She was married to Ravindra when she was only 18 years old.

Ravindra was living in a remote village and was a labourer, living with his father and younger brother Pravindra. Their mother was no more. Ravindra's father got him married although he was only 19 years old because he needed a woman in the house to do the house chores etc. Ravindra was a reserved type of person and had a sort of neurologic problem. When he faced difficult situations his hands and fingers started shaking along with his head and he blushed and perspired. He herited this from his late mother. His wife's(the bahu) name was Neha. She was more intelligent and developped than Ravindra. She was educated. Her father accepted to get her married because Ravindra's father had lots of lands under sugar cane cultivation and he had a 4x4 and had lots of money though they were labourers family. The first day after their wedding, the relatives of Pravindra asked women relatives to check the bedsheet as it was a custom to verify either the bride is a virgin or not. If she was a virgin blood stain would be found on the bed sheet. This is the way people were undergoing the next morning of their first night. Ravindra's father was in doubt either he would succeed to have sexual intercourse or not as he could not face difficult circumstances. Even the day they went to see the girl he was trembling when Neha came to serve tea. His father knew his problem and all relatives believed, once that he will get married all his shaking problems will be cured. The ladies came from his bedroom the next morning and announced that there was no blood stain found on their bed. Later, after enquiries it was known that he had no sexual intercourse with Neha but he turned his back with her and slept. The women talked to Neha thay she should seduce him etc so that he could approach her that way...... Well, days went on yet nothing was happening..... Ravindra's father himself was going to check the bedsheet when she was going to have her morning bath...... And Pravindra knew all that was happening...he knew his elder brother was not having sexual intercourse, and he was fantasizing he could replace him on the bed at night... He was 18 yeasr old, same as his sister-in-law. Neha was a very beautiful girl, sexy, svelte body, lovely smile and perfect look any man would love to find in a woman. She had very nice attractive manners as well. She was seductive and looked sensual. Her lips and eyes were inviting... Her breasts had very nice proportion which any male would get attracted to even they were under clothes..... Pravindra got friendly with her and they started teasing each other openly in the house, in presence of his father and Ravindra. They even tapped each other and

had physical contacts with hands like, hitting each other and playing with the hands, pulling her hair and she doing same to him..... Ravindra considered that as brother sister plays and love and the father also looked at it that way..... Ravindra's father had a worry about their not having sexual relations...and one day after a month she talked to Neha himself. He told her to seduce his son and approach him sexually and caress him etc.... Neha blushed when he said all that but she understood that they had a problem and it had to be solved. Days, weeks, months went by and Pravindra started looking at her viciously and wished to have her on his bed.... Everytime she was going to have her bath he went to try his chance to eavesdrop. He waited for his father to move out and he seized every opportunity to be in her company... and one day he plucked courage and enlaced her from behind when she was drying her wet hair after bath. She was shocked and pushed him asking him to behave, but he persisted and pulled her by her hand to him and she was in his arms, and tried to struggle out of them, he started to run his tongue over her neck and cheeks and she was struggling to get free.... Pravindra caught hold of her mouth in his hand and was forcing her to be kissed, but she shut her mouth and he sucked her lips and said, " you are too hot bhabhi and I desire you since the first day you came in this house, Bhaiya can't please you so I will do it, what say sweet bhabhi?" Neha said "I will tell Pitaji about what you did and said" He left her and smiled "You can't do that and I know you will not do that, gradually you will come to me my darling, sweet bhabhi, I will get you someday, and I bet you will enjoy it." After that encounter with his sister-in-law, Pravind was in a little bit of worry in the evening when his father and elder brother were back home, lest Neha speaks up.they were all gathered in the lounge watching a TV serial and His eyes was not on the TV set but on Neha. She was aware and without being noticed she asked him with signals 'do I tell them what you did?' He replied 'No you won't' But Neha said 'I will' And he replid, 'Ok, go ahead, tell them and you will see what will happen to this family after that.' And Neah loudly said addressing to the father-in law: "Pitaji, you know what Pravidra did today?" The aged man, looked at her with enquiring eyes and asked "What did he do bahy?" And Pravind felt hot and looked in her eyes seriously and begged her not to talk. And she mischievoulsy said to the head of the family " He teases me a lot like a little kid, he tires me, he does not listen, he did not eat properly and like a kid I got to make him eat, like feeding a little baby." - On hearing this the old man laughed and replied: " he is the youngest, that's why he behaves that way, he is just spoiled a bit, but he will grow up, take it easy bahu" And she looked at Pravind with a mischieveous smile and a giggle. That smile of hers betrayed herself. Pravind thought in his mind-'there you are my sexy bhabhi, you will never betray me, you did not say what I wanted to do with you, you invented false words only to speak.... so you are in my way sweetheart.'

And he felt happy that she did not speak about his sexual behaviour towards her. Now, days passed and every time that he was alone with her, he molested her, touched her anywhere on her body, kissed her, ran his hand over her butt, pressed her over him and all that. she usually struggles out of his grip but never let him do anything further..... Pravind went to jerk off everytime after caressing her and touching her. Every time that he masturbated, he visualised Neha's body. he thought of her boobs and sexy thighs and colour of her hidden parts. Once he saw her bending to pierce a wet cloth to get dried, and he found her beautiful, envious breats, they were so inviting that he wished to hold them, lick them and give them a suck..... and in fact he had on that day told her openly how far he desired to get those boobs in his hands and mouth. he held her, and struggled hard to succeed to put his mouth at the begining of the soft parts of her breasts, and ran his tongue over them.... thats all he was able to do and she freed herself from his grip. Days went by fast and 5 months elapsed that way. And one night, Pravind had to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. his room was on the left and Ravindra's in the right and their father's room was just behind Ravindra's room. A corridor separated the rooms of the two brothers. That corridor led to their kitchen on one side and to the lounge on the other side. Then to reach the toilet which was outside the house he had to pass through the kitchen and open it's door to go out. but before doing this he got to pass near Ravindra's room. So he was going to open the Kitchen's door when he heard voices in his father's room. He smiled saying ' Dad is talking all alone in his sleep!'.... but then he heard murmurs and whispers too.... he approached his dad's bedroom and heard Neha's voice saying : " I have to go now pitaji." He was amazed and started thinking what was she doing in dad's room at this time of the night. he told himself may be dad was sick and she had come to give him water, or massage his legs or something like that...... but he was intrigued and wished to see her getting out. He hide himself behind the refregirator as the kitchen was dark at that time, and waited for her to get out. And when the door opened, the father looked out first then said to Neha: " you may come out" And Neha came out. Pravindra was astounded on seeing her in a very flimsy nighty, with sexy straps, her boobs visible through it and she was wearing no bra, her hair flung open.....she walked sexily and went to her room and turned back to look at the father- in- law in a sexy smile and whispered 'ok, you sleep well now Pitaji.' Pravind was all hard errect and thought- 'Oh my God!! Dad is fucking her?? And I am struggling since such a long time? no, no, no, that can't be!! I am mistaken and thinking bad because I have such filthy thoughts in my mind. There must be something else.... that cant be.... Pravind went to his room after toilet and could not sleep after what he saw. He was thinking if his dad and bhabhi are having an affair since when is that going on? How could it have started? Did his father also approach her they way he

changed himself and had tea. Now. On that day Pravindra had been to the town to buy pesticides for the crops.Really? Will you slap me Bhabhi? you won't feel sorry afterwards? said Pravind.No I will not feel sorry to slap a bad boy that you are. He did not close his eyes at all. was in a hurry to see Neha and talk to her about last nights events which he witnessed. And the few days that she had been introduced to the fields. So he thought not to talk about that with her but deep inside himself he planned something. The dad of pravind was a boss and owner and so they worked for him and he helped along with Ravindra. meanwhile she prepared food and brought for them. You have any doubts? On hearing this Pravind was more in doubts of what he was thinking about what he saw last night. She was dressed in a two-piece. At that time he usually is asleep and he wakes up by 10 of the morning as he stays at home always idle. He heard the 4x4 of his dad starting and he knew that they were leaving for the fields. She moved to hit him but he escaped it. Deapite his sort of handicap Ravindra was active as a labourer and assistant boss. He moved towards her and lightly passed his hand over her butt. He went to brush his teeth. His sister-in-law on seeing him up so early remarked: " Wow. In the morning usually. He knew the job very well and his dad often left him to occupy some fields with workers and he went to other of his several fields that he had. she was standing . and so on. and he masturbated twice visualising his dad with Neha. . She said: " You stop looking at me like that or else I will give you a good slap!" . .did? Did she refuse him at first then accepted? Was she in his room for sex? Or was he having such thoughts because he was like that? But why was she in her nighty? Why she was not wearing her bra? Why was she in such a very sexy nighty with thin straps? The nighty reached her upper thighs only and parts of her beautiful. when they left that early morning Pravind.And you bhabhi? Are you a good girl? -Of course I am. And once a while Neha was bringing food for them not eveyday. Pravind was getting restless and kept on thinking till morning. While having tea his eyes were devouring her whole body from tip to toe and she was aware. He got up and went in the kitchen and found Neha waving to them outside. he will find out. In the Sugar cane fields which they have many persons worked. He thought he will be awake at night and keep a watch for some nights and if there are something between them. He thought he will feel ashamed if he questioned her and the result would come out to be NO. sexy envious thighs were seen. He was not aware that Neha had been to the fields. it was her father-in -law who had gone to take her from home in his 4x4 as she had wished to visit the fields sites. He thought that means that Neha had nothing to do with her dad but it was his thoughts only. the sun has risen from the west today it seems! you are up at this hour??" He did not reply and went to his room . his dad and his elder bro left home very early around 6 o'clock.

( watch the sketch) He hurried to go out. Pravind started playing with her. He got her mouth once and ran all his tongur over and he tried to kiss her but she did not respond at all. and his mouth brushing on her neck and cheek. and the father-in-law was lying flat over his back. He opened his room's door very quietly. I will not repeat this everytime please. his hard errect organ thrusting over her butt. Apart from the window in that room there was a very thin space near the air conditionner was installed. Praving went into his father's room to look for a place from where he could see inside at night. She was pushing him and struggling but he was stronger physically so he held her still and when she felt his sex rubbing on her she managed to change position and his sex started rubbing over her right thigh. He went outside twice in the night after one hour that he was back from watching TV but he saw nothing. he was nude too. Before leaving her he said " Bhabhi I love you a lot and you know that. and she threw water over him from the tap. Pavindra went to his room and waited and waited. He took a chair from inside. And when she was drying the vessels he quietly reached behind her and firmly enlaced her.. he was coming to touch her every time and running away before she could throw water on him or hit him.... Now at night they watched TV and everybody went to their bedrooms.30 of the early morning from his bed he heard a door being closed in the corridor. She was in a kneeling position over the bed... He went outside and was not able to reach that height. and she was all nude and was sucking her father-in-law. He got tired and gave up. He tried to hear if he will hear any noise of room's door opening or closing. He usually went to sleep at 9 o'clock every night. walked in the corridor without switching any light and got outside from the kitchen's door and went to stand on a chair he had placed earlier. When Neha was busy in her house chores.. his bhabhi was almost nude over his father's bed by his side!! Her nighty was over the drawer.. He was an early sleeper since childhood.Now he was still not sure either it was his doubts or there was really anything like that. In the sketch I have drawn.. readers will see a red spot outside the house. and with one hand Pravind was moving up her skirt to touch her thighs but she sat down so as to prevent him doing that. And Neha only smiled on his words. He did it four times till 1 AM but he found nothing! He was restless and by 2.. He prayed that he succeeds to see something. .Ravindra seldom watched TV. near the AC from outside his father's room. put it under the AC fromoutside and got on the chair to peep inside and he was very happy to be able to see the whole room of his dad.. That is where he stands on a chair to look inside his father's room. won't they meet tonight? he thought? was that my imagination? nothing will happen? These thoughts were torturing him. And his eyes stayed wide open peeping inside!! Neha.near the sink washing vessels.

since when is that going on he thought? when was the first time? How did his father get her? And RAVINDRA? Does he know? What if he suddenly wakes up? She has taken a big risk! She dares do that that way? He soon found she was lying over the bed now and his father was licking her pussy.. Pavindra felt hot and cold together!! He thought all those days he was longing for her and she was playing the saint-like woman and here she was doing that?. then kissed each other passionately. And Pavindra.... She pretends to be very clean lady! And he thought of all those days that he held her in his arms how she refused and pushed him. and soon she reached the climax by getting her orgasm and the dad of Pavindra ejaculated outside taking out his dick thrusting it over her belly.. and this time she hugged her father-in -law before walking to her room..... her arms had surrounded him from under his arms up above his neck. felt rage within him and he wished to go to knock violently on his father's bedroom's door and get inside and make a scene! But he held himself and was blank at the brain at that moment. Readers can watch the sketch to see where from she walked and how Pavindra watched them. felt heartbroken as he believed that he loved Neha. how she never responded when he kissed her and how when he rubbed his dick over her she escaped him and all that. The old man was moving his waist giving light blows in her mouth as though fucking her.. just like the other night.. they... Pavindra slowly went to his room and was red with rage. He did not sleep at all again and soon it was day! And he felt asleep when the sun rose up. gradually he moved to her beautiful envious breasts and was crushing them in his strong hands and his tongue was licking the errect nipple of the 18 years old bahu.. she got out.. And she did.. his sperm spreading all over the belly and breasts of Neha.. Pavindra...she was twisting over the bed holding the old man's head in her hand.. meanwhile she was bitting his shoulder and licking his neck. Now he thought the day she was saying that she wil relate everything to his dad... his throat was dry and he then felt hot as though he had fever! when he looked in again his dad was penetrating Neha. did she already had starting having an affair with him? Since when are they fucking? He was going crazy thinking all that. The movements of the old man's hip gradually bacame faster and faster and she started giving moans interupted by deep sighs. He wished to get into her room immediately and kick her! She is a bitch he told himself... her beautiful svelte body was at the mercy of her father-in-law. who tenderly rubbed them. .and neha was holding his huge dick in her hand and licking and sucking it vigourously. he even felt he was shivering......... After she closed her door. her legs spread apart.. she received her father-in-laws organ with much pleasure. He slowly got inside and hide himself behind the refregirator like the other day to see her getting out. and lay over the bed peacefully. and took the dick in her mouth smiling at him.

What are you talking? are you going mad? Neha showed anger and blushed.. very good. Pavindra in hot anger said: " You won't talk? ok. you are like a brother to me and it will be dirty relationship.Let me now tell you that I love you too.No thats not fair Pavindra. I saw you fucking my father two last nights consequitively! you bloody bithch! you are a whore!! you are a damn whore you bitch!! And you dare talk clean to me you bitch? I loved you damn it! I really loved you. So what do you have to say now lady bitch??" Neha was sitting on the floor crying like a kid. I am leaving this house. She was shocked and looked at him surprised. But you turned out to be a great whore! I am saved. I love you so much. Pavindra neared her and gave her a hot slap. I was sure there is something not going normal. when did this begin. I wanted to live with you for ever. I am eager to know what is all this. I am sorry for my bro. but circumstances became such that I got to control my emotion and showed hatred so that you do not come closer to me. If my brother can't satisfy you I had thought I will marry you..So you won't give me a chance to sleep with you bhabhi? . He had headache and did not wish to wake up. she was all quiet by weeping. never. tell me. if my father asks for me tell him I left because I know all about you and him. at least listen to my version of truth at least now... And Neha. are you clean? Or am I too young for you and you prefer old. you are 18 me too and we can understand ourselves so much easily isn't it bhabhi? .. After how many days that you came in this house. please tell me all. Any how when he was done with his bath etc he called Neha in the lounge and said he had to talk to her. Start from the begining and I promise you if I justify in your favour I will never leave you. but I won't live with you anymore. .Neha came to his room to wake him up by noon. and he hit her once more on the face." He started stepping out and Neha ran to catch hold of him still crying and said: " For God sake don't go Pavindra. She sat and started crying and he lifted her up and gave her another hard slap on her pinky ckeek. Tell me from the start. I really do love you Pavindra. There is a big story behind all this which will get you dumb after learning. experienced men? .Why bhabhi? We can have an affair secretly. So listen to me and then you decide either you will go or will support me.No. And you say you love me? huh! Is that your love which is running away when I am in troubles? . And Pavindra said: " Stop playing the saint bhabhi. She did not know what to say. wiped her tears and asked him to sit close to her and she started . .. He started: . Let me explain how and why it all happened.Oh! Dirty you say? So you Bhabhi." Tell me bhabhi. I will never come here again.

What do you say Neha bahu?" She replied "As you wish pitaji. he stopped it in a remote place near the fields and talked to her. it was very sexy and had thin straps. She was thinking he will look at her in that nighty. how long will it go like this? You stil have not had sexual relations with my son? We need to grow our family dear and I wish to see my kins.. and I will come inside soon to talk to him. Neha was going to her room when the father-inlaw called her. As I also feel he needs a push and I am unsuccessful to push him. He told Neha. you see all this business must have owners. " I think he needs a push and I will need your coorperation to make him do it. Daughter-in-law and father talked in the kitchen slowly. And Ravindra was sleeping already.. He says he respects me and can't harm me.. He had already once or twice talked about her relationship with Ravindra..." Neha replied." So that night after watching TV." Neha replied: " What can I do pitaji? Ravindra is so shy and he never touches me.." So Neha started relating to Pavindra how it all started and since when. Her body could be seen through it." Neha accepted and went in her room to change herself.. Your dad talked to me several times asking if we made love or not. She took out her dress she was wearing and put on her nighty. as at that time he had not discovered anything." And the father-inlaw added. He sleeps turning his back with me and never dares to come near me. do awake him meanwhile. He said: " Bahu. It was the third month after wedding. I tried to approach him like you told me the last time but still to no avail Pitaji. usually she never wore her bra at night but this night as her father-in-law was to come she did not take out her bra.. why he is not consuming his marriage. He said "You please get yourself dressed in your sexiest nighty to seduce him. I feel you can help him . he may listen to you as he always does all that you say. was pink coloured and flimsy.. Will you mind if I will get to be physical to show him some approaches? It will be important dear.. She said." She said " ok but will not Pavindra hear us if he comes by this side? he is still watching TV." And her father-in-law had an idea. That day Pavindra was not in the village. She was a virgin of 18 years old and it was the father-in-law who was to come to .. "I was nervous as your elder brother was not having any sexual relations with me. i am coming. Pavindra was continue watching TV then. She had prepared food to leave for them and he had said he will come to take her by noon and he came.relating." So he said: "Good then I will wait for Pavindra return and when he gets in his room I will wait about half an hour for him to be asleep then I will come to your room. "I will do anything to make him consume our marriage pitaji. I will do as you say. So on that day in the car.. she one day had been to the field with the father-in-law in his 4x4. " Well I think I will have to come to your bedroom at night to talk to Ravindra why he is not going ahead...

desirable thighs were seen... The dimlight was on and the father-in law could not move his eyes from that beautiful sexy body in front of him.. but found nothing. she did and he brushed his mouth over her neck and told Ravindra to do that. After that his father asked. and felt his mouth watered. his dad was looking over his short near his sex either there was a rise.. she is a sexy girl your wife. neck. Then the old man asked Neha to come very close to him over the bed. it was around midnight when she heard him getting in. Neha streched her body and held his hand to prevent him going further.. But she held stiff and murmured "Pitaji. She was lying by the side of Ravindra who was deep asleep. He will learn and make love to you soon you will see. her nighty reached above her thighs and her sexy. no!" He replied " Please corperate Neha I am doing it for your good. look at me. she felt unease the way he was staring at her and she spoke to break the heavy atmosphere: " He is not awaking pitaji." And the dad himself had a hard on and Neha saw his short inflating and the dad first time saw the fairer parts of her beautiful thighs. I tried hard to wake him up!" She said that in whisper. Ravindra did it bit lightly. she thought how will he be physical? what did he mean by that? Anyhow." He ran his hand over Neha's bare arm and touched her neck and told him to do the same.. He sat over the bed rubbing his eyes and with a yawn he asked "What happened dad" And the dad said " How long will this go on beta? You have not touched your wife till now? why? what's your problem?" He felt shy and bent his head down. The father talked again and again but he was not replying but looking at the floor. then he moved Neha's nighty upper over her thighs and asked " don't you find her sexy? look at her beauiful sexy thighs beta. She immediately sat over the bed when he got in. He started sweating and blushed. .assist or help her first sexual encounter! She felt a chill in her spine thinking of this..i. and do as i do. Her f..." Ravindra tried to hold Neha the same way but was shaking a lot and sweating too much. the sexy straps of the nighty and her bra were all seen and the old man felt things within himself. slightly run his tongue behind her ear and told Ravindra to do same. Her bare arms. Then the dad took Neha in his arms and kissed her also had told her not to mind if he wil need to be physical.. She blushed and was looking at him in his face blushing.. She was tensed and all her body was stiff... part of her underarm. He put his hand over her thighs and slightly ran the palm over reaching upper and upper under her nighty. He moved him vigourously and Ravindra hardly opened his eyes and was taken aback to see his dad in his bedroom. But she was eager to make love to her husband as it was to be the first time. "How did you feel beta? Are you feeling good? you have a hard on?" Ravindra did not reply. Ravindra did as his dad taught but his hands did shake all along the action. He loved the way she talked to him as though she was his accomplice. He tried to wake his son up.. Neha felt a current like all over her body when the father-in -law did that. Neha felt like to surrender herself to her father-in-law. The dad said " Look if you are feeling shy and don't know how to start I am showing you.

law's face. you told me you will coorperate so please go ahead... and asked Ravindra to watch and asked him to do it same way.. Ravindra will love it... he was shivering. the dad's eyes was over her bare back and he was having an errection. Neha said .. and on getting in contact with . and Ravindra moved his face away.Then the dad asked her "Why you have not removed your bra? please do it to exite him. his leg was touching her thighs and he was full errect and was unable to control himself to see such a young.. its important beti.. And the dad moved out and waited for ravindra to do that. Neha was envious but could not speak. Neha twisted over the bed and bent to hide her breast. blushing and sweating yet he tried hard.. looked in his face and asked. When he was doing that Neha was getting stiff and she was hardly able to control her emotions." Then the dad asked her "Why you have not removed your bra? please do it to exite him.. The dad gently said: " Look Neha beti... she shivered and looked in her f. and asked his son to keep looking.. and made him rub them.. let it go. The dad at the same time with one hand moved up her dress to her hips and her pantie was seen and she was moving back the dress down to cover her hips. what pitaji?" He brought her very close to him.. remove it sweetheart. its important beti.i. He asked Neha to lie over the bed and he would try a last chance to awake the desires of his son.." Pitaji. sexy lady in such a sexy outfit so close to him." But the dad was not to give up. and caressed it. she was feeling getting wet down there.. Ravindra bent down his head looking on the bed. Not knowing how to proceed. there is no hope i see. still over her dress.. The father moved closer to Neha. he is shy and nervous.. the father's hard on thrusted to Neha's belly and she almost gasped!. When the dad's lips touched her skin of the shoulder and ran to her breasts she shivered and twisted over the bed and caught hold of the bedsheet in her both hands stretching her body.. he is like that.. he will not respond.. He put his hand over the right strap of her nighty and moved it down to let partial appearance of her young firm breast visible and lifted up Ravindra's chin to make him look at that. ran his hand over Neha's shoulder and very gently and slowly moved downwards to her breast. and the father touched the soft breast of Neha in his rough hand.. just make as if I am not here and only your husband is here. and he took Ravindra's hand in his and put it over Neha's breasts. And after removing her bra Neha. the dad boldly asked with Ravindra: " You are not feeling anything my son?" Ravindra kept silent and was shaking more and more and sweating a lot.. "now. and brought Ravindra too closer. shaking.. Neha was feeling weird to obey to that request. She lay over the bed by her father-in-law's side and he bent over her to kiss her neck and moved his mouth towards her breasts.". and meanwhile he.. Neha by then was getting envious and trembled and felt desirable and did not know how to face that situation. Ravindra felt shy and pulled back his hand. while doing it. isn't it beta?" Neha gave a deep sigh and turned her back to them and removed her bra.

Stll he desired her and may be more and more. kissed away her tears. he sat down with his head in his hand and there was a heavy. Neha cried and sat down feeling tired. do it yourself on my behalf. And little by little. I have never been errect all my life!!" Both Neha and THE FATHER WERE SHOCKED AND looked at each other aghast!! Neha cried and. to Pavindra. he hugged her and she burried her face over his bare chest.. she is yours. Neha started panting with pain and pleasure she had long awaited.Neha's skin he fell flat and moved under the bed to hide himself. They heard Ravindra snoring under the bed! They took each other in their arms and lay still over the bed and the father felt a sort of pride within himself to please a young virgin at his age! After relating all the event of her first encounter with her father-in-law. When she was crying. and they were fucking!! She was a virgin and the father-in-law got to consume this young 18 years old virgin in his son's bedroom on his bed. Pvindra listened to the whole narration quietly and he despite such difficult situation her sister-in-law went through. and Ravindra is aware of that is it? She gave a long sigh. Tears rolled over Neha's cheeks and she hide her face in the pillow. and things went very very fast and soon they were both all nude. the father-in-law consolled her by caressing her. Will she give herself to him too now? How shall he now approach since she just related such an event which had its painful parts? He broke the silence prevailing in the room and talked. They stayed like that for more than fifteen minutes without any words. when he found her finished with her tears. Pavindra was thinking and visualising all that Neha told him and he could see his father making love to her and he thought. he felt excited and had a hard on during the narration from Neha. I cant do that I am impotent.. quiet and boring atmosphere in the room.. and felt very pleased on reaching her first real orgasm. then kissed her cheeks and reached her mouth and she opened her mouth to receive and respond her father-in-law's kiss passionately.. since the last four months you are going to please dad. so. He was in an embarassing situation and did not know how to undergo that moment. " Well tell me bhabhi. then she must have given herself to him every night and thats why she goes to his room to please each other. But why she did refuse her all along since so many days? This question was tormenting him. The father talked to Ravindra in anger this time and asked " what the bloody hell of a son are you? I am about to fuck your wife and you are hiding under the bed?? Ravindra replied: Dad take Neha for you. he lay her over the bed continued carresing her. . She enlaced him tightly and started bitting his shoulder and he removed her nighty. she gave way to get rid of it.

its not good. her hair flung open. And to be frank with you I started enjoying it. moved down to her butt and he lifted her up. "Please don't go."No. and he gradually moved to her soft part of the begining of her beast. He was standing behind her and he wished to hold her again. as I am also a human and have desires and to be honest. found him. He is the first man who penetrated me and made me feel a woman and I feel giving myself completely to him. but he was going on kissing her and his hands started running over her back. and let him do. He sat over the bed burrying his head in his hands and then lay over the bed with a deep sigh and a hard on. feeling the warmth of each other's body and he kissed her forehead. Do I deserve that you leave because of my actions Pavindra? It was the situation which turned out to be like that . . thats not right Pavindra. I was just going out to breath some fresh air. don't worry. asked me almost every night to come to him after that night. please understand. dressed in a two piece. then her cheeks and her lips. He left the room and while he was walking out of the room Neha walked fast behind him . held his hand from behing and said with a pleading voice. and talked: " Your brother sleeps like a log. leave me Pavindra." Saying this he took her in his arms and she enlaced him firmly and breathed out heavily. and will not leave. you should known it better than me. I won't be able to control myself. rather since then I considered him as my man. He stood up and started thinking about his dad. " No bhabhi. They were holding each other standing. I am not leaving. the wind swaying them from left to right making her waist visible at times at the left then at the right." Pavindra listened to her attentively and was speechless. your dad is very good at it." And she ran out of the room. She felt his presence and turned back. " Please leave me. smiled and asked him to sit. And when he found her not objecting. After half an hour he went to the kitchen where she was washing dishes. her waist seen. he proceeded by." He felt sorry for her and smiled saying.both her hands clutched in each other. its bad. Yes your father. kissing her neck. He has never known every time that I got out of the bed to go to your dad's. She did not push him. I was helpless. she got out of the bed and told him. her heels was not touching the soil and her whole body was clutched against his. She was breathing fast at that moment and. she titghtened him and clutched his shirt in her hands and whispered. he carried her to his room and put her over his bed.

. put her hand to his mouth . once he did and it was wonderful" " Nobody saw you two? Can you be sure?" She replied " I was continuously telling that to your dad. He asked " How many times have you been to the fields with dad?" The conversation at last came back to it. his house was there. for more than an hour." And she added " Since you talked of the fields.. but he said he knows his fields better and knew that nobody would ever come at that place at that time of the day. on reaching their gate his uncle.. He replied with respect. "Bhabhi you are hiding something I feel. When he was returning from town the next day. They talked a lot.." Days went by and they both had mutual talks and kiddings etc. many a time Pavindra did hold her in his arms kiss her passionately which she responded but had not had sexual encounter. She said about five times. He was only wondering why she was not giving in to him. " No he was asking either your dad will delay to return.. The uncle said he had come to return a tool he had borrowed with Pavidra's father. He got inside and Neha smiled with him asking if he was tired and she could serve him a drink. Pavindra frowned and asked: " To see dad? And for nothing else?" She sweetly smiling said . But Neha. He noticed that she is very sensual and enjoyed doing all with his father. The father was getting her on his bed almost every night and often Pavindra was going to watch and he masturbated visualising her. escaping the sexual words... He greeted him and the uncle asked where he had been. And Pavindra asked him how come he was there ashe lived near their fields. He said. neared her and looked in her face and exclaimed: " What? wwhhat? He also?? is it? he too?? how? tell me. He asked either he made love to her in the fields? She said " Yes. One day he had to go to town and was to be back the next day. I will tell you about that at the appropriate time and right moment. Well. They were friendly again and he even joked and made her laugh. Neha said " He wanted to see your dad. He said yes and asked why uncle had come.. Uncle just told me at the gate that he came to return a tool he had borrowed and you are saying he came to see dad. as the uncle said he came to return a tool and she said he came looking for his dad. he gathered patience and hoped one day she will let him penetrate her. He worked his brain out and decided to ask seriously. I have things to add but I won't tell you now. Pavindra amazed stood up. Tell me which is which?" She blushed and kept quiet and stopped looking in his face.The tense moment had faded away and they started talking. father's brother was getting out from his place." Pavindra thought there was something fishy. As soon as he tried to head further than the kisses she broke free from his cluthes and ran away...since when? oh my God! Bhabhi? whats all this? he came to fuck you? did he fuck you??" He was red with anger and wanted to shout.

pleasantly and slowly said," You remember when you talked of the fields I had told you that I have things to tell you but will say it at the right time? So this is the right time and listen" "I was by then used to have sex with your dad, the day he took me to the fields only to have sex. Ravindra was in a far away field from there and no workers were present in that field as work had been done there. I was half nude and your dad was sucking my boobs at that mment when suddenly your UNCLE APPEARED at that spot! I sweated and did not know what to do, your dad changed position fast and covered me with my veil but uncle said, 'carry on, i won't interfere bro, you are a very lucky guy to have your young and very sexy and beautiful daughter-in -law to enjoy! If only I had such a daughter-in-law!!' On hearing this your dad whispered in my ears ' Let him do it or else he will gossip in the whole village and my reputation will be smashed' I was sitting and your dad invited him to join. He sat near me and lifted up my veil, kissed my boobs and asked your dad to take the other one, both men were going on sucking and licking my boobs and i was on fire, and all wet and wished to get penetrated. And your dad gradually undressed me, helped by your uncle and both men fucked me and to say it, I enjoyed it a lot. Then I learnt that your uncle had not come there by chance but your dad had planned it that way and had given him invitation to come there and catch us so that he could share me with his brother. After that your uncle often joins us in the fucking party. Many times he is there in his brother's room at night, and they fuck me together." And Pavindra was all hot and horny and dragged Neha to his room, she was not giving in but he forced her and undid her dress by force, put her all nude over the bed, bite her all over her body, slapped her butt and fucked and fucked her in rage!! Neha was moaning and twisting her whole body all over the bed turning from this side to the other, being fucked in the front, at the back, in the ass, in the mouth,Pavindar was like a mad bull, fucking brutally, and eating her mouth, shoulders, neck, and all parts which canme to his mouth during the fucking session. All her body was covered with dark red lovebites, her neck, her breats, her belly, her butt, her thighs, her cheeks, all covered with dark snaps. At places, traces of Pavindra's teeth's mark were visible. He downloaded his sperm on her mouth and forced opened her mouth to make part of it get inside her throat. And he laughed and throw his whole body over her and she started laughing too saying" you are so WILD! SO WILD! After that wild encounter in rage and lust with his Bhabhi, Pavindra was satisfied that he was able to penetrate her. Yet he felt that should not have been that way. He preferred the romantic, love type to make love to her. It was like raping her he felt but he noticed that Neha, despite her relunctance gave her to him and the way she laughed and told him 'you are so wild.' Pavindra had found lust and desire in her eyes when she had said that.She was sexually experienced now and Pavindra felt she is a girl who will need sex everyday, say, thrice or more a day.That's why he thought she was letting, and receiving both his father and uncle at once as she said.She had no regrets in her eyes when she related how his uncle got her and how they shared her, those two old brothers!

Now concerning the father of Pavindra, he is not that old in looks but in age only.Physically well built, he gave the forties in look yet he was 55 years old. Nobody believed that he was 55.His looks, his walking style, straight, strong,stern. Even his hair had only a light grey colour as most of his hair were still black,very less reached the white colour which makes them look partly grey and black together. He was tall, 6 feet!He had very gallant manners and ladies always liked him since he was a youngster. He was a greedy sex minded man the days of his youth and had affairs with his friend's wives. He even has intercourse with his brother's wife.There had been a scandal the days Pavindra was about 7 years old. At that time he was having a relationship with his sisterin-law and the brother had come to know and hey had fights yet his brother did not leave his wife.Then he stopped seeing her as he did not wish to face troubles with his bro. For 4 years he had an affair with her. He completely stopped going there after the scandal, and for 5 years both brother did not talk to each other.Then it was during the funeral of their sister that both got along once again and became friendly once more after all they had same blood running in their veins and they had love for each other. I have never mentioned their names? Well Pavindra's father's name is Gyansing, called Gyan.And his brother's name is Shyamlall called Shyam. The age difference between the two is just like Pavindra and ravindra, one year. Shyam was younger so, 54.And the day he planned to get Neha fucked by him was in a way rendering the relations he had with his bro's wife. He had told him some days before that he was fucking his bahu and if he would like to taste her. Shyam was not shocked as they shared almost the same tastes and even Shyam had fantasised his bahu's but was not in real contact ever. So Shyam told him "your bahu is my bahu too, so I will feel doing it with my own bahu and a dream will be realised, why not?" Both brothers had become more friendly since they started with Neha.And everytime that Shyam had to come at his place at night, he was telling in the day when Gyan was in the fields as his fields were near Shyam's house hope you all remember.Gyan always had had a fantasy, that was to fuck a woman by two.He dreamed of triology since his tender age. So he got the opportunity to realise it at the age of 55 with Neha and his own brother,which was intense and more hot for him as that was pure incest and Neha was shared as daughter-in-law by two father-in-laws. This excited Gyan a lot. Many people have different type of fantasies, like Shyam he always wished to assist two women making love then he joins the party. That was his fantasy. His dream. But the one he was living with Neha and his brother was not less thrilling too.Now let's see what is the fantasy of Pavindra.Since he was aware of all of Neha's encounters sex-wise, he developed a fantasy which was never born within him before.It was that he wished to see Neha being fucked by his uncle and father then join them together being the third and he wanted Neha to enjoy three men together. But that seemed impossible as he would never be able to convince his dad or even uncle for that. But he thought he could talk to Neha and tell Neha to tell them!!He in fact talked to Neha once when he got her to fuck.Neha was washing clothes on the stone outside. She was in the washing position and he caught her by her waist from behind,his hands ran straight to her

pussy over her skirt, and his dick was thrusting against her butt. Neha felt his hard organ rubbing over her butt and she tried to push him but to no avail as by then he had turned her head to him and her mouth was in his,he enjoyed the juices of her tongue drinking every drop. Neha started getting horny as his hands by that time he was exploring her bresats under her blouse.... She whispered coyly," hey not here, we are outside, somebody may pass by on the road and see!"But Pavindra did not listen and went on continuing.she was by then without her blouse and bra which he had gently removed, and she was turned to face him, his mouth explored her breasts licking and sucking them,meanwhile his hand, lifted up her skirt to let her thighs and fleshy part of her butt crushed in his hands, and his fingers went into the panty and felt the wet pussy ready to receive his hard dick inside. He took her hand and directed it to his sex and she caressed it and quickly opened his zip and started moving his trouser down. She was now and then looking on the road to see if anybody passed. And she pulled him a bit behind the stone she was washing from where it was not accessible from the road to view. They were both in standing position, and holding each other at times her arms across his shoulder, then, around his waist, soon, over his butt, and his arms doing same movements..... " Bhabhi you are too hot and sensual, I desire you the most in the world...," He murmured in her ears while his fingers were wet in her pussy and her mouth was sucking his neck leaving a love bite dark red in colour. He then pushed her to sit down to get his dick in her mouth, she did it with no objections..... she was then down, kneeling on the soil,her left arm around his waist, and one hand holding Pavindra's dick delicately, and she ran her hot tongue to start, and she lifted up her eyes to look at her little bro-in-law's expressions and felt amused seeing him stretching in a cute moan closing his eyes saying 'Oh Bhabhi, yesssss, go on take it inside your mouth..." She smiled and ran her tongue around the tip of his hard cock, and Pavindra, took her head,he still standing, and pushed his sex inside her mouth and he with closed eyes, head pushed back gave sensational moans of pleasure like " hmmmm, yeaaaaah!! Bhabhi, ohhhhhhhh my sweeeeeet bhabhi go ahead, suck, suck, suck more and more..." Neha was very amused on seeing him in that state and she gave a superb blow job to him....Pavindra was not enough yet she stood up after about 5 minutes of sucking and told him," its your turn now sweetheart..." And he went down sitting on the soil, she pushed back her head, eyes closed and felt Pavindra's hands holding her waist and his mouth over her wet pussy...... he licked the upper part first then opened the clit and put his tongue inside and made round movements feeling the salty taste and he started sucking it vigorously... Neha was stretching her whole body backward and twisting like a snake, giving all the position she could to feel the hot exploring tongue of his little brother-in-law. She started leaving the juices and Pavindra enjoyed the taste and savoured it like an oyster...... after a while, he got up, held her by her waist making her belly get the caress of his dick and took her tongue in his mouth to drop some of her own juices into her mouth which she swallowed happily.... And she enlaced him tightly and started biting his earlobe and sucking it, and his mouth was eating her neck..... Meanwhile she took his cock and directed it to her pussy, still in standing position and Pavindra started giving

beginning of the thighs were visible. held her both thighs in his hands... Pavindra’s fantasy aroused and he visualised undressing Neha together with his father’s help and going ahead. . she brought both her legs around his waist and there she was being fucked hardly by him.. So Neha was already anticipating that today. Neha started soon giving moans louder and louder in gasps and she was reaching her orgasm and started biting his shoulder leaving marks of her teeth over there. In that standing position he went on fucking holding her as though she was sitting on a motorcycle with both legs on one side. And then they used to watch TV with lights off in the lounge and only the TV projection light was present. gently. with a deep v-cut. it was the first time that he was doing so. And Pavindra walked ahead giving her a lusty smile.. she looked at Pavindra with mischievous eyes and gestured as to why he did that when they were there. Pavindra and Neha were like a loving couple in the house...i..blows in it started by little ones gradually increased the acceleration.. When she sat down the gown moved a bit above her knees and the fairer part of her upper knee. Neha was in the middle and on both sides were her f. aaaaah!!! oh!! myyy!!!!! and he was inside her butt. both of them will touch her! She was in a gown which reached her knees. They seemed to be husband and wife... then the father-in-law and Pavindra with Neha were sitting on the couch.i. Just thinking of it his erection made his trouser inflate which Neha noticed and slightly tapped over it! She was amused and bit her lips after hitting him there. Once in the kitchen when Neha was near the stove.. reading a note and Ravindra looking outside.... gently please..... That evening after that wonderful encounter at the washing stone...She had enlaced his shoulder firmly and his mouth was meanwhile sucking her tits and drinking the juice it offered.. playing with hands.. She smiled and looked around if anybody noticed.. Pavindra brushed his hand over her but when passing by..... and she relaxed her head over his chest.. and was sleeveless. And they were in the lounge watching TV and as usual Ravindra was not there as he never used to be.... Still there was full space for two persons on the couch.i.. laughing...she gave a sound of "oufffff. tapping each other.. a three seat sofa.. They were kidding. her pussy became too wet and Pavindra was going in and out too easy so he took it out and turned her face to the wall. and when she found the dad. and gently pushed it in her anus by rubbing it gently over the opening...l on the left.. Pavindra was on her right and the f. Now the dad usually touched her while watching TV and that’s why she sits near him as it was asked by him since the first time of their and b. Before this day Pavindra had never sat together on the same sofa. and when they were in presence of the others at home they were stealing looks of each other without being noticed. And in the past he never noticed anything in the lounge as he never dared to look where his dad used to sit.. he gave gradual blows and as it was tight there he soon started cumming and he loaded all his stuff inside her butt and moaned again" Oh bhabhi!! you are the best woman i have known!! woooooowwwww!! superb!!! and he kissed her cheeks from behind.

So he went out.... He told them he was going to have a short nap. and introduced his dick inside her. He wished to see other elderly people doing that to her.. And the space he made to watch was exact for the view. envious. white thighs.....And after some minutes the father put his hand over her lap. After a he made her sit over his lap. He loved to see elder people doing that to her.. The old man started moving his hips in sitting position itself with the rhythm of Neha’s movements over his sex.. she has to move up and down to make him pleased.. lifted her gown up. So it remained there near her knees and the dad was licking her pussy while Neha’s hand was masturbating his hard cock. moved the curtains to leave a very thin space to view from outside. The dad moved Neha’s legs apart to feel her panty which were starting being wet already at the hot point. but the curtains were drawn and he saw nothing. her got lot of pleasure when she did that... she moving up and down over him and he.. to prevent the movements of his fingers be noticed by Pavidra. but on another seat..... since they thought he went to his room. she remained quiet and wanted to see if Pavindra saw that.. Neha . had already put his mouth under her gown licking her thighs and enjoying her warm heat and soft touch of her thighs. He used to caress her while watching TV at night as every time only they two sat together and Pavindra always sat on another sofa in front of them so he had to turn to see them and then he never paid heed before.. He intentionally left the lounge to let his father get free occasion..... Neha asked her not to take it out completely as Pavindra could come anytime. but left lose. he moved it out and when it was out up to her knees. There. He was excited as that was his pleasure now to see her being fucked or caressed. Pavindra no doubt found his dick taking shape and his hand went to it to play with it. but she was reluctant and looking at Pavindra every now and then.. that was from outside.... the father.. There was only one way he thought.. which was near the window and he very slowly.. She put her hand over his... Now he did not know where from to watch the scene. the more that the old man’s tongue was touching her sensitive part the more she was moving her hand over his dick. Neha started feeling the need of being held and she fiercely threw her arms over his neck and took his mouth and their tongue melted in each other’s mouth drinking each other’s juices. The old man moved her gown a little bit up her thighs and admired her beautiful sexy. So he went in again but did not sit there..... Neha bent her head over her father-in-law’s neck and licked it and bit it... Then the youngster went outside and stood on the porch to view his father enjoying his sexy bhabhi... His mouth explored her breasts and his cock was in her..... Pavindra was masturbating outside watching her in such delirious state. he held her by her waist and moved down her Vneck to get her breasts which were not in a bra... His fantasies had no bound and were growing more day after day. sucking her breasts. But the dad continued and he had a hard on and tried to pull her hand over his organ... he pushed his hand inside and fumbled over her panty.Pavindra was full erect and wished to jerk off. And after a while Pavindra noticed that..

so this night Neha will not go to his room..ghmmmmmm.’ with a rough panting voice and he took out his dick to make Neha hold it in her hand and it pissed his white stuff over his own belly as he was sitting and she was on her.. and he drained the remaining part in her throat. she gave gasps and moans and was panting and felt like she was missing breath. He did not believe of what she said she meant of her pitaji. Pavindra listened from his room if he heard any noise out in the corridor-(check the sketch on the fourth post of this thread. Neha kept licking it till it became like a dead bit of a snake...went on bouncing over her father-in-laws lap with his organ in her and coming to and from with her movements.. He was bare foot not to make any sound when walking.. He caressed her and she in her sleep moved to her husband’s side.. then touched her soft breast which was bare as she wore no bra when sleeping and the strap of her nighty had moved down.. you made me think of my papa.. while sleeping she looked more sexy and envious. His heart was beating fast.and she found the oldie also groaning ‘aghhhhhhh. facing his back as his face was turned to the other side... yet he dared and walked to her bedroom. I thought my pitaji created me by doing this with my mother” Pavindra was able to hear all their words as well. He quietly walked to the other side and moved her beds sheet which covered her. which is on page 3) so on hearing no sounds he slowly opened his door and walked in the corridor up to his dad’s room to hear if in case Neha is there again.. He knew her too well. Pavindra stood a while watching her. aghhhhhhh... He first admired her beauty. then he pushed it in her mouth by making her sit over the floor.. I mean when you said it created me..’ When she said that her father-in-law surprised asked “What? My dick made you think of your dad? Have you ever seen his dick?” “Oh no pitaji.. Where he was Ravindra was close to him and Neha was on the other side..cuummmmmmmiiiiiiinnng. She was deep asleep.. yes my sweet baby. Her breasts were moving up and down on the rhythm of her breath.. Now after an hour everything went to normal again as Pavindra was already back to his room and Neha also went in leaving the dad in the lounge as he had already fucked her.. Pavindra thought that as his dad has already done that to her.... then with much care he slowly turned the handle of the door and found it open.. And on hearing his dad snoring he knew that Neha was in her room so he walked back in the corridor to Neha’s room.’hmmmm! yes pitaji......... I did not mean that. He waited for his dad to go to sleep. till she shouted ‘yyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss. she felt amused and continued playing with it. And after one more hour the house was al dark all room’s lights turned off........ she made a . there was fish under stone he thought. he peeped and slowly got inside. Pavindra was erect and ran his hand to her legs moving up her dress and passing his hand lightly on her thighs. He planned to go to her room himself and bring her to his room this night. she giggled and said ’how funny it looks when it is not erect Pitaji’ He grinned and said ‘this is what created you beti’. caressing it and licking it. and he was gasping for air with fright.... The didm light was on and he could clearly see her on the other side of the bed. He put his ear to Neha’s door and listened quietly for a while....

