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Anna Tufo

Administrative Internship

Dr. Root

Classroom Observation

Teacher Name:

Date 10/27/17

Grade: 4 STEAM

Subject: ELA

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to identify the theme and main idea within a variety of texts
based on the characters actions.

Domain #1 Engaging Students in Learning

Component 1: Engages students in learning tasks that develop understandings and or/skill relevant to
the learning objective.
The teacher engaged the students throughout the entire lesson. In the beginning when

introducing and unpacking the learning target the students all took part in a Mark it up chant. This

engaged all learners in the task of identifying important words in the I Can Statement and defining

them. Three students were then called on to read the statement. The random selection of students and

repetition of the learning target resulted in increased engagement and understanding of the goals for

the lesson.

The teacher uses a variety of instructional strategies such as manipulatives, chants and cheers,

partner and group work, visuals, questioning techniques, and movement to ensure student engagement

and meet all students learning styles. When the students are ready to respond to a question posed by

the teacher, the teacher says, SHOW YOU_____ and all of the students respond KNOW. The

excitement and engagement was evident throughout the classroom. The students take part in a BOMB

CHEER to celebrate great answers and when taking part in a group TURN and TALK activity each group
has a light to shine showing the teacher they are ready. These techniques really contributed to the

classroom culture of respect and motivation to achieve success.

Informal assessment took place throughout the lesson through group activities, partner

discussions, independent work and workshop centers. The learning target was visible throughout the

lesson and the teacher revisited it many times to ensure students understanding. The teacher

demonstrates clear expectations of the content and the pacing of the lesson kept all students engaged.

The variety of materials used (videos, post-it notes from Otto the Ghost, games and task cards) and clear

established routines and expectations resulted in complete student engagement.

Domain #2 Deepening Student Learning

Component 2: Elicits and builds on students responses to promote conceptual and or skills
At the start of the lesson the teacher revisited a task from the night before. The students were

asked to go home and think of a song that represents them. The students were then asked to state the

title of the song and why they selected it. A student chose, Count on Me and she stated that she chose

it because no matter what her friends could always count on her. Sam chose Happy because he feels

happy about himself and happy about all the things he does. This was a fantastic way to introduce

theme to the students. Students were able to identify the theme of a song and explain how it relates to

their own life. The teacher demonstrated excitement and caring body language when praising the

students responses. It was apparent that the routine of building on and restating each others

responses was established. The students showed respect and active listening when building on one

anothers answers. The teacher celebrated their responses and stated, I loved the eye contact you

made with your classmate and your thinking out of the box.
Component 3: Uses instructional strategies in ways that deepen students understanding of and or
ability to apply relevant concepts or skills.
The teacher demonstrated clear explanation of the content. The students were able to apply

their understanding of the learning target in many different ways. Through the use of songs, videos,

short stories and task cards the students demonstrated their knowledge of theme and main idea. The

students showed great excitement when the teacher stated that Otto the Ghost had come to visit their

classroom while they were at a special. Each student found a post-it not under their chair from Otto. As

a team they were asked to read their messages and sort them into the groups of theme or main idea.

Each team was then given the opportunity to share at least one of their messages.

Informal assessment took place through the lesson. Students were asked to read short

passages that were displayed on the smart board. They then had to respond to a multiple choice

question. The teacher used the app on her phone called Plickers. This gave her immediate data as to

which students have achieved success in understanding and applying the learning target.

Domain #3 Maintaining a Positive and Challenging Learning Environment

Component 4: Demonstrates rapport with and respect for students in a positive and challenging

learning environment.

All students were cognitively engaged in the activities and assignments throughout the lesson.

The teacher had a fantastic rapport with her students. She was always positive, reassuring and

celebrated their success. In turn the students showed a great rapport with their peers by giving praise,

cheering one another on and providing support when needed. The teacher provided the students with

clear expectations in a variety of different activities and provided clarification when needed. Before the

students went into their workshop centers the teacher reminded them of the good habits of discussion

by stating, I as I walk around I would like to hear good habits of group discussion. Remember, I agree

with you because or I disagree with you because.

The students had the opportunity to watch a video Life-Vest Inside-Kindness Boomerang- One

Day. The video showed many different people demonstrating acts of kindness and paying it forward.

The students were able to relate the events that took place in the video to their everyday life. They

were able to identify the theme in their own words. One child stated, The theme is when you help

someone they can continue your kindness. The positivity shown in this video was a great way to show

children how acts of kindness can be passed on. It was evident that the environment and culture in this

classroom is positive, respectful and motivated.


The teacher has established a positive culture for learning. Throughout the lesson the

classroom procedures and routines were effectively executed and the pacing allowed her to maximize

her instructional time. A variety of activities and materials were used to meet the different learning

styles and ensure students success.

Constructive Feedback

The teacher seemed to call on the same children throughout the lesson. When shy students are

taking part in Turn and Talk or group discussions it is a good time to give them the opportunity to share.

Since they have had the opportunity to collaborate with their peers it will give them an increased sense

of self confidence to share the response.