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Institute of Business Administration


Date: Sep. 2017 Instructor:
Najeeb Agrawalla

Text: Business to Business Marketing: A Strategic Approach (Michael Morris,

Leyland Pitt, and Earl Honeycutt, Jr.)-3rd edition, Industrial Marketing Strategy
(Frederick E. Webster, Jr.).

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of business marketing to the
students in theory and practice. It will focus upon explaining the unique and
dynamic nature of business markets and the importance of B2B transactions in
economic activity. The course will attempt to combine theory with practical
examples from international and local sources. The case studies, negotiations
simulation and the Pakistani Term Report on a Live Case will further add applicative
insights to theoretical foundations. Lastly, the course will end on students

Grading Plan:
Quizzes 05 B2B Marketing in Action 05
Mid Term 20 Final 40
Term Report & Presentation (group and individual - 5 marks each)
Case Presentation (group and individual - 5 marks each)
Negotiation Exercise (group and individual - 5 marks each)

Course Plan:

Lectures 12 Sessions
Negotiation Exercise One Session
B2B Marketing in Action (At start of lectures 3 - 10)
Case Study Presentations - (At end of lectures 7 10)
Term Report Presentations (Half of Session 11)

Case Presentation:

These will be topical cases assigned to groups made by the instructor, where
individual as well as group efforts will be evaluated via presentations of 15 minutes
per group. There is no written report expected on the case study. Please remember
that apart from summarizing and answering the questions at the end of the case, you
will also be expected to:
Give a global overview of the company.
Comment on the companys current situation, especially with respect to the
case topic.
Investigate the companys presence in Pakistan, and if not present, then briefly
outline and detail the Pakistani players in that industry.
Draw a Pakistani parallel on the company in the case and investigate your
chosen companys similarities and differences to the case company (choice can
be from another industry).

Your group will present the case during the course on assigned dates and you will be
marked separately for individual performance as well as commonly as a group.

Institute of Business Administration


Term Project Report:

As a group, select a company engaged in business activity in Pakistan, to which you
have some access. Choose a topic from the list of chapters in the curriculum and
write an original term paper on your chosen companys strategy on that topic. You
must choose a topic that will require conducting secondary and primary research
through IDIs (in-depth interviews) of relevant individuals. Your 5,000 word report
(excluding annexures) will be titled: B2B Marketing in Pakistan: XXXXXX Strategy
of YYYYYY Company. Apart from the general SWOT analysis and financials, you
must include major and minor problems you have identified related to the case topic,
as well as some alternative solutions.

Your group will present this report's summary in a 15 minute presentation towards
the end of semester. You will be marked for the presentation individually, and
commonly on the submitted report as a group.

Negotiation Exercise:

The class will be divided into various groups. Based on a given brief, you will face
another group who will have another brief on the same situation. However, the
objectives of the two groups will not be totally congruent.

You will have a leader as well as some power brokers in your group and will have to
negotiate your way through the two meetings with the opposing party. Adequate
preparation time will be given to the groups prior to the official meetings.
Remaining students will be used as evaluators to form a group view on the
performance and to give them some experience in peer evaluations, responsibility
and integrity. They will have to follow the bell-curve principle in deciding the star
performers and others. Crisp guidelines will be provided based on group size and
class composition.

This role play exercise and evaluating peers will test the following so prepare
Bargaining skills
B2B marketing knowledge
Handling of high stress situations
Managing situational pressures
Time management
Group coordination and unity
Acceptance of leadership
Ability of influencing, persuasion, decision-making and leadership
Public speaking skills
Integrity and responsibility
Power of concentration and focus

May the better negotiating team win!

Institute of Business Administration


B2B Marketing in Action:

Students will be required to discuss their organizational work-life and their
observation of B2B Marketing as they see it being practiced. This 10 minute
presentation format will be a free flow without any audio visual aid. An important
determinant of marks will also be how questions are handled by the student.

In rare instances where the student thinks the organization is not engaged in any
B2B activity (almost impossible) to those students who are not working, the course
requires you to find a willing friend or relative (not from IBA) who will share his / her
organizational life with you freely and let you spend a day or two in his / her
company to ask around and probe.
INTEL Chapt Topic Case Negotiati
er Sessi ons
1-2 1 Morris: The Unique Nature of -

Industrial Marketing
3 2 Morris: Understanding
Purchase Operations
4 3 Morris: How Organizations
Make Buying Decisions + MIA
5 5 Morris: Segmentation and Round 1: PIA
Targeting of Business Markets SYMMETRY
+ Negotiation Exercise Part I +
Round 1:
6 9 Morris: Marketing Industrial Round 2:
Products and Services + +
Negotiation Exercise Part II + Round 2: PIA
7 5 Webster: Product Strategy & CAT

NPD + MIA + Case

8 9 Webster: Managing the KELL-
Industrial Sales Force + MIA + SUPPL
Case Y
9 13 Morris: Distribution and the SYN-
Value-Added Chain + MIA +
10 7 Webster: Pricing Strategy + NESTL
MIA + Case
11 11 Morris: Communications with
Business Customers:
Engineering the Promotional
Mix + MIA + Term Report
12 7 Morris: Strategy and the -

Industrial Marketer & Live

Case Report Presentations