... she started slowly .... She was still sleepy and lay over the bed stretched both her arms and gave a yawn and coyly murmured like a small child “hmm you are becoming naughty now.. my sweet bhabhi. she was standing with only her panty on her.. meanwhile she stoked his sex like masturbating him. slowly. So he moved out her panty and it was he who lay down on the bed and she came on him..” And Neha.. its enough.” She again in sleepy mood whispered.. He pressed her head to his belly with his dick now in her mouth sucking him all along. but although Neha said she will only watch Pavindra moved to her and continuously masturbating he put his organ near her mouth making her kneel on the bed. she started moving on him letting her hips giving blows to let her sex give way for the dick to come in and out. “No. she was all awake by then and started the need of the dick to be in her. bhabhi. she held the dick in one hand and her mouth took the other grain in her mouth lightly not to make him any pain. she was moving her mouth in and out of his dick and he pushing it to and fro her mouth.go! go away!” But Pavindra whispered back in her ears licking them..” she felt pity by seeing him in that state so continued by licking his ball and then she took one knot in her mouth by sucking it. I just can’t wait.... spread hers too and she with her hand introduced his dick inside her. licked the tip running her tongue in circle forms and then going through the length of the dick. look (showing her his hard dick) it is ready to go there bhabhi. do it bhabhi do it please... ”how do you know? Where were you?” “That’s not important baby. I was sleeping so nicely and was in deep sleep! Could you not wait for tomorrow?” “No. I wont go further now. and it was Neha who closed the door as Pavindra’s both hands were carrying her.... ishshsh... bro never wakes up till the cock does not crow in the morning. he parted his legs. lazily started moving her straps down and her nighty went down to her waist.. and she sucked it to his pleasure. and darling bhabhi. I won’t look at it. please please please.... and she lazily took it in her mouth. come lets go to my room” and he lifted her in his arm like holding a baby and started walking step by step very slowly not to awake his brother.” He pleaded thrilled and jumping “hey bhabhi. you are too naughty now. you have to receive it dear!” She felt amused but still dominated by her sleep she was behaving like a little girl and childishly said “hmmm.” He replied “Okay I will masturbate looking at you bhabhi but show me your hidden parts sweety... you disturbed my sleep Pavindra. and Pavindra was exited and masturbating.. she stopped her tongue hear his ball and said “hmm. He walked holding her till his door. go ahead. She abruptly looked at him and whispered lazily “hey! Your bro could wake up. I will not suck nor touch it... don’t stop at such a hot spot... and she stood up on the bed and let it go down. rocking his hand rapidly on his cock. She surrounded his neck and shoulder with her arms and requested her to be cautious. Pavindra was twisting and moving like a mad. You jerk it by yourself now I will watch you..sound and stretched her body still in sleep and gradually opened her eyes half to see Pavindra caressing her.. you enjoyed papa in the lounge so tonight you will be with me in my room now. He reached his room. full light on in his room now and he lay his bhabhi over his bed.

In the train Ravindra as usual wrapped in his shell sat wuietly. She knew all the men desired her and they had only one thing in mind. At that moment Pavindra wished to go together. he was very restless and all sorts of thoughts were torturing him.. He was sure she will get fucked by men of her village now... She was becoming more and more sensual and envious sex wise and any man.. Other men were looking at Neha with lusty eyes. all nude carrying her dress leaving her panty in his room And things went on quite normal for some days at Neha’s place. Pavindra accompanied them with his dada to the station.. neck. Pavindra never paid heen any men looking at her...but gradually the movements became fierce and rapid and she started moaning and he also started giving blows by moving his hips fast and both shouted reaching their orgasm together. and the way she played with her eyes.. Her body was day by day growing enchanting and sexier and she had learnt the art of seducing by pleasing the three men she actually had affair with.. and that was . It was 400 kms distance from their village.that has become an obsession for him now. So it was decided that Pavindra would go. He scolded both sons... cheek and licking her all around. ‘she will now stay with her father as her mom is in hospital. neck and cheeks. She prepared to go to her native village to spend a week. It was now routine for her to be in her father-in-law’s bed almost every night and having the incestuous relation with her younger brother-in-law. smile while looking at a man. And one day a message reached her that her mother is seriously sick and has been taken to the hospital in the village she lived... See was dressed in a beautiful sari. Ravindra was frustrated and thought of the night Neha had said “you made me think of my papa” He had forgotten that but it flashed back suddenly in his mind and he told himself. but Neha was aware and she enjoyed it as she is now used to men and sex. But he was incapable to change things. And both lay there on his bed till they heard the cock crowing in the neighbourhood and she hurried back to her room. Her father-in-law at first wanted to go together but later thought they will think odd in her village so she told Ravindra to go to leave her and return... stay some hours then return back home and will go to take her back after one week... his mouth eating her breasts. Ravindra was very restless and he started thinking things about Neha.. I repeat any man could desire her the way she looked sexy. which was flimsy and the blouse had a beautiful cut to let her breast be seen although covered with the flimsy sari.. They went by train. Ravindra and Neha left their home in the early morning for Neha’s home. The elder bro naive as he was accepted. But the dad objected saying what will the people of Neha’s native say? The husband must accompany her. But his father told him he will have to stay and accompany him to the fields replacing his elder brother.. and dropped dozens of kisses over his face making it all wet with her saliva. he was feeling unease and secretly asked his elder brother to stay and let him go with Neha. and she too licked him all over his chest.. what will happen?’ He was very eager to assist if anybody would be fucking her..

.. Anyhow they reached her home..’ He had replied. She was then much younger and she remembered how the first time she was sleeping and her dad who used to get drunk every night had come into her room and ran his hand over her gown.. He then had laughed and caressed her cheeks saying ‘sleeping my baby?’ and she had asked ‘papa what were you doing?’ ‘Nothing I was covering you beta. But Neha knew he ran his hand over her thighs under her gown.. she remembered how he had once removed her panty and she had pretended sleeping and he had enjoyed her ejaculating over her belly. and he was erect just at her touch. And in the evening after visiting her mother at the hospital.. he greeted his son-in-law and asked them in.. She thought of her father now. She had two brothers who were married and lived some kilometres away from her dad’s house. He was surprised to see Neha and brother and sister hugged each other and were very happy to see each other after more than 8 months. she thought it was a paternal hug but he had made her sit over his lap and caressed her over her breasts and her thighs and was kissing her neck. . Now that she was going to his place the first time after her wedding she was thinking her dad will let no chance escape at all. once winked at her when Ravindra was asleep. She remembered how her dad longed for her when she was still living with them... Only thinking of all that she was all wet.. she accompanied her husband at the station with her dad and she returned home with him. and wished her father-in-law or Ravindra was with her right then.... Some of the men of her village talked among themselves ‘she has become a wonderful sexy lady this Neha!’ some said ‘She is being fucked now dear. and her father came at the threshold to hug her. She was surprised and had abruptly sat up on the bed. Then in flash back it came to Neha the day.. Neha remembered of those nights when almost every night her dad was coming in her room when her mother was asleep to touch her intimate fuck her. One among the men.. She had frees herself from his grip and had ran away... She smiled with that man but there had been no progress. She greeted many persons who came across her while walking to her home. When they reached home one among them had come to enquire about his mother’s health as he did not get time to go to see her. and she had remained quiet looking downward. It was programmed that they will go to the hospital then from there Pavindra would return back home.. Another day he was drunk in the day and her mother had been to the shop and he had hugged Neha. He had once mounted over her and thrust his sex still in his trouser over her sex and had enjoyed her that was till he had ejaculated over her dress. She hugged her. Neha lay her head over Pavindra’s shoulder and she was lost in thoughts.. some weeks before her wedding her father had given her a passionate kiss and had told her that he has not taken her virginity and he hoped that once she will get married he will get a chance to enjoy her to the full. she knows the pleasure of sex now!’ Many men and youngsters admired her and got erect and did caress their dicks on seeing her passing by... And soon they reached her village...

.he was hard erect and was ready to get her on his bed. her breasts... ”You same old dad of mine. “you have become even more beautiful than you were before you left this house sweetheart” She responded with a smile hugging him back. “you are going to drink isn’t it papa?” he answered “Yes.. all are same in the kitchen as it was when you left 8 months ago. In his mind only Neha was present and he was seeing her in her sexy sari. The father was restless now and he found his plan ruined! He met them and went to his room and started thinking what if they will plan to stay? He did not want that to happen. Will take a few pegs and return” She smiled at him saying. Her father got in her room and enlaced her saying.. “Don’t drink much and I hope I will not see you stammering around after a while.” She neared him and said.. he hoped she will not refuse and she has not changed... He was waiting for them to leave the quickest possible. ordering like a mother. And how some days before her wedding he had told her that once he will get her after wedding he will fuck her. He felt they were intruders! He was nervous and wanted only to stay with his darling daughter. he started visualising how he will proceed when he will be back home to her.. He hurried back home after his drink with a hard on and when opened the door he was amazed to see his son and daughter-in-law talking with Neha in the lounge... Look what you will wish to cook for dinner. He thought now she is not a virgin and he will have free chance to do what he wished long time ago.. He thought she must be aware that he wished to sleep with her.... he was longing to suck them... But since he continued holding her in his arms for some minutes he felt his dick growing to feel her thighs down.... And after an hour his son Anil came to tell him that they wanted to take Neha to . On the other hand her father while having his drink was only thinking of her. She broke away from his arms and gently said ‘Papa. reach home standing not on four feet! She went in the kitchen and got busy cooking. a feeling of nostalgia wrapped her and she left some tears drop slide along her cheeks. At this moment there were no sexual intentions but an emotional touch of fatherly love to her daughter.. will never change” and she kissed his cheek childishly.” And he started leaving the room telling her “I am going to the shop and will be back after an hour or so. he was seeing her belly and white waist. blood pressure and asthma have all erupted together. her butt. will mom be fine soon is it?” He got back to himself and shrugged saying God only knows. Yet he was worrying what if she will refuse saying she won’t betray her husband and all that! But he thought although she will refuse he thought he will force her and fuck her.. her beauty and he was had a hard on by only thinking.. her brother went home to bring his wife to meet Neha.And after a chat with the sister the brother left... After meeting her. He thought of the days he was touching her sexually and how she was reluctant but never objected. she is in a critical state as her diabetes. And she added.. He thought what an opportunity he was having as his wife is not there and he will be alone with her all night for a whole week! He was feeling very happy and planned to have great fucking sessions with her a whole week. Neha went inside her old room and started looking at her belongings which she had left there.. but I won’t delay too much. beta.

stay the night at their place. started lifting up the skirt to let her white legs.” They came in the lounge and the father asked “ Beta will you go to your brother’s place or would like to stay here?” Neha answered “But I have already prepared dinner..’ She got inside biting her lips and asked him. and knelt down... “Hmmm you are so deliciously dressed and I wish to put you straight over the bed.. have to serve dad. pressing his fingers over her flesh and talked... appearing little by little and he ran his tongue very slowly from her calf up to and up little by little up ... then removed the bra to throw it away likewise. and Neha got to run some steps by the pull. he fondled her breasts over her sexy bra. it went out near the door. and it was moved in any direction he wished. he slowly put her over his bed. gradually he moved out her blouse. dad and daughter were on the terrace waving them goodbye and the father thought what if his other son and daughter in law comes in now? He prayed that nobody else comes in! When they were gone. Neha walked a step before her dad who admired her walk and her butt moving to her step’s rhythms. She responded to the kiss whole heartedly. Neha was at his mercy standing in his arms topless. The father felt relieved and happy and winked at Neha who left a coy smile. When he reached her. and will you join for dinner bro and bhabhi?” But Anil and his wife answered that they have also cooked already at their place and they have to go now. slightly caressing it and said ‘you are my sexy beautiful baby. inflated. She was dressed in a beautiful traditional two piece. her blouse. The brother left... his hard on pressing over her thighs and soft part of her entry. Neha said sorry to his bro and bhabhi and told them she will come a next time. he enlaced her firmly in his strong arms and started kissing her vigorously like a man who had touched a woman for years.. her partly bare back and shoulders. long skirt which reached her calf. let’s go sweetheart. he talked while holding her and caressing her at the same time “You enjoy it now with your husband? You love it? You understand it now how it is wonderful Sweety? Did you ever think of me when he fucked you?” Neha was like a toy in her arms stretching her neck backward and feeling her dad’s body stuck to her body she was losing herself in ecstasy and could not talk back. He thought if he will object they will think things. And his hands ran all over her back feeling her clothes.. Saying this he pulled her to his room by her hand. and her body was like an elastic piece of material in her papa’s hands.. “ Does Neha want to go?” Anil replied “ no she has not yet answered that’s why we want to ask you” he replied “ Lets go to ask herself if she will go or stay in her house.” But he said he did not want to eat but only eat her. The father felt his dick wanted to get out of his trouser it was that much hard! Neha turned back to look in her father’s eyes with a smile and pretended as normal as she could yet she knew his intentions... like a balloon containing water moved when she walked. Her breasts. threw it with rage over the floor. As soon she was in his room. so he asked with his son. I am longing to taste you! It has been a long time darling!” She said “No come to have your dinner first papa. he put his hand over her shoulder. in the long skirt. round. and her short sleeveless blouse with a deep v cut. “You are drunk no?” He then held her bare waist... thighs.

She moaned when the papa parted the lips of her sex and pushed his hot tongue into it... Neha was lying over the bed. and he held her firm breasts in both his hands.. she took the tip of her dad's dick in her mouth... and she put her mouth to his and their tongue melted in each other’s mouth for more than 5 minutes. playing with the hairs over his chest. then took it whole in her mouth and started going to and fro with her head moving in and out.I am coming beta. he was still like the hungry lion and was roaring over her female mate. and as she was over him she started moving herself by pressing over her toes on the bed.. then she spat the remaining parts.. you know her well. swallowing all her juice and sucking her sexy.. “Beti you gave papa an immense pleasure... rosy vagina.. mounted over his body as he was laying flat on his back.” Neha childishly kissed her father’s chest. rolling her tongue over it.. it was such a pleasure my sweetheart! I don’t know how to thank you my loving baby.. who straightened his whole body feeling like a voltage of current within his whole body. both were all nude and he spoke.. her eyes closed and was enjoying every touch of her dad. and asked ‘mama never did that to you papa?” He replied “No dear..he enjoyed it so much that he felt ejaculating in her mouth.. directed his dick inside her very wet pussy. she was visualising the days she was unmarried and her dad was doing same when she was sleeping. when he reached her panty. she then opened her eyes to look at her dad whose pleasure was immense on getting his daughter over his bed after so long. and licked her dad’s tip of the cock.Neha twisted over the bed holding the bed sheets and pulling them. and licking her juices.deep in her Neha became that young girl and felt her dad like that.. he had never been sucked by any woman the father. By then her father got erect her fleshy thighs. then with his teeth he started removing the underwear. which was sliding in and out by her movements. He was so much pleased that he felt it was the first time he was having sex. licked the erect ...aaaaahhhhh!!!’ and he did not get time to take it out and the first cum went into her throat. even a good kiss with tongue is difficult with her.. it’s a dream of mine that you realised my love. she moved up and down over whole of his body with his dick inside her. The father was like a hungry lion who got meat to eat after a long time. she is an old accustomed woman. and he was caressing her nude back. put them to his mouth... so much. licked it. when she careesed it. till he reached her white panty.. He lay over the bed by her side.. run her tongue over it up to his neck. he sucked the panty itself.” Neha smiled.. you pleased papa so. I am 57 years old and never a woman ever took my organ in her mouth. and he ran his hand over her butt. and she believed she has the right to please him since she was pleasing her father-in-law there. she sat up and held his organ without being asked and he moaned as though he felt a pain. parted her both legs apart... which was wet and drank her daughter’s juice over the panty.he stood over his toes while dripping his last drops in her mouth.. I only fantasized women sucking me. holding her firmly over his chest.. I . he moaned ‘aaaaghghgh. It was pain of pleasure. Soon the father removed all his clothes was all nude and made Neha all nude too and he mounted over the bed.... She knew how he was hungry for her... I....

a.and he ejaculated deep in her. as they slept after making love last night.. she kissed him and went out of bed. her breasts hanging.. still on bed he caressed her as she was al nude by her side.. But wil she tell things on her own? She had not related him till he had not discovered about her relationship with his own dad. The dad wished to fuck again but Neha told her to reserve the session for the night... In Neha’s village....... her arms around her father’s shoulder.. In his mind her words ‘ you made me think of my papa” which she had said to his father was now and again buzzing in his ears.. her hair all open thrown back by one movement of her head.. he too was nude. his cock still deep in her both continued giving the blows moving harder and harder. and the old man started moaning “ aaghgh..He was sure she will have to say things when she returns.... now as she had lifted her head up.. On the other side. then he also lifted his head to get hold of the breasts which he sucked again while she was going on with her movements of her hips over the hard cock of her father.. She knew he must be missing her and the love making sessions. a. She thoughts what if Ravindra would go to another girl? She felt jealous and did not wish him to be with another woman... passed the news of her arrival to the other elder brother who lived in same village but about 5 kms away...... she felt the hot liquid touching her womb deep inside and both were clutched to each other panting.nipples. But here she was satisfied by her dad and she knew Ravindra has nobody to satisfy him. she also. Her two . longing for breath. and his hand around her waist. and drinking the mouth’s produced juice. They slept together father and daughter for the first time. she lifted her neck up stretching along.. Pavindra was only visualising her fucking with someone else in her village.. “ She shshshed him saying “come in me papa. The next morning.. pulling her head backward. and something disturbed her thoughts.i WILL COME. Now Neha’s brother who visited her last night. it balanced to the rhythms of her movements and her dad held both crushing them in his strong palms. her breasts collated to his hest rubbing against the hairs of his nude chest which made her feel a pleasure apart.. Then she consoled herself by telling that in that village he wont ever get any woman like her to have sex with him... Only a day had elapsed and that family was longing for her... and he felt strongly that she will have something to do with her dad. talk to her and feel her company.. go ahead she whispered while she also started moaning and her orgasm was on the peak too. she was all free in the day and her father had gone out.. sucked them one after another.. both her legs parted over the legs of her dad..aaaah I am to come baby... The father-in-law too was missing his lovely daughter-inlaw. Both took a deep breath and their mouth were stuck in one another for a longue while eating each other’s tongue.. She was alone in the house and she also thought of Ravindra as she was used to stay with him all day long at her in law’s place.. Ravindra was missing her and wished to see her.. the dad also started moving his hips together with Neha’s movements. and he sat up. come in me” he asked “are you sue sweetheart?” “yes papa don’t worry come in me.

as soon as I saw you in papa’s house I thought in my mind to make love to you as I know now you are a woman who know what it means to have a man in your bed. let me make love to you baby. nobody was there as his wife is a teacher and his daughter had been to school. its when Anil told me how you are looking gorgeous that I thought yesterday if I get the chance I will take you to my bed. brother-in-law! Hmmm I am a sex machine for these men it seems. I was taking you in my lap and making you do things you won’t remember. yes. “Anil bhaiya told you I am looking gorgeous? He spoke like that of me to you?” “Neha. “That’s may be because the girls get much more love at their in-law’s place” and Sunil asked her to come to his place. father-in-law. father-in-law’s brother.” And it’s the perfect opportunity Neha. the eldest came to see her as he got the news that she had come. May be I will never get this chance ever. So Sunil. Had a chat with her and he told her. I will never get this chance anymore. You were a doll in our house and you were the only girl we mixed up with. Her whole body got a sort of ecstasy and sexual desire aroused within her only by the words of her brother. his one hand running on her bare waist and her tongue was .” Neha asked. She let her brother hold her in his arms and caress her. what are you doing? I am your little sister is it?” And Sunil replied: “Look Neha. “ You ever had such thought about me bhaiya?” He replied “Yes Neha . you are too sexy and you look like longing for making love. And she smiled thinking to herself ‘both brothers.elder brothers were aged 42 and 38 respectively.’ and she felt hot and horny thinking of so many men longing for her. you are a woman now and you know what it is to have sex.. we used to talk of you in dirty way since you were still living with us before our wedding dear. and the eldest one is Sunil 42 years old. “You have become very beautiful Neha after wedding? How do all girls become so lovely after they leave their father’s house?” Neha replied. She had to tell her dad that she was going to her bro’s place. Sunil reached his house. Once inside He hugged Neha and told her “My sweet little sister. so that’s why I took you here. I never thought you will turn out into such a lovely woman. And Sunil took her in his car and drove to her place and on the way met her father and announced him that she was taking Neha and will return her back In the evening. The one who came was Anil 38 years old. And asked him. So we had talks about you both brothers long time ago. You are looking very sexy you know.” Neha was not shocked but horny on hearing that. give your big bro this chance to taste you sweety. Anil had no children. Sunil had a daughter aged 12. Neha dear?” and Neha felt his dick hard down over her thighs. her cleavage was all seen and she was in his arms. She thought to herself.” On hearing her elder brother’s words Neha felt a shiver in her and thought of herself to be an incest doll. ‘Oh no! Bhaiya too? He never had any such thought about me!!’ She tried to get out of his arms saying ‘Bhai. the blouse was small and all her waist was bare. She was in a two piece. I did not get the chance to see you growing. for once only please your brother. Since I got married and moved here. father. You were too small. she now started looking at her brother’s pant near his dick and found the pant inflated there. They embraced each other on meeting... she knew he was erect.

. Sunil and Neha were so much lost in love-lust that they were unaware of their father’s presence in the house.. meanwhile kissing him. his balls. Anyhow he fucked her and made her suck his cum.. And he asked a taxi to leave him at Sunil’s home. he knew what was going on and he carefully. his hands moving her skirt upper and upper to let her sexy. he had wild thoughts as he fucked Neha last night. he thought what if Sunil also would be longing to do that to her? He decided to go there. she was giving movement by moving over her bro and enjoying his dick in her. He asked her about her brothers. Once in Sunil’s yard... Without wasting time he hurriedly undressed her and started licking her body all around.. making it move to his pleasure.. She was reluctant to reply ten he told her that he had been at Sunil’s place and saw them fucking... He was too excited on seeing brother and sister fucking. The father very slowly left the house and went out.. desirable thighs get the air out. and the pussy of Neha receiving her brother’s dick in and out her. draining it in her mouth.. stood by the side of the door.. Neha was stunned and told him she could not refuse him as he was too pleading... Her father in his mind thought Sunil must be alone at home and he took Neha to his place. but he thought what will Sunil think.. Then they talked.explored by his in his mouth.. They were soon over the bed.. and wished to join them.” But he was like a hungry dog. Neha’s arms around his shoulder. They continued till they reached orgasm and Neha lay over his brother going on kissing him. her blouse out. his dick doing to and fro in the pussy of his sister... the father walked slowly with the intention to se things... he wished to go and penetrate his cock in Neha’s butt. so he held himself and went on watching them. and found Neha all nude at the mercy of his nude brother over her.. Sunil’s hand was holding her waist. he walked in very slowly and on nearing a room he heard murmurs. He returned home and jerked off visualising Neha.. Neha was laughing asking... Neha’s whole butt to his eye sight and his son’s dick in her. he could clearly see the buttock of his son.. Soon they changed position and Neha went over her brother and the view which the father had now. The door was open. ...... He kept watching in great excitement and was hard erect.. Neha was dropped back by Sunil after some hours... She had her arms around her brother’s neck and she crossed one of her leg upon his... As soon as she got inside her father took her in his arms like holding a baby and took her to his bed. “Why this hurry papa? Take your time. was. He started thinking either they were having an affair before her marriage? Then he thought either Anil too would be fucking her? He will ask Neha he thought when she will be back. her boobs in his mouth which he was sucking like a thirsty baby sucking his mother’s breast.

deep cuts letting her cleavage visible always.” Well this way everyday and night. Then both brothers decided that when she returns to her husband they will someday go there to get her. Anil tried his luck but the father was at home everyday looking on her and keeping her all for him. They had no children I hope you all remember. sleeveless.And he asked either Anil also? She said ‘No Anil bhaiya has never done it but Sunil bhaiya told me they both used to talk of me in that way and Sunil will surely tell him that he succeeded in fucking me. Sunil also wanted to enjoy Neha more but when he came to take her the father refused to let her go. We will get back to Neha after following the story here. She wore shorts at home letting all her big. for his wife never did that to him. She was a housewife. He believed that the new generation made love better than those of his time. and Neha got to return back to her husband.. for the moment let us forget Neha for sometime and follow what goes here with her father. modern.. was always dressed like the new Bolywood heroines. . Her father went to leave her at the station lest the brothers will come to take her.. it was always backless. his wife Aarti was only 26.. So all day she was at home. Anil did not get any chance though really Sunil told him that he got her. Neha’s mother.’ Sunil had no point to discuss and got to leave alone. the father enjoyed his daughter sexually. Neha’s dad. Who was she? Anil’s wife. recovered and she got discharge from the hospital and was back home. He got an idea in his dirty mind and thought of someone young he could try to get for a fuck. One week elapsed. beautiful thighs for the pleasure of viewers. and thought Aarti too must be doing it as she is in the new generation. since he got the taste of a young female and enjoyed it so much now wished to have same kind of pleasure. then Anil too will want to do it. She was young. As Anil was 38. yet still very weak. He told Sunil ‘if you want to see her. and sexy t-shirts.. There is a twist friends which I hope all readers will enjoy. When she wore sari. Or she often got dressed in tight jeans. Neha was back. he believed this generation of the young made love so well and so he thought Aarti will be likewise as she use to be dressed those sexy ways always. Anil went to tell Sunil to look for a chance for him. come with your wife and daughter here and spend the time with your sister. but he wanted and longed for sexual intercourse that way more and more.. by visualising all he did with her.. Now since Neha’s father had sex with his young daughter. He masturbated for quite some nights by feeling her Neha in his arms. He thought the blowjob Neha gave him. Now. and the way Neha pleased him sexually.

She used to talk to him even earlier than this day. She asked him in........ He stammered ‘No its fine. Aarti felt it that he was abnormal the way he was behaving.. The next day he went at Anil’s house... He did not know how to proceed. Her eyes were trying to search clues in the old man’s face. The old man did not know how to approach her in that way... And asked “Are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city. Aarti noticed him to be queer. “No but I think I should have taken a peg because I have things to tell you which I can’t at this moment!” Aarti looked in his face surprised and asked.. She went in the kitchen and he followed. She was still in her nighty... Then she asked.. he kept watching her when she was at the same time doing the house chores and talking to him casually.’ The old man was getting excited and was restless too. He looked at her from tip to toe and arranged his organ inside his trouser as it was growing on seeing her body. it was still morning.. she had a little bit rounder body than Neha. Well he was used to her but in a normal daughter-in-law and father-in-law like relationship. had perfect looks and was fair like Neha. had a pleasant smile and a beautiful voice. but he was stunned on seeing her beauty in that nighty. and her breasts rubbed to his hand accidentally and he felt shivers... He went at a time when he knew Anil had been to work and Aarti was alone..he was feeling like a young lad who was to propose a girl for sex for the first time. and was waiting for him to speak. And asked “Are you sure there is nothing wrong daddy? She had always called her ‘daddy’ as she is a girl from the city..... Then he stood up and said..He was excited only by thinking of Aarti now and he jerked off at night visualising her.. around 9. .....” “Hmm you are really going to have a peg isn’t it daddy?” Aarti remarked. had not yet changed! On seeing him Aarti thought her mother-in-law was serious... “Have you already taken a peg daddy?” He replied. “You have things to tell me daddy? And you can’t say you say? I find it very strange. But Aarti could not read anything and was standing amazed close to him...30 and Aarti came to open and was surprised to see her father-in law. the cleavage was astounding. once she was taking the glass from his hand. when he told her that he was just passing like this.... He looked on her cleavage again and quickly moved away his eyes lest she would notice that.... He knocked at the door..’ Aarti noticed him to be queer.... He stammered ‘No its fine.... She offered him a seat in the kitchen itself.... what’s the matter? Anything serious?” She left a short smile on her sensual lips and continued looking in his face interrogatively. “Wait I will be back in a few minutes dear.

So it was time for her to have her bath and she went in the bathroom for a shower and thinking the father-in-law may come back anytime. I hope you are not too drunk and will not fall down!” He grinned and said.” When she passed close to him and walked ahead the old man’s eyes devoured her nude back and her lovely but moving over her walking rhythm. He had taken drinks and had now dared to talk! He heard her humming inside and loudly said standing near the bathroom. Aarti hurried to get out and she was so much used to come out wrapped in towel that she completely forgot she had taken her clothes with her and she opened the bathroom’s door wrapped in a towel! The father-in-law seeing her like that felt his dick exploding out! The water dripping from her wet hair over the towel. when she was in the bathroom. Will wait for you baby. and he smelled her.and added.. the silhouette of her whole body to his eye’s pleasure! Aarti looked at him still not thinking of her dress and smiled at him and walked towards her bedroom saying. I am okay.. but she could not think of such things about him. it’s personal. she had felt his hot breath over her skin and thought either he longed for her. She had now to pass across the old man who was standing in her way in the . She had taken a skirt and a sleeveless t-shirt to wear. he left for the shop to have his drink.”Nah. The old man came.. Aarti kept thinking what he wanted to say but was not making it out. He stood up when she got in her room to follow her. and wished to kiss her hot. He arranged his dick in his pant with his hand as it was by then disturbing him. humming and lazily massaging her hot body all over.” She also got to reply loudly”Yes daddy I am having a shower and will be out soon. his mouth very close to her ear. “I will be back in a minute daddy. So she did not think of such things. Normally when she takes her shower she never takes clothes with her as she comes out wrapped in the towel tied around her body covering her from her breasts to her thighs. So. “Keep guessing what I have to say meanwhile. Be seated please.. But since she was expecting the father-in-law back that’s why she thought to be dressed inside the bathroom before coming out. her thighs all white skin visible. and she used to get dressed in her room. but immediately then Aarti got out walking fast to the bathroom as she remembered that her clothes were there. she let the front door of the house unlock so that he could get in without having to wait outside. She took all her time in the shower. she believed her mind was becoming dirty. her upper breasts seen. “But tell me before you go!” He said slowly in her ears before leaving.” While he did that his hand was over her shoulder. It was the modern type skirt the city girls wore and the t-shirt too. The moment he had put his hands on her shoulder. “I am back dear Aarti.” He pronounced the word baby slowly not to let her hear. I will be back to you within half an hour.

And he took her arms and directed it over his shoulders and Aarti like a wild animal being tamed obeyed by letting her arms around his shoulders. sucking her nipples while she enlaced him firmly stretching her whole body against his chest. her heartbeat fastened and she was all red as if her whole body would spit out blood... “Sweetheart. you are drunk!” She was still in his arms and he spoke. he lifted Aarti in his arms all nude and walked towards her bedroom. give it to daddy Sweety. the daddy little by little got it loosened. moved his hands down behind her back to feel her butt and ran his hands under the towel from her thighs and moved it up over her nude butt!! There was no panty. The towel was still wrapped on her and during the passionate. which she closed not to kiss him. and amazed started looking in his eyes trying to see either he was really that drunk or not. this is what I had come to ask you. “Oh! Oh!oh! Yeah! Give it to daddy. and the old man groaned. and she opened it and he penetrated his tongue into her mouth and explored the whole of it sucking her tongue. And he directed his hard cock to her mouth... and walked a step ahead saying. sensual kiss. but he tried to get her mouth open with his hand pressing both her cheeks. took the dick in her hand and said. chin. She did not know what to say and was trying to free her when his mouth found hers and he planted a vigorous kiss. by the physical struggle with him. in fact that was the urge to get fucked. She felt upset and said seriously. she looked in his eyes. it’s not right.. He lay her over the bed and undressed himself completely. “I forgot my dress inside. He tried to introduce his fingers to her pussy but Aarti started pleading... her breasts over the towel clutched on his stomach. “Please daddy leave me. started running his tongue over her bare neck...corridor. but was not able. with a shy smile.” He held her hand and pulled her to him and with a gasp... mouth.. As soon as she came by him. by that time the daddy was removing the towel over her breasts where it was crosstied.. around her to her back. Her hands were trying to protect the towel from falling and she was moving with force to get out of his grips but he continued exploring her mouth with his tongue. He then. his hands roaming over her back trying to move out the towel. by that time Aarti started feeling a sort of weakness.” He was not listening but like a hungry lion. and she put her hand over his to stop him from undoing it. it’s bad. “The front door is not locked daddy!” She was now at his mercy and was . The towel dropped down. let me go please.” At that moment she was still around his arms as he had put his hands from. blushing she was in his arms. leave me.and now it’s the right time isn’t it baby?” She felt hot like in hot summer on hearing his words. her whole body enlaced in his. “Daddy leave me! You don’t know what you are doing. but she thought she was being weakened. cheeks.

’ She felt amused on seeing him in that state and seductively took his dick well in her mouth and started sucking it like having an ice cream.” The old man. He did not know what to do... As soon as he felt her hot tongue meeting his dick he his pet. He was thinking what if she will not open at all and has the intention of making a scandal... She gave a ‘hmmmmm. He knocked. And the door opened. went on groaning. suck daddy.. and he slowly reached her pussy.. she had closed and locked the bedroom’s door. let it slide in her mouth. come on open the door.. caressing it and he touched it to her lips which made her opened the mouth to lick it first then gently. when at last he mounted on the bed enlacing her in his arms and both mouths were stuck to each other and they were sucking each others tongues... so he gently caressed her cheek and pushed her softly over the bed.. I am standing nude here and you are playing pranks. He was standing there all nude and asked.”Still no answer and he started sweating in worry. They stayed in that position for quite a while. She lay there looking into his eyes and asked. She seemed not having any objections to be fucked by him.. her back. he gently.. you really got me frightened sweety!” “Thousands of thoughts were torturing my mind. He replied. “Do you think anyone will come?” she was caressing the dick. she was savouring it.. she was holding the organ in her soft hand and gently. “Stop playing sweetheart. pleading to her. She was still nude the way he had left her... my clothes are inside... how come you got interested in me in this way? I was shocked when you held me there in the corridor. When he returned.. They were at that moment both kneeling on . his dick was by then softened as he was in worry. I was not expecting that at all. He was now feeling hot despite being nude... “Oh my God. her breasts.hmmmm. his legs and body and gave a moan ‘Aaaghgh. yes! Go on. “What if Anil comes anyhow?” So he went to lock the front door... “You are sweating? Your intoxication has vanished daddy?” He laughed back and said. pushing his cock in her mouth by movements of his hips and caressing her body all around. She was at the same time looking in his face to observe his expressions as she wanted to see him groan and getting pleased. then to the kitchen to find for an issue if there was any to reach that bedroom of hers.. ”Hey Aarti baby.. Open the door!” She did not reply him. her neck. and he felt the wet liquid moistening his fingers. and she was laughing at him... And he felt his dick taking form again on seeing her giggles and manners of seducing. he walked to another room.. and passed his hand over her soft breasts with an erection in her nipples and he crushed the nipples making her excited and going on with the suck. He waited half an hour in the corridor talking. and asked.. “Tell me one thing daddy. saying. she was just teasing him to see what would be his reactions. that’s not fair. but to no avail. suck it my love.” Meanwhile he had placed his hard dick to her head.” he told her. her butt.. slide his finger inside which made her give a moan his dick still in her mouth.’ and he started pushing his fingers to and fro in her wet pussy. She was kneeling on the bed and he was standing on the floor.

.aaaahhhh.go on . how did you wish to do that with me? I was very disturbed and afraid in the beginning. Well Neha reached her village... Then they both lay flat over the bed lost in another kiss... ”Tell me.... “Just wanted to taste you darling.. and he shivered. She clutched both legs firmly together and his head was crushed between her thighs. or at least was trying to penetrate in it. You are superb!” And she asked again... the daddy started moving his hips with his dick in her pussy giving little blows at first which gradually became fast and he went on. which he did with much pleasure. parted both her legs to get the pussy at his view and ran his tongue all along it. she was twisting over the bed holding his head in both hands and pulling the little hair which were on. She crossed her arms around his shoulders and started moving her hips under hi and whispered with gasps....... he opened the lips of the pussy and licked it like a dog licks. then to her navel which made her stretch and twist more. and father-inlaw are waiting for her after a week of absence.. herself introduced it inside her and gave a piercing moan moving her body sideways.”... unloaded his cum. She sucked the remaining cum from his dick. You have experience. You are too hot. She was soon home. After some time he moved up continuing the licks. and she was pushing her head backward enjoying each and every moment of his dick being pushed in and out her. yes go on....aaahhh. then he gradually reached her breast inviting him to have a suck.. from her pussy to her lower belly.” and he took his load out.. and then gradually..oohhh.” You were just wonderful daddy. and with one hand she took his dick. we will do it isn’t it? “She replied. there and brought his dick to her mouth again which she took in her mouth with pleasure smiling at him. “A next time sweetheart. tapped his dick over her pussy.. hmmmm. he went on giving blows over blows the one faster than the other and he too groaned over her with all his body weight and moaned. both nude bodies collated. It was around 1 PM when she reached there and the father-in-law left her to return back to the field after a tight hug and a passionate kiss. “Anytime you wish daddy. and I just wanted to taste your young body. you do it well... hmm?” He smiled at her and said. his tongue was penetrating. parted her legs and she. his hard dick was over her pussy and he was rubbing over it very gently enjoying the kiss and the feel of her warm body under his.. I will not write the details of how she was picked up at the station however. You are very sensual and hot!” Now we will go back to Neha’s Village where her brother-in-law.” He replied with a smile... I want you . its wonderful.the bed.. At that time am to come yesssssss.. and he laid her. She caressed his chest and said. “Yes daddy. I am cumming daddy. passing her tongue over the tip of the dick which made him press up over his toes. go on. “aaghgh. his hands pressing both her thighs in his firm fingers. Then they were both enlaced in each others arms... kissing passionately... by holding her around his arms.. She then run her tongue over his face holding his head.. its so good. I like you cock. he was over her....

he whispered with a gasping voice. under her armpit. and then she gracefully started moving down his slip. and unzipped his trouser.. When he undressed her completely. after closing all doors of the house so that anybody if.. pressed his cheeks to her breasts then descended slowly to her belly. and deep in her heart she had special feelings for Ravindra so she started giving herself the pleasure to be enjoyed by him and she was appreciating the way he was undressing her. to see her pussy clean shaved. and running the fingers over her scalp. the blouse was wet with traces of her perspiration. Ravindra was sort of massaging her head letting her hair run into his fingers.. missed you like hell.oh bhabhi.. slightly removed her blouse... But Neha. to feel you. She was kneeling down on the floor.. They were both standing and she was in his arms... “Missed you so much bhabhi. Neha was not that keen at that moment to have sex as she had enjoyed a lot with her father and brother all week staying there. as he was dying to fuck her! As soon as the dad left. He was arduously licking and kissing her even over her clothes..... ‘let me sit near your pussy now bhabhi’. And then he would go out to open and tell them Neha is in having a shower. and he sat down with Neha’s waist in around his arms. Neha was in a sari.. where he ran his tongue and asked. she said.. On her words Ravindra got an idea. to see your pretty face. bur told him she was going to have a shower as she just is back from a long trip. He proposed to come with her in the bathroom and they will have a bath together and will enjoy there itself. Ravindra quickly pulled her head to his organ and there she was with a suck! While she was sucking him. to touch you. easily replied only to please him. her hand over his shoulder lazily enlacing him.. “I missed you too my darling brother-in-law!”.. I was missing this smell. and very slowly removed his pant. and sat down to undo his pant. “Bhabhi I love your odour. Ravindra was holding her in his arms and smelling her all along her body till he reached under her armpit. he joined Neha and enlaced her in his arms kissing her brutally saying.” She took out his t-shirt. I can’t live without you. “ when did you shave bhabhi? It looks being shaved yesterday? At your father’s place you got this opportunity to take care of this valuable sweet pussy?” She was . to let his hard dick explode out of it like a spiral clinging out.” wait let me undress you now. to smell you. navel till he reached her downer parts of the belly.” She gave freedom to him to do as he wished. he. But Ravindra was longing like hell to fuck her. And his hard dick was pressing over her thighs and giving hard strokes.” Neha was smiling and kissing him back gently and she slowly. and was sweating after the trip. Neha was a bit reluctant but she accepted. She delicately untied his waistband. and he sniffed and said.when she stopped and stood up to take the juices of his tongue.. very slowly sat down to remove her underwear. He little by little undid her sari.Ravindra was waiting for his dad to go. I was dying to hold you. he will doubt and will become aggressive so she complied to his demands. So they were soon in the bathroom. thought if she will refuse him. came they would hear. and all that time Neha was gradually starting feeling the need and urge despite her tiredness.

