four headquarter locations using Call Manager 5.0.4 and integrated the
pilot with Octel voice mail, the project still under evaluation.

Project IPT Aetna

Built IPT test pilot for Aetna in CT using Cisco Call Manager 4.1.3 and integrated with Avaya voice
mail. Implemented IPT project for three HQ and 40 remote offices to serve 4000 IP phones

Project CER Med immune

Designed configured and implemented four CER clusters to service 8000 IP phone for E911 services

02/05 to CISCO SYSTEMS - Herndon, VA

01/06 Senior IPT, IPCC Designer/Implementation Engineer/Post sales
Client: AT&T Government Solution
Designed, configured and supervised implementation and management for the following projects:
Project: IRS
IPT project using Cisco Call Manager 4.1.3 for three main clusters and 45 remote offices to serve
16000 phones used SRST at remote sites, integrated existing Avaya, Ericsson, NEC, Nortel PBX and
voice mail with Cisco IPT, configured ATA, VG224 and VG228 products, deployed CER and Berbee
paging systems; deployed end to end QOS, integrated existing Aspect ACD with Cisco IPT.

Project: AAFES (Army and Air Force)

Designed and implemented Cisco IPCC Enterprise 6.0 for two HQ locations to serve 300 agent, using
Cisco ICM, built ICM script, CVP and VXML applications. Integrated IPCC cluster with Cisco IPT


02/05 Senior VoIP Designer/Implementation Engineer
Designed, configured and Implemented Voice over IP between two headquarters and 16 remote
offices using Cisco Call Manager 3.3/ 4.1.3 and Unity 3.0/4.0 for voice mail, configured ATA, VG224
and VG228 products, Cisco CCC 1.2, transported voice and video over the VPN wide area network;
used 2811 and 2851 on the remote sites
Designed and implemented Computer Horizons client complete AVVID solution using three Cisco
Call Manager clusters, Cisco Call Manager 4.02, Cisco 2851 with CUE module for voice mail and
MCU/ISDN gateway for video conferencing with Cisco Web cast solution
Implemented directory gatekeeper and inter-cluster communication between six sites along with AAR
and CAC
Designed, configured and Implemented Voice over IP with QOS on the local and wide area network
and integrated Avaya system and Avaya IP phones with Cisco switches, for CHC clients
Deployed Cisco conference connection with Call Manager 4.1
Deployed Cisco IPCC express for CHC 50 agents operation

01/04 to GE AIRCRAFT ENGINE - Lynn, MA

08/04 Senior VOIP Designer/Implementation Engineer
Designed, configured and Implemented GE Aircraft Engine
IP telephony project for Lynn and Hookset plants, the design includes: 8000 IP phones, Multiple
VOIP gateways, Multiple Cisco Call Manager (3.3) clusters with gatekeeper between clusters, three
layered design using Cisco 2950, 4500, 6506, 6509 and 3745 gateways, configured ATA, VG224 and
VG228 products,
Implemented extensive End to End QOS (LAN, WAN, VPN and Branch Routers) platform
Implemented voice over (ATM) wide area for 60 remote locations
Helped to standardize the core routing protocol and IP Port security and Spanning tree topology
Integrated Octel voice/Avaya system to Cisco IP telephony using VG248 and DPA
Performed Extensive troubleshooting during the implementations


12/03 Senior VOIP Engineer Team Leader/Permanent
Configured and supported Cisco Call Manager including switches, routers, gateways, PBX, network
management system, operating system, and network management applications
Monitored/tuned voice network and system performance
Designed and built the Network infrastructure using Cisco IPT
Designed, Configured, Implemented and Managed PSTN and VOIP network for Multiple clients to
handle international minutes at multiple DS3 levels using Cisco Gateways: AS5300, AS5350,
AS5850, 3662, 3745 Cisco secured ACS as radius server and Cisco Call Manager
Interfaced with multiple vendors and carriers
Maintained technical specifications and documents/drawings
Performed traffic assessments, implemented QOS for VOIP
Monitored and troubleshot the network
Identified and resolved network problems
Provided Network design to accept voice traffic as PSTN to VOIP, VOIP to PSTN, VOIP to VOIP,
BGP4, MPLS, RTP, RTCP, ANSI, SS7, MGCP, H.323, SIPv2, MPEG4/H.263/H.264 and Cisco
AVVID (Call Manager, 3.2 and 3.3) and IPT
Integrated Avaya phones, Clan, call agent using Linux DHCP server with Cisco 3560 POE switches:
120 phones
Designed Cisco Gatekeepers with multiple zones (load balance and redundancy) to handle large
international dial plan with a volume of millions minutes per a month
VOIP implementation responsibility involves Voice over Frame relay, ATM and voice over VPN,
MPLS and BGP with dynamic load balance and QOS, also implemented complex IP security at multi-
level for voice and data
Implemented Wireless network to transport voice and data

12/98 to CISCO SYSTEM - Holland

06/99 Senior Network Engineer/Consultant
Responsibilities senior level 3 engineers to design and implement EMEA VOIP project to connect
Cisco remote offices for voice and data worldwide into head quarter. Used Cisco EIGRP and BGP as
routing protocols.

08/97 to AT&T MERRILL LYNCH - New York, NY

11/98 Senior Network Engineer/Consultant
Responsibilities included design deployment and support of branch network using Cisco 5500
catalyst with RSM and Cisco 4700 routers to provide branch connectivity to data center using ATM
backbone. Used Cisco EIGRP as core routing protocol and HSRP as branch redundancy.


11/96 Senior Network Engineer/Consultant
Responsible for designing Fidelity MAN Boston backbone using Sonnet ring OC12 to support WTC
and remote branches. Used OSPF as core routing protocol and IGRP as branches routing protocol
with load balance.

02/95 to BT - Manchester, UK
03/96 Senior Network Engineer/Consultant
Responsibilities included working with senior BT WAN engineers to design, implement Halifax
network which involves 60 remote branches, 6 service center and 2 data centers, used Cisco routers
2600, 4700, 7000 series and frame relay as WAN backbone and ISDN as backup
Responsible for generating overall design and configurations using Cisco OSPF core routing protocol
and transporting DLSW+ between branches and data centers

01/94 to ARAMCO OIL COMPANY - Saudi Arabia

01/95 Senior Network Engineer/Consultant
Designed and implemented Aramco enterprise network to link refineries, Bulk plants into data
centers. Used Cisco switches and routers, used OSPF, IGRP, RIPv1 as routing protocol to transport:
IP, IPX, AppleTalk, Net bios and SNA across core network (X25, dialup and direct connections

01/91 to PAINE WEBBER - NJ

12/93 Network Engineer
Support, implemented and migrate bridge topology into Ethernet and token ring to transport remote
branches into head quarter
Used Cisco switches and routers, used OSPF, IGRP, RIPv1 as routing protocol to transport: IP, IPX,
AppleTalk, Net bios and SNA across core network (Frame Relay and direct connections)


01/90 Network Engineer
Digital design engineer, working with other engineer to design and test US Navy and air force engine
controller board, rigid display and printers.


Columbia P University
Masters Degree (Computer Science)

Colorado Technical College

Bachelor Degree (Electronic Engineering)


ACME Certified Engineer

CCIE Routing and Switching since 1995 # 1500
Passed Collaboration CCIE track certification Scored 960
UCCE Enterprise Certification Completed (642-241,242 and 243)
Cloud Security Alliance Certification, CSA