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bservation Form is to be completed by the teacher and given to the administrator/supervisor at/or before a pre-observation conference.

This form is used by the

administrator/supervisor to gain insight into the teachers reflective understanding regarding lesson planning and may be used to document criteria/descriptors.

Teacher School

Grade/Subject Date

1. What do you expect the students to be able to know or do at the end of this 2. Briefly describe the lesson and the repertoire of strategies to be used with students
lesson? What connections will you make to students other learn and to personalize learning.

3. How does this relate to the districts curriculum guide? What prerequisite 4. How will students be assessed? How will assessment criteria and exemplars be
knowledge has been assumed or provided? communicated to students?

5. What, in particular, do you want observed? Are there any special circumstances of which to be aware?

Lesson Reflection Sheet
The Lesson Reflection Sheet will be completed by the teacher following each formal observation and taken to the post-observation conference. This form may be
used by
the administrator/supervisor to discuss and document standards/criteria/descriptors.

Teacher Ms .McMillan School: Beaumont Technical High School

Grade/Subject: 11th Grade/ Cosmetology Date: 2/3/2016

Teacher Signature Administrator Signature

1. Did the lesson establish a climate that encouraged the students to be 2. Did the goal/objective of the lesson allow for students to engage in
productively engaged in the work? How do I know? activities and learning situations that were consistent with the districts
Yes, the lesson established the climate for engagement. My students were activity Yes, standard 3 engaging student in there learning, after the practical
watching and engaged in the manicuring lesson. demonstration each student was given an opportunity to complete a
manicure on a classmate.

3. How did I ensure that all students participated in the activities/discussion? 4. What feedback did I receive from students indicating they achieved
understanding and that the goals/objectives were met for this lesson?
By having students make procedure cards for manicuring lesson.
My most of my student had never seen a manicure done on regular nails
most of them wear overlay so they never had a manicure.

5. Did I adjust my goals or my strategies as I taught the lesson? What would I do 6. If I could share one thing from this lesson with a colleague, what would
differently next time? Why? it be?
No, Nothing.Lesson ran smoothly Whenever you have a chance incorporate a Practical hand on learning
experience into your lesson.