“But bhabhi. a real vagabond who was a big flirt despite his age and have fucked many women in his life. we did not even open the shower.stretching her body... but she did not accept that. He started giving rapid blows and gradually the blows got accelerated when she moaned loudly with piercing sounds like. to seek for men who long for lust.. and he sipped and licked and penetrated his tongue. right sweetheart” Now there are things to say here which happened the days Neha was at her father’s place. The two other men were. (readers will remember that. Roopchand .. and then we will bath each other before making love. letting part of his hand pressing her butt and he was going on forcing his dick in and out her pussy.. but did not give his address nor asked them to come to see him. he told them he will bring the lady to them. She was by then standing on one foot as the other one was lifted by him. pulling her head backward on his caress. He was sent to a tavern where he came across two men one by one and he convinced them that there is a very young hot woman who loves to be fucked by elderly guys and will accept to be fucked by three at once as she has never experienced that. He had drinks with them in that dirty..aaaah. to lat Neha give a sweet moan. surrounded her waist. “We will do it a next time. filthy tavern only to be amongst them.. After a while of sucking. She pushed him out of the bathroom and told him kindly.. and whispered.. he was eavesdropping his father and uncle together on bed loving her he got the fantasy to be the third person to join). As Pavindra was longing to make love to her by trio. Ravindra. faster sweetheart. go on!! Continue.. very far. She started pulling his hair clutched in her fingers and her body was rubbing to his and she was turning her eyes upside down like being intoxicated by some drugs..aaaaaah. Sheikh. lifted up one of her legs and stood up over his toes to penetrate his dick inside her.. when Ravindra exclaimed.. licking he stood up and made her lean against the cold marbled wall of the bathroom.” And she got her orgasm yet she had thought she won’t get pleased as she had received it a whole week several times a night by her dad! – On the other hand Ravindra lifted his whole body standing on his tip of toes while reaching his pleasure discharging his sperms by quicly taking the dick out and rubbing it to her belly making it all sticky over her.. 58 years old. “aaah. But he insisted that they will bath together. She then leaned her whole body over his.” I did that so that you will get it sweet and clean here baby. He had been in places to enquire about that type of persons. In her absence he had been to another village... I had thought to do it while getting wet!!” And she told her to get out as she was going to bath now. faster.aahhhh.. So he had prepared things for her about that. He had taken the risk. and he started the required movements to meet the pleasure of his urge.hmmmm.. when. And the other was Roopchand. So all three met and discussed how to proceed. touch and licks. yesssssssssss. I knew you will be the first to take me!” Ravindra was happy and tongued her shaven pussy from the top and went downer and downer to find the wet liquid oozing out..

They were not believing him thinking he was just having fun and they did not take his words into that consideration. and almost every night the father-in-law was sleeping with her. running his hand gently over her cheeks and he asked. and told her.himself was having incestuous relations with his widowed sister and her daughter too!! He was 59 years old.” -He: No I will not ever be able to talk to papa of this bhabhi. but who will be the two strangers? After hearing this. but replied. though he was getting erect by every of her touch. But Pavindra promised them to make them have great time with a 19 years old lady! (Neha was almost reaching her 19th birthday by then) Now Pavindra was thinking how he will get the subject started with Neha. he felt very excited. “That’s not possible baby. Sheikh and Roopchand were friends and had shared many women together. And when asked about the day Ravindra will bring the hot lady he replied them soon. can’t you? -she: are you mad? How can I tell him that we have an affair? -He: you could tell him that you don’t love Bhaiya as he is not doing anything with you and so you want me now.” She then asked. not sexual. After a few days he tried to start to talk about the matter with her as they often were alone at home. -she: you are talking like a small kid! Shut up. she was in her arms with her head over his chest. They were at that time having some romantic moments together on his bed. “Bhabhi how will I do to join you when father and uncle will be with you?” She answered. and Pavindra was every time going to eavesdrop from the AC place from outside. -she: so that can't ever be! -he: But bhabhi You could talk about it to papa. whom I will contact to have some adventures. He was caressing her head.” Well in that case yes it can be. “And you will bring them here those strangers you will contact?” He jumped. “Well we will see if that will be so. “Well bhabhi. with two other outsiders who don’t know you or me!” He began. And he started with the real subject. Recently they had fucked Roopchand’s widow sister together!! So Pavindra got the right candidate for his adventure. This must remain secret for ever! And he kissed her to bring her mood back as she seemed to be annoyed. unless you talk to pitaji by letting him know about us.” . He was lying over the bed. and was happy and horny! They planned to bring Neha at Sheikh’s house as he lived alone. He was thinking what if she will refuse to participate in his adventure and fantasy? Some days went by since she was back. And the nights his uncle too was coming he was masturbating hard and was wishing to get in to join them. thinking she is on the way. we can have it by three. “Of course not bhabhi! We will arrange things outside!” She looked reluctant. “They can be anybody. She replied after a moment of thought.

She smiled and kidded. So Neha had almost said “my papa” and thought that one day she may forget and mention her adventures with her father to him.. They are aged like father both.” She answered.Then Pavindra said.. And Pavindra too was having such needs to see her that way because it had psychological effect on him as he had seen Neha with his father and may be I will accept your proposal.and your what bhabhi?” she laughed. “Bhabhi.. Pavindra.” Nop. I have already contacted two men when you had been out. She thought instead of having him on bed with his father and uncle it would be better to go elsewhere.. He on his side was thrilled to get her by three soon and started visualising her with the other 2 old guys. even older. I have prepared everything and we only have to go to them to enjoy!” She was stunned and with a gasp asked. rubbing his cheeks to hers... as I wish to see if other old guys have same drive as your dad. I was still a virgin when he had sex with me. “In fact your dad was the first man to do that to me... “Look bhabhi you know it very well that its my greatest fantasy and please make it become true for me..... gave a sigh.. “What? You have seen two men already? I can’t believe that! I thought it’s only a fantasy and you want to realise that for true?” She looked disturbed and got out of the bed.. “They live very very far from here and do not know our identity.and thought she is a damn hot woman his bhabhi. Neha was quite reluctant but she loved him and wanted to please him as he is pleading since long time ago.” She laughed and said looking in his face. after kissing her which she responded gracefully.. he thought those two men are lucky to be getting the chance to fuck his lovely bhabhi Neha. no men had touched me. dressing her sari and making her hair.. He got to go there to tell them he is coming with Neha and they both must be stand by at Sheikh’s house as he will come directly there... “.” . and to tell you honestly I enjoy him a lot.” she was going to say ‘and my papa’ And Pavindra continued.. . and my. you like seeing me fucked by those old guys? Is that your fantasy too?” He replied.” He stood up from the bed and enlaced her from behind.. So he arranged for the rendez-vous with those guys after 2 days..” You dirty brat. “And who are the two men?” he bite his lips and said. Before going there he talked to Neha that he was going to fix a meeting with 2 old men and the next day they will go there.. “I think it’s because I use to see you enjoying with papa and uncle.. so I kept it that way bhabhi. And then deep in her she wished to try other old men to see if they are like the present ones she knew. I won’t accept that!” Then she added.. Since she had had sex with old persons for her first encounter she had a sort of preference for them.and my fate!!” Pavindra was thrilled and very happy on hearing her accepting the proposal. and pleaded... Deep in him he thought and had the feeling that Neha is a woman who will always have preferences for elderly guys as he when fucking her ejaculates too quick and he thought Neha would never get pleased by him like she got satisfied with old persons.

. They waited for the taxi to go at a distant only then they started getting into Sheikh’s yard.30 and got in to ask Neha out for that distant village. Neha’s upper knees and part of the beginning of her white. early at about 10. Neha was asking him how she should be dressed. They were both arguing between a sari and a gown and finally she wore a gown with a deep v cut and it reached just up her knees. patted him asking what was the matter. The driver did not know the as Pavindra hired him from a long way out of the village. her cleavage was all visible and the driver was now and then watching her in the mirror. and Neha had at that time sat with the legs parted and the driver had a view of the in-between of both her legs. “Yes Bhai. it’s a very long time I have not fucked a young woman as this one dear! Look she has a wonderful body! Superb boobs my friend. and the women too love to be fucked by other men in front of their husband. He told her he knows that his dada will never come before 5 PM as the works in the field were very important as it was harvest there and they had to be to the sugar mill every time. fleshy thighs were also seen and the driver was enjoying. When Neha sat. He told her that he will tell her later why he was laughing. she felt her sex drive more towards older person than young’s. So she also had that feeling or rather she fed that thought in her that old guys and she made better accomplice during sexual intercourse. meaning to say all is in God’s hands. what if his father will come anytime in the day and won’t find them at home. they like to see their woman being fucked by others. Pavindra sat near the driver and the sister-in-law was at the back seat. She told Pavindra. That is because it was her father-in-law who had sex with her for the first. He arranged the positioned the mirror to view her legs.Now Neha too had those kind of psychological effect which made her feel that sex with old men satisfied her more than anybody else. and was was only Pavindra who was the young man among them. look at her ass! It’s ready to receive our dicks Roopchand! And Roopchand to reply him. but he pretended not seeing anything. and Parvindra giggled on seeing that. He paid him and asked him to come to pick them up by 3 PM. So they left the house. Pavindra stopped with a taxi. in front of their house. The D-day arrived. then her dad. “Hey we must have done some very good deeds in the last birth to get such a girl to fuck! She is an angel Sheikh! Why do you think that man is sharing her with us?” Sheikh replied “they must be from the city and those people like swinging and sharing.. arranged his dick in his pant. Pavindra noticed that and was amused looking at that. pleasing his eyes. and then the uncle. it . her father is serious. and he. At last they reached the desired place and Pavindra asked the driver to stop near Sheikh’s house. It was while with some motifs over it.” The driver lifted his hands to the sky. Neha from behind. The world has changed Roopchand. elder bro.. The driver asked “Any relative is sick brother? Bhabhi ji’s parents?” Pavindra smiled at him and said. Sheikh and Roopchand were looking at them from his house and they told each other the woman was a sex bomb!! Sheikh said “Wow.

and Sheikh’s hands was lifting up her gown. hips and her white panty with small motifs. “You are too beautiful a young lady sweety. well let us change also. Neha was by then holding his shirt’s sleeve in her hands. let’s go to fuck our daughter now!” When Pravind and Neha reached the threshold.. and Neha did as if she knew nothing. Pavindra shook hands with them and was introducing Neha to them meanwhile Neha was studying both old guys from tip to toe.. and Sheikh saw that. Roopchand. before they knocked Roopchand opened the door.. “and who decided it to be with olds? It’s your preference or his. Neha lifted her head up to look in their face with a disturbed smile. At last they were in the bedroom without losing time. we are so lucky to have you in our company to enjoy a bit. The two oldies looked at each other and Sheikh spoke up first...has changed my dear.. So they were all in the bedroom.. without missing to let her eye go over the part where their dicks were hidden! They started moving inside and both men kissed Neha on the cheeks while introduction and returned the kiss same way to them. So the tow old guys asked her to have a seat over the bed.. “Tell me dears.. and her lips kissing his neck. She gave a smile and just looked down. addressing to both of the couple.. dressing his dick in his pant. and the tip was as if wishing to . and wanted to accomplish this desire of his.. Neha and Parvindra had already arranged that he will call her Beb ahs will call him as sweetheart in the presence of the two men. and she smiled with Roopchand who was at that time studying her expressions. and it was gradually moved up to her waist.. Pavindra pulled a chair and sat down to watch..” Then Sheikh asked her. brushed his hand over her ass while she was kissing him. and her gown moved upper over her knees giving the view of her white sexy thighs. The nipples were clearly seen erect. she lay gently. Pavindra. He winked at her. She sat. full things. the beginning of the fairer parts. he is my boyfriend and he longs to see me with others.” So saying he sat close to her and put one of his hands over her shoulder and the other on her lap and caressed her thighs gently. So the old went to the bed and pressed Neha’s breasts which were still in her dress. which attracts. signalled Roopchand to join in.. her arms were now across Sheikh’s shoulders. Slowly Sheikh pushed Neha over the bed. “Neha bent her head and shyly smiling said.. Both men were hard erect and Parvindra too. showing her.. how come you both love such a relation?” Neha replied. and at Pavindra. and Sheikh’s lips brushing her neck going towards her breasts... “I am doing this only to please him. “It’s my choice!” as soon as she said that he lifted up her face by her chin and placed his mouth over hers and pushed his tongue in her mouth which she sucked and they explored each others mouth. Roopchand asked.

turned towards Neha. then interrogatively at Pavindra. with the needed amount of flesh to please any man. which she gradually pulled little by little. And at that time Sheikh’s mouth had reached her panty which he was pulling slowly with his teeth. to take off his clothes. The two old dudes were by then very thrilled and their mouth watered. The two old. the they undid the bra. to let a huge organ coming out of it! Her eyes were wide open and she said in a very stunned voice.” She was amused and was going on admiring Sheikh’s cock. for both of you. quietly accepting to receive two old strangers.. meanwhile holding Sheikh’s dick in the other hand. then Sheikh asked her to undo Roopchand’s underwear then he will explain it to her. but Pavindra said.” And the old. Sheikh replied. seeing her shaven pussy. then she started. But despite that she gave a good suck to both men who were glad under her pleasure. to get both dicks in both hands placing the two men by both sides of her and she started sucking both man respectively. Sheikh told him to hold his sex in a way to show the foreskin. and slowly removed it. and Pavindra winked at her and took out his tongue to his lips to mock her. . and adored looking at her so kindly. who looked at Pavindra smiling and biting her lips. When Roopchand’s dick was out. older than her father-in-law and her father. She took it in her hands and touched the tip and asked “Why is it different to the others? Why is this tip not like others?” She asked that looking at Sheikh. “Oh my God! I have never seen such a huge cock!! So big?!” and she turned to look at Pavindra showing him the old man’s cock! It was long and thick! It was abnormally huge. let her take it out for you. excited. and envious thighs. to which Sheikh answered. She knelt on the bed. Sheikh sat.. They afterwards turned her on her belly to undo the zip on her back dress. “Well that is because of hygiene reason and as part of a religious rituals. and her eyes passed over Pavindra in that movement. undoing the zip fastener of Sheikh’s trouser. And started removing te shirt of Sheikh. A little time after sucking her breasts. to see his hard dick in his underwear. then they each took a breast in their moth and started sucking to which Neha gave a light moan and stretched her head backward. And Sheikh explained her.get out free. they could not wait but both started licking and sucking a thigh each leaving dark red snaps over it. that the foreskin which is on Roopchand’s cock is removed from his cock. And she asked for the reason of that removal. she was getting to open her mouth larger as the dick was thicker and she complained that her mouth pains when she sucked Sheikh. she lifted up her arms to let go the dress. and Roopchand helped him to move it out.”She was not understanding. then that of Roopchand. of an average size.. Pavindra watched. And Roopchand put his cock to her mouth which she took without hesitation. Neha had a glance at Pavindra when the two oldies were taking out her panty. “It’s because it is circumcised my dear baby. When she was having Sheikh’s dick. and gently pulled his trouser. “Uncle. They looked at each other and smiled. and there she was all nude in between two old men.

... And both men started licking and sucking her clit.. and put his tip of the cock. Pavindra got to stand up and come closer to the bed to have a better view. Pavindra with his eyes wide open continued watching..aaghghaagh ssssss.. And soon it was time for penetrations.. she was caught in between two oldies who were fucking like two youngsters.... Sheikh was caressing Neha’s ass. then slowly put the tip in the opening. licked her ass... by gently putting the tip of his enormous dick to her pussy. and when it got in little by little by the experienced pushes of Sheikh... that it will pain to re-introduce at the back. and another of his hand crushing her breasts.. Roopchand. talking sweetly to her to please him and go on with the show. “No! Don’t do that!” But Pavindra.shshshshs. Sheikh started first..... But soon after some time. first rubbed his dick to her pussy to wet it with her discharged liquid.. and asked Roopchand to come down and change. Sheikh.. She said her mouth ached and she stopped the suck and lay flat over the bed. Both men’s mouth was eating and savouring her pussy. She got to give way to their lusty thoughts and actions and Roopchand lay flat ..... and she was giving a sigh with a gasp together. So Roopchand.Roopchand agreed. to it. Neha was now and then looking at him with a mischievous smile. gently please. Sheikh’s movements of the hips went on more and more rapid and she twisted more and more over the bed disordering the bed’s state. But neha objected.. and she was moving in between the two men moaning with both pain and pleasure.. and he was going on rubbing it as though he was masturbating. even Pavindra joined in caressing her. both man caressed and cajoled her. stretching her body all over and letting the erect nipples pointing up high at the roof.and suddenly Parvind whispered something in Roopchand’s and Sheikh’s ears. his dick still in her and as Neha was over him now..... which she was letting and enjoying too... and their hands were crushing her breasts and nipples. wetted it with some of his saliva.. pushed it in little by little.yessss yes.’ there she was with two dicks inside her! She had to part both legs apart as if tearing them. during her sucking session. Neha shouted. told him to go ahead.. and she got to spread her legs all wide to receive that huge cock.. then her pussy.slowly. Neha have a very long sigh and moaned out with a ‘aaaaaahhhhhh’.....Neha shouted moaning ‘aaaahhh... Roopchand’s fingers were wetting her pussy. Neha was lifting her head up to watch it getting in her.Pavindra continued watching with his hard dick in his hand by then. From under her Sheikh was pushing in her pussy and over her Roopchand was pushing in and out her ass... ”What is it now? It was going so nice?! Huh?" Then Sheik turned flat over the bed and turned Neha upon her.. Sheikh wanted to penetrate her ass. and pinching the nipples which at times made her give sharp moans.Oh my God!! Aaah!! Yessssss.... She started twisting over the bed during that session. Sheikh started moving in and out her and she was holding the bed sheet in her hands crushing them. then Neha panting asked.... Roopchand by that time was rubbing his dick over the side of her breasts..

AAGHGHAAAGHGHG... and she cried with moans again when he penetrated. ‘AAAAAAAHHHHH.. When they got back in the room.. rubbing.she went over him with his dick in her pussy and when Sheikh’s cock tried to get in her ass she gave a sharp cry with moan and shouted. and he continued giving blows over blows as he felt the ass very tight and was getting much pleasure... panting and twisting from back to front.. both lay flat and were feeling sleepy. She encircled Roopchand sucking his shoulders and neck as she was in her orgasm state.. put the tip by moistening it well with saliva. and finally Sheikh pushed his big dick al in a sudden deep in her ass and Neha shouted loudly.. “No! It’s too big..and he bit her shoulder and traced his dark red snap over back.. YOU ARE TEARING ME APART! I AM SURE IT WILL BLEED THERE YOU OLD BASTARD!!’..... Neha went to bath. Pavindra enjoyed the scenes a lot. Parvind got erect again and found it very exciting that an old brother fucks his sister and niece! He ..don’t do it there Mister.. He lay over her.” But Sheikh was too eager to penetrate her there and he very cunningly. Pavindra joined then. SSSSSSSS. And Sheikh and Ropchand talked to Parvindra. No please don’t put that in me! It’s a monster of a cock. his fingers fingering her very wet pussy. Neha and Parvindra were asleep. he mounted over her back like a dog and pushed his dick in her ass itself. The two old guys after the shower talked and thought to have more of her.. her pussy all wet. but Sheikh ejaculated inside her. cajoling.she yawned and stood up moving Parvindra to wake up.. but Sheikh was having a tight go as it was tight there. it will hurt me. his dick still inside her. she bit Sheikh’s cheeks and her teeth’s marks implanted there... it won’t get it. Neha was gasping.. the he pushed a little more. Sheikh caressed Neha’s nude body on some parts like her thinghs. And Sheikh was getting much pleasure when she was moaning like that. ass and back.. Both were naked yet asleep. and very quickly Pavindra discharged his liquid inside her by holding her surrounding her belly. caressing..OH MY GOD. and Sheikh pushed a bit more.she was like in a state of euphoria.. she gave a sharp moan.. and Roopchand started ejaculating by taking out his cock.. she moaned more with louder voice. So they planned to talk to him. and he became so horny after seeing her in that state that he did not take time to get pleased. leaving his loads deep in her hole. his whole body all along hers... and she felt getting her orgasm. when the two old went to have a shower. meanwhile Roopchand was doing to and fro in her pussy... Roopchand had the idea to make Pavindra get his daughter so that he could make them have more of Neha. They told him Roopchand’s sister is a widow of only 35 years old and her daughter is 18 and hot and he will surely like to enjoy with her or both of them at once! When they related him how both of them fuck Roopchand’s sister.. the dick of Roopchand was having an easy go as it was too wet.

but his mouth started looking for her lips. “They have given me another opportunity with you darling!” Neha looked back in his face and seriously said. thighs and mounted rigorously up to her breasts by passing over her belly and navel. Sheikh replied for Roopchand. He slowly introduced his cock in her pussy which made her lift up her hips to gain his contact to her body and when he started giving the blows one after ... Sheikh admired her white skin. When they two were gone. I am hard again. And he asked if they could make him see them. you are too naughty you!” And Sheikh took her in his arms like holding a baby and put her on the bed. “Come on baby. She was pushing him.thought it’s the same like Neha’s he was like obsessed by incest’s relations. hips and butt. Neha got out of the shower after some minutes. So he went near the bathroom and told her that he is going to look for someone and will be back within minutes. you will want to fuck both dear!” Pavindra felt the urge need to see both ladies..” Sheikh stood up approaching her. and he whispered in her ears.he ran his hot tongue all over and she quivered under his touch and gradually gave up to him. She moved her eyes sideways and asked “Where are the other 2” Sheikh replied. “hmmm!! I am tired. I don’t want to do it again. they won’t come so fast.” Neha childishly complained by hitting her feet on the floor. Sheikh was admiring her.. she smiled looking at him and he winked at her. we get the time to do it once more. “She is fantastic. But in return they told him only if Neha came to fuck with them that they will give him that opportunity. He had to go about 200 metres walking to Roopchand’s place. only wrapped in a towel.. then put his mouth over the nipple and sucked the juices. and she was rubbing her head. and she could not be brought there. He then violently snatched out the towel to make her all naked over the bed and he mounted over her after taking off all his clothes. He asked the two oldies about the niece. He started by kissing. and it was a great pleasure for him to know Roopchand’s sister and niece. And Roopchand asked him to come with him he will introduce him to them. But Neha was having her bath. we are alone. all her nudity open to Sheikh’s view. There she was again. Sheikh held her breast firmly in his strong hands and crushed them into. then she surrounded his shoulder with her soft arms and placed her mouth over his and their tongue started melting in each others mouth once again. “No. licking her toes. The water flowing down her bare back. can’t take it more uncle. about her physical looks still had droplets of water there as she was out of the shower. she stepped back but he was too near and enlaced her by the waist to make his organ still in his pant rub to her belly and pussy. with the beautiful fleshy parts of her thighs. She was at his mercy soon. calf. even better than your Girlfriend. Sheikh arduously kissed and sucked both breasts and nipples to his pleasure at the same time his hard rod thrusting over her pussy and Neha started twisting under his body. running to her waist. Even her mother is superb. She started whining with mischievous moans in her voice as though she wanted it but was pretending.

He slept like a log. in fact yes I loved it and enjoyed it very much. I want you and only you where sex is concerned and you know it that you are my first woman. “Of course I liked it much baby. I want to know how you feel about it. saying “You are so hot sweetheart that I could not stand it anymore!” Roopcahand and Pavindra came in after half an hour. So she gave a sigh and asked him. Pavindra had well planned all so that they don’t get caught. They were both pleased and she kidded. Neha went to have her bath and Pavindra sat down thinking about the future meeting with the oldies. He wanted to have them both now. He started by asking if she enjoyed it the day before. “No. When they were returning home. it thrills me deep inside and I feel my spine arouse with desire.” She laughed saying. He was too tired. “Now you tell me. And he was wondering what will Neha say or do on learning that he wants her to go there again. and Neha did not tell him that Sheikh fucked her again when he was out. sexy. not interested to know either his father will fuck her or not.” Neha knew his feelings and she understood what he was trying to point out. bitch type ladies?” He answered.” She smiled and kidded. I just cleaned myself and see you spoiled me all over once more!” And he grinned kissing her on the mouth. “You are very naughty. The next day he tried to approach her with the talk. but the way you are hesitating to answer about yesterday’s adventure. how did you feel when you . please. so please me by relating me your inner feelings. happy now?” And Pavindra felt excited and neared her asking. Pavindra said. Well the night elapsed well. but the condition was that Neha must be given to them. Well they were back home before her father-in-law was back from the field. And soon he felt his loads coming and he took his cock out to press it quickly to her mouth and asked her to wipe it with her tongue which she did in ecstasy by holding the huge organ in both her hands. They were meanwhile kissing each other and his hands ran to the erogenous parts of her body to make her stretch more and more giving him much pleasure. Where you are concerned and sex. She smiled a bit with timidity and only nodded. it’s like the woman who wants it but conceals the desire. relate me. even the mother was superb.another she held him firmly with her arms around his back passing under his arms. He was striken by the beauty of Roopchand’s daughter. “Timidity and you does not work fine Bhabhi. “Why? You want me to behave like those hot. it’s a pair for me bhabhi. Sheikh felt the pleasure of her submission and groaned fucking her rapidly moving his hips faster. this is what excites me with you. And the taxi soon horned outside for them to leave. “Bhabhi. Pavindra did not tell her anything about Roopchand’s next program.. in the car Pavindra was thinking how he will tell her about the next meeting with them. but why must I tell and announce about it? Well.

“Well not for so early. “So my dear young brother-in-law. and he held her tightly in his arms and slightly caressed her bare back as her blouse of the sari had a deep cut there. when you saw me holding their dicks and licking and sucking them? I want to know your feelings too. and you looked like a professional lover of sex. His other hand ran over her waist to land on her ass. But even though he talked. Her face turned red and tears dropped along her cheeks. Nothing worth relating.” I was sure this question was to come from you!” Pavindra. Two days passed and they had light loving sessions among themselves. it was the happiest moment of my life those hours spent in company of those two men.. more exciting were each time when I was looking in your eyes to see your pleasure and your appalled look gazing at me.. half smiling and said. One day they slept together in the day till the head of family made noise outside in the yard. That man’s dick was amazing! So huge?! All that added to the body pleasure. So for me that was a moment of dream come true. “So tell me bhabhi.” Pavindra was a bit surprised by her interrogations. it was the same feeling for me as well.. I loved it dear. stimulated to see those two men and you looking at me at the same time..” And Neha replied him. you seemed to enjoy every moment of that love making. his hip collated to her womb. I was like being drowsy living that moment bhabhi. It was very exciting. she was very surprised and happy too. when she ran to her room before he could see her. held her by her waist. He asked himself. pulled her to feel her warmth. “Bhabhi. Parvindra was watching all that a bit surprised. When Neha came to meet her brothers. so I also had told you that I had many time fantasised that I will be the third person to be together. Neha said. “Bhabhi darling.saw another man doing that with me? How did you take it when two strangers were undressing me. So in the whole I loved it a lot and my orgasm had no bound. said gently. ‘what? Her brothers too do it with her? Or is it my dirty mind which makes me think like that? It must be brotherly love. First she hugged Sunil the elder. And then came this day! A car stopped in front of their house around 10 of the morning and Parvind went to look outside to see Neha’s brothers. I was too delighted.” Happy on learning all that from Neha he started the main point. You were so hot and loving. He asked. And I want to live those moments again and again with you and the others. you knew it since the beginning that I was interested to see you with two at once. Sunil and Anil getting inside the yard! Parvind greeted them and asked them in when he went inside to call Neha.” Pavindra was glad and wished that day comes sooner. electrifying. like dad and uncle did at night. Tell no no I am thinking ill in . how will you like it for a next same adventure?” She looked at him with one eye. I will let you know when I feel like doing it again baby. exhilarating.

He wished to go together with them. the elder among the two brothers. So both the attendant and the manager went to knock at their room.. Sunil objected by saying he would not allow him to talk to her. So this was the plan. she waved smiling at Parvindra.she got in the car and it started. but Sunil told him that his father may come to look for him and may get angry.. had already booked a room in the closest town before coming to fetch Neha. Again he told himself it must be his dirty thoughts which made him see such things. letting all her cleavage visible. she was going to be fucked by two men!! But she did not know they were two brothers with a sister!! An attendant neared the receptionist and she whispered in his ear. Pavindra noticed his tongue touched her lips. On reaching the hotel. Anil too was aware but not Neha. a beautiful girl. the brothers told Pavindra that they have come to take Neha to the town as they had to but her some stuff they wanted to gift her. Sunil. The receptionist.. But the receptionist told him that the customers brought her themselves. so he must stay to tell him about there presence. He talked about it to the manager.... “She is so young! The two men are elders. The attendant got the idea to get that lovely young lady for the customers of the hotel. She gave a sigh and said.. Pavindra felt very disturbed when he found Neha got dressed in a very beautiful silk sari.. her hips moving to the rhythm of her steps and her scent perfuming the atmosphere around. After half an hour of talks. flimsy. When they were gone the attendant said to the receptionist. The . “Look at that! Two in one!!” The attendant looked with lusty eyes at Neha as she was walking in the corridor to the room. handed the room’s keys to Sunil and stared at Neha as she knew. the brothers sat in the front and Neha at the back.” Hmm!! You bro!?” They walked toward the reception and Sunil asked the room’s key he had reserved. blouse very deep cut. Anil opened the door and the manager got in and asked to talk to the woman with them. His eyes was on Neha’s ass when she walked out of the house with a splendid smile. he parked the car and all three got out then Neha asked about the whereabouts of that place.vain!” The brothers and sisters then kissed on the cheeks making noise and when Anil kissed her.. he even proposed too. The manager wanted to see Neha now as he also believed her to be a prostitute. Sunil explained her. going with her brothers.. Readers will remember here that the last time that Neha had been to her father’s place the elder bro had got her but Anil was unsuccessful and Sunil had told him he will bring Anil here and they will enjoy her together. She thought they were taking her somewhere else. who is she by the way a new client?” He thought her to be one among the prostitutes who are is usually hired by the hotel for their customers.

She got to stand up for Sunil to undo the sari around her body till it was all out. ‘you elder brothers think that I don’t remember. rubbing his dick still in his pant over her dress near her hips. and her cleavage were all visible and she was laughing looking at both one by one by seeing their expression of hunger in their eyes. She gave way for it to be removed. on the roofs.’ But she smiled inside herself thinking of the days she was too young. “But had I not come to take you but dad had refused you to come with us? Look little sis. in the forest. he untwisted it several times. everywhere we were staying together. helped by Anil. and we had great opportunities to do many things with you that’s why we are together and we never hide anything with each other we two brothers. opened her blouse and she was in bra and little by little they removed all and got themselves undressed and all three were nude over the bed again. So.... thought to try his best to contact the woman (Neha) even she is married and he decided to tell her that she can earn good sum of bucks and entertain rich clients of the hotel. etc. We three were often you had first ejaculated and I had asked what it was. the manager left. Even she is married and had a husband. convinced. they both arranged for this day to have great moments with her. dumb! Then Sunil pulled the manager apart by his hand and tried to explain him that she is a married lady and they just got her to enjoy a bit as her husband is abroad!! The attendant put his ears to listen what he was talking. in the river. neck. Sunil.. But the attendant who dealt with commissions with such women.” Neha told herself. I remember how you were pulling out my panty to rub your cocks over it. and Sunil and Anil looked at each other mouth open. we were unmarried and we were enjoying with you in a way or another. knelt over the bed. that he was aware that he has hired a whore from outside so why he could not hire her for his hotel! Neha was astounded by hearing that. in the room. since you were very young. in the fields. Neha was sitting in between the two brothers over the bed and Sunil started moving the sari around her shoulder. cheeks. “Is this what for you took me here my dear brothers? To laugh and play?” then Anil. “So you told all to Anil bhaiya. Then Neha spoke. nude. .manager was angry and told him. Sunil explained Neha that since Anil had not been able to enjoy her the last time she had come. but you were too small so you won’t remember. She was going on laughing and the two brothers also started laughing. about what you did when I had been to your place!” Anil replied. but the fact is that I remember all that we three had been doing. Neha smiled and said. Neha was smiling looking at them and she burst into a laugh by seeing how they were devouring her naked body. Anil enlaced her in that standing position and started kissing her face. the attendant used to manage meetings of rich business men who loved to fuck married ladies who left their husbands and came to the hotel for a fucking session against payment. They were named ‘The social whores’ Well.

held his erect dick in his hand and brought it to his sister’s mouth. When they were leaving the Hotel.. I loveeeeeeee it. so show me your talent little sis. So he took Neha aside and talked to her in low voice. licked and sucked by the brothers. There she was again with two dicks in her body. And Anil told Sunil to let him have a word if he so much was insisting... her breasts were explored. Neha had already started running her tongue all along the length of her brother’s dick to the pleasant view of the eldest brother.. leaving all his sperm inside her ass moving his hip and his vocal sound was. Anil was waiting for her in the reception . the hole was as though opening and shutting. “Aaaahhhhh. both her breasts were in each mouth of her brothers and she was quivering in a sort of elation and was as if in a trance. give me more bhai. The attendant insisted.. in incest there is much more pleasure since its taboo. “A wife’s suck and a sister’s suck can’t be same sweetheart.woooooooo.. agghghghgaaaaaghghghg hhaaaaaaa” his mouth went over the back of her neck and he kissed and bit her there leaving a dark red oval shaped snap. And soon they were lying over the bed. One hand of each brother was on her pussy. here it’s incest sucking. her body vibrated in their arms and she shuddered.” and she lay her body as if with no life over Anil who ejaculated taking out his dick under her... whined..Sunil had the view of her ass. more. Now Anil was under Neha.” I have heard that you are specialised in sucking a cock. you see!” By then.. and she was moving her hips too..iisssshshshshshsh..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! yes yes yes. his dick in her pussy doing to and fro. Sunil also neared his hard cock holding it in his fingers to her mouth and she left Anil’s dick to take that of Sunil. with both legs on one side. “ gghghghmmmmmm. yesssssssssss its soooooooooo goooooooooood. he could not hold anymore and gently pushed his cock in anal action.yessssssssssssss. and Sunil groaned..” Neha was still laughing a little bit. Neha’s legs spread apart Anil’s mouth was in between her thighs. their fingers doing to and fro meanwhile they were going on sucking her breasts.. Neha was in the position as if sitting on a motorcycle. And he added. Gradually. while Sunil was drinking the nectar produced from her tongue which was sucked by Neha... “Why? Bhabhi does not do this oral exercise for you Bro? She is young and modern I suppose she does it isn’t it?” Anil answered.she sucked each by turn and both men were losing in a bliss. took the cock in her hand delicately and asked. She gave a moan and moved more and more felt a spasm enveloping her. she trembled moaned. she sucked him then changed and took the other one then again changed... and there it is legal sucking.... wailed but continued receiving both brothers cocks in her till she started feeling the delight of pleasure and frenzy state of getting into orgasm and she cried with moans and pleasure. his tongue exploring her pussy taking out the juices... growled with a grunt. the attendant went to talk to Neha.. Neha was so fair that a simple kiss left marks over her complexion.. Sunil went to wait for her in the car. Sunil objected.

I know you will never accept me to know about your whereabouts nor give me any contact number. No street women at all. I understand. So Anil also went in the car and they waited for her. They love to have women who cheat on their husbands or those who escapes from their house to come for pleasure in hidings. He. Neha. You will earn about Rs. She. She was wishing to try.. Never have I chosen any stuff which has displeased them. I keep full confidentiality. please do it for my customers.Look I am a married woman. so just like you cane with your husband’s friends. She.” Neha was not that surprised as he heard what he had told with his brothers in the room. I will come here when I want to.No madam.2000 in some hours only madam. “I am not that type of woman dear. Do call me whenever you decide for it. Please don’t feel bad. She answered: are taking me for a whore isn’t it? He. though many ladies contact me by phone. you are so young and beautiful.And if I accept your proposal. all my customers accept whatever I bring with their eyes closed because I have the knowledge to chose for them. they are my husband’s friends and I like them.” He – Look madam. “ Maa’m. I am responsible here to get beautiful girls for businessmen. you come here with two men in a room and it is understood what you are. but Neha asked him to join Sunil and wait for her there. but was not able to decide.That’s it madam. any man would like to have you on his bed.. no whore are accepted by my customers. so I am giving you my phone number..How can you be sure your customers would accept me? They have never seen me so? He. There the attendant dared to say this to Neha. Are you always . She was asking herself did she give it a try.You know madam. just think about it and have a try. And I know their tastes. you will get good There are many ladies who do this business and their husbands have never known. officers who often come here looking for sweet girls and I wish you to be one among them. felt at that time something urging deep in her and felt like wanting to experience that kind of adventure also. She knew that he was thinking her to be a whore. She – No I won’t ever call you. She. So she kindly told him. Neha was getting thrilled and a sort of envy wrapped her whole body hearing all that. how would I get in touch with you? He.

so much my darling bhabhi. Hethen suddenly remembered the day she had mentioned her papa with the father-in-law. do you think they are like YOU?” And during the smooch.. it’s only during the day that I am free. He knew her body very well and as he often have intimate relations with her he knows when there is a mark on her body and when not. “You are a damn bitch bhabhi! You get yourself FUCKED by your brothers? By not only one. She.. your brothers did not say anything?” She looked in his eyes and asked. enlaced her from behind and murmured brushing her cheeks and ears. kissed her.yes madam. if I am not around.Okay. As soon as the brothers drove away he followed Neha in the house. anytime you come here.. I will come to see you for sure. Let me go. The receptionist smiled at Neha as she heard all and she welcomed her. “Oh you are looking so hot in this suit bhabhi. oh! I missed you so. he took Neha in his arms. Anil was getting amused looking at them in the mirror. He thought he will approach that subject while talking to her. you got dressed in this way. They stopped to buy some bangles. “Bhabhi tell me one thing. sucked her breast and fondled her a lot. She will call me on the spot. and he asked. “Why such a question? They are my brothers only. But he was every time telling himself that his filthy mind was thinking dirty. She left and joined her brothers in the car. so hot. Anil was driving and Sunil and Neha sat on the back seat and on their way home. her hair from her back moved aside and Parvind found the dark red snap of kiss and sucks left over the back of her neck. But mind it. ear rings and other stuffs for her. “Don’t look like that at me! What is it at the back of your neck? Which among the brother fucked your ass? You had a threesome with your own brothers? Huh?” Neha thought of the deep kiss and suck of Sunil when he was getting pleased . Babulall. up to her bedroom. so sexy. And he thought he must try to talk about it to her.. with a head signal. Parvindra was eagerly waiting and was feeling like she has gone to get fucked by her own brothers. He felt angry as she lied to him and loudly said. and at last reached her home and dropped her. so he knew immediately that she has been fucked by the brothers.. but two brothers!!” She was shocked and looked at him taken aback. They wanted to know what the man was telling her but she just changed subject by talking of another matter.. I will never be available at night. He continued. your breasts are visible... “ you liar!” Parvindra continued with the movements of smooches. just tell the receptionist that you want to see anytime? He.” She smiled at him and said.

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW FUCKS ME. And so. who am sorry dear.. please stop crying. Parvindra was expecting a reply from her and asked. he hurried to her.. “Bhabhi I can’t explain my feeling towards you. They started talking. He felt within seconds that all his dreams coming to an end... WHEN YOU CAN TAKE ME TO GET FUCKED BY OLD STRANGERS. “What made you so jealous by seeing the snaps on my neck?” He answered. Shshshsh. please do forgive me.” And Neha related him all about her and her dad and brothers. he felt all getting in water. They stayed that way for about half an hour and Pravind was successful in moulding her to his way by his sweet words and kisses and caresses. SO WHAT THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF IT WHEN MY BROTHERS FUCK ME? YOU DAMN HYPOCRITE! SELFISH . His vision of taking her to Sheikh and groups. we are like two real lovers yet we both share same sexual feelings. face and cheeks with these words. You forgive me.. Parvindra was amazed and asked. WHEN YOU. his getting Roopchand’s daughter and wife. and started comforting her with gentle caress over her head. sorry Bhabhi. I should not have talked that way with you. Sorry.” She took and deep breath and wiping her cheek said. She sat on the bed feeling worn out and gazed in Parvindra’s eyes guiltily and bent down her head. I am so. “Your dad? Your own dad? That’s very exciting bhabhi!” And ...and remembered it must have left a snap. “I am sorry. I love so much. You go with your brothers or whoever you wish I won’t ever ask. They looked liked a couple in love the way they both were lying over the bed in each other’s arms and kissing and turning up and down over each other. But now I want you to reply me tell me!!” Neha felt bad and shouted to him. you accept to share what I ask and despite you were with dad and uncle I accepted you like that so I feel like you only had to tell me about your brothers then I would have felt comfortable. WHEN YOUR FATHER WHO IS MY FATHER-IN-LAW FUCKED ME.. but then I thought that was my dirty mind’s ideas.. Parvindra was dumbfounded on hearing her words and seeing her in that state of despair. Please forgive me. “No it’s I. She asked. sorry Bhabhi. I will never ask you again. “YES! YES I WENT TO GET FUCKED BY MY BROTHERS! WHERE IS YOUR PROBLEM IN THAT? IT’S NOT OF YOUR BUSINESS. “So? Bhabhi? Any answer? Where had they taken you? To be fucked? When you were leaving itself I felt something was fishy. I had that intuition. took her in his arms.” And they held each other tightly in each others arms and were lost in a passionate kiss.. I love you.BASTARD!” After saying that she sat on the bed and started crying with her face buried in her hands.

It’s the right occasion. And her daughter is as old as you!” And it was decided that he will take another appointment with Roopchand and group. but Pravindra was adamant and he followed her to the bathroom. unwrapping it little by little around her body making her swirl around.. And Pravindra said. then told him that she was going to have a bath. It was then that Pravindra told her about Roopchand and his daughter and sister. “I had never seen such a huge dick as his!” and for his age that man is so robust! I really enjoyed him. He enlaced her while moving it out and his mouth was over her breasts and his tongue started licking them. You don’t do that.” But soon after Parvindra said.. so today I will get the opportunity to bath you bhabi. I will be your husband and you will be my wife and we introduce ourselves to that attendant and ask him to make you get the client but the condition will be that I will be together with you during the action!!” Neha refused aborting the issue... “So that’s where you had been leaving me alone with that Sheikh? You know. So that was it. Neha then said. he started undoing his bhabhi’s sari.. and legs.. “I do not agree about that Bhabhi. older than you? Is that possible? ” Immediately Pravind replied..the water dripping from her head. “But bhabhi it’s in fact a very good idea! Why not you accept that? You must go but I go together with you to that hotel. she was not in that mood at all at that moment. we only have to be together with Ropchand and family and you can see me with his sister! She is around 35 years old. Once inside. then he very gently ..Neha told him. Parvindra said.. opened the shower and let her get drenched when the blouse and petty coat was still on her.” Neha refused by telling him that she is tired as she just had it with her brothers.. Neha was motionless.” if you don’t agree then it’s alright I will never got to see that man. “Of course bhabhi..” Neha answered..” “Pravindra was amused saying. I did not tell you but sheikh did it again when you were out! He enjoyed me once more when I got out of the bath room. She said. He left her and stood there watching the game of the water. Pravindra. So they were two accomplices in whatever they were to do as they planned. ” wow!! He did it again? Bhabhi he is terrible isn’t it? You like him much isn’t it bhabhi?” Neha acquiesced. he used to lick my thighs and fondle my breasts and I always pretended to be sleeping when he did that so I knew that one day or another he will get me after my marriage..” Pravind was staring in her eyes and loving her lost expression in the thoughts of Sheikh’s dick! Neha then talked again. then he held her and slowly opened the blouse which was already very low-cut.” And then Neha told her about the attendant at the hotel. passing through her long black hair wetting all and reaching her breasts and going towards her belly. “Just like you love to watch me with old men I would love to see you with another woman. Neha.”My dad was always caressing me after getting drunk when I was much younger.

and were both wet with all the water dripping from the shower..... piercing his tongue as if to make a hole in it.. and her juices had a flow mixed with the water.. that Parvindra felt his dick wishing to get out of his trouser... “And Neha reached her orgasm... little by little her white sexy thighs started appearing.. and she took some in her hand to pass over Pravind’s body. and he gently penetrated his hard dick into her which made Neha stand up on her toes to give him way to continue further..aaahhahahahah.. holding Pravindra with more stronger grip.. her white panty soaked in the running water..... After a good suck which turned Neha on. he lifted the wet petty coat which seemed to be heavier as it was wet and he started lifting it up very slowly...... it was her turn to wash her young it..... And at last it was the time for the climax as both needed it badly by then.”hmmmm.... and they looked so stimulating.. and when it was lifted up to her hips.she knelt down and stared rubbing the shampoo over his hard dick.......... while Pravindra was removing her panty with his mouth . and Neha was twisting like a snake standing upward. while Pravindra got to pull out his cock to discharge the loads over her belly and left the rest in her mouth by .yes you can...yeesssss go on. Pravindra stood up.. his mouth over her wet neck and son licking her breasts.. she was leaning against the cold marble of the bathroom wall.. So Pravindra knelt down his eyes still fixed on her face..I love you baby. he held one of her legs in his hand. and she moved her fingers delicately.. Neha gave him her shampoo to pass over her body... electrifying.... Pravindra then started sucking her pussy enlacing her waist and pressing her ass with his fingers which were getting deep in the flesh..... there they were each of them rubbing the body of the next with shampoo. moving his hands towards her butt..... it was the that Neha was completely aroused and need to be loved by him... and got her the same way he had when she was washing clothes on the stone..... faster...... Gradually they were both naked. she pressed his head against her pussy and pulled his hair into her fingers.... then gradually her movements went on quicker and Pravindra was quivering on every stroke from her sister-inlaw..till she started the moaning murmurs.put his hand to her wet waist and caressed it.. Pravindra put his mouth there to drink the running water and licked the panty... he went on faster and faster and Neha went on with firm twists crushed beside him. They were holding each other in their arms and kissing while swallowing the water coming form the shower as well. and thighs..... but yet needed more actions to get aroused.. She was at that moment feeling a little bit excited.aahhhhh ... still standing and pulled her to him... he voice increased volume and it was heard.yesssss faster.... Pravindra rech her pussy and washed it with the shampoo.. so Pravindra was losing himself when his dick started doing to and fro the one blow more fast than the other..

without bra. That night Neha had no mood to have anymore sex so she kept in her room sleeping. She picked up her clothes and ran to her room. went to the toilet. He waited for her till 1.. had his bath. Well once that Ravindra and his father left for the field.pushing her to sit down on her legs and by closing the shower. her panty was clearly visible in the very flimsy dress.30 of the early morning and on seeing her coming he went to her room. Exceptionally on that day Pravind’s father came home at noon. who is a . Neha felt disturbed and quickened her steps. massaged his legs and body when he returns from the fields. When Neha woke up she was dazed and shaken to see it was day and she was still on her father-in-law’s bed. he was like a small kid being awoken by his mother. she was stunned that she slept naked with him all along the night. He was at last out of bed and asked Neha to come to the bathroom again like yesterday and they will bath together. He never complained of her. She was so tired of receiving 4 men within 24 hours. but Ravindra was having tea in the kitchen which he made himself and he just looked at her as if nothing happened. like Neha did everyday. talks to him at night before he gets asleep.. in her flimsy nighty.. He laid her over his bed and made love to her. Fortunately they were not having sexual intercourse... He knew she must be in her father’s room sleeping. But Neha laughed at him telling him that she had already had her bath. she went to Pravindra’s room with a cup of tea and teased him to wake up. her two brothers. But he was aware about her and his father’s relationship as he allowed it himself the night his dad had gone to arouse him.. But the old father-in-law wanted that night. but did not look for her. She got awake in shocked and childishly said that she did not wish to do it for this night. Pravindra and now the old that she slept on his bed till next morning. He called for Pravind and told him that his friend. He was very wild this night and Neha moaned loudly. She was all nude. She was yawning. brushed his teeth.. served him his tea every morning.. Her husband Ravindra woke up by 6AM... served him water any time he needed. So she did all her duties of a wife towards him. but the father-in-law was very eager and told her that he can’t wait. Both got very pleased and embraced each other opening the shower again having their bath together brother-in-law and sister-in-law.. and every one dinner. She was deep asleep when he moved her.. served him. Now how was the behaviour of Neha towards him? She talked to him very sweetly. He lifted her in his arms like a child and walked to his room carrying her. Neha was red with fear when the old man got in the house. with lots of mischievous actions.

He looked at his father with a disturbed look and interrogatively. Pravindra went too. just above the knees be seen. She was dressed that way for Pravindra but alas! Her father after putting the baggage down held Neha firmly in his arms and started running his tongue around her neck and at the beginnings of her breasts. He had no option and got to go. “Who wants to meet your father-in-law or Pravind sweetheart? It’s my luck that they went away. She exclaimed. As soon as they left. tell this idiot to stop roaming in the village like a rowdy and stop eating on his father’s earnings. Tell him to do something. her neck and caressed her ass. The beginning of the fairer colour. He was worried and did not know what to say. Neha was dressed in a two-piece. Will they now be separated? Pravind told his dad that he is not at all interested in that kind of work. . She went to open the front door and was taken aback to see her father standing at the threshold with a huge baggage. while stepping inside the house. Sharma. Neha was in the kitchen washing the plates they used for lunch. above the knees. Pravind was thinking of the future programs he had with Neha. So he had to go to meet that man. Sharma’s to get that job. ask him to be responsible and earn something at least. ‘Who could it be at this time? Nobody ever comes here’ she told herself. Since she was married it was his first visit.” Neha blushed and did not know what to say. People are queuing there at Mr. is in the nearby village for the construction of a dam and he needs an assistant and he had recommended his name. Pravind had got the habit of staying at home like a prince. Neha looked in his face sad and amazed. He looked at Neha sadly. lest someone else starts getting her in his absence. Her cleavage was visible as usual and the skirt reached just above her knees and letting part of her thighs.famous engineer. She thought they had returned having forgotten something. “Bahu. my father-in-law just left the house. He enlaced her and kissed her cheeks. how he will activate them and all that. I am his friend that’s why he has accepted to give him that job. Neha too felt very sad. that was her favourite. after exactly 5 minutes someone knocked at the door.” Her father murmured in her ears. Neha looked very happy and threw herself in his arms. as if he was about to cry. His father turning to Neha said. He was too much used to her now and did not wish to be away from her. I was praying for that and my prayer has been answered!” he said happily. but only looked in his face sympathetically. which looked very exciting and attracted men. “Papa you came just 5 minutes late. he had come to take him. His father obliged him to come with him to meet Mr. She could not do anything as his father who was ordering and was too serious. And then he was jealous too. she loved to be dressed in two-pieces when at home. and was not at all ready to work after all now that Neha was there.

He at last got her mouth. suck papa sweetheart...... smelled... The old man. Then still kissing the boobs he took away his shirt and his pant. The old dad. it was an intense feeling of thrill that she could not bear and was pulling the little hair which remained on her father’s scalp... smile looking at her dad with eyes as if she had taken drugs.Neha smiled and naughtily asked. then Neha threw her whole body over the bed and gave herself completely to her papa. he was roaming his hands under her skirt fondling over her thighs and her ass. panting. kissed...he was about to discharge and moaned. Neha very delicately.. papa wants to eat you!! Hey” Neha laughed and taunted. I will come. The old man was gasping. wait I want to fuck.. make papa happy.. so.... she felt herself again being that young girl that she was before marriage and felt her dad wanting her at that time and she was giving herself to him. and started eating the pussy like he eating a ripen mango. then knelt over the floor. which made the old man shudder.. took out her panty.. I missed you so much.. And Neha. then he mounted on his daughter. take it whole in your mouth.. come to papa darling . she moaned with a loud. please stop. make it reach your throat. trembling with pleasure... stroked her father’s cock.. rumbled. so much. it was her childhood play and fantasy. pointed her bedroom to him still caught in the kiss.. he loved it so much as he never had it before in his life. when still occupied with her boobs.. kissing and eating the breasts of her daughter. gave his old dada a wonderful sucking session..... “Hmm as if you did not get any other woman since I left your place? Hmmm?” The father was too eager to fuck her.. my baby.come to papa.. my baby.... as she loved doing that with her dad. “Why papa dear.. in such thoughts she felt being aroused tremendously. and ran her tongue lightly over the red tip. “Neha. who was now experienced or rather specialised in sucking. and hungrily started licking. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!” And he moved only about 7 times and he got to take .” he groaned... At same hand he was pulling her panty with one hand... The father held his cock in his hand pressed it not to get discharged. he took out all the juices and Neha started to spin. and Neha opened her mouth to her father’s and both their tongues started exploring each other’s mouth. passing his palm over her panty over the ass while his mouth was looking for her mouth. grumbled and pulled out the panty violently... And it did not take time as his cock entered her wet pussy. like a rotating instrument over the bed giving sharp moans. after a good sucking.. and sucked her panty.. then pulled her skirt out.. he pleaded. he moved up taking his big erect dick in his hand and placed it to her mouth. “yes my love.. moved the foreskin. They were both still standing and Neha. They reached her bedroom and Neha herself. you are hungry as if??” He replied “Oh my baby. And waited some time... grunted.. she was very excited too. removed her blouse and the father came close pressed her boobs over the bra and tenderly removed it. on the opening of the urine passage.. Neha spread her legs apart to let her father admire her open cunt.” She stopped with a mischievous.

Pravindra went to join her in the kitchen and enquired about her father and asked if he did anything to her? She told him frankly that it cannot be that nothing would happen since he came for that and the opportunity was in his favour.. as though he knew that we were to go! It seems as if you had contacted him and told him to come as you were alone!” Neha Smiled and said. Neha’s father-in-law and her father met each other and sat for a drink when she went to prepare food.. “Pitaji. oh my God! Its superb beta. “Yes my friend.. He understood that Neha loves her dad and she must have enjoyed his presence and sexual intercourse with him... she said she will not do that even if her father stayed! Pravindra wanted to make that happen and planned something. and he would watch. He went to join his father and Neha’s dad in the lounge and had a chat. Yet Neha told him what if the father-in-law wakes up or hear anything? It will be too risky and dangerous. “That’s amazing bhabhi! He came as soon as we left... you know it!” Pravindra was feeling unease and he went to stare at Neha’s father in the lounge where he was sitting with his dad... ask uncle to stay and he can leave tomorrow morning as it quite late. he won’t do it at night in that house as the three men will be in the house.. He tried to visualise where they would have made love and how Neha would have enjoyed him and vice versa. “Okay. do stay and tomorrow you leave early.. she sucked the last drops coming out and the old man shivered on her daughter’s action. his passion of seeing others fucking her aroused and he wanted to ask Neha to give him an opportunity to let him watch... he will not ever take such a risk.sorry I could not please you.I love it. yesssssssssss..” Her father stayed till late evening when the three men of the house returned from outside. ooooooooaaaaah. “Fortunately we do not have a phone here or else many others would have been contacting me from my native village. “Aaaaghghgh..” Neha’s father accepted and Pravindra said... with moans like. Pravindra felf jealous and said. He went back to the kitchen and asked Neha to ask his papa to stay tonight and she give him the chance to fuck her this out as he was cumming. Neha quickly got up and without being asked she took her father’s cock in her soft hands and directed it to her mouth.. But he could not do anything. He then told his father. Now if you. although he was not happy about his relation with her are superb my love. I am going to arrange the guestroom for uncle’s stay. its late. He suddenly had a wish to see her father fucking her.I was so excited baby. But Neha told him even her papa would stay.” His father said. part of the sperm fell over her breasts and part went in her mouth. my dear readers have followed my writings from the beginning you . But Pravind told Neha to explain him that she will come to meet him in the guestroom late at night when all will be asleep.

must have all gone through the page where I have drawn a sketch showing the room of Pravindra and the guestroom. “I will soon pretend to go to sleep. In between. Pravindra had only two or three sips of the whisky. Neha was not accepting but Pravindra told her not to worry. then Pravind whispered to Neha. and started pouring whisky one after another to his father’s glass and diminishing to that of Neha’s father’s glass.O. so that from his room with a small wire he will succeed to move the towel to watch inside. (SEE POST # 27) They are annexed to each other. He went to sit together with his dad and Neha’s dad. but he had never thought one day he will get to watch his bhabhi with her own papa. He got his father all drunk within an hour of sitting with them. He went in the kitchen and announced to Neha that her father is staying the night. Her father sat on the couch close to her and his hands were every now and then going over her knees and moving upper towards her thighs. And Neha’s father was not that drunk either. Now that he went to arrange the room he removed the photo frame and placed a towel there. He had done all that to see his dad with Neha. And he added that he will have to fuck her at night as he will arrange all. The bed in that room was just opposite the hole he had drilled and he could get all the view very clearly. Right. you go and change yourself and join him in the guest room okay?” He did not get more time to talk and the father was back. Neha was reluctant and worried because it’s her father-in-law who takes her almost every night. everything will go fine and nobody will ever know anything except him. But Neha was aware of his intentions and she had to participate only to let him watch. Neha and her father. Pravindra was watching every looks of Neha’s father without being noticed and he was getting excited when the father was touching her every now and then while talking with her. The night started and Ravindra. Once the father went to the loo. Neha’s husband had some words with his father-in-law when he bed him goodnight and went to sleep. He placed a photo frame on both sides that is one in his room and one in the guestroom to hide the drilled hole. Now what was the plan of Pravindra? How will he make that happen? Let us see that together friends. he had thought one night who knows his father will take Neha into the guestroom and so he drilled that hole to be able to see in that room. Were left in the lounge Pravindra. So this is what Pravindra planned in his head to be able to see all from his room as he had drilled a hole in the beginning when he was going to eavesdrop from the AC in his father’s room. Neha came to serve them now and then. Pravindra was acting as though he was not paying attention to them so as to give them freedom to go ahead. but . But Pravind’s father had to be carried to his bedroom and was K. Neha was dressed in a two-piece with deep cuts over her breasts and her skirt was just on her knees.

. But only Neha’s father was there. she was there. He took her hand. but not asleep. There. So he stepped to Neha’s room. . it’s not safe here. Her thin panty was seen through it and she was looking so hot and desirable.. so he waited. He wanted to see Neha’s expression. And Pravind thought about it.. He waited for a long time in his room but heard no noise at all. people from the road may come to peep in... could it be that his father had taken her to his room? No. Pravind wished to fuck her on the spot. Pravindra had a pervert like desire in him to see a father fucking a daughter. He decided to go to see Neha himself. her skirt was moved up to her hips. lets go now. He went to peep and found Neha standing near the bed of her father who was sleeping.she was holding his hands with smiles and laughs changing subjects each time. But to the joy of Pravind. He wanted to see either Neha . “Papa. they would normally pass near his room and he would have heard... He waited. but Neha did not come. He talked to her asking why she was not going to the guestroom... his hands roaming over her panty and he was sucking her tongue which left the nectar in her father’s mouth.. But he thought. he was disappointed and thought Neha must have gone to change in her nighty... He at last stood up saying good night to them and went to his room expecting that they will soon move away.. He felt provoked to lusty imaginations.. in the lounge.. He was thirsty to see her father fucking her.. pulled her out of the room and left her near the guestroom quietly and went to his room quickly. And he heard the guestroom opening and he knew they were getting in...... Yes. When they return from the lounge. He waited for almost an hour. It was great time for him and he mounted on a chair he had placed to the hole he had drilled and looked in the guestroom. but sitting over the bed by her husband’s side who was snoring loudly! She was in a flimsy pink nighty without bra. but all were silent.... Neha was in her father’s arms and he was going on kissing her.” And Pavindra hurried his steps back to his room. What if he will want to get her in the lounge itself? He slowly opened his room’s door and bare foot walked towards the lounge and found them in that action. Neha broke from the kiss and said... he went to peep several times and at last found the old man sleeping! He was disheartened.. She said she is feeling afraid lest his father wakes up or walks in or hear things?! He reassured her that nothing as such will happen and pleaded her to go to her father. but he had other dreams. It can’t be he told himself as he was all drunk. At that moment her father’s hands moved to her breasts and were fondling them. looking in Pravind’s face. And Pravind was getting excited and had a hard on seeing that stimulated sexual desire in him....

... The father enlaced her and his hands went to her butt and moved up her flimsy nighty and fingered her. She delicately started undoing the waist band. he continued looking at Neha. “Hmmm papa! Wake up! You had not pleased me in the day. and started sucking him.. do it now... Soon.. and started unbuttoning the shirt one by one... thick black hair open fell over the father’s legs and she started moving her hips over her papa’s thighs. She had a pleasant smile on her lips.. and as there was no bra he started licking and eating the breasts savagely... So he found Neha standing and looking at her dad.. “You did not even take your clothes off papa.... Neha pushed back her neck. There Neha had already removed all her father’s dress except the underwear and was licking his cheeks and asking him to wake up... . She then pulled standing up and half of her father’s body came out of the bed during her pull. But the trouser was out. He was still undressed and got asleep as he lay there.. and Neha struggled with the trouser to get it out his waist. I want you. while doing so.” The old man did not move a bit. She murmured. he wanted to know and witness all that. and slowly undid the zip fastener.... The old was not moving and Neha naughtily said. Neha was getting difficulty to hold it in her mouth so was taking it out every now and then... and was trying to remove the trouser... he wanted to see if Neha will enjoy her father or the father will dominate her. her long. He groaned and quivered and pushed his dick more and more deeper in her throat. or the father will force her. The dad was there lying in his underwear and shirt. Her breasts clutched against his hairy chest. Neha then leant over his body by managing it well over the bed. and she kissed the chest.will love it. Pravind from his room was thrilled on seeing Neha so nicely accepting her own father in a big suck!! He thought she loved sex that bhabhi of his! Neha’s father after a while made her sit over his naked lap and he removed the nighty which she made easy to go by lifting up her both arms. his hand went over his dick and he took it out and caressed it in a masturbating way.. she was rubbing it to feel the pleasure on her tits.... Neha ran her tongue over his chin and reached his mouth and her tongue was soon exploring her father’s mouth..... she was licking her father’s belly and biting his downer parts till she reached his underwear and removed it to hold the hard cock of her dad in her soft hands and after caressing them she took it in her mouth. Pravindra was getting more and more excited and had a fucking hard on. She very slowly sat over the bed close to him and put her hand to his trouser. her breasts were rubbing against her father’s chest. and licked part of it. will you sleep like this? Come on move it.hmmm wake up please papa!” And her father groaned opening his eyes and mischievously looked at her and pulled her to him by her head..

Pravindra watched all that from the hole in his room and was hard. the father lying on his back. And the refrigerator where he had hidden himself in the beginning when he had seen Neha getting out of his father’s room. the fatherin-law’s and Pravindra’s room’s situation... he held her in his arms and carried her to his room. And after a moment they were both over the bed. only a beam of light from his room was lighting the space when he was standing there. playing with his hair..wait let me place same sketch here also friends. she did and he licked and kissed her panty . it was dark everywhere. and she was speaking in his ears softly.Then the father asked her to stand up on the bed itself. “Hey what are you doing. someone can hear us. running her fingers amongst.. Neha’s room door was before Pravindra’s room as the sketch shows on page 3 of this story. She was at last pleased before the dad. She whispered. who in turn reached his pleasure too and she asked him again to leave his cums in her like the last time he did at his place. and his belly got stuck with the cum over her belly. When he found Neha kissing goodbye to her dada.. here it goes: So as you will see I explained in the very beginning about their rooms. He slept over her body after the discharge of his sperm over her belly. leave me! Put me down!!” But Pravind put her on his bed in his room! He was naked standing in the corridor.) Sp Pravindra went to wait at the corner of the corridoe and as soon as she stepped out of the guestroom.he removed the panty.... (If any friend is reading from here he is requested to go and start from the beginning of the story to understand what I am telling here... it got wet by his sucks and her juices oozing from it.she was fucked by Pravindra again. caressing his head... he put his cock straight to her mouth while she was still dressing her nighty from under her while sitting over the bed.. And he was so hard erect. He lay there for quite some while.. Anf it happened again. . She had no choice so took his dick in her mouth but before she mumbled some words looking with big eyes in his face childishly... he hurried out and waited for her in the corridor. and the place from where he went to eavesdrop at her dad and Neha. Neha over him with her legs parted and his Dick was deep in her pussy and Neha herself was moving in and out to reach her orgasm over her father’s cock. his hands enlacing her wait. Neha gave a little cry when she was caught by him. his mouth all plunged on her pussy he started piercing his tongue in the openings and she started shuddering and pushed her head back and stood on her toes with the excitement procured from the licks and sucks of her father.

and threw his body over the bad lazily. She had more to do this day as there was to prepare the breakfast for 5 persons. you have to wake up early tomorrow morning. The father-in-law himself felt the erection in his pant after watching the father/daughter love and affection play. “We will love at night now. He was feeling very happy although he was not with her in the day. The father-in-law also was watching them. Pravindra slowly got used to the work he was assigned to do. she pulled up. “I will arrange all with him. Soon the three men were at the table except Pravind. Even he doubted and asked himself. running from room to room waking up everyone. Sharma’s!” On hearing this Pravindra felt a heavy burden on his stomach. Pravind. Neha kissed her father on both his cheeks and he also did same and his lip brushed over lips when the second kiss finished. “Go to awake that lazy chap beta” Neha went to his room for the fourth time. and she placed her mouth to his ears and said. I will not see you the whole day. send a flying kiss to him from the doorstep. He encircled Neha in his arms and said sadly. and now how shall we make love?” She pulled him out of the bed with both her hands and using all her physical effort. “Bhabhi. Neha was in a rush. Sharma the engineer/contractor. Neha hugged her father in presence of all other three men at the threshold of the house. He will have to respect my time table of night shifts now!” and she laughed! All the men left the house soon. At times she was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast. The next morning. He was someone from the city and got to travel very long distance from his place to come to this village to assist the works proceedings. His father told Neha.Sharma. The father-in-law noticed that and also the hand of her father was over her bare waist. Pravind woke up at 10 to 11 in the day so she never got to prepare for him at that early hour of the morning. you don’t have to worry. Neha laughed and biting her lips. He thought of her father and her . “I must go now. I will miss you a lot. No more kissings and hugging in the day now. and he caught it. Everyday she had to prepare for her husband and father-in-law only and this day for all the 4 men and herself. you also as you are going to work at Mr. He got used to Mr. saying. She had started being more affectionate towards him. at night its dad who will takes you!! How will I?” She sighed. He was responsible of a group of workers who had to report to him and he conducted the worker plus the works done by them. Normally. moved him and told him that his father was getting irritated.At last. And she was gone. “But bhabhi. But often during the day his mind ran towards his home and he feared other person could seduce Neha or could be seduced by her. Often at night he got Neha to enjoy and erase his day’s tiredness. So in another way Pravindra was his assistant and all workers reported matters with him in absence of Mr. He was out. You have had enough since the last several months!!” But Pravindra interrupted. watched her father’s movements. and his fingers roamed a bit over there. Days went by. She missed him too during the day and so she did her best to be at his disposition at night.

not to show herself when Mr. Mr. his high stature. She looked like a 20 years old woman. was a voluptuous woman with sexy looks and fabulous figure... Sharma was asking something else which he did not understand... he thought same time he will get the chance to get the hot chick that was Roopchand’s niece.. Mr Sharma was waiting in the car till he made the deal. The girl of Aarti. asked him about his girlfriend about whom her uncle had talked.brothers.. But then he thought of Roopchand’s sister and daughter. They had a lovely hour spent in the house. Roopchand’s sister.Sharma was amused and told him that he knows these days almost all youngsters do have a girlfriend.. Sharma either he personally wanted to get a girl to enjoy from the village. and said she wished to see her together in company. Pravindra never thought he will ever feel keen of the village girls. He went out and called the boss to come in.. Sharma talked with him about girls. . high class car stopped in front of Roopchand’s house. Whenever he thought of all that he felt agitated and disturbed and longed to return home immediately. But Mr. Pravindra told him he will drive him when he feels like going there. his big car. as he will take her daughter and Mr.. Who spreads such news God alone knows he told himself! So he asked Mr. Mr Sharma liked her and went inside the room with her.. One day Mr. Sharma will come with her. Pravindra thought where from such news got spread because the village people always heard that the city girls who are like that and here Mr. The big. Pravindra explained them that Mr. and he went in to face the sister and daughter alone at home. He was a man in the late fifties. Pravindra told her that he will soon arrange for a party for all of them. It was his passion to see her fucked by other man. He replied that was what he was asking and asked either Pravind knew any such whom he knew for time pass. “And what about the girls of this village? Don’t you get any for time pass here?” Pravindra then thought what he was trying to ask. Sharma asked him again. “Yes” was the answer. let her mother alone meet him. He asked his boss to drive to the other village. for a gang bang. Sharma got the news that it’s the village girls who are like that.. as he said he had heard in the villages there are many such cute lovely girls who like to go out for time pass.Sharma is a rich person and they can earn lots with him so accept to receive him generously. specially this was an aged one like he loved. Nevertheless he strengthened himself and got involved in the work. Sharma gets in. But he still had the envy of seeing Roopchand’s sister and daughter and share Neha with them. named Aarti. So he was planning a day off to realise that passion. He was a city man and highly educated and very intelligent and looked a real big boss with his suit. Pooja. Pravind asked him either he was keen for the village girls. And Pravindra thought of Neha and told him that he had a girlfriend.. He told Roopchand’s sister that the boss will pay for his part too. And Pravind was happy to take Neha. He thought of talking him to see Neha. She never gave her age.. He asked the daughter to get inside the room. She was in fact around 36/38. Mr.

neither his father nor husband. But when after opening the window Neha disappeared inside the house. That man. the white parts of her bare arm and armpit were all to the view of that man. Then one day. and Neha felt it but pretended not noticing anything. plus her cleavage too. Neha. she was still in her nighty and it had only thin straps over her shoulders and her boobs were very much seen. stared at Neha after greeting her with a head sign. big. The three other men came and they were working but their eyes were only on Neha’s yard. Once he talked to the other two saying. Neha wished to help him thinking that he was mat be wishing to come t take water but was hesitating. fat. from inside saw him. By its side there was a waste land. Now one day one among the three other workers came to fill a bottle of water when Neha was putting clothes to be dried on the string in her yard. the man looked at her continuously. The man went back and spoke to all others. Parts of Neha’s clothes were wet while washing and they were stuck to her body. She kept standing for a while to see what he will do. “she is a damn hot . with a belly. He opened at 9. all her underarms were seen from the road. So Pravindra never came across them. So that owner. especially to the part she washed clothes where the tap was situated. there was neither electricity. She felt that the man was wishing to get in their yard but was hesitating. As it was a closed shop. and Neha then found all four men looking at her from that waste land where about 5 vehicles were parked. Every time that Neha was bending to take a washed cloth from the tub. Among those three one who was 27 years old was very keen of Neha and he was the one who looked at her the most with lusty eyes and he desired her that was clear. so she opened a window which faced the road and looked at him. nor water supply connected there. Three persons worked with him. The moment Neha opened the window. which gave on the side where Neha washed clothes. He talked about her with the other men.Now opposite the house of Pravindra there was shop which was closed since two years. thighs thus giving a clear view of her silhouette and the shape of her body and butt. the man did a sign with his head to Neha and Neha did same with a casual smile just to be polite. that man went inside his garage to carry on with his works. Since a week. that man had a peek at her cleavage. The owner was in his late forties. came to knock at Neha’s house the first day he came and asked the service to be provided with water from Neha’s tap for some days till he got the water supply established once again. The man felt being invited by Neha. Every time that Neha washed clothes outside. in the morning when the garage owner came. a garage owner has rented that shop plus the waste land to keep the vehicles to be repaired.30 and closed at 4 PM. The tap was just there itself.. she has to lean with her left hand on one side and with one hand opened the window and while doing so... the place once Pravindra fucked her. over her.. he was standing on the road just opposite Neha’s house. Neha did not refuse and told them to come to fill water whenever they needed. a young one aged around 25. Neha looked there now and then but did not pay heed to him.

Subhash left the place and hurried to the garage to relate the episode to his boss and friends. And from her place Neha was watching him go still holding her laugh. and the motifs on the side of the bra. He . his elbow touched Neha’s ass to the full. The white boobs in the black bra. Each time she did that. . including the boss and he was explaining with the movements of his hands pointing to his chest and moving down like Neha did when rinsing the clothes. He was delaying to fill the bottles so that he could stay for longer time. She just smiled to herself stealing a look at him. He. she does not have any child or anyone around. Now the young man. and in fact she found him gathered around them. She is really superb!” The other workers then laughed. The fact was that the boss himself longed to get her for his own since the day he heard them talking of her and since that day that he also started looking at Neha. Now Neha was washing the clothes and every time had to bend completely down to rinse the soaped cloth in a tub containing water. she turned back to see him coming and she left a smile looking at him. here. the owner heard them talking and added. She – never mind. She is a very good prey of all of us you see dudes!” It was then that their boss. when we will get water there then I am sure we will no longer use this much water! While he spoke that.young woman dear! She is sexy and she lived all alone. and she laughed loudly when he was gone thinking the poor chap got an erection watching her boobs! She tried to watch the men as she was sure Subhash will go to relate all to his friends. displaying her figure so with exactitude. he had brought three in all to fill. and Subhash got to see her by the back when he got in. it’s just nothing.nearing his elbow to her ass. Will you be able to conquer her in the first place?” The young man proud of his prowess said yes he will do it. named Subhash saw Neha coming out to wash clothes and he took his bottle and went in. and she re-stood in the washing on the stone position. And he gathered some guts to talk to her. “We feel too thirsty. her tshirt moved fast and her arousing boobs could clearly be seen with parts of her black bra and its straps. Her ass was looking very well preserved as the skirt was so well collated to her hips and ass. only to show being courteous.It’s so nice of you to give us water everyday bhabhi ji. “Stop talking a lot. was in a skirt and Tshirt in which the form of her beautiful round breasts were so appealing. Subhash’s organ inflated inside his pant and he go to use his hands to put it in not disturbing position. Neha was bending over the washing stone. And Subhash neared her to fill his bottle. gave a very sensuous look to her body and any man would get a hard on. Then the boss told him. “okay then if you succeed let me know I will go too then. Subhash too had a very hard erection and he got to manage it with his hands which Neha found him doing. When he almost reached the tap which was near Neha. do get her first then you talk.

“I don’t understand. why did she prefer an older man than you? You had surely not been fair to her!” This encouraged Subhash to talk more intimately to her as he found her laughing like an old friend with him. Neha also was expecting that he will soon return. “And you bhabhi.. tell me bhabhi. There the boss and the other friends were looking at Neha’s direction on hearing the events related by Subhash. “The bottle fell down and the water got split so I need another fill. The boss told Subhash. “If despite your presence there she bent down to rinse the clothes means she knows it very well that you were watching her breasts and bra. handsome man like me?” Neha then bent down to rinse with a pleasant smile. and he stared at her soft boobs hanging in her t-shirt as if they will soon get out of the bra. “Oh no. “You will not wash bhabhi ji?” Neha gave a grin and said... They encouraged him to go. why did you ask?” Subhash answered.. would you prefer an older man than a young. and Neha continued washing and had a chat.. “Oh my God. So you live only with your husband here?” Neha by then was rubbing another cloth over the stone and by . “What happened?” he replied. so he got an idea.. “I will” And Subhash did not know what to do now as per his plan it was a flop. my girlfriend betrayed me and eloped with another older man!” Neha Laughed and looking in his face said. She asked. And yes he did. Neha asked.. He said. And Subhash was erect again and still staring inside her T-shirt he asked. have you been married since long?” She redressed her waist by standing to transfer the rinsed clothe to another tub and replied.” Neha knew all his roles and just smiled and watched him filling the water but intentionally this time she did not bend down but stood up watching him with a mischievous smile on her face. So appreciating her hospitality he placed himself in front of her and sat on the floor over his legs and lit a cigarette and started watching her with a grin. why she did that..Neha understood that he went to relate how he got a hard on while watching her that way.. and he stared at her soft boobs hanging in her t-shirt as if they will soon get out of the bra.. “Are you married?” And he had a smile and replied. When Subhash found that she was standing he felt disappointed and the bottle was filled already and he looked in her face and asked. was excited on hearing her answer and thought she may be a lover of old men too.. “Well it depends! If the old man is gentle and caring plus affectionate so it can be!” Subhash. And the way you are saying she smiled after seeing you dressing your dick in your pant means that she understood all and she did not mind that. being a girl. just like this.” On hearing that Subhash emptied the water on the soil and said he is going again there. to let her cleavage be visible to him. So my friend you are getting that young lady. Carry on with your flirts with her you will soon be on her bed with her. he can. was excited on hearing her answer and thought she may be a lover of old men too. “Where do you live?” He replied. “In the city 50 kms from here.” Neha then asked. Subhash. and replied. and smoke a cigarette before I leave bhabhi ji?” she told him. “Oh. “May I sit down a bit.. he said. “It’s the ninth month that I am married here.

and pressed the boobs hard which made Neha say. His cigarette finished. “You have guts you. “You smell so good bhabhi. To that Neha moved and said.” Subhash then very softly put his lips to her ckeek. in a caressing way. Happy??” And Subhash proud on his success. “Okay only one kiss and you go away. I feel attracted to you. brushed his hands on her ass and started moving his steps to leave saying “ Very happy bhabhi. naughtily “No. “It’s dried already now!” And Subhash plucked courage to say.” But Subhash at that time placed his hands on both side of her thighs and was nearing his face to her neck. When he did that Neha threw her hand to hit him. you naughty! Go away now. And she continued thinking of Pravind and comparing this Subhash to the other ways of approach to a woman. bit his lips with a large smile looking in her face. but she pretended to be astonished and stood straight and said. you go now. meanwhile his hands fingers touched her boobs overthe T-shirt.” And Subhash dared to ask her. sniffing her hair and said. please let me kiss your soft cheeks for once only. and caressed it. by that time Subhash’s hands had moved up to almost her breast. but it would have been even better if you kissed me back!” Neha replied. jerked away and which made Neha blush and laugh. and he kissed the cheek. and who touches a woman everywhere on her body like this!” And on this Subhash like a spoiled child. Please allow me to give you a little kiss.” Neha. and Subhash missed the cheek. and he rubbed his hands on her thighs as if drying them. but could not as there was no space and she answered him. And Neha pulled her hands from his saying. and he quietly moved his hands a bit inner towards her softer intimate parts. only you two live here?” She tried to move a bit away from his body touch. turning back to look at her with a mischievous smile. Back in the garage. with her hands. “Your friends must be looking for you there.that movement. Neha from her washing stone looked there once or twice and saw . pushed back her hair which was coming to her face as she was bending over the washing stone. and Neha. he neared her to rinse his hands under the running tap. thank you for the sweet kiss. but she missed and he.”Ouch. He was behaving exactly like him. “Can I dry my hands on your skirt bhabhi please?” Neha did not reply this but only looked at him. Neha found in him all the naughtiness of Pravind. and his body rubbed against her while he intentionally stood to the same position to feel her and talked. I do not kiss naughty persons like you who do not listen.” Neha was not that surprised when he said that as she was very well understanding what he was up to. and he felt her thighs. Subhash watched her boobs moving to and fro inside her T-shirt and he wished if only he could see those breasts dangling without a bra and he could have a watch. “No my father-in-law and a brother-in-law too live together. Subhash was encircled by the others including the boss and he was relating his exploits.shivered and said. “Bhabhi you are a very beautiful woman. put his hand fully over her breasts and squeezed them before running away from there. “You did not tell me bhabhi. young man! We do not even know each other and you ask to give me a kiss?” By then Subhash was very close to her and took her hand delicately in his and moved his face very close to her cheeks and was about to kiss her cheeks when Neha moved to look back at the garage direction if the other persons were watching.

him being encircled and she knew he must be telling them how he is a successful gallant! But then Neha thought, then the other men also will want to try her the same way?! Then she thought he will not give all the details to the others.... After about half an hour Neha started to hang the washed clothes on the strings in the yard and from there she was closer to the garage and they were looking at each other every now and then and Subhash was signalling her with his hands and fingers in gallant ways, and Neha was only smiling at him. When she was bending to pick the clothes from the tub which was on the soil, all the four men were staring at her boobs in the black bra and the straps..... Neha carelessly continued the job, still looking at the garage’s side and she found all 4 men watching at her, but she did not care....... Now in the afternoon before those men had to go back home they came to wash themselves at Neha’s near that same tap. And they all come together, and make a lot of noise, talking and joking.... and this day they were talking contrary on Subhash and Neha. She was listening to their words from the kitchen and smiling. One among them said loudly, “Subhash, you have got a girlfriend in this village, in the town you have zero. You will have to start living in the garage itself then you will get lots of opportunities to be with your beautiful lady.” The boss said, “Then I will not have to come early to open, by the time we come here you will have already opened the garage and started the works.” Neha was listening to their commentaries and laughing inside. Another friend amongst said, “But, Hey Subhash, you call your girlfriend ‘BHABHI’ is her name ‘BHABHI’?” And Subhash said, “Hey man, I did not ask her name! Shit. I should have done it yeah!” The boss added, “Yeah! The bid Mister Flirt does not even know the name of his girlfriend! That’s great!” And Neha suddenly opened the back kitchen door which opened directly on them, and facing them with a laugh she said, “Gentlemen, I am Neha, pleased to know you all!” They were all taken aback and looked in each other’s face and they started laughing, when Neha closed back the door on them. Then they all murmured and whispered, “She was listening to all that we were talking. She was here. Hey she told you her name Subhash.” But the boss, the man in the late forties, with the big belly and fat guy, was silent and was thinking of all that happened and felt that he should get that beautiful lady to fuck before any other of his man! They went home. On his way back home, the boss continued thinking of all the happenings and remembered how in the morning when he was standing on the road she was in her nighty and had opened the window and smiled with him,and he thought of all which Subhash related how he had touched her boobs, how he had kissed her and all that, he said to himself that is a woman who will let be fucked easily. He told himself that the next day he will fuck her before his workers come to work. There at Neha’s place, when all the three men of the house came. Tired from work, Neha served them al and did her usual chores, but she did not mention at all about the garage workers to anybody. Not even to Pravind or to the husband or father-in-law. At night she

did not go to meet any of the two men of the house who fuck her. They also did not come to look for her as they were all tired and fell asleep. The next morning arrived. The rush in the morning in Neha’s house, she ran from the kitchen to each man’s room awaking them, preparing their breakfasts and lunch they will bring with them and all that. And soon all men left the house for the fields. Neha was still in her nighty like she used to stay every morning. She never wears a bra when she is in her nighty. The nipples of her breasts rubs against the flimsy dress which makes her often get a sweet sensation. She was combing her hair in front of the mirror and heard the garage shutters being lifted up. It was too early, at that time it never got open. Normally it’s at 9 o’clock that they come to work all of them. But at that time it was only 7. So walked to the front from where she saw the rod and the garage, and she found the boss, the man in the late forties, with a big belly and quite a fat man he was. Soon she found him again like last morning standing close to her gate and looking in the house’s direction. Neha wondered why he stood like that there. She wished to ask him if he needed anything, but hesitated as she was not used to him. She thought if Subhash was there she would have opened the door to ask him what was the matter....but she continued looking at him with her comb in her hand, and meanwhile she was passing the comb in her long black, beautiful silky hair..... And the boss, named Gyan was asking himself either the men of the house were still inside or already should have left for work as it was only 7 o’clock of the morning. He wished to get in to knock at the door, but he was reluctant. What would he say if the men opened? And he then thought if Neha opened, he would have a chat....and in his mind he had already planned what to ask so that he could get the chance to get inside the house....but only he was sure the men were not there..... The sun had just started rising in the blue sky, the weather was splendid and some chirpings of the bird were heard here and there. The fresh air was blowing and Gyan felt cold as he was not used to the cool air of the village but the hot polluted atmosphere of the city only suited his body. He waited for about 15 minutes then took courage to move in the yard. Neha by then was back in her room, in front of the mirror was applying some make ups, and making herself look beautiful. She was as if getting ready to receive a suitor. She wore some sweet perfumes and walked to the front to have a look on the road. And she found Gyan walking in the yard towards her door. She thought he was coming to ask for something. So she opened the door even before he had reached it. Gyan, on seeing her at the doorstep, was a bit astonished as he was not expecting, he had thought he would knock then she would come, but there she was first to open the door. They looked in each other’s face and with a pleasant smile Neha, asked, “You need something Mister? I saw you since quite a time looking at this side, I hesitated to ask, and when I saw you getting in I dared to open and ask if you need anything please, can I be of

any help?” Gyan lost all his words on seeing her kind hospitality and stammered, “Hmmmm, no, I well.... huh.... i... was....ju...ju...just....” His eyes went on Neha’s sexy, envious, desirable nighty, the straps over her shoulder, he noticed it at one go that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples points were hitting the flimsy dress.. .” His eyes went on Neha’s sexy, envious, desirable nighty, the straps over her shoulder, he noticed it at one go that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples points were hitting the flimsy dress....... her bare white beautiful arms and soft parts of her cleavage......Gyan got an erection in his pant and Neha on seeing him looking with lusty eyes, put one hand over her chest and kindly re-asked, ‘you need something’ in a soft voice bending her head down. It was then that Neha realised that she was in her nighty in front of a stranger and her body was arousing the man. She tried to be kind and generous in the sense of helping as the man was a newcomer in her village, but at that moment after seeing the looks of the man she felt disturbed and shame invaded her self. She did not come in front of him with any thoughts like that. She very kindly, only wished to help and tried to be helpful to someone who is a complete stranger to that place..... But she felt things were going in the wrong way and she pulled the door closed. By then Gyan understood that there were no men in the house or else they would have come to see who was at the door. So he talked back, while Neha pulled the curtain to cover her bare parts which were visible and listened to him. And Now Gyan was confident, he no longer stammered and thinking of the way yesterday she had received Subhash, he talked, “You see, I left home too early and have not had tea, so if I could get a cup of tea please.” On hearing that Neha felt sorry and thought she was imagining things in vain and the man was only wishing to have tea, she opened back the door and generously asked him in, and said, ”Oh! Yes, why nor, just a minute, I will serve you tea, its still hot as I just served my husband and family members. Please be seated.” She walked in the corridor towards the kitchen while Gyan sat on the couch in the lounge, and he watched her back, the triangular form of her panty was visible through the flimsy nighty she had worn. Neha on her part showed innocence as she thought the man only needed a cup of tea and had no bad intentions. From the kitchen she heard Gyan asking, “Your family members have already left for work, they leave very early?” She answered sweetly trying to be casual and friendly to a stranger whom she was pitying and serving tea replied, “Hmm, yes they go to the fields, so by before 6 they leave the house everyday, someday even before that.” Gyan was arranging his erect cock in his pant when Neha walked in with the cup of tea in her hand which she submitted to him putting a hand over her chest to prevent the nighty hang to let her boobs be seen. Gyan started sipping the tea and his eyes were on her body staring from tip to toe. Neha stood there expecting him to return the cup after finishing the tea. She tried to talk so as to break the silence which was disturbing when she noticed his eyes lingering her body. She asked, “How come you came so early today?” Gyan was in no mood to talk worldly matters but only wished to hold her in his arms. But though he

. “What’s wrong with you Mister? Leave me or else I will scream!” Gyan’s dick was rubbing on her butt and his mouth was roaming over her cheeks and neck. Neha got tired by struggling and found that he will not let go without fucking her and she surrendered. “Why al these dramas baby? You are a married woman and you know what it is to receive a cock in your pussy. moving the nighty’s straps his tongue licking her bare arms she was struggling in his enlaced in his strong dark arms. She shivered and her heartbeats fastened. look I have been kind to serve you tea. Gyan said. They were still in the standing position and Neha was moving hard in his grip to get out but she was unsuccessful as Gyan was too big and strong. she sat... “Will you leave me or do I shout?” Gyan answered forcing his dick to her butt. and in the corridor she heard steps coming behind her... let me enjoy a bit baby. by then one strap of her nighty had fallen to her arm and Gyan was licking the soft part near her armpit.. Neha was becoming furious and loudly ordered... Gyan was removing his underwear and said. and she angrily said.. long erect cock . but Neha moved hard to prevent him removing it. “Oh I was not able to sleep well last night I had a nightmare and so woke up quite early. after that Neha started in a pleading voice.. you will enjoy it I bet sweety. “I have never seen such a big belly in my life!” and laughed. Gyan did not listen at all and continued in his doings and he was at that time lifting her nighty and his dark big hand was roaming over the white soft skin of her thighs. till it reached her panty which he was trying to pull down... and he sucked that part to leave a red snap... wait and tell me if you have seen this one... Neha sat there watching him. Gyan put Neha on the bed. “Please leave me..replied. “Who on earth will hear you here darling? Such a sensual woman like you needs a cock like mine to enter will love it.. you do enjoy it with your husband hmmm? So lets do it with me too.. Once in the room... stop struggling like this. and he started taking out his clothes very quickly.. I am longing for you since the first day I saw you here sweetheart. come on...Gyan felt amused and understood he was now accepted because she opened the bedroom’s door herself.. lets go to your bedroom.” He finished the tea gave her the cup which she took and walked towards the kitchen.. and he held his big dark. I am married and my husband is a nice person. come on. she was trying to sit but he was too strong and lifting her up each time that she was trying that movement.. moving up the fallen strap of her nighty from her shoulder. he drank the juice provided by the suck of her soft skin. just give it a chance my love!” And by then his both hands started brutally fondling her round firm breasts over her flimsy nighty. he did not know which room to open and Neha herself from his arms opened her room’s door.. his cock still in his jeans continued savagely rubbing to her butt. while he was carrying her still in the corridor. it was going very very fast all these happenings.... I give you all water everyday... I am not that type of woman.. The on seeing his big round belly she giggled and said.” and he lifted her up in his arms like a small child and started walking in the corridor. She did not turn but quickened her steps and when she reached the sink where she kept the cup she was held from behind by the strong arms of Gyan.. please don’t do that to me...

” Neha caressed it all along till his balls and bent her head to lightly run her tongue over the tips first.. Gyan also was hissing while enjoying the fuck and her delicate body which he was only yesterday admiring from the garage...... Gyan hissed and stood up over his toes excited and groaned. then gradually.... The fuck continued and neha was moaning louder and louder with sharp voice while Gyan accelerated the blows one after the other.. oH my God! Its superb. harder. she was still sitting naked in front of him. “A a shh aghaghagh.. he also all naked and took Neha in his arms tenderly. and Gyan with apetit drank her juices.. Gyan sat down on the floor..... put his head in between and started licking her wet pussy...... brought his dark cock near her mouth as she was sitting. parted the legs of Neha. Gyan also started groaning while he was about to ejaculate.. their arms were around each other’s shoulders. sssssshshshshsh.. I like it....aaaaaaaahahahah..” And she rested her head over his shoulder biting him and sucking his skin.suck it well baby.. take it in your sweet mouth it is eager to feel your warm touch there.. fuck harder.. and Gyan moved up her nighty over her hips at the same time that she was continuing sucking.She held his head in both her hands.. and Neha’s fingers were caressing his dark skinned back... Gyan removed her panty and pulled out her nighty to make her nude.. suck it. And soon they were both lying over the bed and Gyan was over her. yes baby... he pierced his finger in her wet sticky panty to make her give a moan with the continuation of the suck.... and licking his skin. then slowly slide it in her mouth. and Gyan admired that white and partly pink flesh of Neha. “ take it baby... and as it entered Neha gave a moan with a hiss and stretched her whole body twisting like a moving snake. “aaghghg!! Yessss. . Neha looked in his eyes..... got it moistened...Neha put a hand to her face looking at the cock and gasped.. which made Neha giving moans and sharp hisses.... shshshshshs yesssssssssss.. her legs parted apart and he was penetrating his cock into her wet pussy.. she was going on sucking and twisting her body as she was becoming horny by then.. take it full in your his hand and pointed it towards her.. opened her legs well apart and enjoyed his sucking. then he mounted over the bed... “oh! Its biiiiig!” And happily Gyan.” Neha started moving her head giving a good suck and felt wetting down her panty.why was I refusing you? Its so goooooooooooooooood. And after a while of getting sucked. mocked him and holding that cock in her white tender hand said.” and he took out his dick fast from the pussy andbrought it to her mouth..aaaaahhh I am reaching my orgasm... on seeing her in a nice mood..... and his tongue opened way in her mouth and they both started drinking juices of each other’s tongues. don’t dtop..she was flowing her liquid on his touch.. ”You naughty man! You would have raped me if I would not have given up isn’t it?” He smiled gladly and said with a hiss.” Yes.... which made a big contrast of black and white colour.. ssshshshshshsh. he was sweating and Neha was kissing his sweat..and suddenly she clutched him strongly and moaned loudly saying. yes.. twisted her nose.

hot body of Neha.. all this time did not you appreciate it?” then Gyan after glancing at his watch said. He asked her. it could be that her father-in-law and brother-in-law fuck her! Thinking this Gyan felt his erection growing again and visualised her with an old man fucking her!! He thought how an old man would be happy to enjoy that young. part of it went over her forehead.. “I mean my husband will ask questions!” Gyan thought for a moment then asked staring in her face. it should not be worn at night to ease the breasts to be free and then husband also gets it free!" Gyan... Gyan felt that she was hiding things and deep in him he thought she is a horny girl and who knows. let me appreciate your nude body more. It all happened within only 15 minutes. She said. Neha on her side in the toilet she was thinking how she wronged by mentioning the names of the persons she should never have spoken! She thought Gyan must be thinking over it and will doubt her having incest relation ship with her in laws. And by the way when I am in my nighty in the early morning to prepare their food.. correcting. he pulled her by her hand over him and murmured. sat close to her and said. after feeling pleased by discharging. what have you done!” she immediately realised that she mentioned the wrong names and blushed. “You just said ‘your father-in-law and brother-in-law’!! hmmm! What’s up? They will look there under your armpits almost? They also get access there to view? They are lucky men!!” Neha got out of the bed saying she was going to pee. He then took his underwear put it on him and sat on the bed by her side while she was pulling her nighty to wear. and very happy by the way she sucked the last drop of his shots. He got very excited and was hard more and thought he can fuck her more as he had lots of time in front of him. “Look. When she was back from the toilet she was expecting Gyan to be already dressed to leave. As soon as she was passing by near the bed. And he put his cock to her mouth and she wiped the rest of the cum with her tongue.. but was surprised to see him still sitting on the bed and she noticed his underwear inflated and knew he was erect again.and shot the thick liquid over her breasts and cheek. she thought she is so much used to the in laws that their names come first when sexual relationship is concerned. “So you give it to your old father-in-law . “No. “But it’s still too early! Only 15 minutes we did all this! What to do now?” Neha while pulling the strap over her shoulder found the red mark made by his suck... which she wiped off. Gyan. then bent over her to take her mouth in his and kissed her lovingly... why are you wearing the dress. and added.. exclaimed. my father-in-law and brother-in-law will notice this. looking him in his eyes with a mischievous smile. “Why. over Neha. “I just missed it by saying so. “You never wear your Bra at night? She smiled at him replying.. She was feeling hot on thinking how she mentioned her in laws name to him. won’t they find this dark red spot? It is visible on my fair skin! This is what I meant” she then walked to the toilet.

which will be covered by her long.. you enjoy old cocks? Hmmm?” Neha struggled in his arms objecting that it’s false and he is making accusations. “No! I won’t do that. you must go on struggling by refusing but I will succeed to fuck. “Tell me sweetheart. “What’s the difference anyhow you will do it” He answered. mind you. and come with a real cup of tea. “ do it just do it. let’s play a game. Gyan had already moved her straps down to her belly and was kissing her swollen breast. and Gyan continued fondling her and passing his hand all over her body and licking her all over again while trying to pull out her nighty once again. Why should I tell you if I have ever slept with other men? Should i? It’s my personal matter. black skinned man like you!” Gyan asked her. He replied.. ”You like to be fucked by any man? Any other man. Neha annoyed asked. “what’s all this man?” he said with great excitement in his voice. looking in her beautiful eyes. “Stop it. how many fair men have you slept with then? I feel it hard that you have slept with many men you cunning young woman! Have not you? You know cocks very well you.. it is pressing over mine and it’s tough! How could you have such a big belly! And then you are so fat! Never a fat man like you had slept with me! And never had I slept with a dark. this time on the back of her neck..” She asked. I will be lying on the bed in this underwear only and you will get in with a cup of tea dressed in your nighty and I will want to fuck you and you will refuse but I will force you. I don’t like such vulgar way of talks.” “What game?” Neha asked. go back and you come in again. you dark dog!” Gyan.” Despite not willing to do that Neha obeyed. you will surrender only at the last moment when you will be nearing your orgasm. . you love it isn’t it?” Neha pushed him with all her force saying. “Look at your big belly.. I want to make it feel real. passing his tongue making circles on her nipples. thick hair. He had soon pushed her lying over the bed again and was over her licking her neck with the straps moved down up to her breasts.come on. I want you to be natural.. Gyan. and she was twisting with little cute moans in an angry way as if pushing him..” Neha was reluctant. was amused by her way of replying and laughing held her again and asked. started kissing her neck again and bite her again like earlier.. Gyan was enjoying the moments and said. you suck so well.. “Let me be your father-in-law and you are my son’s wife and I am wishing to fuck you but you are objecting but I force you to be fucked!” she said.” He was very excited again and hissed in a lustful way said. tell me baby. His big belly was almost up over the belly of Neha and she laughed. there will be a big difference if you play my daughter-in-law.too.. but he took her out of the bed and. will you give your pussy to any man?” “ Shut up” Neha scolded. By then. You are horny. put on her dress again and asked her to go out and come in again by calling him ‘father’.he is a lucky old man. act like a natural daughter in law in the house and I will be the old father-in-law whom you will come to serve tea in this room and I will hold you on the bed. “Come on please participate. You will see it will be wonderful and you will enjoy it. “Look..

Beti. what devil is in you?” “I want to fuck this daughter in law.Gyan kissed her back.” Neha did same. scattered all over her body. She tried to put herself in the shoes of those personae.. Neha deep in the role play said.. She deep in her felt it was true. and neha shouted. her hair flung open.” and he pulled out her nighty with force that the straps got broken and was torn at some parts. may I come in?” Gyan had not told her to do that.. that she was the BAHU of this man and was seeing him on the bed with his underwear and his dick erect in it. “Oh my lovely.. he stared in her face and looked at her body from tip to toe. today this father-in-law wants you. while Gyan was still holding her firm in his arms. shame on you! What are you doing. and Gyan got to stand up to hold her as she was becoming violent. and Gyan started moving up her nighty running his hands over her legs and things. sexy hot. “Father. she moved and returned to hit him on his face. and removed his underwear and rubbed his dark. running his tongue over her cheeks.. ”Father.” Neha hit him and struggled to get out of his grip.. “here is your tea father” Gyan said “Look at my underwear and feel ashamed. I am your daughter-in-law. Gyan took her hand and pulled her over him. run his tongue all over her spine... Gyan was now doing it violently and Neha was participating very well like being really attacked by her father-in-law. And she placed the cup of tea near him. beti.She tried to put her in the role of a good. I am like your own daughter. “You come to serve your father-in-law tea in this flimsy nighty. then look in my eyes with shame. Come. Neha was feeling like laughing as she was acting.. please to this old father of yours. please come in. Gyan held both her hands. Neha covered her breast with her hands and turned over her belly to hide them. He answered. a big struggle took place and Neha was going on struggling and hiting him. And she really blushed and looked away. “Father what is this ugly manner! Leave my hands!” Gyan was pleased and put his arms around her saying. And said. “Yes.” And as soon as she got in with the tea. without a bra. black hard cock over her . and forced them at the back and put his mouth over her breasts and savagely kissed and licked here you are sexy beti. and was happy that she was improvising. and glanced through her flimsy dress. continuing caressing her and he groaned these words. They were both living the roles.. When she did that. She was with only her panty and all her back was naked. body and breasts. kissing her shoulder. daughter-in-law who has never been touched by any other man except her husband and went to bring tea for her father-in-law.. Gyan took a paper in his hand as if he was reading on the bed. showing me your tits and you want me not to do this? You are inviting me to see your sexy hot. It was looking a real fight like scene and Neha sat down on the floor to prevent him from lifting up her dress. Gyan then lifted her in his strong arms and threw her over the bed. She knocked and asked. now shut up and get fucked!” said Gyan and pulled her panty out.

They were talking among themselves that may be she was not here and had gone out.... “OH!! MY SEXY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.SSSSHHHSHSHSHSHSHS.I FUCKED YOUR TIGHT ASS!! I AM DISCHARGING DEEP INSIDE YOU MY HOT BETI.. Neha reminded her not to speak any word to the others especially not to Subhash. and Gyan facing her ass. she looked back at him and shouted. it’s very bad. Subhash was waiting for Neha to come outside near the tap to go to fill water in the bottles. what face shall I show your son now father??” And after a while both laughed. he moved the dick over her breasts and massaged them with the dick... THEN SHE STARTED PANTING SAYING. And Neha complaining..... Gyan was listening but kept quiet..... Normally she comes by ten o’clock but it was almost 11 and she was not there...... she was yet still struggling with the cock in her pussy . I am tired now........ but Gyan..... Gyan was going on with the blows enjoying her pussy and kissing her neck then her breasts. Gyan pushed her head pressed over the bed and started giving blows harder and harder in her pussy. Very bad of you. but Gyan pulled her by the back and she lay flat over her back on the bed... while Neha was still trying her best to get that cock out of her by moving her hips sideways.... Subhas was thinking the way yesterday he kissed her cheeks and fondled her breasts he was almost near to get her to fuck and had ... cleaning herself to let Pravind get her body clean when he will come...... Neha tried to stand up... and he parted both her legs with force sideways and put his cock on the beginning of the opening of her ass. Neha went to have a good shower. you should not have done this. when Gyan groaned loudly like a lion. The men came nearly at 9 AM and they started working.. spat on the hole and introduced his big cock in it and violently started giving blows. And sighed.AAAAAGHGHGHGHG. “No!! Not there... then at last forced the cock in her pussy. ITS SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD.wished to fuck her ass... and at last Neha lay flat under him exhausted.”Oh.. and Neha said she really enjoyed that... Well Gyan stayed in Neha’s company for more 15 minutes and left before the other workers came. but her body will not be a left over for them she thought...YEAAAAHHHH..the more she was moaning the more Gyan was feeling good and enjoying it. or at least the father-in-law. “Father. but Gyan was feeling so good with his cock doing to and fro in her tight ass..pussy while she was still struggling and.. H e deep inside himself felt amused that he had enjoyed her twice and Subhash does not know and he believes to be the great gallant and womaniser.Neha stood still for a while then moved hard once more and his cock was out.. NEHA MOANED AND MOANED WITH HISSES AND WHINES AND SOBS.

“They come by 5/5. want to have some more time with you honey.. . She thought.. “I will not go home with them. and what if today they come at that time?” Gyan said. and Gyan approached her. Gyan was stealing a look at Neha and she was also looking at him now and then while talking to Subhash. “No don’t come at this hour. She thought may be someday he will get a chance with her. She felt sorry for him she liked him as he reminded Pravindra to her. if Gyan had not fucked her may be today she would have fucked subhash she thought to herself. And Neha from inside the house was looking at the garage and knew that Subhash was looking for her. When Subhash enquired why she did not get out at all Neha simply replied that she did not have clothes to wash and then she had a head ache. ‘They come so late. It was only in the afternoon when they went to wash themselves before going home that Neha appeared near the doorstep to say hi.. same time I will come to know your men of the house!” Neha replied.” But Gyan said.. I will let them go and come inside when they are gone. he accepted it for the next morning again. “Look how I am hard again. so now its only 4PM. When they finished their wash and went to the garage to get dress.30 you said.. “We will hear the vehicle getting inside and I will get out of the back door and get out. I don’t want to take the risk..but he was very disappointed on not seeing her at all. Gyan stayed to be the last to wash himself and talked to Neha slowly.. Subhash went close to her and kissed her on the cheek in front of his friends. Meanwhile he thrust his hard dick over her thighs and said.30 also. and pulled her over his body and took her mouth in his and kissed her hard. he went to fill the bottles without seeing her and Neha watched him from inside.” Neha kissed him back and let him thrust and looked in the direction of the garage to see if nobody was watching. So all garage people went back to the city and Neha waited for her family men. okay come tomorrow morning like today you did!” Gyan felt very happy that she voluntarily invited him for the next morning.thought to get her on her bed today.” Neha was standing near the door. but he wished to fuck her at this time. 2No sometimes they return by 4. I am longing to put it in you sweetheart. put his arm around her waist. “You can’t as my family members will be back. He said. but since she was reluctant. at the threshold.” Neha said. we have more than an hour. but she said. Neha let him do it and accepted it as a greeting. The whole day Subhash did not see Neha. They came by 6 PM.

and were both naked to the bones. Pravindra himself shivered! They were saved by far. but had the back turned to them as he only took a glass and was facing the table when they saw him and broke off! Neha’s heart pounded in her stomach. Then after a while that he was gone... And Pravindra delicately undressed her little by little.. And after about half an hour they heard a snore! They both looked at the father he was asleep and snoring on the couch! Neha and Pravindra looked in each other’s face and laughed. Neha was in Pravindra’s arm and both were having a very passionate kiss. They were looking like husband and wife in their home. the father-in-law also had not done it two last nights...he was at times holding her.. back in the family. soon kissing her then on another occasion caressing her. When the father got in the kitchen he did not look on their side. then her sexy. Well .... He undressed himself. he was on every opportunity shoving his dick on her butt when she was in the kitchen. Pravindra took Neha in his arms after switching the TV and carried her to her bedroom. and planted a hot kiss over both . and he started kissing her from her toes and gradually mounted up and up. the old man came in the kitchen to fetch some water.... bit by bit to explore her whole body from tip to toe.. Pravindra was sitting near her and without being noticed was putting his hand under her skirt and was squeezing her pussy... Then Pravindra went to move him and ask him to go to bed as he was snoring. and was kissing him while he walked her on his bed closing the door very slowly. It was 9 PM when all three except Ravindra. so he needs it... desirable thighs...... and took out the finger to lick it. Neha had pleasantly surrounded his shoulders. were in the lounge watching TV... Neha intentionally did not sit close to the old man so as not to arouse him. so he also will expect her in his bedroom at night!! She was in a dilemma! The father-in –law was watching serials on TV when Pravindra was annoying her in the kitchen... Neha was understanding that two nights he did not do it.. reaching her calf. then knees. the dark big belly could have very well stayed!’. Once. and almost missed coming face to face with them lost in a kiss. Well night reached them at last.. He was wetting her panty.Pravindra was eager to get her....he was not leaving her at all.Gyan... The oldie got up and walked to his room missed some steps as if he was drunk.. but she had a worry...

then licked her belly... he thought both father and son were cheating him including his wife.... Anyhow the old father was now aware about the relationship of Neha and Pravindra.... He cried for his sin he committed.. He felt disgust towards himself. and stroked it. His mental torture was increasing thinking of all that he witnessed. and felt sick. He sweated....... felt hot... But nobody had thought that the old man could wake up and walk to get Neha from her room like he have done in the past various time!! Yes he felt like going to pee.... when Pravindra reached her pussy. and when he was about to go towards the lounge that he heard moans in Pravindra’s room!! There they were both on the verge of reaching orgasm................ but not the youngs who want to enjoy to the maximum of life’s pleasure who are going to think over such matters....... ran his hot.. he wanted to shout.. the oldie wanted to kill himself. And Pravindra too moaned when Neha put her hand over his cock..... Neha was giving moans and twisting over the bed unconditioning the bed sheet. guilt invaded his whole self.. and Neha felt his first liquid over her thighs. But he is old so had such guilt feelings..... kissed........ He thought if he would not have been like that may be his Pravindra would not have been doing such a shameful act..... leaning over the walls.......thighs. He was like a hungry wolf he crushed the breasts in his hands. his heartbeats increased and felt dizzy.... So he went to the toilet and when he was returning.. The old man was no fool not to understand what was going on.. she was already wet there and Pravindra drank the juice..... licked and started sucking the nipples which got erect by his touch. He was fucking his sister-in-law!! The father felt very sorry for his poor Ravindra.. wet tongue over both glands. Neha had started quivering by then and was holding his hair and pulling them. and Neha cried with joy and pleasure reaching her orgasm and Pravindra too tool the liberty to groan with all his force as if only they two were in the house. he was wet too. The old man slowly went to his bed and felt he will never again feel erect seeing Neha. he sat down on his feet and held his head in both his hands and cried.and he walked slowly towards his room.. he got outside to breath fresh air...So he thought she was still watching TV............ At the same time Pravindra’s hard cock was pressing against his bhabhi’s thighs.... her navel and reached her breasts... he found dark in front of him.. He did not know what to do! He felt ashamed of himself... he will never wish to fuck her anymore he thought.. he felt he was going to get a stroke. .. he went to Neha’s room to find her not there.

we got much problem to get them out amongst torn steel. she was shocked to see more than 5/6 persons standing at her doorstep.. And the father-in-law approached Neha.. pronouncing holy scriptures wordings loudly.. and Neha waved goodbye.” And the old man left the house with tears filled in his eyes. he looked in Neha’s face and kissed her forehead. The men said..she felt horny thinking of his dark skin and big belly.... Tell me you forgive me or else God will not forgive me. he went to the deities and prayed and prayed. she even moved one strap of the nighty down her shoulder to seduce him. made the tea and did all the chores before all the men got ready to leave the house.. she thought he was going to hold her and kiss her or will pull her nighty to suck her tits. A big truck coming from the opposite side crashed plenty against it.. you taught me to make love. It should not have happened. The 4x2 is completely damaged. Very very bad. and went to the kitchen thinking why the old man said all that.” Neha felt dizzy and fell down on the floor.. Neha got up. “Beti please forgive me. but Neha was stunned when the old man told her. The two sons got out first. Forgive me for I have taken you illegally.. “okay okay I do forgive you pitaji. you showed me many good things.” But he insisted. He then had special prayers loudly which awoke all others in the house.. Just some minutes later she heard knocking at the front door.. Forgive for all I have done to you. . Say you forgive me. say it please it’s important for me. so she opened a window and asked what they wanted..The next morning the old man woke up very early. say it Neha beti. when she moved the curtain of the door. “No it was very bad. I enjoyed all that happened. had bath as if he was purifying himself... she gladly went to open thinking Gyan was there. sat in the 2by 4 and waited for the old man to come. he was burning incense sticks and walking all around the house.. “No need to ask for forgiveness with me pitaji. as it was he who has always driven his vehicle. and all three men have been transported to the hospital by police services..” And Neha said. Everybody of the surrounding of Pravind’s neighbours was at the hospital including Neha.. It was wrong. well she just ignored it and started waiting for Gyan. The 2x4 left their yard.” Neha replied. thinking they might have come to attack her or to steal they were thieves she thought.. She got afraid.. and said goodbye to her. “Your father-in-law’s car had a very serious accident.

” He was uttering the words one by one with lots of pain and difficulty. “Beta do me a great favour. He got syncope as he was hit on the head. The old man said. and promise me that you will do what I am going to ask. He announced. And look after him and extend my family.” Neha sobbed and promised to do all that he said. Life will teach you all. give generously. please get well. listen to me well. “Beta Neha.. “You will no longer be confused ever again. or else he is fine. there is space for many. its bleeding and my lungs have been touched with the metals. and on not seeing you in your room and hearing your moans in Pravindra’s room. I am confused as what to do with certain things which I don’t want to mention here. and they told her he was just examined at the operation theatre and has been shifted to a ward and is doing fine with light injuries on the arms and legs plus the forehead only. his throat was transpierced with a metal” The father-in-law.” The old said with a light smile. please marry Pravindra. from food to wealth. Doctors came outside to ask who was Neha. I knew all. I have many things to tell you more and to clear.Her husband Ravindra was sitting at the front with his father and Pavindra was at the back seat when the accident occurred. So he said. Love all. . “He died in front of me when we were still in the vehicle.. he is still a bit childish and have the habit of having all in hand... Bring along many children and look after Pravindra and the whole family you will bring up.. You are mature. Just take care of Pravindra. I need you by my side too. Tell Pravindra to give to the poor and help them always and you too. She promised to do what he will ask. I came to know your relationship last night when you were in his room. But Neha added. Please get well. I will not hold on longer. They held each other and cried on the hospital bed. “But pitaji. People gathered there told Neha to go inside. He also learnt that his elder brother died. I have too many lands. Neha enquired about Pravindra with the doctors. I was going to look for you. She got in and found the father-in-law in very critical condition as if he was to breathe his last breath. looked for Neha’s hands. “you are a widow now beta” Neha started crying and said people outside told her but she was not sure that Ravindra expired. Neha ran to the ward where Pravindra was. He even got you easily!” A panel of doctors invaded the room and asked Neha to go out and they took the old in the operation theatre. hundreds of people will survive with them.. I was trying to talk to him and he expired in front of my eyes.. The father-in-law was in an intensive care unit ward and was asking for Neha inside. took them in his palm and said. So please marry him as Ravindra is no more now. and will know how to take decisions. I am seriously injured in the abdomen and chest. Neha was going on crying and holding his hands in her hands and caressing his cheeks very affectionately. I know you love each other and.

. we have got to accept the facts though it’s painful and gradually she will be fine .. But Pravindra was against all those customs and told her to stop being dressed that way as he did not believe in all those traditions. and all that was followed by Neha. And one day Neha wa washing clothes on the stone. a priest (pundit) was coming everyday in the house for prayers... He was walking normal. She was not smiling at all but talked to them. and had only a bandage on the right arm. She was considering him as an elderly person to whom she can confide and she had a burden she wanted to share or rather she wished to confess. he was feeling upset thinking of all that.... Sharma’s job... He was learning the process of the field’s works by the workers who have served his father for several years.The next day the old man too died! Pravindra was discharged from the hospital only after 3 days as he was not serious at all.. They told her.. she was like a sex symbol. About 25 days elapsed. early as soon as Pravindra left for the fields. He came in the morning everyday....... Gyan..... Neha was mourning for the two deaths occurred in the family wearing the white sari and undergoing the religious practices...... The priest told Neha for the next forty days he will continue with the ceremony of the prayers etc. But she was reluctant and waited for the . Even in that white mourning sari she was looking gorgeous! Her white skin of the waist.. She thanked them for their concern and kindly smiled at them. She got very much used to him as he was coming everyday for the 25 days... her breasts in the blouse. her long hair open all over her back. its life. and she only had a look at them but did not talk and she got back in. They both were thinking now Neha is completely free without a man in her life and she will long for a cock more than ever!! But they were not aware that the brother-in-law was there for her! Though Gyan at times thought what if the brother–inlaw will try to fuck her as they two are alone in the house. the wearing of white sari being a widow..... still dressed in the white sari when both Gyan and Subhash went to talk to her.. Gyan was coming in the garage everyday and Subhash too and were aware of all the turns of events there... he had to continue till the 40th day. Some day Pravindra was assisting and some days Neha alone as Pravindra started going to look after the fields alone leaving Mr. So now Neha was very much used to the Priest and she talked anything with him.... often had an eye over her silhouette.. According to the traditions.... The priest who officed the prayers when Neha had to sit close to him... some days saw Neha in her white sari.... So he was always alone with her....

.. And he had no objections and wanted Neha to be his wife... once. often in the middle of the night she got to wake up and change wet night she woke up in sweats as she dreamt the dead father-in-law fucking her and was sleeping by her side on her husband’s place. was not feeling physically fit at times. her veil had fallen down and the priest had a peek at her cleavage and had not moved his eyes from . she was sitting just opposite him. but the father or even brothers did not approach her that way as the all thought she was mourning for her husband so they did not find that fair to go sex with her...... He was feeling worn out at the end of the day. Many a time she stole looks of Gyan and Subhash in the garage from her house hiding behind the curtains.. on the 35th day when the priest was going on with the rites and rituals. despite that her waist was uncovered and her blouse was stuck to her breasts which gave the form of her swollen breasts. then Neha had told him his father had told them to get married. and all those heavy responsibilities over his shoulders. The priests despite him since the beginning was having looks at her when she was not looking at him. Between them it was decided that they would get married once the mourning ended.. Now.. Now since the accident took place and after the funerals. For Neha it was a 40 days fast for sex!! In the beginning 10 days she was very strong and did not think of sex at all.... When her father came to visit her and when he hugged her she felt shivers in her. A hot woman like Neha sleeping without sex was abnormal. She did not know either she was missing a cock or it was her dreams only. but gradually she started having those dreams and wet dreams.appropriate opportunity to talk. some nights she dreamt Gyan fucking her. But they had not yet spoken about it to their parents and relatives. Pravindra was affected in a sort being fatherless in a sudden. the veil over her head. but she was trying her best as she was carrying mourns of two persons. Pravindra had told Neha that his father told that to him also while they were being driven to the hospital after the accident and he also had told him that he knew about their relationship..... She was having wet dreams many nights. days before.... It was the 35th day after the funeral and he had not had sex with Neha as she was mourning and she was sleeping alone in her room and Pravindra in his. So Pravindra was as if tormented with such burdens on him and.... they were all waiting for the 40 days to end. when she served something to the priest. she dreamt her father fucking her... she was in her white sari....

I . he sat down on a sheet and she got to bend down to serve and the priest admired her whole silhouette and often her veil fell down to let her blouse and the cleavage visible and the priest waited for that view. she took a deep breath which made the priest stop the prayers to ask her. I’ts a family matter and I want a solemn promise from you that you will never divulge it to anybody at all. He lunched there everyday then left.” Then after another deep breath Neha spoke: ..Yes bitia. But she said she was fine and stayed there. “You are not well bitia?” She stammered.. On this 35th day. no. priests know many people’s secrets and we never tell anybody. we.. . And Neha sitting there was thinking of all the past 34 days in his company alone with him. felt hot and transpired. “Don’t worry bitia. . despite that she was confused about the priest.But pundit ji. I am here to help you and guide you. her spine got a quiver and she moved her eyes a bit further to see the dick of the priest inflating his ‘dhoti’ material. She had placed her trust in him since the beginning but now that she saw that she was reluctant.. .” The priest told her to go to rest if she was unwell.. looked up in his face to see his eyes staring Neha’s body.Don’t worry my girl. “Hmm n. Neha felt something in her whole body.Pundit ji. “Is he erect by looking at me or is that natural in him?” she was not sure.. go on. Every day when the priest finished the prayers.. And now she had to talk an important matter to him.. I have to talk to you. She was almost 19 years now and was a woman who knew men very well and had great experience.. which was white and hairs all over it. I have very important things to tell you and have to ask for guidance. “Don’t worry. the priest dressed in his ‘dhoti’ had crossed his legs like in yoga position and Neha who was opposite.. Neha blushed. She asked herself. then you will be free bitia. you have had patience all these day but now only 5 days are left and we will do the last Rituals. I. she served her food. The priest then said. On seeing that Neha... And all those days while she served him food.there and Neha had seen that. her head bent down. and her eyes went on the priest’s thighs.. She took another deep breath and was about to talk when the priest said. so she was more confused either to talk or not.. if you . God looks at us and we cannot divulge things which are personal.

Pundit ji you will not be angry if that’s a sin? . I am pregnant. don’t worry. But Neha said.. itself. “Okay my girl now tell me your problem. So tell me who is the father? The priest got a fierce hard on thinking that she has been fucked by someone else. is it the beginning bitia? -It’s 2 months already pundit ji. Neha also was looking at him there every now and then and she was also feeling that when he will learn the person who made her pregnant he will want his piece of cake too. while Neha swallowed her own saliva which made her throat move and the priest understood there was something serious. it is not big at all. She was looking perfectly normal..... We will tell the whole world that you are pregnant for your husband.. She arranged her veil over her head which was falling and she managed it over her blouse as well. He asked her to talk without hesitation once again.. “No I want to speak now.” Neha felt her throat dry before she talked.. finish with the prayer then I will tell you. it will remain a secret..He is my father-in-law. I will do all my best to help you out. only you alone will know that it is not your child. You have the right. -Two months only.. It’s good. He was waiting for Neha to talk and looking in her face. For how long are you pregnant? You do not look pregnant at all your belly looks normal. The priest was observing all that plus her beautiful waist which were inviting. The pundit repeated comforting her that it was not a big deal just tell who was the father of the child in her womb. No problem in that.. so he could try her now. the child is not for my husband. that’s why it is not visible.. she hesitated and started: -Pundit Ji.. his cock seemed to get out of his ‘dhoti’. Nobody would know she was pregnant.. Neha’s eyes went over his ‘dhoti’ once again and she saw his dick almost hard there. -No. Readers .want to take time you tell it to me another day. Her belly did not have any abnormal form... But she had to talk. for her white blouse could not conceal her inner black bra she was wearing..Oh no why could that be a sin? It’s God who is giving that new life in your womb so it cannot be a sin. -Oh! So who is the father? -I am hesitating to say it to you. And she related she is only 2 months pregnant.. -That’s not a problem bitia. Tell me who is he? .. -But Pundit Ji.. And neha said: .” The priest continued with the prayers and after 10 minutes finished and after a while spoke to Neha...

that is because then she was already aware that she had conceived for her father-in-law. who was a widower since the last 11 years who had not had any woman all those days and now having a young woman aged 19 and who had sex with her father-in-law. it’s not a problem. “Pundit ji what are you . now explain me how it all happened. and was willing to pull it back but the priest had held them tight in his and he talked: -Well. but did not think of that old late father-in-law of hers! Deep inside him the priest felt happy as he thought if she had fucked her old father-in-law means that he will get her too. and his legs started touching Neha’s while he was talking by then. The Priest was had doubts that there was something to with the family members. And she added that now her father-in-law’s last wish was that she got married to Pravind and look after him and bring up his heirs. were you sleeping with your father-in-law everyday and was your husband aware that his father was sharing your bed? -Yes he knew it. Neha did not notice it when she was absorbed in the talks. By then the Priest had taken her hands and put it full over her hard cock and Neha felt his hard dick under her palms and pulled her hands out of his saying. Gradually during the talk he had brought Neha’s hands over his lap and her hands were over his ‘dhoti’ near his dick.. He was like my real husband in the house.but he was a 62 years old man. He had a smile and gently asked by holding her hands in his. When she finished talking that she found her hands very close to his cock. But please relate me my girl.will remember when she had gone to her village when her mother was sick and she had told her father to come inside her. She gave an image that by compulsion that she let that happen. So being an experienced man he knew how to play his game using diplomacy. Almost every night I was going in my father-in-law’s room and was staying with him all night on his bed till morning.” He sat closer to her. I will not talk about this to anybody. he was experiencing a delicate situation.. I will get you married to him myself. That was 2 months ago. concerning your marriage with your younger brother-in-law. Neha did not relate that she really liked it and her brother-in-law and others too had sex with her. -And you loved it when he was doing that to you? Or did he force you to do that? -In the beginning I was reluctant then I got used to it and liked it gradually. He was thinking why he did not learn it earlier as only 5 days were left for him now to be with this young hot lady of 19 years old. He was hard erect. both were sitting down on the floor over a sheet. patting them. “Okay don’t worry bitia.. During the conversation the priest was longing to hold her and kiss her and fuck her on the spot. Neha explained that her husband was not someone who could make love so it was the father-in-law who was making love to her and she got used to him and let him do that as he wanted to have heirs for his family.

he bent his knees to feel the hollow part and pressed his dick still inside his ‘dhoti’ to her pussy and moved his hips. you are a religious person and this does not give your status the right image. as you are fasting all these days. please me also my girl. oh my sweet darling.. She was not pushing him but only with the same time her body hunger was there. her blouse was inflated by her hard swollen breasts and the priest was devouring her cleavage from behind her and his cock was still pressing hard over her butt. she was very confused. but out of respect for the priest she had a sort of fear and the feelings of religious faith all mingled in her. He said... forget all. pulling her waist to his. and the touch of a man... with respect she was trying her best to avoid the situation being sour. “You are such a beautiful.. so it’s not good for your health as well. Neha gave him position to do that and was quiet. my girl. she will now let. and she was letting herself being moulded in his words and touches.. then how can I let this go Bitia. young lady like an angel sent by God to quench my thirst. you are such a sexy.... forget that I am a priest at this moment. very close to her pussy. so God today has given me such a beauty. I am a widower since the last 11 years and have not touched a woman since. The priest seeing the slight smile on her face said to himself. I am a human too and have feelings. before I told you all this?” The priest replied.. hot looking girl that any man in the world will look at you with those kind of thoughts. since the first day I am coming and am alone in your company.. and she had a little smile. And he knew she is ready then. she is a horny girl. as she was used to old men. He caught her from behind and this time her ass was thrusting over his hard cock. now his cock. Neha was on over her bed. to rub his cock to her pussy still inside the wrapped sari and petty coat.she was really in a mess. 35 days she has not been fucked and she was horny too. The priest quickly removed .” Neha blushed and stood up breaking her hands from his grip.. and Neha did not know what to do. was touching her below her belly. spiritually you are dominating your body.. “I am also like your father-in-law bitia.. lying with her legs hanging down.” But the priest by then had pulled her veil down. Look girl. and he was moving his hips in a fucking way while still standing.. The priest hurried her steps behing her when Neha walked towards her room. “Pundit ji. So he walked her to her bed where he slightly pulled her over. why did not I propose you in the beginning!” on hearing this Neha asked. she will give me. at present I am a hungry man looking for food and you have that food..” Neha turned her body to him completely and so.. ‘yes. “no doubt that I was looking that way at you my girl. I am sure you also have that hunger in your whole body.. getting her stuck to his downer parts. “You were looking at me in that way since the beginning. do serve me that food of which I am hungry darling.. now another old holding her that way willing to fuck her. She kindly said. The priest was seizing the opportunity..doing?” but the priest then said smiling.” Neha had by then almost surrendered.I just have to use more powerful words to convince her to the full’ He put his head over her stomach and rubbed his face murmuring. I find you terribly exciting and now that you have told me all this I find in you a person who can quench my thirst of 11 years..

i like it. “shshshshshsh. And she also told herself that may be in her destiny she had to please old persons..she thought she enjoyed old persons so well that she took it as a part of the love making game.. The priest licked.. He parted both her legs which were still in the sari....” These were the words she was going on repeating all along the priest’s actions.. kissed..yes yes yes go on go on. “Stop. she was getting all those feelings she got when she was fucked for the first time by her father-in-law. she took out her blouse and bra too. you are doing well. This was because of the fast of the 35 days...i want it... he moved up the wrapped material and appreciated the white skin from her calf to her thighs little by little. round firm breasts he felt like discharging his semen.aaaahhhh. and put his mouth there again licking the pussy by opening the lip and piercing his tongue in between.. very tenderly and taking all his time to enjoy that beauty which had fallen to him from the sky like a gift..ah. sucked her panty...... yesssss. put herself all naked at the service of the pundit.his vest and undid his ‘dhoti’ and Neha was taking a stretch over the bed looking at him with vicious eyes..i needed it badly pundit ji. Neha enjoyed the dick holding it in her hands and eating it all along taking it to her throat as if she was hungry for years to eat that piece of her favourite meat..... she was leaving her juices since he did not know when.. the fact was when she was talking on the floor. She then took his head and brought him over to his longing breasts and pressed his mouth over them... taking her juices and slowly removed the wet panty....... The pundit gave a rough groan and said he had never being sucked in his life! He groaned and groaned and his body shake while being sucked by Neha..ah....” Neha . And she started unwrapping her sari...... Then after a while without being asked she herself.. And she also believed that God had created that moment for both of them as she needed it more than him may be..ishshshshshshshsh. and her hands had touched his dick over his ‘dhoti’ then itself Neha had started dripping down there. Neha was also looking in his eyes to see the thirst they showed and she felt how much that old human needed to make love to her sensual body. go ahead pundit ji..uuuffff. started licking her fleshy thighs...... And the priest like a hungry wolf. She was going on giving moans one louder than the others. touching them.she was having the sensations as though she was making love for the first time.. he fondled them and took them in his mouth and started sucking them to the pleasure of Neha who went on moaning over and over again stretching all her body pushing her chest to his mouth to get the touch of his hot tongue close to her swollen erect nipples.....then by his touch and thrusts of his dick over her butts she continued leaving the flow of her juices. caressing them.. thick cock in her mouth.. stop or else I will come in your mouth.. removed the underwear of the pundit to take his long.... Soon after the priest moaned. Her body had turned out to be that of a virgin once again she felt. reached her panty and sucked the panty which was all wet. Neha was twisting over the bed and moaning with loud voice as if she was being sucked for the first time.the priest on seeing those beautiful well shaped....

........ please control and hold it pundit ji!” And he held it.. She said...YOU FUCKED ME. In fact Neha had to tell the truth to Pravind.. And the priest said.and Neha asked him to lie on the bed. So he lay there on the bed by her side after fucking and Neha got up to envelope her sari on her. and she moaned loudly. no please.. she did not wear the blouse but only wrapped the sari and the old man was viciously looking at her breasts collated to the sari and thought her father-in-law was right to bang her..YESSSSS. “No. she is made to please men race. and it was she who mounted on him... so she told him she won’t tell him... ...... so quick she started getting her orgasm because of the 35 days of fasting. The priest left her place after some talks giving her a good kiss and asking her to be ready for the next day. He questioned about her future marriage with Pravindra etc.. Neha did not want the priest to know that she had an affair with Pravindra.... she was not wearing the blouse as she had to go to bath soon.... He had one regret that the last 35 days he did nothing. She parted her legs.. took his cock in her hands and directed it to her hole and sat over it letting it slide into her...stopped and pleaded.. Everything will be fine then.I need it too..AH!! I AM PLEASED.... Neha told the priest that she has not yet told Pravindra about the pregnancy.hold it..she deserved to be in company of man he thought...YES MY LOVELY PUNDIT JI... Neha went to have her bath.. AH AH AH.. I will say you and your husband had come to tell me about it long before he died.. And the priest felt very happy....” Neha liked it and thanked him. “AAAAAAH.. And the pundit talked a bit with her.and she sat like sitting over a horse and started moving her hips with the pundit’s cock inside her..YOU FUCKED THIS YOUNG WIDOW YOU VICIOUS PUNDIT.” And the priest forced his cock in her holding her waist and bringing his mouth to her’s eating her tongue while he discharged his sperm inside her womb.. But thought to himself that now the door is being open and he can continue the 5 last days and later also he can come to enjoy. “Yes let the whole world believe that you are pregnant for your late husband.. And then I will be the witness to prove that I was aware that you were pregnant for your husband..” And the pundit was about to cum and she said “you can depose your cum inside as it will not affect anything as I am pregnant. don’t come I need you to penetrate me..YOU FUCKED A WIDOW.. The priest asked if she will tell him that it was his father’s child... Very fast. She was waiting for the appropriate opportunity....

But the 35 days he had also being punished by fate’s hit. She was expecting him.and she looked on the road again and aked. that the unexpected brutal fate’s part was played by getting her father-in-law’s car be smashed. but it was Gyan who played the cunning and came too early the next morning to get her... she smelled good and Subhash was standing close to her and having her odour which made his cock inflate in his trouser. Gyan was eager to be in her company on her bed and enjoy her. “No he can’t see. Subhash was the first to feel pleased and showed her to Gyan.. The last time that Subash had those moments with her.. the last day I kept thinking of you when I left you here. Gyan stood up to have a look at Neha who glanced at them with a lovely smile.” Neha was laughing at him and said. ”You are smelling so good Neha Bhabhi!” Neha was still too horny and the absence of the 35 days were playing against her will. and was about to reach her place the next morning for a good session as Neha herself had asked he for the next morning that day. He brushed his lips to her neck.. let us move a bit further.. Her hair was wet and water dripping from them....Opposite her house the garage people were every now and then keeping looks in her house direction only to have a glimpse of her... when she turned back to see if Gyan was not having a look at them. “Look don’t relate stories to me. Again like the last time she was bending to wash the clothes on the stone thus providing great views of her cleavage to Subash who could not hold and today he pass his hands over her but she did not tell him anything but only smiled and looked at him mischievously. “Your boss Gyan will not see us here? From there can you see me here?” Subhash said. to that side .” Subhash let his front part touch her butt and put his hands around her belly from behind and ran his tongue over her neck moving the wet hair and murmured. After quite some days at last the garage people found her dressed in a T-shirt and a skirt nearing her washing stone with a tub of clothes. I know very well what you are looking at and what you want with me. She has just had her bath and her hair was wet.. Gyan told himself he was a very unlucky fellow as once that he was successful to get her. “Bhabhi. he could have got her himself first. And Subhash said.its very exciting dear. I adore looking at you when you wash clothes like this and when you bent down to pick the clothes from the tub. After a while Subhash went to see her near the Tap. moistening the T-shirt at her back as she just had a bath.

. she had to stop and stand again when Subhash was eagerly waiting to penetrate her. he lifted one of her leg up by holding it by her thighs and she stood on one leg only and Subhash pushed his dick in her which easily slid deep in her..its soooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood. he surrounded her in his arms and very quickly his tongue was exploring Neha’s mouth. the other hand around his waist... he continued unhooking the bra letting it fall down.. Neha tried to look outside once to check.. Neha was standing leaning against the wall of the house. don’t worry nothing will happen.ishshshshshs!! yeahhhhhhhhh” And on his turn Subhash moaned in little groans and hisses........ Subhash smiled..its great. he pulled out her panty and quickly his mouth went over her shaven pussy and he started licking from top to down till he reached her wet parts and Subhash got the salty liquid on his tongue and he felt a quiver in his body yet continued for good.. she was hot and wanted to be fucked more..... “yessssss.... She softly murmured in moans in his ears while he was blowing his cock deep in her.... or rather on his butt. feeling her panty covering her butt... giggled and started fucking in her are superb Neha . and very soon Subhash started coming and she told him not to take it out at one can see us then. yes. then Subhash knelt down. he felt her dripping. “Discharge it inside. They had to hurry as anybody from the garage could come.. Neha started giving small moans which gradually increased in volume till Subhash stopped and stood up undoing his zip fastener of his trouser..” And Neha held his hand and moved to the place where once Pravindra had fucked her standing when she was washing. holding his dick in one hand.oh...... meanwhile his hands were on her but from behind... yeah. she needed more and more. ohhhhhhhh. they went on very very fast because they were outside..... was receiving his cock doing to and fro in her mouth.. As they were going fast.aaaaahhhh.. Then Subhas lifted her up by holding her by her butt and she crossed both her legs over his waist with his cock still in her and she surrounded him by her arms around his shoulder. very quickly Subhash lifted up her arms and moved out her T-shirt and plunged his head in between the hollow of her breast and started licking and sucking like a greedy...yesss. and rubbing his dick over Neha’s womb.. And Subhash did not delay. yes. but Neha sat down to take his cock in her mouth which she sucked without being asked...oh my God.. lifting up her soft skirt. Neha.... she got wet again and when Subhash put his fingers there by moving part of her panty... and her mouth was eating his tongue while her pussy was eating his cock. cum deep in me Subhash.... Neha needed it much as she was still too horny after the encounter with the priest.

. “You know how much I have been longing for you all these days? I masturbate thinking of you almost every night. ”Wow. She giggled and said. Gyan looked at her sensually and approached her...” Now Subhash went to the garage and told Gyan that Neha wanted to see her for some matters... Sge was still horny after 35 days of fast and was feeling like doing it the whole day.. you are ready for it now itself?” The fact is that when Subhash finished . “Please tell your boss I want to see him for a matter of rental which the owner of the land told me to tell me. in fact the two apprentice teenagers were looking at her non stop.. And surprised he asked. “The 40 days are over?” “No she said” So he asked. Then Neha walked to the back so that no one can see her and called Gyan. “Then how come you are not in the white sari?” she asked...... He went near her and she smiling invitingly said.... “The last time you remember you wanted to stay in the afternoon? So... After sometime when Neha started putting the clothes to be dried on the string Gyan got in the yard to see her..” Gyan was so pleased that he held her and kissed her passionately his big belly pressing over hers. “Your belly is very funny and I like it!” Gyan said.haaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!” And it was done!! Very quickly Neha put on her T-shirt.. And why Neha had to see him..... this is understood.and yes she saw two of the young teens working in the garage as apprentice looking on her side. He was very happy to see her in the blouse and skirt instead of that white gloomy mourning sari. Subhash then moved to return back and kissed her... she was not having enough. Neha kissed him back and told him..bhabhi. Gyan asked... All the days when she was wearing that white sari there was a sort of respect shown towards her but now in the two-piece which looked so sexy and made her looks hot so no respect but the envy of fucking gets born. and her panty.. and went to the washing stone looking out if anybody was looking. let the workers go then you may come after they are gone.. wow! How did you decide for it so suddenly! It’s my lucky day!!” saying this he pushed her to the wall and put his hands under her skirt to see that there was no panty..... “Why do you want to see me in that more?” “No” said Gyan. she put it in the tub. do it today. she smiled and looked at him biting her lips and looked on the road if someone was looking...

She was waiting for him inside. and his mouth was sucking her breasts. and yes again it was all wet!! Gyan understood that she was horny and needed to be fucked. and Gyan and Neha were behind the house against the wall and Neha’s skirt was lifted up and Gyan’s hands were running over her white sexy thighs... black piece of hard meat. they went to the loo to masturbate thinking of Neha and of what they saw!! They also started developing interests for Neha since that day. whimpered. They were both erect and like all teenagers on seeing Neha beautiful boobs in Gyan’s mouth and viewing her sexy thighs..... laid her all nude on the undressed himself to get him naked and mounted on the bed to put his dick to her mouth..... whined. in the afternoon. Gyan did not lose time and enveloped her in his large arms and carried her to her bedroom and laid her over her bed. Gyan waited for the workers to be back home and he knocked at Neha’s door..... looked at it with passion and lust and passed her tongue from its tip and continued to run her tongue up to his balls... Neha was as if hungry to eat that long.fucking her she put the panty in the tub to wash... They were two young boys of 14/15 years old..she .. he sat beside the bed on the floor and opened her legs and put his head in between her legs to lick her knees and gently and slowly mounted up and up over her thighs till he reached her panty.... He gradually..She was not wearing any bra and her nipples were seen erect on the T-shirt which were like to dots over it.she caressed it.. shivered under him. As she lay the small skirt moved a bit upper and even her panty was seen along with her beautiful rounded white thighs... Gyan went on hungrily with the acts and Neha. Well.. he savagely went up pulled out her T-shirt and started eating her boobs biting the fleshy parts and Neha started moaning with pleasure and desire.. She was in another skirt and t-shirt. The skirt was very small which was above her knees and all her thighs were seen and the t-shit had a very deep v-cut and her cleavage were all visible.... by then the two apprentice were coming to fill water in the tap..... Gyan was wishing to fuck her then itself but she was refusing telling him to come in the afternoon as they will be at ease on bed then... And that encouraged Gyan to continue with ease seeing that she was like in a trance and needed it that much. took out her skirt and panty... but Gyan did not know that Subhash just fucked her.. wailed twisted.and the two teenagers watched all that and slowly ran back to the garage.

She had thought at night this day she will ask Pravind to do it.she was amused seeing him in that position...and the fucking started..”Aaaaah ah ah. ISSHSHSHSHSHSHSHS I AM CUMMING .......” And Neha too shouted together with him... He parted both her legs and very brutally ate her pussy making her drip as much juice as she could.she was absent from earth........... Gyan left by 5 . if at that moment Pravindra came she would not have even heard and known.” and Neha lifted up her eyes to look at his expressions and moaning..... And finally...... Gyan continued doing it and groaned with loud voice...HMHMHMHMMMMMMMMMMM MM.......... Shsshhshshshshshsh. and thus Gyan continued the blows faster and faster till they both reached the peak of their orgasm.. Then she took the cock in her mouth and started the blowjob. “OOHOHOHHHHH... whining.. she lay over the bed and Gyan started the job to her pussy....... And it was done..... they came to position and Gyan put his long thick cock in her pussy which slid easily as she was very wet..HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.she was fucked three times from day to afternoon.....ISHSHSHSHSHSHS... Gyan started pulling and pushing it in and out her mouth deriving much pleasure... if it would have been possible this day she would have let 10 men fuck her she thought to herself..Gyan groaned loudly...... and after a good suck.. Neha then pressed the ball gently in such a way to make the grain inside get in her mouth and as if wanted to swallow it..She was moaning..OH God!! Its sooooooooooo goooooooooooood...twisting over the bed stretching the bed sheets unevenly.. he did that for more than 5 minutes and Neha felt the salty taste of his liquid of pre cum on her tongue. ..the 35 days of fast were too hard for a horny lady like her...played with her tongue over his balls..... Gyan stood up on his knees and the more Neha rounded her tongue over his balls the more Gyan moaned and groaned and hissed......SHSHSHSHSHSHS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. he took over 10 minutes staying in between her lags and Neha cummed twice only during Gyan’s manoeuvre.. she again looked up at his face and expressions.YEEAH YEAH YEAH... Neha was as though in another world.”. pleading . holding the hard cock in her hands lifting it upwards. Gyan was going to take out his dick to discharge outside but she tightened her hands over his waist asking him to unload his cum in her...... And Pravind was back by 6 in the would be her 4th time in 24 hours..YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.. “AAAAHH AH AH AH AH AH..

thinking of all that he had a precocious hard on. his eyes went on Neha who was seducing him by going to and fro from the lounge and kitchen pretending to bring and return something or another. Pravindra went on watching at her and felt like holding her. “What’s up? Today you seem to be romantic?” When she was already on his lap... but he did not tell her anything.... She sat and smiling asked.. Pravind after his bath and dinner.... She bit her lips and went near him asking. During the first 15 days Pravindra was not keen of sex as the accident and funeral were deep in his mind and was like affected with the sudden change in his mode of life.. Neha was not in the white sari and that intrigued Pravind.As usual. “Who prevented you ever dear?” and hungrily his took her .. served by Neha ... Then he suddenly thought either his uncle could be coming to see her in his absence! The uncle was his father’s own blood brother and he had enjoyed Neha so much so he thought of him with her and felt disturbed when he thought she will soon be his wife... yet he longed to sleep with her as this had never happened before. they both were watching TV in the lounge. “What?” Before she had sat on the couch... Pravindra put his right arm around her waist and pulled her to sit on his lap. but then Neha herself was distant as she was believed that it would not be nice to have sex before the 40 days. with a pleasant smile... And once when she returned from the kitchen to sit on the couch Pravindra called her to sit close to him. ”Bhabhi..... Pravindra. But this day she had prepared herself for that and all their escapades of the past was in her mind and she was ready to live them again. with straps on the shoulders and a skirt just on her knees... H e was also eagerly waiting for her to terminate the 40 days that’s why he was not asking for sexual relations with her... Pravindra was visualizing those moments of hides and sex between her and him. brushed his nose over her neck smelling her and murmured..” And she twisted and brushed her boobs to his face saying.. He often stared at her with loving eyes and longed to hold her. to embrace her.. She was dressed in a top which reached above her navel. but after the 15th day he started longing for Neha but was curbing his desires as she was observing the mourn....... Hence he was avoiding him.. Then he thought even if he will be married to her he can have his fantasies realised if she would cooperate with him.. Pravindra also visualized her with his father and uncle.. her waist seen and her boobs visible.. She was dressed in a way to show her ass dangling. it’s being a long long time..After the death of his brother and father whenever they would sleep together the whole night till next morning would be the FIRST.

sucking..he felt the heat of her tongue and the moisture of her saliva gliding his dick... each other exploring. it’s being 35 days sweetheart!!” Neha continued playing with his cock which turned dead like a snake.. you don’t worry.. And Pravindra said..” Neha corrected him...take it deeper bhabhi... and Pravindr’a fingers went to her wet pussy to explore the desirable longing out there... and he sipping the juices.. “You naughty. their mouth were stuck to each other yet they were meanwhile playing wit their hands.mouth into his and they were lost in a long passionate kiss like it was the first time they were kissing..... its wonderful......... during the sensual kiss gradually she was laid all long on the couch and Pravindra’s hands were roaming all over her. “But bhabhi... “Bhabhi.. caressing her waist........ he moaned.......Neha’s hands were over his hard cock and she was trying getting it out of his short.”Bhabhi I am to cum... She has already started dripping her juices down there.. yesss bhabhi.. When Neha was sucking him hard. sorry I was not able to please you and got discharged before penetrating you.. And very fast each other made their friend all naked.. They continued that way for about 10 minutes and soon Pravindra groaned . aahhhhh.. “Not 20 days.....its too hot..and there they were..... Neha was as if hungry or thirsty and she looked for his cock... “ Oohhhhh...... And soon Pravindra turned her in a 69 pose over the couch.Pravindra too had abstained from it for the last 35 days and groaned like a teen being sucked for the first time when his dick got in her hot mouth... eating their sex.” to which Neha replied. and was soon taking it in her mouth to give him a good suck. you are like a kid who had it for the first time in your life!!” He excused himself saying. Pravindra’s tongue was licking the opening of her pussy and his fingers were doing to and fro in it..Pravindra hissed and moaned with pleasure as that happened and Neha laughed saying. pressing her boobs.... There they were both naked on the couch in the tube light of the lounge and were rolling over the couch still tongue drinking each others tongue juice. on the other side.... it’s after almost 20 days that........ while Pravindra was removing her Top.... pressing her ass and all that. “I will make it hard soon again.i love it...wooooow........” It was still in her mouth and he wanted to take it out to shoot them out but Neha firmly held it inside her mouth and he unloaded them inside her mouth and Neha took all them spat them on the floor.. it has been fasting for 35 days so it will stand once more and you will please me ...” Neha lifted her eyes to look at his face and moaning expressions and felt much aroused by that.

... And he unloaded his sperm deep in her groaning and panting.yessssssssssssssssssss. YES.and soon Pravindra came again and was about to discharge....” So said she went on with the caressing and licking of his cock for the next 10 minutes after his discharge.. and panted looking in each others eyes.. “ You see darling.. I WILL COME AGAIN .... she then said. then laid all his weight over her for a long time... He took a deep breath and stammered.. it went on for quite some time as Pravindra delayed because he had just discharged a few minutes ago. “I am pregnant. vibrating her whole body all along the session and she reached two orgasm one followed by the other within minutes... and went to bed together.she supported his weight. and little by little it started taking shape like a monster waking up after a sleep..” And she was found panting under him lacking breath... licking his shoulders then biting his neck fiercely......YESSS YESSSSSSSS...” Pravindra did not know what to say he looked in her face surprised and could not utter any word.”Hmmmm. okay it will enter you now... “OOHHH..and Neha started the conversation.CONTINUE.YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.ITS GREAT... .. they returned after a good bath... first slowly and gradually accelerated while Neha started quivering under him and grasped him in his arms firmly..... And Neha started the talk..” Neha in a pleasing voice replied.OH........ “You horny little sweetheart. YOU ARE SO GOOOOOOOOOD.. Then both of them laughed.soon..... it slide deep in her and Neha gave a moan.... trembling under him. it was hard again in her hands and she smiled and giggled at it looking at his expressions and felt amused on seeing him happy and stretching over the couch.DONT STOP. get ready.” then Pravindra started the movements of his hips..........I LOVE YOU HONEY ...but Neha went on shouting with pleasure and moans........WOWWWWW THAT’S SUPERB.I AM HAVING MY ORGASM.ITS FANTASTIC.....OH MY GOOOOOD.. Neha went to the bathroom followed by him..... “That’s what for I awoke it honey!” And she took position to take it in her by spreading her legs and Pravindra mounted over her and she by herself took it to introduce it in her pussy.. GO OOON.. she said..DONT STOP.. “I have to tell you important things......till at last he got up laughing . I succeeded awaking your sleeping piece of my favourite flesh” Pravindra smiled and said..GO ON .....but Neha told him to let it inside. something like....... she shouted with joy...

And he was ready to assume all responsibilities. he left a child before dying? That’s great! I will have another little brother?” And Neha interrupted him saying.. It was now routine for her to be her father-in-law’s bed almost every night and having the incestuous relation with her younger brother-in-law. If my readers will see my update of page 13 it is stated “And things went on quite normal for some days at Neha’s place.” . “So do you want to keep the baby or abort it?” Neha looked in his face very seriously and asked. and Pravindra having sex with her at that time so she was careful to remember who leaves his semen in her and she followed the next period accurately. a. and the last man to let his sperm inside her was the father-in-law. “Hello! You will be his/her brother and FATHER too!! The world will know you are the uncle of the child in fact you will be the brother and will act as the father!” “That’s so complicated” said Pravindra but he was very happy knowing that it was his father’s child. but little did he know that he planted his seed in me!” Pravindra jumped asking.“You. But who in fact is the father? Is it mine?” Neha smiled at him and said. So... “You know since the very beginning when your brother was not able to make love to me your dad was very worried and was always telling me needed heirs for this family and he wanted to get many grand children. “No if you want to have a baby it’s alright I have no problem with that.. “Why? Are you worried? There is no problem at all. his brother. “Do you want me to abort?” He replied.are pregnant? How? Since when?” And Neha asked him. She said she was following her menstruation very well as there were the fatherin-law. why to worry?” And Pravindra felt a bit better and Though he asked when that happened and when did she conceive and when she became aware of that? Neha related him it was just before her mother was sick and she had to go to her native village that she discovered she was a month late for her period. “What? Papa made you pregnant? I am so happy. It’s normal! I have already told the priest and he told me not to worry everything will be fine as he thinks it’s my husband’s child.

and felt horny. She got the priest. it will be good if it’s a girl!!” to which Neha added. she had never done that before... so the intercourse with Pravindra was the 4th one since the relation with the priest in the day. Pravindra felt deep asleep and started snoring... But she only smiled to herself thinking of that wonderful moment she had.. because I knew your father had already done it and I wanted to know either it will remain.. They started feeling sleepy and both lay over the bad and Neha was as if semi conscious.. “I have never had a sister..So it was then just before going to her father’s place..... Yet she felt still thirsty when she just thought of the priest.. “Yes. this is the reason I did not mention it at that time as this has to be the suspense and had to be revealed now.. she thought. “And she will officially be your daughter!” Pravindra smiled... And just 2 days before I left for my father’s place I knew I was a month pregnant. she for an instance thought of her sexual encounter with him. of Sheikh and .. on seeing his joy.” And Pravindra said.. Subhash...she thought of her father.. when it was routine for her to be in her father-in-law’s bed. If the next day she will be fucked by him before noon it will be her 5th sexual intercourse within 24 hours. “Yes you are right those days not even a day did you let me discharge inside you....) So that is what Neha explained to Pravindra bout how and when she got pregnant... then she thought of the hotel where her 2 brothers had taken her. that for several days she received his semen inside her. Neha started thinking of Sheikh and Roopchand.she visualised many men with her. parents. was relieved... she thought of the attendant who wanted to have her as their client.. of her brothers. acquaintances and all neighbouring village people on the 40th day of his father’s funeral ceremony.. but he was so happy on thinking his father has left a child for them!! Then they talked about their wedding.” And she replied..she had preferred the act of Sheikh when Pravindra had gone out with Roopchand. Soon Neha’s hand went to her pussy.. And he suggested why not get married religiously on that day itself in presence of all guests? Neha found that to be a great idea and said tomorrow she will talk about that to the priest.. Neha.. And Pravindra said. and thinking of the priest she had a quiver in her body. she started fingering herself..she had enjoyed a lot that day... Pravindra said they have to invite all relatives.. She had thought he would be disturbed. (To bring this here today I had not given details at that time. Gyan and Pravindra.

.. looked for something which could satisfy her. she parted both her legs. Yet she was so horny that she twisted over the floor with that vegetable in her and. They were still standing and Neha was responding but said. of Gyan and Subhash. and ran his tongue all over like a hungry wolf.... and she was all wet and she was once again longing for a cock in her... and she found a brinjal. and bit her lips and straightened herself like a twisting snake which tries to stand slid in her and she was giving moans....she sat on the floor. she was up early served Pravindra his lunch in a Tiffin-carrier and a taxi came to take him to the fields..... and she got her orgasm... He was trying to buy a van of his own but the legal papers were not yet ready after his father’s death and he was not yet the legal owner of the business and anything of his father..she became horny....... she introduced her finger only a bit.. The advocate was still undergoing the things and the affidavit was to be carried on after the last rituals of his father’s funeral. she even visualised her late fatherin-law. she made round circles over her clitoris.... but her hands started paining. As soon as the taxi faded away in the road Gyan went to knock at Neha’s door..Roopchand.. The taxi drives him and takes him back from the field since their car got smashed in the accident. Pravindra did not notice but the garage was open when he left and Gyan was waiting for him to leave to get in.. to take it out again and re-introducing it. sweating partly and took several deep breaths and laughed at herself feeling pleased. wearing no bra and in his movements Gyan moved one strap down to take one boob in his mouth and started sucking the nipple like a hungry baby seeking to be breast fed. its thickness was a bit bigger than a dick. Panting over the cod floor she laid there. she got up went to the kitchen. “The priest .she triee and tried to please herself and on not being satisfied. She was not expecting him so was surprised but let him in. bobs. she tried to make it go faster like dick does. neck. and slowly pushing it inside her. Neha was still in her pink flimsy nighty with thin straps over the shoulder. He immediately enlaced her in his strong arms and started kissing her all over her face. ”A DICK IS A DICK”. she went over her belly on the floor and let the brinjal inside her and she moved her hip over the floor and rubbed her pussy over the floor with the item still in her and she shouted with moans and quiver.. looked at Pravindra who was snoring. spread her legs and introduced the polished part of the vegetable to her pussy.she told herself. The next morning.

all her long black hair...” And it went very very fast. let me have a look at you having a bath. and his big belly thrusting over hers gave her the desired friction to get utmost pleasure..” The pundit caressed his sex and moved a bit of his ‘dhoti’ and was erect and longed to see her bathing. “Bitia. He got in Neha was welcoming him with a lovely smile and lust in her eyes. He called her name and she replied from the bathroom.. Neha stood up on her toes over his movements and she tightened him in her arms biting his ears lobe...... She was all wet.. lowered his mouth over her boobs.. then the oldie.may suddenly come.. water dripping from her whole nude body. will come out now.. Neha asked. “I am having a bath will be there soon. let me see you in that state under water. They let the bathroom’s door open and all nude both. standing Neha took him in her arms and started licking his neck and ears and the old man started rubbing his hard old cock to her thighs by bending his knees. She was too quickly on the bed naked and Gyan undid all his clothes and mounted on her and his black long cock had already started doing and fro in her wet pussy and she was moaning already under him gasping and twisting on the bed. open it. one hand pressing the ass flesh and one hand trying to introduce a finger in her butt’s hole.. She sat and thought it was her fifth intercourse within 24 hours and if the priest would do it in within the next 4 hours it will be her sixth one.. Very soon she was heard moaning. “No” So Neha told her to go to lock then be back.YOU DI IT!! YEAHHHHHHH” And Gyan also roared resting all his body weight on her leaving all is cum in her as she asked him not to take it out....... her eyes turned upside down when she put her hands on his dick while her mouth was over his mouth and they were kissing. her hand moved over his cock in the masturbating way while the kiss went on.. “YES YESSSSSSSS I AM CUMMING OH!! ITS SO FAST.He pleaded.. you must hurry.. And the priest’s hands were over her ass.. “Did you lock the door after getting in?” He said. His mouth was eating her cheeks while he was fucking with rapid movements of his hip.. and drank the . He did it and this time he took off all his dress then got in the bathroom... The priest. partly over her breasts.” ... And quickly Gyan left and went in the garage as Neha told him the priest can be there any time.. “Please don’t get dressed. “But I am almost finished. when the priest got in the house as she had let the door open since she knew he was about to come. Neha was horny again and.And Neha opened the door.. could not wait any longer.” The priest walked to the bathroom and stood near the door saying..” She laughed and said. She went to the bathroom and was having her shower..... wet and stuck to her back.

. And it was the priest’s turn to sit down in front of her young inviting pussy.... then took the tip in her mouth. walking in the corridor to reach her bed...... and penetrated his hot tongue into. He laid her over the bed.she first licked the tip... This continued for a while and Neha stood up saying...... and he reached the oyster.. He got to crouch to be able to join his dick to reach her pussy as he was taller. looked up in his face to watch his expressions and smiled. he started running his tongue from her knees. licked and sipped. both all nude. with his fingers he opened the lips of the vagina and ran his large tongue over them...running water over it and sucked the breasts and erect nipples which made her shiver.. which made the priest groan and stand on his toes stretching his body and he hissed.... took her mouth in his. trembled...and she felt amused when she saw the old man groaning and moaning.. Neha looked up at his face again and took half of the cock inside her mouth and did a to and fro movements. and walked to her bedroom.. and Neha spread her legs by herself and put her arms around his shoulders to welcome him in her again. And the old penetrated her once more and this time he went on fucking by quick movements of his hips.. Neha held his skull and pressed it to her womb and quivered.. vibrated under the ecstasy of the tongue of the priest. And after a while he stood up. The priest started the movements of his hip....Neha gave a loud moan. during the action their mouths were collated to each other and they were meanwhile drinking the nectar . soft thighs.. The priest’s hands were on her shoulder when she was almost kneeling on the marbles of the floor and she was sucking him to his great pleasure...... and they were kissing tongue melting in each others mouth.... And the priest after a while pushed her head towards his dick... “My mouth has started aching now pundit ji” with a smile.. rubbed his dick to her pussy.... but got tired in that position as he was old to do it that way.. she was every now and then looking on his face to see him enjoying the sucking session..... “Aaaaah.ishshshshssssssssssss” when the cock entered her.. She moved her hips sideways and then the other way like in a dancing style.. The pundit started moving his hips and his cock was going in and out her mouth as though he was fucking her in her mouth... so Neha sat down and took his cock in her mouth. So he took her in his arms like a baby.. she was dripping and the oldie tasted her juices.. little by little going upper and upper till he passed over her fleshy.. and he penetrated her in that was. The old man was not leaving the pussy and she was going on stretching her whole body thus giving more pleasure to the old man...

making a creaking sound deep in his throat. And Neha told herself ‘sixth in 24 hours’ The next five days elapsed fucking the priest.. “UUUHHH. and the old groaned. with the meat in her pussy vomiting its thick liquid deep into her. and she soon relaxed her whole body gasping and as if suffocated and taking deep breaths she laughed at him. many amongst the men’s eyes were on Neha and as she got to serve them meal and drinks every now and then. Gradually we will see if things will turn in their favour as well... Each time that they were gong to fill the water at the tap near the washing stone they were watching her boobs when she was bending to wash clothes on the stone..... But no one except those two knew that they knew things.. Subhash....AGH. whimpering. They on many occasions rubbed with her... friends.. Gyan... and her to-be husband Pravindra.. touched their hands on her butt........AGH.. they talked that she only smiled on those actions from their part . There was a group of three who talked among themselves that Neha is very hot and they wished to get her to fuck. Every time that they saw her. stretching her whole body receiving the pleasure of the flesh. And soon it was the peak of pleasure. but at night. So people were invited for lunch and dinner as well. brushed hands or arms over her boobs and all that.produced by the tongue while her pussy was receiving blows of the old hard cock.he was discharging into her and Neha started violently dancing under him with loud voiced moans. and every time that it happened they signalled each other and they met to speak that she never said any word despite the touching etc.. twisting...AAGH.. their young dicks raised and they also started having desire to fuck her... Many of them got access inside the house on the eve while doing the works..... They went to masturbate in a corner of the garage after watching. “Now I need to purify myself before undergoing with the rituals”. They talked to her and she got used to them as well but little did she know that they were also fantasizing about her..... acquaintances for the services. A huge tent was pitched in the yard and many people were busy since the eve in the work of the tent and decorations plus installations of religious materials. The two teenagers four times went to eavesdrop and found her being fucked by Gyan and Subhash in turns. They were from the neighbouring village and they were aged 40-30-20. and moaned.and he went to have a bath.. Pravindra invited all relatives... He too laughed and said..... Among the people working. It was on the 41st day after the death of Pravindra’s dada and bro. last rites and rituals to be rendered for the funerals and her wedding taking place on the same day..

The guest were served dinner in the tent after sunset. After 4 pm the arrangements for their wedding for the night started. They planned to get her someday or other and they accepted to be together to fuck her.. were all inside the house of Pavindra.. Gyan . most of the persons. Persons going from here to there. sister-in-laws.. Great rush in the house.. The Priest himself could not move his eyes from her during the ceremony.. About 1500 people were present from morning to night at her place in the yard. Food was then served to all the guests in the tent. People were waiting for the wedding to take place in the tent. Close relatives like her father. traffic jam. including Pravind who was busy serving some close friends with drinks and food. Many vehicles on the road she lived. cakes and all that. and foods were on the cooking. The family members had their lunch inside the house where the table was managed. by 8 pm they had to have dinner before that. some on the roads. So we will see later if they will succeed. But they were not getting any appropriate occasion as other people were around. The religious ceremony of the rites and rituals took place in the day and ended at 1 pm. Their eyes were on Neha during the religious ceremony as she was then dressed in the white saree and was lokoing sexy and hot despite being religious. her father-inlaw’s brother (the one who fucked her). As both Neha and Pravindra had to get dressed in that room. It was looking like a kermess held in public. It was visited by only the two and Neha’s parents now and then. Finally the day arrived. The whole house was in a mess. Neha had been to have a shower before getting dressed for the wedding. When Neha opened her room’s door to get into her room she came face to face with her father on her bed with her brother Anil’s wife Aarti(hope readers remember her and their affair). Now as the wedding ceremony was to be held at night... All other guests were in the tent. The room of Neha alone was spared. They were in an embarrassing .and they believed that they can get her for a fuck. catering service were busy on a part of the tent. Even the civil marriage bureau’s officers were present with relative documents to celebrate the registered marriage as well. police officers on the roads to deviate traffics. brothers. All relatives assisted and the last rites and rituals took place with Pravindra and Neha participating.. his family. When she returned from the shower. Subhash. and the teenagers were also among the guests. even her family were outside in the tent.

. and the old dad of hers was fondling all.... The sister-in-laws sari was moved up and her thighs were all seen and her father had enlaced her while their mouths were collated and his hands were caressing her thighs... “Let people think you are getting dress.. So he said.. it was her elder bro Sunil and her bhabhi with her niece who wanted to assist her getting ready as the bride.. you were both so horny?” Her father hugged her tightly and kissed her on the mouth. you will get other chances later on..But Neha objected. which was out of the pant.. in this rush no one will know that I am in the room. the zip-fastener opened.. “Okay just do one thing for me quickly” “What?” she asked. please. satisfy yourself with the kisses for the moment. he started moaning and was as if fucking in her mouth. this is not the place and the right time. you are getting your chance hmmm. when someone knocked at the door.” and he quickly enlaced her in his arms and started rubbing his dick over her thighs lifting up the robe she had worn when getting out of the bathroom. so when I left the village.. you went with her? Huh? She let you! You lucky old papa! You are happy now huh? You go to her place everyday?” and Pravindra opened the door to take his clothes and the towel as he was going to have a shower now... The sister-in-law quickly got up and ran away in the tent. . When he found daughter and father in each others arms....’ And as soon as Pravindra went to the bathroom. Neha in the day had found them close to each other and every time her father was trying hard to be only in his daughter-in-law’s company.” But her father locked the door and said.. Neha was holding the cock in both hands and his cock was doing to and fro in her mouth. ‘no they can’t do it now as there are too many people around.. but her father stayed with her trying to give explanations to Neha while closing his zip.posture on the bed.. He opened his zip and took out his big cock and asked her to suck him. When her father was trying to explain Neha only smiled with his and gently said. “Well only a quick suck. “No papa. Neha’s father restarted kissing her. and Aarti’s hand was playing with Neha’s father’s cock.. its enough. but then told himself. But Neha objected that it was not the right time.. but Neha had not at all thought about what she just saw.. this is not the time for this.. right?” And she sat on the floor took his dick and started sucking him... They got to stop.. still in his arms said... She had worn no panty no bra. he did not mind but he knows they have an affair and thought they can do something.. but what if instead of me someone else opened the door? What if Bhaiya Anil opened? You both should be very careful... its okay. “Cool papa. She said... “Hmmm... running her hands over her body. she responded and after the kiss...

Now they had a family discussion as Parvind and Neha were going on their honeymoon trip the next day... From among the older persons Pravindra had selected one men whom he employed as a sort of manager who would be looking after everything but one person from home should be going there to see if they needed anything more.. So it was finalised that they three will stay in Pravindra’s house for a week.. They way her hair was made. her make up and all that made her look like the models we often see on the podiums.Especially old and young. Hmmm. Once before they went to sleep after midnight. And he replied. She is staying with you a whole week.the father of Neha felt very happy when he heard that Aarti will be staying a whole week with her!! A great whole week of enjoyment for him he is the fate of this house or a curse if not a benediction!!” The father held her and kissed her on the mouth licking her tongue the fastest he could before anyone could come there. Late by 11 pm in the night all guests left and the family members remained in the house.. Neha was looking very beautiful in the bridal attire. After discussion the father of Neha had accepted to stay the one week but after a while Anil and his wife also said they will stay a week as Aarti stays at home and Anil had his car to drive to the town for work. They were to be back after a week and Pravindra wanted someone from Neha’s family to stay in his house as The taxi would be coming in the morning and the fields had to be visited at least once a day... Neha got a little opportunity to talk to her father and she murmured in his ears. And Neha looked at her father and laughed when it was known that Anil and his wife were to stay a week. “Its all thanks to you my baby.. The next morning there was a big rush in the house as Neha’s elder ..The wedding took place at night.” And Neha told her to take Aarti bhabhi to the fields with him to visit.. All men’s eyes were on her only and even the girls and women envied her.. Bhai will go to work and you and she alone at home!! Huh? This house has that kind of chance I think to have a woman alone in the house and a man around her. had you not been married again I would have got this sweet opportunity.. The elder brother of Neha wanted to return as his daughter had to go to school but upon the insistence of others he accepted to return the next early morning. “You are a lucky fellow papa.

And Aarti spoke. They were gone soon. A big Van came to take them as it was arranged since before. And Neha’s father looked at Aarti who was waiting for his look to come on her. “Neha. He embrased her and said. So the father of Neha did not have to go..” And by noon Neha and Pravindra left home for the location they had chosen for their honeymoon. She smiled and hugged Neha tightly and said. When he went away. and almost all her boobs . “What thing? I did not see anything bhabhi? What are you talking about? Huh?” And they both laughed. tell me. just enjoy dear. “Papa. but you have got to enjoy a honeymoon here with Aarti bhabhi. “You will enjoy a lot sweetheart I wish I could be there with you and could have got you for some time alone with me. “You are as lucky as me papa.isn’t it?” they both laughed then. Neha was once left alone in her room when her father joined her. the other members got sometime to enable each other getting the breakfast and the taxi came to horn at their door. And Neha hugged her. Neha’s father was about to leave but the manager appointed by Pravindra came out of the taxi and said its not important to come as he can manage and if they will need anything he will himself come there to ask for. Be happy always.. it’s your luck to be with him. and in her ears whispered.. it excites me a lot to see you with her. And Neha asked. “You are so good. enjoy yourself to the maximum. You have got a week’s honeymoon with him so enjoy. She was in a flimsy sari and a backless blouse which had a very deep v cut. just don’t worry bhabhi.” Aarti felt relieved and sighed. please never talk about waht you saw here yesterday to anybody. Nobody will ever know anything. Neha looked at him and smiled then she glanced at her Aarti bhabhi smiled at her and she continued with her breakfast.. Later when Pravindra and Neha started packing their affairs in the case. I am going out for my honey moon. I had to talk to you.. explain me.” Neha stopped her by saying. That van was the tour operator agent who managed the suit for them in a five star hotel by the sea side in another state.. “My old papa is good I know. how did you managed to get her? Did she accept it? She did not make a scene? Did you do it at her place for the first time? Please do relate me how was your first time with her?” Her father was going to tell it to her when Aarti came there. so they stopped the talk..” Neha told was leaving.

.. And Aarti suddenly stopped the kiss and talked.. but he was worrying what if Aarti will take it the wrong way and speak.” But she insisted to know what she talked with her father when she had left.... and running his tongue over her cheeks and neck and replied... And now we are going to assist another of their actions. what Neha said after seeing us like that? I felt hot seeing she caught us..she can even let you with her on bed it seems.” And Aarti said. she was on her back... you will all remember how was fucked for the first time at her place by Neha’s father when Neha returned from her father’s place. Her hip’s movement was killing when she walked with the sari collated to them and giving the sexy form of her butt and thick thighs... and Gyan thought who are they? How and why an old man like him carried such a young woman in his arms to go inside the house.tell me if you get her. She usually got dressed very sexily always. she won’t speak at all... but I don’t think that can happen... Aarti... so he replied with a grin. she just asked me either I am enjoying well. I have not thought about it.. “But dad. She had seen all isn’t it?” He continued kissing her... her cleavage was astounding with the boobs almost all visible only when she was standing and when she bent a bit it was hell. Gyan was watching... I got out and sweated. “Dad. ”Well... while the old man’s arms were under her trying to move the straps of her blouse. The old man’s eyes were devouring her.. and he took her in his arms and carried her to the bed in the guestroom of Neha’s house. So Neha’s father told her daughter-in-law.. The oldie was kissing her wildly with her tongue sucking each other’s nectar. that was a very hot encounter when she had come out from the bathroom. and after lying her over the bed.. he almost over him with his right leg over her’s and her arms running over his back passing through his shoulder. So he carried her in Neha’s bedroom. “Oh don’t worry about Neha sweetheart... “Really? She is so nice towards us? Why? She saw me holding your dick! She saw her father’s dick in his daughter-in-law’s hands and your hands were on my thighs. BVut one thing they did not notice is that from the garage.” But Aarti by then caressing his dick said. my sari lifted up and she said you were enjoying?!! Great. It is clear that they continued with the relationship after the one mentioned here on page 17/18.were seen... Her sari was very flimsy and the blouse was as described before with a deep –cut on her breasts and was sleeveless like a strap only and was almost backless. “Neha is an intelligent girl and she understood us dear. your own daughter on bed you will like it?” Neha’s father wished to tell her al about Neha and him. it can happen! She .

..... “OH HO. bigger than your son’s. then the old man also started moving his hips slowly to meet her pleasure and Aarti was twisting over him with the cock in her and she made round circular movements with the .... but he did not penetrate her rather brought his cock to her mouth and like a thirsty she took the whole thing into her mouth and started sucking her father-in-law with delight. The old man was only lying flat on his back and Aarti was doing all this time.... enough now... MORE. The truth was that he can do that very easily as Neha has known all and she talked about it with her. TAKE IT DEEPER UP TO YOUR THROAT.. which she gradually removed and his shirt was off soon... and took his tongue into her mouth and started sucking it again taking the juices. then she understands.. licked her breasts’ side and ran his tongue on her armpits which were clean shaven.” and he smiled and felt pleased by the praises.. your dick is too big.....saw us in sexy position so she knows that we have an affair. while she was stretching her body and puling her head backward thus giving him her boobs entirely. “Hmmm my mouth has started aching. he liked the idea and it excited him more and he savagely started taking the dress of Aarti on the bed.. she quivered and moaned. So he only had to tell Neha that her bhabhi wants to be together with her.. The oldie.. after a while she said. he was watching her boobs balancing to the rhythm of her movements and he put his hands crushing them which made her throw her head backward with moans. The sari was unwrapped fast and he undid the backless blouse which gave the boobs of Aarti freedom to come out to his mouth. she hissed when it got in her and she took a sitting position on him and started moving her hips with the dick inside her. feeling the salty taste he went on licking and sucking them till his dick rubbed against her womb and found the way to her wet pussy.. He groaned and shivered and murmured..YEESSSSSSSSSS GO ON SUCK MORE. she at the same time was undoing his pant. AAHHHH.. then he lay on his back and took her over him. and both were nude on Neha’s bed...” Aarti looked up at him and smiled and went on with her task for his greatest pleasure. He enlaced her... She came along him all over his body and she parted her legs and she took his cock in her soft hands and introduced it into her..SSSSSSHSHSHSHS. And he said okay he will try Neha.. with his arms around her and his tongue was licking her breasts.. why don’t you try her and then one day we three can have a threesome!!” And Neha’s father was amazed about the idea.DEEPER BABY.....

.cock in her over his hip thus feeling the dick inside her and getting the pleasure of the fuck.. Intentionally Neha dropped her ‘pallu’ just before the old man said by to her. As he knew the whole house and the yard so well he moved in after a while that they had closed the door. He was excited when he saw the old man carrying such a hot young lady in his arms. hhmmmmmm...” And the old also soon was reaching his pleasure and he quickly turned her under him and he took his cock out to discharge all his cum over her boobs which she licked by passing her finger upon. He pretended to be going to fill water in the bottles and he secretly had walked to Neha’s bedroom from outside and stood near the window only to hear and he heard all.but he had to leave....... After a while she came over him. Gyan was wondering who were the people in the house as she knew Neha had been out for a week. Pravindra was busy getting the luggage inside when Neha gave a sweet smile to the old guy whose eyes was fixed on her cleavage which was so appealing as shown in the pictures.. its wonderful.. she paid attention to this old who accompanied her to her room. “ Aaaaah..yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And both rested over the bed. her arms so polished and bare her attractive sweet smile. He knew that she was being fucked and was the daughterin-law and she was Neha’s bhabhi.shshshshsshs. ....and Neha kept smiling at him from the threshold till his was out of sight in the corridor.. Neha and Pravindra got in their room conducted by the old man. which had the sheets all in disordered condition by then.. He was happy to be getting another female to enjoy.... but he only hoped to see the old man going out. her white skinned bare back.aaaah. the old man stared at her boobs which were as if wanting to get out of that bra like blouse. yessssssssssssssss ooooooooohhhhh. Neha as she had a sort of weakness for old guys as since her first encounter with her father-in-law she had lots olds in her life. all that confused the old man. she rubbed the boobs over it and continued the movements of her hip and the cock was doing to and fro in it and she started moaning louder with voice and she quivered more and stretched her body over him and the old felt she was about to get her orgasm and her gave rapid blows still being under her by lifting his hip pushing on his toes to get her better touch and she trembled over him when she reached the peak of her orgasm....and she looked in his eyes to see lust in them which pleased Neha a lot. her boobs pressed on his hairy chest. he was sure that she was going to get fucked by that old and he wished to have his part too. yessss I am coming dad.

And once alone they both had a nice time inside the room.... and deep inside wished it could happen. She was not used to sleep a whole night on the bed of her husband and now she started seeing Ravindra in Pravindra too. she was now used to have a husband who did not mind when she was leaving the conjugal bed to move to her father-in-law’s bed at night. She felt very happy in the hotel. She knew her father must have enjoyed her a lot in the day when her brother had been to work. But yet she felt she needed freedom. moving her loose hair in all direction. The moonlit night.. She wished to be free without Pravindra for somewhile.... the wide bed. the luxury of the room. After making love that night they did stay in the room till late night and ordered dinner inside the room itself. she did not sleep almost in the night... or to go on her younger brother-in-law’s bed... Neha was still hungry for sex as those 40 days still had left emptiness within her self.. They spent the night like a real newly married couple and their sexual encounter was hot and both felt as if it was the first time they were having sex..Pravindra was deep asleep and for a while she felt like it was Ravindra who was near her and she was free to move her way..and she suddenly thought of the clients he spoke about to her... She asked herself did she do well by marrying him... the curtains of the windows. her sensuality asked for more. she got a shiver in her spine thinking of that.. Was she addicted to that kind of nights where she had the freedom of changing bed partners? She felt suffocated for a while and did not wish to be on the bed by the side of Pravindra. the balcony giving sea side view. Neha thought of Gyan . they did not go out at all. Subhash.. She also thought of her father and her bhabhi Aarti. and the old man who just left her when they reached. the cool breeze which attaining her soft skin when standing on the balcony... she kept her mind busy thinking of sex and men.. She felt like there was something to happen with him soon. Pravindra was still addressing her as ‘bhabhi’ while talking to her even during love making. the priest. She got out of the bed and walked to the balcony in the middle of the night..... She was confused and was not able to understand her feeling for him anymore...... the toilet everything was so high classed.... she remembered of the attendant of the hotel where her two brothers had taken her... She prayed to get lonely moments with someone else in that especial bedroom of the hotel.. cold breeze blowing her hair on her naked .. that had an effect on her? She did not know.She enjoyed the moment of bliss there..

there could be a brother and a sister or sister-inlaw.... barefoot... she was wearing no panty. and the nighty slid down and she opened her arms to let the wind kiss her nude body and she took it in her embrace..... she knew some couples were making love.she did half turn.. Her beautiful stern breasts felt the cold wind chilling the tits. she hesitated to walk down.... but could only see a big ship far away in the sea sailing towards the north..... She thought who could they be? Not necessarily married couples she told herself... and heard some slow hisses in some of the rooms she passed by... and some cracks among dried branches were heard.... she had closed the eyes when her arms were open.. As she was almost nude.. The very flimsy white dress was so transparent that all her breast along with her nipples were all clearly seen.they looked at each other for some seconds....her body got stuck to his chest and he leaned on a room’s wall and started caressing her was around 3 o’clock of the early then the old had firmly enlaced her into his arms and his tongue was looking for a way to penetrate into her mouth. She picked the nighty from the floor... she thought how many secrets those rooms and bed could be hiding in between their walls... her heart missed a beat and she gasped for air.and panting she opened her . there could be a manager with his secretary who told her husband that she had an important meeting. There was a newly married young woman aged 19 standing all naked on the balcony of a five star hotel in the middle of the night with her arms open as if she was waiting for a male to come into them... there could also be a daughter and father.” but the old man took her hand and pulled her to him in a sudden.. her straps of the flimsy nighty seemed to be disturbing her and she pulled it down. “I was not feeling sleepy and felt like walking a bit.. and she felt cold and dearly wished to hug a man other than Pravindra. she opened her eyes to look around her.. wore it and got out of the room.... and high coconut palm trees making a whizzing sound by the wind blowing through the huge leaves.arm.she looked back to see the dim night lamp near the head of Pravindra and the room’s heavy silence was killing and she felt a suffocating sensation again....her breath went on speeding and she felt a little sweat over her forehead.the old man was peeking through her see through nighty and could easily see her tits and knew it that she had no panty underneath.. and as she made her way back towards her room she found herself face to face with the old man who had accompanied her to her room... Dark night outside and was silent everywhere. she walked till the end of the corridor and reached the stairs which led to the ground floor and the reception... there could be a man with his friend’s wife. She walked aimlessly in the corridor. And she talked with a nervous smile..

.. she was like over a horse. “No he is not drunk but only had 3 whiskys.. “You are on heat young lady. and felt her wet down there. she managed to suck the old guy and he hissed and quivered and started moving his hips as if fucking her mouth...” so the old man told her to have glance in the room in case he is awake and looking for her. and he introduced his huge dick into her wet pussy and it swallowed if all inside....... here you go baby... once she felt chocked when the dick reached her throat. and the sucking... And he said.. lifted her up and took her over him by spreading both her legs on both sides of his waist..Neha was as if feeling drugged.. the old gradually started lifting up her dress over her thighs..... he knew that she was hot and on heat and needed to extinguish that.. Meanwhile the old.” Neha took the cock in both her hands and started sucking the old man kneeling on the floor’s carpet. still in standing position. threw his hands under her dress over her boobs.. she moved her legs apart to give way to the old man’s head get in between.. the old man glanced from behind her and then whispered......Neha put both her arms around his shoulder to get support to control her hips over his waists and her butt placed over his belly while he was in standing position... After a good suck he stood up...mouth and responded to the old man’s kiss and suck of the tongues drinking the juices produced by. crushing them hardly which made Neha give moans with quivers and hisses. and she asked to stop... Neha started moaning and he asked her not to make noise as people may hear from their room......Neha walked to her room followed by him. close it. your husband did not satisfy you.. “Your husband is sleeping? Is he drunk?” She whispered... come with me.. licking of her cunt started.. he started the fucking by moving his hips and his cock started doing to and fro in her and during those movements Neha’s whole body was going up and dowm according to his hips movements.” Neha followed and the old walked to the other side and the corridor made an ‘L’ shape.. her eyes were turning upside down.. she slowly opened her room’s door and glanced inside. “He is snoring... he gently asked... she stood up over her toes and stretched her whole body feeling in ecstasy. eat this piece of meat of mine.both were panting and the ...... and the old man... undid his zip and pulled Neha’s head to his big hard cock.her mouth could not get opened well as the thickness of the dick was huge. there he stopped and pushed Neha to the wall and started biting her neck and pulling her nighty’s straps savagely.. he then knelt down and lifted up her nighty which reached only up her thighs... and he passed his large palm strongly over her naked butt and ran his finger in the hollow.. and the old forced his head in between her two thighs and put her tongue there.

she moaned and hissed with shivers.. Each time that she was placing letters... he wished to go at his son’s place to stay to get his wife on his bed. do it fast. he was not able to sleep alone at night in his house.. One day it was school vacation and his elder son Sunil and his wife..but that was impossible. I am cumming .... and just then he pushed her head down again and put his dick in her mouth. 18 years old and was looking a charming beautiful little girl. and she sucked the remaining of his shoot. The old man asked her to play quick uncle...old perspired over his forehead..... and some stuck over her nighty. the dada was looking inside her top which was hanging a little bit and her tender.. But luck was often protecting this old fellow and see how it happened for him. When Neha’s father was back from Neha’s place after enjoying Anil’s wife for a week in Neha’s house for a whole week. I am afraid that my hubby wakes up and comes out to look for me. and he was watching her every time that she was bending to place the letters on the board.. She hugged her dada and was happy to stay with him.. the teacher came to his place to leave their daughter Sneha at his place as they were going out of town and would be returning in the night. he needed a woman by his side he felt and was restless all nights...... ran her tongue over his cheek all during the fucking... bit his shoulders and his ears. The old man was looking at that girl whom he had seen a small kid and now she is a girl of around 18. His mind was having dirty thoughts and he asked himself if he could get a chance to at least have a look at those tender beautiful breasts! Sneha was dressed in a beautiful top which had thin straps. He put the board on the bed and she got to sit opposite him. and pleaded... in a soft voice “hurry up... whiter part of her small boobs were visible to him. The lusty old man looked at her ass which had taken shape.. Neha licked his neck. She was innocent and did not know the intentions of her . and invited her on his bed for the game.. on her top. he looked at her breasts which were inflated and was the 18 year old girl’s breasts... The dada took her inside and they had some casual talks..shshshshs aaaaahhhhhhh” his blows went on faster and faster and suddenly he gave a groan and took out his cock to show his shoots to her and partly unloaded it over her belly and some went down on the carpet. brown pink coloured and a short skirt which was above her knees and was white. Sneha was now..

.. she was no fool and understood all. She had on various occasions seen her dad and mom fucking . and bent her head down. while still rubbing his dick still in his pants. tried to rub his dick under her..... He put his mouth on her shoulder and continued kissing there and he asked. Sneha also did as though it was a play that the grandfather was doing to her... he asked for more and she kissed him again and again till he intentionally once or twice moved his head so that instead of his cheek his lips touched Sneha’s lips. and still rubbing his dick under her but he groaned and ejaculated in his pant.. and he pretended to be playful with her. The girly was at times not paying heed but one strap of her top was falling down and the old was lustily watching her bare shoulders and the white skin of Sneha. She was sitting on the bed and he was also looking at her thighs as they were visible more as the skirt had moved upper by her way of sitting on the bed.... Sneha once or twice noticed it but did not say anything.. The olds dick was growing in his pant and he was every now and then arranging it... Then gradually he run his tongue over her bare shoulders and Sneha shivered but pretended to be normal.. in a moment of ecstasy...... which made the old get her back of the neck where he continued running his tongue.grandfather. her mother being a teacher. The grandfather asked her to sit on his lap. which Sneha won. and the old man... And when she did sit on him.. She went to.....she was expecting him to go ahead..she eavesdropped and had started having those kinds of feelings since earlier... “Give dada a sweet kissy baby” And Sneha turned her head back to kiss him on his cheeks.. After the game. but the old man was afraid lest she would talk and things will degenerate... pressing her forcefully to get her butt over his dick... they went to watch a bit of TV... but as she had sat over him the skirt was not coming out.. so that he could feel her panty. Sneha felt his hard dick under her ass but she pretended not understanding anything...she wanted to see what her grandfather will do more.. even part of her panty was seen and the old was feeling amused on looking at her white little panty and her white fleshy thighs.. but she understood all and like any teenager she was curious to understand and know things. at that moment he held Sneha firmly and kissed her back neck sucking it which let a dark red mark there and he put his hands on her boobs and squeezed them at the moment he was ejaculating. Sneha felt and .. at times when she was changing position of her seat.. he put his hands on her thighs and slightly caressed them and kissed her shoulders in an affectionate way like grandfathers do it. he slightly tried to move up her skirt. she was a college girl of the modern society and was intelligent.

. “Oh. Sneha sat and shyly bent her head again and the oldie caressed her bare arms. The grandfather felt excited to know what and how her father left love bites on her body and her mother shouted to her father. “Here I can’t hide dada if it gets a mark” Then the old asked. and hold them.. daddy use to kiss me that way leaving marks and mama use to shout at him for that!” At that time the grandfather was stunned and asked for details about her father’s kisses. and Sneha said. get it hidden by your hair and for at least a week don’t let anybody see that.. and I have the right to give kissys to my grandfather isn’t it?” Then he said.... he gradually passed his hand under her arms and his fingers touched her boobs over her top and he continued his fingers movements to grow more to get plenty of her boobs cupped in the palm of his hands meanwhile he was questioning her. He said. “What did we do dada? We only played scrabble and we are now watching TV. that’s private between you and me.” He was erect again and his dick was once more rubbing under her butt as she was sitting on his lap. Thats all we did dada. He sucked part of her shoulder and Sneha moved her shoulder from his mouth’s stuck saying. but he was still in a little worry as he thought she could talk.. “Dada stop worrying.. He pulled her on his lap again like he had held her the first time... will you speak up of what we just did?” Sneha pretended innocent and asked.. took her in his lap again and talked.. But Sneha shyly smiled and just bent her head down thinking she said something she should not have said. and reached her shoulder... but please relate me about your father and the marks he left on your body please. washed himself and came back to her. moved the strap to let it fall over her arm and kissed her bare. . he did not have enough trust in her yet.. white soft skin of the shoulder and wished to see her boobs. “But on your back neck there is a mark which took place when I kissed you too much.” The old man caressed her and said. Then Sneha started to relate. “Okay I want bite you on visible parts.. he went to the loo. dada. When he finished. “My sweet Sneha. “And about the sweet kissys will you tell your parents?” She replied as intelligent as she was. will you?” He was meanwhile caressing her bare arms and shoulders and with a finger trying to touch her breasts over her top.understood all that he did but she remained quiet and let the grandfather do. insisting to know what she was about to say.

.This happened several nights as we were in winter and I was not wishing papa to sleep alone in the lounge.......... I felt a heavy something inside myself and soon felt aroused by my father’s body touching mine that way.. so that she will not be able to go. but the third he was feeling cold and came to sleep on my bed by my side. he said he will not give her divorce to punish her..... so that’s what I had to wear... Sneha asked him to keep all confidential.. my nighty was up on my hips.... I was younger ....... He was snoring... I had no other types of nighties.. And one day father found a love bite on mother’s neck behind her ear.....My mother was having an affair with one of her colleagues at school.. Father quarreled with mom and did not sleep on that bed with her.... They were quarreling in their room and I was in the living room doing my homeworks. I wondered if papa also was unaware of all that or it was only I who was not knowing. I was wearing nighties with thin straps.. deep asleep and was not aware of anything... and he promised her giving her his manly word that all that she spoke would remain unto him only.... first two nights father slept on the couch in the lounge.... I covered him well and he took me in his arms as I was very warm and my warmth made him warm and feel comfortable.. I myself asked him to come to my bed when I finished my homeworks. I woke up before him and when I opened my eyes I found that his legs were entwined to my legs... it was in the middle of the night and I felt sorry for him as he was all cold when I felt his touch to me..... but I don’t know at all when in the night it takes place. I wondered why my dress was always lifted up to my belly some nights and all my panty was seen.. we slept like that till morning. Now every morning I was seeing father’s legs twisted into mine. Father had never touched me that way before. Anyhow I moved out my legs from the tangles of his legs and slowly got out of the bed and walked out... my panty was seen and his thighs were over mine and his downer part were all collated with my downer part. he told her till she will not stop that he will not touch her and they will leave like strangers in the same house... The grand father was thinking lots of things after hearing this bit from Sneha and was very curious to know the rest and asked Sneha to relate all step by step to him.... it did something to me every morning to see papa’s thighs touching .. although it was winter my blanket was so thick and warm that I never needed any other clothing to keep me warm when sleeping.. mother was always buying those types only.. So Sneha continued relating the events. as all of them were alike... I thought it all happened in the sleep. .

......” by licking her neck.... now I felt very affectionate towards him. he was not aware of anything. “Please continue my little princess.. and slowly I turned on my left side thus was facing papa. When papa’s eyes went on me....... Now what was I suppose to do other than sleep? I was controlling very hard to avoid sleep... he put his palm in between her thighs and Sneha parted them a little bit as if she was asked to do so by his palm.whole day at school I would keep thinking of all that and would wait for the evening to reach home to see him. The old man asked. I had that kind of feeling at that moment.. it was so heavy.... and his hand was roaming upper and deeper under her short was an understood action as though..So that night I finished early with my school exercises and asked papa to come to sleep.... and I was praying the night to come fast so that I will hold him and sleep by his side... I could see his face... and I was admiring him. papa was soon deep asleep and started snoring lightly..... he was breathing deep. then papa turned on his right side and his leg moved over my thighs. his left arm came over me and it was heavy on my breasts. I touched his thigh and felt the hairs. his breath became heavy and I knew that he was lost in deep sleep. if only I closed them once I would have fallen asleep. and his hand moved over my breasts. I tried my very best not to close my eyes. So I thought papa was respecting my body by turning his eyes away from me. Sneha continued: ... And just when I decided to give up........ I stiffened and looked in his face.i wanted to see either he was acting... yet my eyes were heavy. I waited and breathed slowly as if I was about to steal something... watching him sleeping. He was my only man....... He came and I was undressing myself in my room the time he entered.. I was felling in love with him and wanted him so much....... I started developing sexual feeling for papa... so all that happened would have been in the deep sleep and none of us were thighs and his downer parts stuck to my panty and pussy.....but no he was really .... papa turned to me still deep in sleep.... I was removing my bra..... By then the grandfather had started caressing Sneha’s thighs. I never wear a bra at night as mom taught me that. But that night I was trying not to sleep and see how it will all happen in the night.. it aroused me a lot and I went to the loo and fingered myself feeling papa doing that to me. hairy.he was still asleep.. with the dim light of my bedside lamp.. I was on his right on the bed.. I stayed awake for more than 1 and half an hour.. he looked away and mounted on the bed and covered himself without looking at me...

as if he was afraid to go further with her. I quivered but I pulled my whole body closer to him and surrounded him with both my arms and let my mouth stuck to his neck which was very warm... I had forgotten that warmth. I put both my hands around him and hugged him strongly. By that time the grand father’s hand was already over her panty and he was caressing her pussy over her panty with his fingers. And I was feeling sleepy too but was waiting to see what papa would do more in his sleep. so we were both in each others arms by then..... It was a great feeling.So when my breasts were on papa’s chest I felt so good that I wished to stay that way the whole night. and without being asked she went to sit on his lap like before. she knew it but pretended not paying heed as she was busy relating the events. then my room and bed was bought and I was shifted to sleep alone. and my whole body was completely collated to him and I was feeling very warm which made me feel so good.then I felt much love for papa. and it gave me an immense pleasure.. He let her go and when she had been to the toilet.. I had loved it at that time... he took out his pant and wore a soft material short which will ease his touch to her but he was freeing his dick that way......... Then I felt him erect and his organ touching my belly. After a while I slowly kissed his chin.but I was awake and he asleep..asleep and was not aware. and it was after about 10 years that I slept with someone and felt the body warmth. I let my hand on his belly for a while and found my hand moving up and down and I giggled....... and I felt my breasts rubbing to his hairy chest. it was moving to the rhyme of is breathings. and licking her shoulder and neck and touching her boobs slightly with his fingers. and I kissed his cheek in his sleep.. Sneha was back to him after peeing. It was only when I was around 6 years old that I slept in their bed. This time the old man felt her butt . she told the grand father she had to go to pee.. Sneha continued: .. yet he asked her to continue relating the events.. The grandfather was erect hearing all that and longed to touch his cock down under Sneha’s butt. which made him move in his sleep....... I lightly moved my hand on his hairy chest and brought my hand up to his navel and touched his belly. but gradually I missed their warmth.. then his cheek. but after a while he also put his other arm too under me which made both his arms around me........and he continued caressing her all along her arms.

much better and he moved up her short skirt from under her, she moved her ass up to ease him to take the skirt from under her, as if she was understanding what should be done.... now, her butt and panty had direct touch on the old’s thin material.... and he slowly, moved the elastic from his belly to let his dick get out and touch Sneha’s butt, and panty.... Sneha twisted once as soon as she felt the cock under her ass, but still she asked, ”Do I continued to explain you dada?” “Yes, yes baby, do continue please, tell me what happened then.” He replied her. Sneha asked, “Where had I reached dada?” He said, “hmmm you were saying that you were feeling warm after a long time...” Sneha interrupted saying: - Yes, yes, yes, let me continue. So I was feeling very good and warm. I was just getting lost in sleep when I felt father saying, “Vani, Vani,” He was calling mother’s name. Then his hands moved over my breasts and he kissed them saying Vani it’s nice.... he was speaking in his sleep and he was thinking he was in company of mother... and gradually his hands went over my nighty and he moved them up to my belly and was thrusting his cock over my pussy which was still in the panty but papa was going on thrusting there, and strangely enough I was feeling good and wanted him to continue..... Then he mounted over my body.... and kissed my mouth and I felt afraid, so I moved him shaking his shoulder... And there the grand father had already taken out his whole cock out of his short and was rubbing it in between the thighs of Sneha and he asked while doing the movements, “Like this, your papa rubbed like this, hmm baby, you felt good? Hmmm tell me sweet darling” and he kissed her mouth, to which Sneha responded hotly... She opened her mouth to let her grand dad suck her tongue with lust and desire, she surrounded his shoulder with her soft delicate arms and was kissing her grand father viciously and her butt was moving over his cock..... And the old again asked her to continue relating how it went with her dad.... so she continued, but while she was relating here the old was bit by bit removing her clothes one by one slowly, little by little, admiring her body inch by inch and kissing all the parts bit by bit.... SHE CONTINUED.... - When I shook papa he opened his eyes and was shocked about his action but I held him tightly in my arms and told his that was alright, not to worry or feel guilty. He was not feeling right but I pushed him on the bed and mounted on him and started to kiss him.... when my mouth reached for his mouth, he was stunned and he stood still when

he found my breasts pressed to his lips... I breast fed my papa... I held my boob and directed my small young nipple to his mouth and pleaded him to suck it... and papa please me a lot by listening to me... Here the grand father removed her blouse and took her beautiful, young, tender breasts in his mouth and asked, “Like this sweetheart, your papa sucked it this way? Or like this,” he was changing position and was sucking his grand daughter’s nipples..... By this time, Sneha was only in panty sitting on the old man, her boobs were fondled and massaged by him and sucked and licked... the old had also removed his short and was nude and the bottom..... Sneha continued... - And papa was aroused by seeing my body of a young budding little woman.... I spoke, “Papa, I know mama is not pleasing you, but you stop worrying darling papa, your baby Sneha is here to please you all the way you want papa.... take me, take me the way you want papa, I want to feel you deep in me, do it to me papa, I want it from you only, I love you so much papa, please, do this pleasure to your only daughter...” And papa lifted his head to listen to the other side of the room but I told her not to worry at all as it was almost 1 AM mother must be snoring and she will never hear us..... and so my sweet papa, removed my nighty, and I was there over him with only a panty, and I sat on him, he was lying on his back over the bed, I put my legs on both sides of him , placed my pussy over his dick and I started rubbing myself over his hard dick... the frictions provoked such intense fire within me, that I quickly, removed my panty and papa’s short and placed my pussy to papa’s mouth...he took out his longue tongue and licked me from top to down and sucked my new virgin juices which ran on his tongue.... and we did a 69 pose.... my pussy was at his mouth and I took his dick in my mouth and it was such a wonderful feeling to suck my papa’s dick... I was eating his cock and wondered that cock had made me, and I got the chance to suck it, to eat it... I took the maximum of the dick’s length in my mouth which made papa groan a lot.... at last it was time to receive that papa’s organ in me.... I felt a little afraid as I was a virgin, my whole body stiffened and quivered..... But I was all ready to experience it, I wanted to please my papa, I did not want him to go to any other women, I was there for him any time he needed sex..... So papa put me over the bed, he came over me.... parted both my legs, and wetted my pussy by rubbing his cock over it... and I held both his strong arms firmly, and he touched the tip of his dick to the small opening of my pussy and I gave a little cry.... I was dying with envy...i wanted to receive it in me, yet I was afraid too.... it was a very different feeling... I can’t express that...papa’s cock’s tip tried its way to the hole.... I straightened my whole body

and papa said, “easy Sneha baby, easy, relax, don’t worry papa will not hurt you, I will put it very gently.... and he in fact did it very tenderly.... first he put the tip in the whole....and waited... looked at my face, he let the tip there, came to my mouth, kissed me, licked my neck and breasts, then slowly forced a but more inside... I stiffened again, I was surely getting all wet down but I did not know... I felt numb there... and papa pushed a little more then again, till I was not even aware when his whole dick was into me.... papa was experienced and because I was too young he did it very gently that I even did not feel that pain of penetration..... when he started doing to and fro by moving his hips that I discovered he was deep in was then that I started feeling burns there in my pussy.... papa kissed and caressed me very tenderly and with much love..... it was like my honeymoon night.... I enjoyed every minute of it..... Papa took out his cock when he was about to ejaculate and I got my orgasm, my first orgasm just when he removed it from me... I moaned at that moment.....and papa groaned a lot while leaving his cum over my belly, navel and breasts..... I noticed stain of blood on papa’s cock, and when he finished I found I was was my broken hymen.... papa turned me to a woman!! Papa’s woman! Here the old was fucking her when she was relating he had already penetrated her and his old cock was doing to and fro in her and she was moaning with big vocal sounds and the old groaned like a wild beast when he also took it out to discharge his cum rubbing it over her pussy... Sneha lay down on the couch opening both her arms tending them on both sides and took a deep breath... The grandfather was so happy having fucked a young 18 years old grand daughter. He was himself not believing his luck. At his age he was getting such chances. He was very much satisfied but he still wanted to know about Sneha’s mother’s case. So he had some casual talks with her, they had tea, watched some tv then in the evening since her parents were not yet back he interrogated her again. They were again sitting on the couch in the living but this time she was not on his lap but sitting by his side. He asked her to relate him about his mother and either her father still fucks her, or he still sleeps on her bed. She related.......... - After that night, we slept together for almost a month and made love almost every night. I was very happy, he was as if my husband, I thought of him whole day at school and was deeply in love with him. I wished he never accepted mother again, I wanted mother to elope

They quarreled and that went on long in the night. mother served him drinks etc and he went to have his shower and mother served him his towel. I told her to go and fuck around with her boy friend. I was alone in my room that night and was expecting papa to talk to me about that...with her lover so that father and I could live together for ever. and will never let papa touch me. She burst in a rage and exploded over me saying that I was my father’s keep. She questioned me. so why was she jealous.... we heard her closing the bathroom’s door and father got to get out of my room from the window and pretended to getting in the house from outside... I was like my mother’s rival I was like my father’s mistress. Father too got worried and a deal was made in between us. we hugged secretly when she was not around.. we were not able to be together. she took father with her as soon as he came and they went in the kitchen. If father had to talk to me he had to look for opportunities. I did not reply her but went to my room. and mother threatened to go to the police and report me and father for incest! I was really afraid then. and very fast he tried to please me sexually but as soon as his dick was in me and I was about to get my orgasm. and other needed materials.. It was that she will never see any other man again.. But despite that I know mother still see her boyfriend and papa too tells me that and so we also on every occasion that we get we enjoy ourselves a lot.. When father was aback from work she started with father accusing him having incestuous relationship with me. mother was treating me that way. We all three were asked to respect and honour our words. But it’s no longer like the nights we were sleeping together.. once father got a chance to kiss me secretly when mother went to have a shower.. They slept together and fucked. But that night they both ended up in their bed which made me very angry.. I was fighting with mother. Father then started accusing her of betrayal and adultery. But one day mother found some snaps on my neck when I was returning from my shower. Next night when papa was back from work I waited for him to talk but mother did not give me the opportunity. Those were lovely nights of my life. but he told me nothing as if nothing happened... I was accusing mother to have neglected papa and it was I who supported him and took care of him on all grounds including sexually. and I . mother was fighting with father... That day a very dark red mark was left on my neck when father was making love to me and I did not pay heed to that and when I went in the kitchen mother found that and a terrible fight took place in between all three of us..

so? Tell me dada. she should have been sexier when she was in her twenties. He sat on the couch. so you got her dada?” The old said. he saw his elder son fucking Neha as well. he fucked his younger daughter-inlaw... I know that. put one hand on the old’s shoulder and with the other hand she held his dick and sat over it and . her legs were full spread. dada. tell me have you ever done it to her? This suddenly came to my mind. And he added. She obeyed.worrying the return of her parents she asked the oldie to hurry and do it a quicky. and she has well maintained her figure. and asked her to part her legs and come over him in a bicycle riding position..... and she did not delay to put her mouth there and took the old dick in her mouth and started sucking her grand father who went happy with pleasant groans. they both told that to me.. Had I proposed her then I am sure you would have see your dada coming to fuck your mother often at your place.... “Yes dada.. And now he was planning to fuck Sneha’s mother. And he took her in his arms again and he lay on the couch and took her over him. “I am regretting that I never did any move towards her darling. “And don’t you think this old man can get a chance with her?” Sneha laughed and asked. “Well do you know baby that your mother gave birth to you when she was only 17 years old and she had eloped with your dad when she was only 16?” “Yes. a fucking family he thought!! He talked to Sneha. and he now fucked his grand daughter.. Sneha without being asked started kissing a mouthful of kiss to her grandfather and she put her hand over his short and started caressing his dick which was not hard but gradually took form by her caress... instead of you it would have been she who would have been here with me at this moment sweetheart.. now he learnt his eldest son fucking his daughter like he fucked his daughter..” She answered. and his dick awaited her sweet pussy to reach it and Sneha..when I was born they were living here isn’t it? Five years they lived here they told me.. He took both her legs on both sides of his thighs.. when mother and I walk together my friends asks me if she is my elder sister. The old asked.. “Oh I never thought of that..miss them a lot. “And you are 18 now so she is only 35 years old and is a charming lady!” Sneha said to this.. so she was near you for 5 years. she still looks young and fresh. and they both quickly got nude. The old man listened to her attentively and his eyes were fixed on her face and he wondered what the heck was going on in his family?! He was fucking Neha his daughter.

Neha’s father was now very much interested in both Sneha and her mother.. parts of it went on Neha’s head and hair. Now since Sneha related her all that about her mother he started visualizing the days when Karuna.”Aaaaghghghgh oohhhhh. her father was horning on the road. He was only maintaining the thoughts as fantasies.. I will disssssssssssssssccccchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrge”. by sitting up and down on it....oh yes oh my God. she was all wet... she put both her arms over the dada’s shoulder and she was moving on the rod. then...yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” That made the old man too reach to his climax and he groaned...He let her continue with her studies and thus she became a teacher at the . as it entered her.. And she hurried to wash herself after holding the old tightly in her arms with a sensual kiss.aaaa i....dada. the old moved his hip too but the grand daughter did more moves than him. with “Hmmmmmm.... iissshshshsssss.... though he had sexual attraction for them.... just as she came out....aaaahahahahaaaaa yesssssss yes yes yes...introduced it inside her.... He had got the younger one since the last time that Neha had come to stay at his place and left.. He had always found her serious and as she was a teacher he always believed that she was not a woman whom he could afford to get on his bed....aaaah I aaaammmmmmmmmm comiiiiiiiiiiiiing... five years they lived in the old man’s house those days..... The days she was still living in his house..yeaaaaah. and the dick got lubricated and the sticky fluid slide on the rod and her pussy had an easy to and fro on it. even after the birth of Sneha. Sneha’s mother had eloped with his eldest son and come to stay in his house and how he had got them married in a hurry. and he pulled his cock out fast and shoot his cum up. She was only 16 then.... he remembered that many a time when having sex with his wife he would in his mind visualize the daughter-in-laws. But His wife was still alive then and he did never dared to approach the daughter-in-laws. and soon she started giving shudders and moans....... his elder daughter-in-law. But he had never thought of the elder one that way. and some fell on her thighs.... as she was sitting over him with spread legs and receiving his dick in her. and she enlaced the old and took his tongue in her mouth and drank his juice meanwhile continuing the quick movements.. Sneha was moving on it like those porn sluts in the porn movies... yet it was not a problem as they got married by parents consent and the marriage was done.. She was a brilliant student and wished to study more so Neha’s father accepted that she continues with her studies even after marriage ..

... and he got erect and so at night he fucked his wife thinking of Karuna. And this day he was regretting not having done anything with her those days.. All those days and intimate moments came in his mind like a dream. He also remembered a day when his wife was playing with Sneha in the yard and Karuna was getting out of the bathroom with her hair all wet...... And that night he had had sex with his wife only by thinking of those touches and rubbings with Karuna in his mind. and he watching at her with lust.. how he was going to take her back. water dripping from them over her blouse. He thought he was a fool at that time not having proposed her for a bed sharing.. He now thought that Karuna would have let him because at that same moment after combing her hair she had got out of the bedroom to go out in the sun to dry her hair.. thus the old had also got a sweet view of her boobs hanging inside her blouse..... dressed in a skirt and blouse.. he had got an erection right then and had looked outside to see where his wife was and had followed Karuna to her room and told her she was looking very beautiful when she was drying her hair in front of the mirror.. It had often happened that his hands brushed with her boobs when taking Sneha from her arms. Thinking of all that was making him long more and more for Karuna then. and she had looked in his face and smiled. Sneha was then only a baby who was taken care by his wife at home. He thought of the sexy smile she had given him as reply at that time. he was returning with her and it was already dark outside and they had to walk about 5 miles. He had longed for her those days but never dared to do anything but only do all in his mind.. he had taken her close to him by holding her shoulder and she had clutched herself to him holding him around his waist and her boobs were touching his chest rubbing against all the way they walked. It came to his mind one late evening she was late at tuition and he had gone to take her back home.... and while getting out he stood in the way in the middle of the doorway and her whole body had rubbed against his.... She was feeling cold. and how he was looking after Sneha in her absence... Now the old man had flash back of the days she was going for private tuition and his son being at work he was going to accompany her to the tuition teacher. So he was reluctant and feared the presence of his wife that’s why he had not at that time approached her more than that.. But in thousands more occasions he had rubbed against her body to .. and his dick had brushed her ass. bending her head .... and he many a times had brushed his body with hers when she was in his home. and she had only bit her lips after passing by.age of 21 after Sneha was 4 year old... and so Karuna was then around 17 or so....

When he told her he was returning back leaving her at Aaarti’s she was astounded by the rapidity he went and returned. The old thought of all those moments the days she lived with him in the same house... So his name was Girjanand..And the grand father accompanied her to Aarti’s place.” ... fleshy hips and thighs. Very beautiful body.which she had always smiled and bit her lips and looked at him in a shy way.... nice breasts. She asked him in and gave him a chair to sit in the kitchen itself while she was washing some plates in the sink. The skirt reached just on her knees and the blouse was short like a top which let her belly. Karuna was now only 34 years old.. He got in and approached Karuna who went in the kitchen for the daily chores. “It’s been a log time we have not had a chat Karuna dear.. Aarti said it was okay to tell her to come. the white sexy skin’s movements while she was washing the plates. how to approach her... Then the old went at Karuna’s place and told Sneha that her Aarti auntie was always staying alone at home so why she did not go to pass some time in her company. waist and navel be seen. Some people called him Neha’s papa. so he had to plan out something.. But he did not know what to do.... He reached there very fast which made Karuna believe that they are not yet gone as she asked where Sneha was. Aarti thought he had come to fuck... Her butts were lovely and many men looked at her turning back to admire her butt wrapped in the sari .. Sneha liked the idea and told her mother she wished to go. But elders called him as Girja... After leaving her there he went to Karuna’s again.... He sat and watched her waist.... He said. but he had only Karuna in his mind and Aarti at that moment was of no interest to him....... The white coloured skin desirable and sexy... But this day as she was at home was not in a sari but in a two piece. So now he thought of seeing her. Well I have never mentioned the old man’s name.. As it was school vacation so she was also staying at home but Sneha was at home too... So he had a talk with Aarti telling her that Sneha is in vacation and wished to come to have a day in her company at her place. Now she was alone at home and free. They all called him Girja uncle in the village.. The next day first he went at his younger daughter-in-law’s place....

we were very close and I love you too papa not in the past tense but present!” she got to walk ahead to take the towel to dry her hand.. “I was not getting time dear and then you were always at school and so I never got opportunity to come to see you that is it. I feel we had not known each other enough. we let time pass without knowing each other don’t you feel so beta?” Karuna laughed looking at him and said childishly. I just talked about it to Sneha this morning only!! I related her how I was feeling cold and you had taken me close in your arms to keep me warm. “Papa. “That’s queer. that’s true. then he said. She continued washing the plates. he noticed the curve of the . we were so close to each other. I won’t ever forget that.” “Oh come on dear. and it was dark before we had reached home?” Girja said. and you had helped me a lot papa. me and you we were so close but still we did not know each other as I was busy with the wife and Sneha and you too had to look after your husband and Sneha plus your private tuitions!” Karuna felt his body lightly touching at her back and bent her head and replied without turning back. I was very stressed those days with the tuitions and looking after Sneha who was a baby.She looked at him and replied.” He stood up and walked to her saying.. you were busy looking after mama and after her death it’s only today that you come at my place.. “Why suddenly today you feel like that papa? We were close me and you in your house. Girja watched her hip’s movements and her butt moving to the rhythm of her walk.” And the old man got to say. tell me you remember the evening we were returning back from the tuition when I had come to take you and it was damn cold that day.. don’t talk of repayments. “And I really miss that kind of hug of yours beta. I often tell this to Sneha that I won’t ever be able to repay you for all that you did for me in my struggling days..” She smiled at him by then he stood close to her behind. I loved you so much!” Karuna looked back now finishing with the plates and said affectionately. you do not come often. “Yes papa. were not we?” He put a hand on her shoulder still standing behind her and said. “That’s what I want to say. and she felt him standing too close to her so she turned back and looked at him in his face interrogatively. “You remember the days you we were living together. you used to come only when we had just shifted but gradually you stopped coming. “Hmmm. She was surprised and happily said.

..” Karuna smiled and asked. He was looking at her top.. “You are still that sweet Karuna I knew years back in my house you know.... The old man asked her if she is happy since she left his place to live alone there... but as she was not sure. she smiled and moved closer to him and he said gently with an affectionate tone.. and he opened his arms too and they held each other quite tightly. which had buttons but with her boobs seeming too big to be held by the top. run his finger on them and said. let me replay that.. she just did as though it was only a lost hug. watching her skirt material stuck over her butt and moving side to side when she walked. and slowly he ran his palms over her arms and caressed them as though it was an affectionate touch but he was erect on doing that. “You know sweetheart Karuna. Karuna walked towards the lounge asking him to come there.. and Karuna had meanwhile pressed herself to him and her hands were hanging over his shoulder. opening her arms to take him in them.. he touched her cheeks.. come to take me back from tuition on that cold .. She said so and so.. Her hair was open and she was playing with them and at times they were falling over her boobs which were disturbing his view. She said. She stood up and he said kidding.. I wish to hug you the way you hugged me on that day while returning from the tuition..waist getting deep in like a bay from her breast to her hip.. He felt his dick rising in his pant and wished to take her in his arms and kiss her deeply... “Really papa? Am I?” He replied “Yes sweetheart. When they broke from the hug... “Okay papa... they both had a seat on the couch. her cheeks was rubbing against his and she felt like he was wishing something with her.. He asked her to sit closer to him.. and she asked him to revive those days.” And he stood up and lifted her up like one asks a lady for a dance...... and his eyes were peeping through. her bra was seen in between the space of the buttons. how were you clutched to me the day we returned from the tuition when you felt cold? Please come like that to me once again I want to revive that moment. so. they stayed like that for more than 3 minutes and during that time he caressed her back with the palm of his hands on her back feeling her bra over the top and his chest crushed her boobs..will you give me a sweet hug like that?” Karuna gave an affectionate smile and neared her..she walked in the front and his eyes remained on her butt...” Kruna smiled gladly and they were like small kids playing an old game after growing up.

. Sneha came home.evening. Karuna blushed on getting a kiss from her father-in-law and pressed her head deeper in his chest.. she quickly got into a room and hide behind a curtain to watch more secretly.. After reaching in the lounge.. she found her mother completely stuck to her grand father.. and we had walked about 5 miles and more than an hour.. The ols said.. while returning in the corridor from where Sneha was watching clearly.. her hand enlacing his waist and her head buried on his chest... There Sneha and Aarti wanted to play scrabble and Aarti did not have Scrabble game at her place so Sneha said she had at home and went back home to take the scrabble game to Aarti’s place.. he surrounded her shoulder. gently. okay hold me the same way you did then. Sneha stood in the kitchen at the beginning of the corridor and watched them and found them by the back.. And her father-in-law.... so we will walk here from the lounge through the corridor to the kitchen as many times as we can reviving that day okay?” So she put one of her hand around his waist and buried her face on his chest. the old man passed his hand lightly on her bare skin of the waist. When they were walking now in the corridor. “Will you allow me do what I missed doing and had wished to do on that evening.. “And what did I miss on that evening sweetheart? What could I have done which I did not do on that dark evening?” Karuna.. Sneha saw them by the back and they did not notice her getting in.... now?” Karuna remained quiet. and as soon as she got in the old man holding her mother was walking back to the corridor at that moment.. the old man’s hand around her shoulder. “And why is it only now that . “And what more had I wished to do won’t you like to know ?” She bit her lips and slowly said.Sneha stood still for a while and walked very slowly to watch what was going on there. kissed her mother on her cheek bending his head.... felt things inside her and her heart missed a beat and blushing she replied with a sigh and whisper. she passed through the kitchen door.and whispered.” The old liked that response from her and said... “What papa?” Sneha could hear all their words too. the old spoke to Karuna. she did not understand what was going on but she was sure things were to happen. pressed her to him and they walked slowly to through the corridor to the kitchen very slowly and returned to the lounge and went again and came back again holding each other and walking slowly. and continued walking to the kitchen.....

but you never did.. “And I was only giving little smiles when your hands intentionally were touching my boobs papa... Her breath accelerated. Sneha was standing there behind the curtain and she ran behind the wardrobe when she found him coming to that room.. the way you had caressed me....better late than never dear...she felt a shiver within herself and put her hand under her skirt to reach her panty.... Sneha was aroused and felt dripping in her panty. Karuna twisted on the bed and Sneha started fingering her very wet pussy. till he reached her breasts and rolled his tongue over it. to get the kiss deepened and was rubbing her body to his. undid his zip.. let me now tell you that on that cold evening I was expecting this with you.. The old man laid Karuna over the bed... now from behind the wardrobe she was to watch all by peeping now and then...... “ You know.” And the old greedily put his hungry mouth to her boobs pulling out her top with rage..... but you were reluctant. “And you remember when I often brushed your boobs when I was taking Sneha from your hands?” she replied.. she perspired but stood still and put her hands over her breasts as if to hold the beats. she was enjoying watching her ..... Karuna gave a moan and threw her arms around him pulling him over are saying it? Why did you not go ahead then papa?” on hearing this the old turned her to him face to face still pressing her to him. took out his shirt... The old man then lifted her mother in his arms and walked to her bedroom. do it now papa.......... the way your breath warmed my neck and the way you had pressed my breasts I had deep longing for you at that moment and I had thought you will take me to a lonely place and do something.... Her grand father then..” The old was saddened by her revelation and regretted having let that opportunity go and he held her tighter and their mouth was soon in each other sucking their tongues deeply... I was only 19 years old then and was hesitating to say things but was only expecting you to do the moves.her heart was beating very fast and she felt the beats loud.. licked the cheeks of her mother then.. he pressed her boobs with excitement and crushed it in his rough strong palms.. He spoke. Karuna was standing on the tip of her toes.... then slowly moved to her neck with his experienced tongue.... I was waiting that some day you would press it. pulled out his pant and mounted on the bed.. Sneha was watching and she felt her panty getting wet viewing all that.. I knew you were hard at that time on that day.. he tried to take her mouth in his but she put her hand to his mouth and said. her boobs pressed over his chest and her downer parts collated to his down.

and lifted up her skirt little by little to first view her knees. she had same taste as her mother..... Sneha even moaned slowly after seeing all that and she wished to get fucked.... she was holding her moans with much difficulty...... he slowly moved her panty with his teeth. he licked it.. Sneha was on the point of getting an orgasm with her fingers.. he then took it with the hands and took it out as Karuna helped to get it out by moving her legs up as the panty passed though...she also liked cocks like her mother did. The old..which made Karuna quiver and shudder... like mother. by pushing her head to feel his cock getting deeper in her mouth and he felt it going to her throat which made her chock twice. And at last after the suck.. which he kissed. like ...... while Karuna trembled under him...but she was compelled to stay where she was..she thought she had her mother’s genes in her thats why she is like her.. moistened it and held the big erect cock in her hand delicately and started the suck...and she lay on her back parting her legs while the old pushed his dick in her. The old man. she felt its taste as she got the day before.. she licked the tip. when the panty reached her thigh... then knelt on the bed and Karuna without been asked got up to take the old man’s dick in her mouth.... after that the old held both her thighs in each hands and parted them to put his head in between them and his mouth started exploring her pussy which had already started getting wet..... she envied her mother at that moment.... she felt she was as hot as her mother. making Karuna moan loudly and shiver.... she wished to see her mother having her orgasm......she was panting... Sneha did not move her eyes from there........ He gave her a good lick and suck as experienced as he was which made Karuna moan all along.. Sneha visualized how she ate that cock a day ago and wanted it more... moved to Karuna’s toes.. and he groaned and hissed........mother’s nude body.... she was afraid to let her heard by them. and the fucking started...... hr head was going to and fro on the dick and the old started giving small moves with his hip. The old at last reached Karuna’s panty.. then slowly moved it up to see the beginning of her white fleshy thighs...... and bit by bit he moved the skirt upper and upper. as she hissed over the bed letting her father-in-law enjoy her thigh the way he wanted.she wanted to see her mother enjoying her father-in-law’s cock.... his hands fondled her boobs and her hand moved on his dick in the masturbating way.. they both had a passionate kiss while each other’s hands caressed their partner’s body.

she told herself........ I wonder if I will be like that when I reach her age.... her back.but she thought they will be shocked and all will turn to sour...i aammmm commmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.. She then after a while looked on the bed to see either they have moved away but she found they were kissing each other passionately.. she looks like a virgin girl......... she admired her own mother’s body. She was trembling with fear and arousal of sex altogether. her mother was caressing all over the body of the old man.... I was not aware and came to take scrabble to play with Aarti auntie and found you two ... twisting..her feet and legs ached by the way she was standing in a corner in a difficult position. she could see her buttock.. biting his neck hissing... She wished to come out and mount on the bed in a sudden. they were speechless when Sneha talked with guilt on her face. oh yesss!!” and Karuna shouted together....... and was kissing his body all around then son taking his tongue in her mouth and sucking it. and there they were. he succeeded fucking the elder daughter-in-law as well!!!! neha stood there all wet and dying with envy... She was shivering lest she would be caught....she did not know what to do.. shuddering.” yes me toooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaahhhh ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh sssssshhhhshshshshshshs.. yessssssss papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And very soon she found her mother giving loud sharp moans. ‘mother is so beautiful......”Aaaaghghghg.they were both still all nude and her mother quickly pulled the bed sheet to cover her intimate parts so did the old man. she has such young and soft skin. at times their mouth were meeting each other and soo he also started groaning and shouted... The old man was giving blows one faster than the other holding one of her legs and pushing his cock in and out as fast as he could and was now and then licking her boobs or her neck........ piercing her nails on the father-in-laws back.. pressing the two cheeks in his fingers firmly. her mother was over her grandfather... come in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yessssssssssss”... The old man’s arm was around her back and his palm was running over her back then on her buttock..dada must have enjoyed a lot with such a hot woman like my mama!’ She found them gong on kissing like two new lovers.. as though they were in love.... At last she plucked some courage and appeared in front of them.... they looked at each other astounded and did not know what to say...daughter she thought.and moaning with quivers... Sneha continued watching and was getting hot again. they saw her coming from behind the wardrobe.. “I am very sorry.

in the corridor holding each other like two lovers and did not know what to do so got in the room slowly not to disturb you, but I was not sure that you would be coming inside the room, mama I did not do it intentionally, it was an accident. I am sorry dada.” Her mother was still silent and the grandfather told her, “Well be a good girl and don’t speak about this to anybody.” Then Sneha smiled and replied, “But in return I want something from both of you.” Her mother surprised looked at her and looking in her face asked, “What do you want now young lady?” Sneha bent her head and in a childish tone said, “Dada, tell mama not to talk like that. Tell her to talk softly and kindly to me like she was talking to you...” The old looked at Karuna, the she softly spoke to Sneha, “Okay sweetheart tell me what is it?” And Sneha walked to the side where her mother was lying on the bed covering her with the bed sheet and said, “Mama, you are looking very beautiful, I wish to hug you tightly, but without the bed sheet.” Her mother felt outraged and shouted, “Will you get out of here you bitch?” The grand father was amused on her proposal and thought he could assist a lesbian scene if it happened and in his head he started thinking to see them kissing and sucking each other’s breasts...... When the mother shouted at her Sneha too got angry and answered, “Alright then, this afternoon father will learn all that I assisted in this room!” Karuna was shocked and did not know what to say then the old controlled the situation asking Karuna to let Sneha hug her nude body. And the grandfather asked Sneha to go ahead. Karuna looked in Sneha’s eyes, with half anger and half love and asked her to approach her..... But while walking Sneha started removing her blouse and bra then her mini jean skirt..... Karuna was surprised on her actions and looked in the old man’s face and told Sneha, “You are not ashamed to get yourself naked like this in front of your grand father?” By then Sneha had reached her mother’s side and was all nude and she replied while removing the bed sheet which was covering her mother, “Dear, sweet mama, when you are not ashamed to get naked in front of dada then why should I darling mama?” And she pulled the sheet from her mother’s breasts slowly bit by bit and the two teats of her mother appeared, then she slide the sheet a bit further and the boobs, she looked at them enviously, then looked at her own boobs and giggled, the grandfather was appreciating the show... he was getting free show to watch and enjoyed it... Sneha looked up at her grandfather, smiled at him and winked..... Karuna looked at both of them and she said,

“What are you trying to do Sneha? Why you winked at your grand dad?” To which Sneha replied, “Oh come on mama! Just be quiet and enjoy, your sweet daughter is going to have fun and am sure you will enjoy that mama darling.” By then she had pulled the bed sheet from her mother’s body and she was comparing her body to that of her mother’s..... And she spoke, “Mama, how do you still look so young and have a nice figure like this?” Karuna was feeling awkward yet she replied, “You will look the same when you will reach my age, and then I am only 34 so am I old to look bad?” She said, “No mama, you are not old at all, people say you are my elder sister when we walk together, don’t you that mama..... Hug me mama, hug me tight...” The grandfather found his dick taking form again on watching that scene in front of his eyes, when Sneha looked at him he put his forefinger to his lips to tell Sneha not to talk about them to her mother, and Sneha nodded and her mother did not pay heed to that.... Karuna put her arms around Sneha and both breasts of the women touched each others, there was no big difference between them.... Karuna’s boobs were only by some centimetres bigger than those of Sneha, and the breasts crushed against each other.... and Sneha’s lips roamed on her mother’s neck brushing away her hair with her hand, she took out her tongue and lightly slide it on her mother’s back neck which made her shiver and she looked at the old man’s face.... The grandfather signalled Karuna to let her do, and Karuna relaxed letting her daughter to kiss and lick her..... When Sneha broke from the hug, she kissed her mother’s cheeks and smiled at her like a kid does.... Karuna looked in the face of her daughter affectionately, and caressed her cheeks saying, “You have grown up into a young woman baby, just some years ago you were only my little baby, and look now, you have developed beautiful breasts, your body curves have changed into that of a young woman...and you are sexy too!” On hearing that Sneha wass overjoyed and shouted, 2Really mama? Am I sexy? You find me sexy mama!! Oh mama I love you!” And she hugged her mother again and the two pair of breasts was collated once again and the grandfather enjoyed looking at the pair of breasts changing their forms when crushed against each others.... he found them like some big balloons containing water which the kids play with were being crushed and he enjoyed the sight of it.... and he moved his hand to touch Karuna’s breasts while Karuna was watching his hands

either they will touch her daughter’s body..... The old was wishing to press Sneha’s boobs too but he could not as her mother was there.... Will he get the chance...we will see soon..... Sneha again licked her mother’s neck and this time she continued moving to her ears then to her cheeks, and she bit her mother’s cheek, sucked it and moved her mouth to her mother’s mouth..... just as Sneha’s mouth was to reach her mother’s mouth, Karuna moved away and broke the hug.... Sneha looked in the mother’s eyes sadly and said, “Mama!! What’s this, I want to kiss you darling mama!” Karuna replied, “No that’s enough, now wear your clothes, stop behaving like a whore in front of your grandfather, do have some decency at least!!” Sneha replied childishly, “Mama! Oh no mama! What decency? We are all three naked so why to talk of that? Dada also is naked isn’t he? Are you not dada? So why to talk of decency? We are not in the public mama, we are inside our house and there is nobody here...Come on, come on mama....let me suck your breasts, feed me like you did when I was a baby mama! I want to taste it how it feels like now!” Karuna was shocked and her mouth remained open looking at the old man then ay Sneha and she exclaimed, “You have no shame at all Sneha? You talk like this in front of your dada? And why should you suck my breasts? You are not a baby anymore. Will you shut up and wear your clothes now, that’s enough!” Sneha behaved like a small girl and giggled. Then took both hands of her mother in her hands and said, “No, I wont wear any clothes till I do not satisfy my wants, okay let me see if you are still stronger than me or I have become stronger now, prevent me from pushing you over the bed(they were then sitting)....” and mother daughter started struggling and as Karuna had nor prepared for tha and Sneha did it unexpected her mother was pushed on the bed and Sneha mounted over her and with force parted both her arms sideways.... they were both laughing loudly during that action and the grand father helped in the laugh but deep in him he was desiring both women and wished to fuck both one after another... he thought it would be great to fuck Sneha in front of her mother who would be watching an old dick getting to and fro in her daughter’s pussy.... Kauna was going on laughing and Sneha suddenly put her mouth on her breast, while both her hands were pressing over her mother’s parted hands.... On the touch of Sneha’s tongue on her nipple Karuna quivered and lifted her head to look at her daughter sucking her breast! She stopped laughing and felt a sort of desire arising in her and she asked Sneha to sit up, and she will feed her like a baby....

. who smiled at her with joy..she held her hand and brought it back.her mother saw her toes caressing her father-in-law’s dick and she looked in Sneha’s face....... and she was slowly moving her toes over his dick which was hard already .. The grandfather was sitting just by their side on the same bad and viewing this wonderful scene.. was very happy and told himself... Sneha then stopped the breast feeding and came up near her mother’s mouth. Girjanand... respect him at least!! Pull away your feet from there......... As soon as Sneha took the nipple in her mouth. Smeha changed breast.. superb you are o women!!’ Both mother and daughter were twisting over the bed. her mother was refusing but Sneha went on pleading so much that Karuna kissed and licked her daughter’s nipples and she took it in her mouth for a suck.... ‘how I am blessed to be alive to assist such wonderful moments of my life. you are great ladies. their legs entwined to each other... rubbed her boobs to her mother’s mouth and pleaded her to kiss them. While sucking her mother Sneha was meanwhile caressing the other boob of her mother and her both naked legs were over her grandfather..... “Baby.. She did both tasks meanwhile. with both her toes she was masturbating her dada!! Karuna was amazed to see with the expertise that Sheha was doing that action. in my youth I never got such opportunities.. she caressed her mother’s shaven pussy and was trying to enter her finger to the hole...... and the old man lifted the thumb up with her.. she turned sideway to look into her father-in-law’s eyes with a content expression in her eyes. they ... their pussy stuck to each other’s pussy.. the old man was giving short shudders and moans.but Sneha took her hand there again... she just sighed on seeing her happy. he is your grandfather. Karuna gave a moan and sigh and felt a moment of bliss within herself.Karuna managed to sit leaning her back on the bedside and asked Sneha to sit on her lap like she was when she was akid...!” But neha continued. Sneha did it with much pleasure and surrounded her mother’s shoulder and Karuna.. sucked the other and roamed her hand to her mother’s pussy. but her mother pulled back her hand from there again.. held her nipple in between her thumb and index and directed the breast to Sneha’s mouth......and both women started feeling lost in ecstasy soon. then she said.

. let dada enjoy..were at times moving their hips to feel the rub on their pussy.. When she was sucking the old. and was also meanwhile licking her daughter’s cunt... as she was kneeling over the bed to suck.. “Oh young lady you seem to have prepared for the entire steps today... “Mama..... Karuna did not know that she had already fucked by the old a day ago. The grandfather could not resist. put it to my mouth please. hit me mama! Hit my butt hard mama!!” at the same time she was rapidly moving up and down on the old man’s cock she wanted to be hit on her ass!!.. the old was holding her waist and moving his hips .. and at last after watching them for a good moment he moved to Sneha’s side and caressed her buttock while the mother looked amazed... the cock sliding smoothly as it was all lubricated with the wet liquid she had left..while Sneha quivered a bit.” And she held her father-in-law’s dick in her hand and pushed Sneha’s head to it and Sneha started sucking the old man’s cock.. Sneha started getting horny and groaned “”Hmmm mama!! I am a bad girl. make me taste it yourself.. she had parted both legs apart. and it was that of her own daughter.she was all wet and Karuna for the first time in her life tasted another woman’s juice.” Karuna replied. then Karuna broke from the kiss and took a deep breath to speak and asked with the old. their mouth were stuck into each other’s mouth and the kiss was profound....but she knew that Sneha was not a virgin and was fucked by her own father several times. their breasts thrusting against each other... caressed it. let us both enjoy dada together. the dick in her hole and she was moving up and down on it..she said it tasted same as her own juice to which the old replied she is your own product then no doubt it will have the same taste!! And after a while the old man was lying on his back and Sneha was riding him like a horse. the females were making love........ I want to touch him too... “Hey what are you doing? She is my daughter!” Sneha replied in the place of the old..... and kissed her back. then Karuna moved to the ass of her daughter. come.. okay go ahead....... and Karuna was licking the dick’s visible part. and she was lifting up and down her back on her grandfather’s cock.. He caressed the curve of Sneha’s butt.. kissed Sneha’s back. and she went downer and licked her daughter’s pussy.... Karuna.I want to taste dada’s dick mama.. she leaned her breasts over his chest to get the rub feeling of his hairs. thinking this she let her go ahead with the grandfather.Okay....

Sneha herself sucked her mother’s tits again after the fuck and Karuna. hit my ass hard mama!! Please do it.. Sneha went under her mother. and Sneha licked clean her grandfather’s dick... The old was not yet pleased. what’s the . so he took her mother to fuck ... Sneha asked foe more hits. what will become of you? At this tender age you are like a slut already! Fucking your father and your grandfather at 18?! What reserves the future for you sweetheart?” She only smiled and replied. “But like mother like daughter my dear daughter-in-law. YESSSSSSSS.. All three talked a little bit. so what’s the big deal with Sneha...and Karuna continued hitting her with all her her moving rhythm...” AAAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA.. “Oh mama!! I am enjoying so much. “Mama.. nothing more happened.. She shouted again. but I had not fucked my dad and grand dad!” Girjanand replied... I AM HAVING MY ORRRRRRRRRRRRGAAAAAAAAAASM!!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!” She shouted so loudly that her mother put her hands to her mouth saying that neighbours will run to the house thinking she has a problem!! She relaxed over her grand dad after her orgasm. why to worry about the future. AAAA.... so Karuna started hitting more and more till her ass had Karuna’s fingers stamped as turned her ass all red. so let me seize the opportunities as they come.... and she moaned asking for more and more hits. and Karuna gave slaps over Sneha’s fleshy butt.. she is right.... The fucking finished. caressing her head and arranging her beautiful hair said...he made he kneel and fucked her in doggy style. licked her tits and her pussy while the old man gave blows over blows till he took out his cock to shoot his cumm over Karuna’s back. and bite his neck and kissed him deeply. what has to happen will be! And we will see!! You stop worrying but only enjoy sweet mama!” Hearing their conversation the old man said to Karuna... “Oh my baby.. nobody else came as some friends expected..”.. “Dad or grand dad... “Oh! Papa. Karuna looked at the old who nodded at her to go ahead... let her enjoy her life dear!” Karuna said.. My son had fucked you when you were 15 only... Sneha was very excited and went on moving up and down savagely on her grandfather and shouted very loudly. WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! THIS IS FABTASSSSSSSSSTTTTTIIIIIIC. Karuna was a bit shocked after the session thinking of Sneha and talked about her with the grandfather. You had eloped with her father when you were only 16...

And they parted at last. do you have any boyfriend? It can even be another female as well sweetheart!” Sneha shouted out. After roaming for about an hour in the town from shop to shop her father chose a dress for her. Well. Revealing her sensuality more and more. we will make it a next time.. kissed the old man passionately after sucking her mother’s breasts and put on her clothes to go back to her Aarti auntie with the scrabbles.. if you enjoyed the threesome.. each one of them thinking of a person in their mind. She believed he was at work. he can be anybody. “Well I don’t know. herself. another male joins us will be better.... Karuna thought of her colleague. Sneha. The old too got ready to leave. Sneha thought of her dad to be together.difference? What matters is she gets a dick in her pussy and she enjoys like you did with her dad when you were 15! At that time had you thought that you were too young and all that? So please no issues about all this . It so happened that she told her dad with whom she took money to buy clothes that she will go to the town to buy clothes.” Sneha was overjoyed on hearing that and asked. we will swap you two ladies. so the next day the father waited for her in the town by escaping work. During her school holidays Sneha went at her grand dad’s place for other sessions too. but he planned to see her as her mother is staying at home for her holidays and they are not getting moments together.. “Wow! dada! That will be fantastic if another male joins us three! Who do you think can that be?” The old replied... And her father too got her by chance one day when she had been to the town to buy some clothes. her cleavage her white skin matched the black dress so well and attracted eyes... with straps and a deep Vcut on the neck making the cleavage well defined. and Sunil was excited to see her wearing that. Sneha. “another female?!Who?” “Anybody!” replied the grand dad.. It was a black one.. All three were plunged in thoughts for a while. was not aware that her dad will be there. . they met in the town and went for the shopping together. rather I would say if someone else . you just relax and we will enjoy whenever we get the opportunities... as the dress contrasted so well on Sneha’s skin’s colour. It reached just on her thighs. The white part of her thighs. and Girja thought of her darling Neha!! Now will the dream of any three of them be realised? Time will tell. so he planned to see her outside the house and that would be a change he believed..

was looking at men staring at her daughter from tip to toe. Sunil enlaced her tightly in his arms as soon as they got in. Sunil admired all that and put his hand to his pant over his cock to make it positioned as he got erect and he found other males also doing that action too. They had about 50 metres to walk and Sunil asked her to walk in the front. She did all the movements asked by her dad.. revealing whiter parts of her fleshy sensual skin and people stopped to watch her in that position. Sneha giggled but liked the idea and she walked in all the ways exciting his father seducing him to the maximum of her capability. her hips rhythm with her steps and Sunil’s eyes were on other males' eyes looking at his daughter. She did some cat walks as well and Sunil was going on holding his dick in his hand caressing it.. had some snacks and soft drinks and her father headed towards a hotel with her to hire a room.They walked in the town like two lovers. the father.. she bent down to the maximum to reveal all her boobs which were as if struggling to get out of the bra. turning back to look at her when she walked ahead. while Sneha was looking at his . When they were walking Sunil.. Once Sneha got to stop to lift up one leg to manage her shoe strap and during that action the dress moved upper over her thighs. he was looking at her white thighs from the back which contrasted with the black dress. She walked ahead and Sunil admired her back and butt moving the way she moved.. he liked it. Then Sunil sat on the bed and asked Sneha to walk in front of him like modelling for him. and still standing they kissed each other passionately while Sunil’s hands moved all around her body massaging all the parts his hands touched. and she got to bend down a little bit which made her breasts bulge and the straps of her white bra contrasted more with the straps of the black dress together with her white boobs provoking excitements in the male public.. That pleased Sunil a lot and he was excited. At last they were in the hotel room. and he noticed many men. she walked lifting up her dress upper her thighs... she lifted her ass up showing the bulging cheeks of her ass to him and she made round movements with her ass like in a sex dance way.. They went to a cafe. People looked at them with envy... He thought so many men must be longing to get her on the bed and he was the lucky man who was going to take her on the bed soon. ahead of him...... at times holding hands or Sunil’s hands around her waist. and her arms around his back. that made him more excited.

behind her.. In fact he really had his camera with him and he started the actions... in front of her. he went to move her white bra’s strap pulling it to her arm and on the other side he pulled it only to her shoulder and he clicked some poses that way.. Sneha’s bra’s white strap was then seen while the dress’ thin strap slide over her arms. over her. He told Sneha to walk again and obey to do the poses he will ask. She accepted and he stood up to take the pictures... and her boob’s beginning swollen part was captured in his film. she delicately put her finger to one strap on her left shoulder.. lets play a game.. I call you at home for a photo shoot as rehearsal for the grand show and you are here with me and I will take advantage of you which will end in a fuck... Sneha obeyed and got in the character of the model and her father was the director/photographer. his hand went over her thighs and under her dress exploring her flesh and he spoke.. He sat on the floor and asked her to stand over the bed and lift up her dress very slowly to let her legs appear bit by bit and he went on clicking about 20 times just on that movement till her panty was seen. when Sunil asked her to press her elbow over the dress to prevent it from falling completely as he had to take more pictures as she was standing with her bra.. “Loo baby.. he touched her to move her dress in sexy ways and he clicked and clicked the most he could.. beside her. sliding the tongue sideways on the lip moistening the lip.. Sneha was acting like a true model giving her facial expressions like models do give.. He walked around his daughter and clicked her on all positions. twisting her lips and at times blowing a kiss then tongue to her lip. Then Sneha slowly moved the straps from her shoulder as asked by her dad.... and the dress was gradually sliding downer and reached up to her waist..cock and walking in front of him from the bed to the door of the room.. Sunil zoomed on her breasts and captured several parts in that position and.. he lay on the floor and clicked under her dress to get her thighs and panty... . and moved the strap over her arm then did the same with the right strap.. and Sunil was clicking on the camera button several times on her movements.... he sat on the floor to click when she was walking.. He called Sneha over the bed. young and attractive as you are and I am a photographer/ director of the show. Then it was time he asked her to undress little by little.... you are a famous model.lets play that baby..... she sat next to him. Sunil went on clicking..

please keep distant with my skin. he sniffed her skin..” Sneha smiled. you are a upcoming model and want to make it big.. and said.. are 18 years old and still a virgin. You don’t have to behave this way. “Okay Sir.. and her white flesh embraced by the nylon materials laced over her smooth skin. hips.. with lace and Sunil clicked in excitement. and put his finger to her navel and said.. you will feel awkward but will gradually start feeling excited by my touch so will at last surrender to my charm.” Sunil liked her way of participating and acting like being a model and the way she called him ‘Sir’. He enjoyed that and spoke. I will not call you papa. go ahead. “Okay miss Sneha. his head reached her belly’s height as she was standing on the bed.” Sunil walked to her. till her thighs and legs were seen. “Now come on young lady.. I got it papa. its very delicate and sensual part of you. you stand still please. but you will at first be reluctant.. you have never being touched by any man and I.. “Ok Boss. navel. caressed it. people will love to watch this photo.” So.. seeing his daughter stripping in front of him. I am sorry. I feel awkward when you touch me. you will never reach the top if you act so!” Sneha quietly answered. “I am your boss. biting her lips and said.. the dress started going down and he clicked and clicked many times till it revealed her waist. Sneha was by then standing on the bed in front of her dada in only her bra and panty. both white. . Sneha. “Sir.. I have understood what to do.. you will enjoy it. Sunil said. let the Dress slide down slowly . the photographer will be the first to touch you that way. her white panty. your mouth was too close to my belly. in our profession its natural that we come to touch the models while showing then the basic steps to move ahead. you work for me. “This part has to be exploited by my lenses.. and please your papa by making it look natural sweetheart.After that only he asked her to now. be an actress. its so smooth and sexy. then the dad approached her and said. so you are ready to do it at any cost. pulled a little backward when she felt his breath over her belly.” And Sunil put the camera over the bed and put his hand over her belly. sweetheart you got it? Play that for me. but Boss. “Okay. He really felt he was with a model and he was her boss and she was a teenager looking for heights in the modelling world.. and you go ahead. okay.. thin. I will show you the pose to take” Sneha replied. I want your natural participation ion the game baby. do participate.

“Sir I am feeling cold...... fondled them and Sneha murmured. they will look gorgeous in the photos. Sneha tried to sit pushing her hip backward to avoid his touch.... this is not fine... please don’t do that... I am not feeling okay... she however managed to get out of his grip saying..” Then Sunil took the camera again and moved backward and now asked her to put her finger to her panty and very slowly make the move to pulling it downwards. very slowly downwards and Sunil clicked and clicked quickly revealing her whiter parts of her boobs which usually remains covered and had marked the bra’s cup mark as the whiter part.. Sneha showed hesitation and Sunil showed anger again to which Sneha then moved the bra’s cup slowly.He touched her sensually running his fingers all over her belly emphasising on her navel and Sneha pulled back her neck and hissed on his touch... She straightened when he touched her breasts and said.. “No Sir. her hip moved forward and her belly and pussy with the panty thrust his whole face and he put his hand around her waist and pressed his mouth over her panty. please stop it.. so it’s better I destroy the captured pictures and you go home. “Its beautiful dear Miss Sneha.” And he caressed the boobs.. “Sir. when Sunil asked her to move it down bit by bit when he will be clicking... and Sunil now walked to her. let me see how they are. okay I will do as you say. then he zoomed on her tits and nipples. Sunil clicked by zooming those parts. please take the photos and end the session.” But Sunil only looked at her with big eyes and she quietened. I am not feeling good. “ Look Miss Sneha.. “Sir. and liked one which made Sneha twist her bosy and she wanted to sit.. but he convinced her like a professional photographer that it was for her . but could not do it as he held her by holding hr round the waist. Sheha stopped holding the cup of the bra over her boobs.” Then Sunil felt amused and asked her to remove her bra slowly while he will capture it on the disk. Then Sunil put his mouth on her nipple...” Sneha felt compelled to obey and said.... feeling the fleshy pussy which looked bulging in the panty. either you cooperate with me or forget that you will become a model.. then to the other... and licked the part under the arm and ran his tongue from there to her nipple and Sneha shivered saying. She bent her head down like a shy girl and moved her bra’s strap slowly from one shoulder. when he did that action. he pressed one boob. When she did that. please don’t do that. and the trace of her bra’s straps marked over her skin leaving a deeper white colour.” Sunil showed false anger when she said that and he replied . and Sunil went on clicking......but Sunil asked her to keep standing. if you will continue behaving this way.Sneha stood clutching both her legs. you will love them. Sneha this time objected.

.. and the fresh part of her upper hip appeared under the panty.. where he played with the tongue feeling the rough touch on his tongue. navel and sucked it... he captured them to his satisfaction then asked her to move on. he brought it to his mouth. caressing the sideways of the belly and the navel.... while Sneha shuddered and placed her hand on his head running her fingers in his hair. Sunil started clicking.. she moved down gradually and Sunil went on clicking till her trimmed pubic hairs appeared a bit and he asked her to hold on. Sneha pulled down her panty more and more till it reached her thighs and she bite her lips.. stretched her body pushing her head backward over his touch and gave light moans like.aaaaah. NOW GIVE ME THOSE POSES PLEASE. He promised it.. running his tongue in the navel hole...... when she got to lift up one leg after another by resting her hand on his head to support when she was standing on one leg to remove the panty. He moved sideways to capture the pictures in different angles. Sneha gave a cry and whispered in a very soft voice.. I WIL KEEP THEM JEALOUSLY STRICTLY FOR ME ONLY. So she agreed... Sneha said she did not want such pictures of her to be shown to the public and Sunil said like a boss. He felt satisfied and gulped the whole pussy in his mouth like a greedy monster... “Well dear Miss Sneha. “Hmmmm.... and he passed his tongue over her belly.issshshshshsh” He played with her belly.. looking at it herself with a little smile and blush. ran her tongue moistening them and Sunil went on proceeding with the captures. he zoomed o the hairs.. and parts were touching her fingers.... massaging it.” Sneha asked him to promise... he smelled and licked it and Sneha smiled and blushed........ Sunil now was not able to hold anymore. “Papa.. He stood at a distant with the bed. she was wishing to sit on the bed but he asked her to keep standing a bit more. these last pictures will remain mine... and he pulled out the panty completely out. and when Sunil found the trace of liquid sliding over her daughter’s thighs he knew how far he was successful to arouse the fire in her. Her pussy.. was all clearly visible by then and Sneha bent down her head. Sneha put her fingers on both sides of her panty and pulled down very slowly delicately moving her fingers in between the elastic material of her panty. opened it and found wet trace of her liquid in it. which made Sneha give sharper moans and he gradually moved his mouth towards his pussy running his tongue all around moistening all those parts. . till he reached her trimmed hairs. she quivered....when he took out the panty. Then Sunil approached the bed. where part of them were popping out of the panty..good. She started dripping he juices and the liquid slide on the inner side of her thighs.

“Why am I not your Boss? Why this ‘papa’?” Sneha started taking position to lie and said childishly.. since she had been prepared for so long she did not delay to get her orgasm and very fast she started shouting with moans and cries.. I want my papa to continue it now....... he asked her to lie on her back and he licked her ass hole and wetted it with some saliva and slowly put his cock to her hole and pushed his big dick in it.. he licked away all her juices drinking part and spitting part on her thighs thus moistening bed sheet.aaaaahhhhhhhhhh sssssssssshhh.. And at last it was the time to receive her father’s dick inside her and she herself mounted over him. After some long minutes of kissing and sucking each others flesh......and she pulled him over her body on the bed.I want to lie on the bed please” And he smiled holding her waist and said.... “Aaaaah!! Papaaaaaaaaa.” and she soon relaxed on him chest panting with fast heartbeats.. During the sucks of her pussy Sneha was twisting on the bed at time pulling the hair of her dad... till the dick got in and then he started the hip’s movements and his big cock started getting in and out her daughter’s anus. he laid on his back while she knelt by his side with her ass lifted upward and she was going on sucking moving her head up and down sliding her lips on the hard cock of her father while his finger was doing to and fro in her wet pussy making the sounds of “pchik pchik pchik” Then after a while it was his turn to suck her...... and she gave more and more shouts with moans and cries but Sunil enjoyed her cries more and more and that aroused his manhood and he forced his dick deeper and .and the licking and sucking went on between the dad and daughter............i am coming papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its fantassssssssstiiiiiiiiic..... give me a good kissy I need it badly” and she took her father’s tongue deep in her mouth and sucked the nectar of it feeling the pleasure within her and she collated her whole body to him and started savagely removing all his clothes till he got all nude.wowwww. great...... “No enough of the game now. and at times pulling the bed sheet clutched in her fingers. Sneha moved to his dad’s cock and took it in her mouth and sensually sucked him...she gave a loud cry when it entered and he pushed slowly first.... she went on giving moans and shudders all along the suck by her father... But Sunil had not yet reached his climax. took his dick introduced it in her and she started moving up and down on it...its sssssoooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooood. come on sweet papa...

MY SWEET BABY...I AM SHOOTIIIING MY CUM INSIDE YOU BABY......but gradually when her parents reconciled again she was depressed and it was then that she started missing the sex and turned up to her grandfather as in him also she got affection and a bit of love as the grandfather was related to her father and she found something like her father in him too... Since she was so young and he was the first man to have explored her whole body and had taken her virginity she had given him body and soul.. She was letting the old man only for lust and pleasure but when she was with her dad she made love with love and had always told her father that she wished to spend all the nights on his bed. his hands were pressing her boobs crushing them savagely and Sneha even dropped some tears with pain and pleasure together. She insisted that she wanted her dad to make love to her at night at least twice a week.IT FEELS SO HOT AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. She had never thought that she will any day fall for a man... Sneha was now getting more and more used to cocks and loved it as she derived much pleasure from it.. But what if another man turns up in her life other than the two man of the family? She had never thought such things would ever happen...AGHGH.. sleep by his side and make love to him and be loved by him.. He took out his cock and found some faecal stuff stuck on it and he hurried to the bathroom to get a wash.FANTASTIC........” And he took hold of her back neck in his mouth sucked it and bite her as though he was eating that part of her flesh.SSSHSHSSSSHSHSHS HAAAAAA HAHAAAHOOOO!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!! SUPERB.. . I AM DISCHARGING INSIDE YOUR TIGHT HOLE DARLING..HAAAAAA!! YESSSSS... When Sneha needed it badly she even bunked classes to see her father as she arranged it on the eve at home and they were seeing each other out of town and spending the day at the hotel... leaving a dark red snap there... YOU MAKE YOUR PAPA ENJOY A OLOT........WWWWOOOOOOOWWWW YOU ARE SO TIGHT THERE BABY..deeper in her tight ass hole till he groaned “AAGHGH. The days her father had had the problem and for almost a month when her father slept on her bed were the best nights for her and it was then that she started loving her father like the man of her life.. She had never been in love but only with her dad whom she considered as a boyfriend and wished to live with him for ever.. Now Sneha requested her father to do something so that she will not have to bunk school as reports may reach her mother’s ears and they would get troubles again....

Now at night they had the habit of having a glass of milk before sleeping.. They even could talk and laugh loudly without worrying about Karuna. Once Sunil tried to make her swallow his cum.. So the nights he wished to sleep with Sneha he made the milk and took 2/3 pills put it in a thick paper. Some days Karuna made the milk at times it was the duty assigned for Sneha and sometimes it was the father who did it.... when diluted with the milk there looked no difference except in the taste.. Thus he learned about the doses accordingly. Her father was as though training her for that. sucked. So it was easy for Sunil to put the stuff in Karuna’s glass the nights he wanted it. except in the day at school Karuna felt sleepy if the dose was added more at night.. She licked. They were like lovers. ate her father’s cock... . And they all had their specific glasses at home... What did he do? Well he went to the drug house and bought some acute sleeping pills to get his wife sleep the nights he planned to sleep with Sneha at least till 4 or 5 of the morning. Karuna had a glass with a rose stamped over and Sunil had a cap on his Glass. like one Saturday night Sunil had mixed the drug in her milk and the next morning Karuna slept till mid day!! In fact he had started the test on a Saturday night itself to watch the side effects on her. yet he shot every drop in her mouth.. If the dose was too much she had problems waking up in the morning..she was used to get it anal too as it started in the hotel. so Karuna never discovered that she was drugged... The nights that his wife was given the drug.... and he fucked her in the front and back always. At times some cocoa was mixed to make the milk tasty.. They made love deeply and Sneha enjoyed every part of it. She was becoming an expert in sex. But with the dose of sugar the affair was done. As corrupted the world is that was easy for him by paying some more money to get the sleeping pills.. crushed it inside the paper with a bottle on the kitchen table and emptied the paper in Karuna’s glass then diluted it with the milk..So Sunil. the father arranged for that. The pill being white itself. Fortunately the pills had no serious side effects. Gradually Sunil knew the exact dose to be given by the feedback of Karuna’s behaviour the next day or while waking up in the morning.It made the milk a little bit sour.. Sneha had a glass with a bear designed on it...... she did it with some hesitation. He anyhow managed to convince a pharmacist to get those acute drugs which were not sold without prescriptions. That was the daily dose since always in the family. both father and daughter had wonderful moments in her bed. but she spat most of them...

...... Sneha then thought the wedding of Neha which she had attended and tried to focus on Neha's image in her mind and she got all images flue....... She was 18 and Neha was now on the finishing of her 19th year.. the grandfather had been in her room when Pravindra had gone to take his bath. She wondered and was thrilled about that..... They had not much age difference..... she tried to visualize if her father was close to Neha or the grandfather was at anytime alone with her auntie. and the difference of an ‘S’ in both females’ name was opted by the grandfather himself when Sneha was born and decided to name her. Sneha in fact had many little manners of Neha.. she was too thrilled to learn all and she was confident that she will convince her auntie to talk about her experiences of sex... When he fucked Sneha he got the taste of Neha. She also remembered that with her father they had gone to her door and had to knock and when Neha had opened the grandfather was alone with her in the room.. And yes she remembered that once when she was in the tent..... Now she thought if her grandfather was having sex with her he could very well had it with Neha too.. But she at that time had thought that since he was Neha’s father that was natural but now she was thinking of it in a different way...... Sneha now wished to see her Neha auntie. only the grandfather had noticed that and once he told it to Sneha who was shocked when one night her father too told her that she is like his sister Neha!!! Sneha could not tell her father that the grandfather also told her that during a fucking session but she only said that her grandfather also said that she reminds him of her daughter.. Sunil did not tell her the truth but only told his daughter that they had mannerism which were similar and their smiles and voice and their way of kidding etc. He smelled Neha in her and her way of kissing and sucking was alike to that of Neha he found. He found his daughter Neha in Sneha..... Now Sneha asked her father in which way was she like his sister? She wanted now to know if her Neha auntie also was fucked by her father and she thought either the grandfather too had an affair with her daughter like she and her father... But he had started getting the taste of Sneha better and found that the younger be the chick the more he got pleased... One evening she told her father that she wished to pay a visit to her ..The grand father when not getting Sneha he was going to fuck Aarti the younger daughter-in-law.. she started thinking at what age she could have started with her and she was very excited to know all...

virgin.Neha auntie... That way he tried to approach her and they got acquainted and he started leaving her and returning her from school. Neha being his bhabhi whom he married due to circumstances prevailing in the family he was now enjoying a new chick.... Yet it was only the 8th month. he hurried out. Neha was dressed in a large pregnancy dress.. her belly was swollen and she walked with difficulty.. He had not really done anything as sex to her but had started some kissings and touching in his van while transporting her. And Pravindra flirt as he was.. And as I told before Pravindra was now having an affair with a college girl whom he was every morning going to leave at her college and going to take her back from college.. She was younger than Neha and it was the first time that Pravindra was getting a girl.. He helped Neha walk in the yard when her father looked out of the house and saw them coming in. Well... The girl was from a neighbouring village and when he was going to his fields he once or twice found her standing on the bus stop waiting for the bus to go to college.. Pravindra’s van stopped at Girjanand’s house.will that be a hindrance? Lets see.... she was impressed by such a young rich person.. She was on the 8th month almost and she often had pains when Pravindra was out for work. Let us go back at Sneha’s village to see what goes on as Sneha will now see her auntie Sneha and Neha will be back among her father and brothers!! But she is pregnant. Pravindra did not stay for long as he pretended to have men to look after at the field so after only half an hour he left and said will be coming to see her in some days.. younger than himself in his life... She was a girl from a poor family and as Pravindra was now a rich owner and boss.. we will come here sometime later. But Sneha said it was the contrary.... That girl was Sanjana. Sunil told her that Neha is expecting a baby and it would be disturbing to visit her.. He had thought that by leaving Neha at her father’s place he could bring that girl at his place as he will be all alone. hugged Neha and took her inside the house. Girjanand did not feel any lust at that moment but was very affectionate towards Neha as she was pregnant but rather he was .. he succeeded to win her heart if it could be said so. Sneha’s dream was going to be realised because see what happened on the other side.. she should be paid a visit more urgently if that is the case.. Neha in her village said to Pravindra she was almost to deliver and Pravindra came to leave her at her father’s place.

He related her about the time her mother was pregnant for her.” He put his ear to her womb to hear the baby moving.. touched her affectionately. and during that action his arms surrounded Neha and she put her fingers to roam in between his hair which aroused the father and Neha too felt her father’s loving touch after such a long time and felt very good... he is a boy isn’t it?” Neha replied. I want to feel it over your skin can I move up your dress Neha beti?” And Neha herself pulled her dress up. both father and daughter talked and joked.. “Let me feel .” The father then said... and he continued caressing her belly.. for her father to touch her belly and his eyes first went on her naked thighs and panty. in fact it’s a boy inside me papa.. He looked at her and asked. how they managed that etc.. got up went to lock the front and back doors and took out his clothes. “Yes.......... At that moment Neha was not having any pain or whatsoever. how they were both panicked and did not know how to proceed and all that. you have grown quite fat you know sweetheart. and his hands roamed over her thighs so Neha parted both legs apart as if inviting her father to get in between them... And her father slowly moved his head over her panty and kissed it..... a lot. But Neha told him to stay with her for a while as she was fine and later go to look for her.. it’s a boy. Then the father asked.” Neha murmured clutching her jaws. Pravindra didn’t touch me for the last 3 months papa. Girjanand told her daughter he will go to contact the midwife.. “Is it not kicking you?” Neha replied. “Yes papa.. He felt like becoming a father for the fourth time as a pregnancy was in his house again!! He was very affectionate and loving to Neha and held her.. got . your cheeks and face have swollen it seems but you are still my cutie pie baby. and said... “Oh yes. he feels afraid he says. “Pregnant women gets more desire to make love isn’t it sweetheart? Your mother told me that.. but you have experience so please go ahead papa I want it... as if his breathing movements... move on...troubled and lived the moments his wife was being pregnant for his three children.. then he started getting lost. They both talked and talked for long. The old man smiled and his head still on her round big belly said. and then told her about the time her mother was pregnant for the first time for her Brother Sunil.. we thought it was a girl as in town we got wrong result of another woman’s pregnancy.. it’s so cute. “I hear lots of noises inside. he placed his head on her belly but his eyes remained on her panty and he slowly put his hand over it and lightly ran his finger on the panty and Neha closed her eyes with a whisper and sigh.ssssshhhshshsh!!” Girjanand..” And he said.........

. her father ejaculated inside her and he saw his sperm coming out of her pussy as soon as he discharged... Neha threw her arms around her father to feel his naked skin and she licked his shoulders and sucked part of his skin till she turned to his mouth and they kissed passionately sucking each other’s tongue.. “Some pregnant women don’t like fucking during pregnancy but some get more and more horny and want it more than usual and that is the truth and natural..... and he moved his hands down in between her thighs to find her all wet and moaning with desire to receive her father’s cock in. she lay all naked on the bed in front of her father and her big belly was like a mountain on her body. After that they lay on the bed by the side of each other holding each other by their shoulder avoiding the belly touch...... she just stood like a statue. when Neha saw he was nude already so she removed her dress and removed her panty.. and he was especially watching her belly not to let his body weigh on his daughter.. she had an urge to see her and talk to her... licked it everywhere and meanwhile his hands roamed over her body.... she was not wearing a bra. Girjanand was doing all his movements very cautiously not to get her hurt. But mentally he was very excited to have his loving daughter on his bed again and that was what carried him away and they fucked and fucked and Neha cried with pleasure very quickly as she needed it so much.......” The father understood her longing for sex and slowly got in between her open thighs and leaning on his arms he avoided his belly to press over her womb and introduced his dick in her which slide in very easily and he felt like the hole was enlarged and it was easy going. She was sure she would get true info from her about sex in the family etc....himself completely naked and came to the bed.. And Neha was very excited and needed to be fucked badly she felt.... and they kissed and kissed and Neha thanked him for pleasing her. Her father very cautiously mounted over the bed and delicately caressed her belly. Neha did not make any move to get pleased. she did not move fearing to get pains in the rejected it as there were no place to keep them in. She had thought to tell her all the truth about her and the grandfather to know either she had .. kissed it... pressing her breasts which were hard like rock with the milk ready for the baby. ince Sneha was now very much concerned about her Neha auntie... she was too horny and said.... but she enjoyed it a lot....

“I am not getting in sweetheart. “Papa just dropped me and will come back to pick me up in the evening. you go tell Neha that I will see her in the evening when I come to take you back. He went to Neha’s house. “Oh no! Oh my God!! What shall I do now? Papa has already gone!” And she was annoyed. he left home at 5 AM with Sneha. I am getting late sweetheart. called Sanjana telling her he has met with inconveniences and won’t be seeing her.” Sneha got out of the car. bye.. waved at her dad who started the car very fast and left. it’s the first time you came at my place to spend a day.Sneha feeling disturbed asked. I will drop you back home that’s not a problem. go and knock at their door they will come to open for you. Being a free man and his own boss he could manage all his time. so let’s make it fun. dropped her on the road just at Pravindra’s gate and said. Sneha embraced him and said. "Well no worries dear. “Are you sure uncle? Won’t that disturb you from your daily work? And sorry I am calling you ‘uncle’ you are so young yet.. same night Sneha insisted with her dad. Sneha got in the yard. The next morning very early as he had to go to leave Sneha at the other village. “But Sneha I just left your auntie at her father’s place yesterday afternoon!! Didn’t you see her?” Sneha stopped walking and turned back to look in his face shocked and sighed. have a great day in company of your auntie. do spend the day ." said Pravindra .it with her dad too.” Pravindra was astonished and replied while walking in the house behind her. I came to spend a day with Neha auntie.. After a moment Pravindra came to open and was surprised to see her and looked outside to see if anybody else was out on the road who accompanied her... Now the night that Neha came in the village. She planned that he drops her at Neha's place and come to take her back in the evening...” Pravindra smiled and looked at her childish way of behaving and stared at her silhouette and noticed her body shape to find a very sexy young girl in her and he had ideas about her now. Wait. reached the threshold and knocked. Sunil that she would go at her Neha auntie’s the next morning he will go to work. “Look.. Now Pravindra told Sneha. he took his mobile.

Pravindra had to horn his vehicle so that the manager. Sneha enjoyed breathing the fresh air.. She took her head out of the vehicle to feel the air when it was driven. The fleshy parts of that side appeared very well when she sat down.. so he had to take all his time and he planned to take her out and get well acquainted to her first then he would approach her the other way. They finally reached his fields... But he was not that much used to her... would hear and come from wherever he was....... and the least movement of bending she did made her breasts hang in the blouse and the round hanging boobs played hide and seek with Pravindra’s eyes. Sneha was in a two piece.She looked like a city girl and those village girls gave her importance as she got out of a car to reach them. The sugar canes were tall and nothing could be seen inside the fields.... So after a tea and toast they left in his vehicle for the village where he had his sugar cane fields and men were working in. you can see the neighbouring village and the people around here and you can differentiate them to those at your place.. He had to drive about a 100 kilometres before reaching there and passed through 3 villages. clean and fresh.. Her belly.. not polluted. A top which was like a sari blouse. They adored her like the film stars are!! Sneha felt very happy by that tour and was very at ease with Pravindra and since she was very easy going and friendly and talkative she very quickly became friendly with Pravindra. waist. I will take you to my fields.. Pravindra’s eyes were devouring her sexy parts and Sneha noticed that.. she asked him to stop at several places to get out and admire the views. her top was décolleté.. navel were all visible full and complete. cool. rounded thighs were very appealing and aroused Pravindra’s curiosity... she agreed. At a place ladies and girls were filling water from a well and she went to see and talk to them. Her beautiful... very fast he had a hard on and wished to take her to know you can write something about it as an essay for your school When the concerned persons came to give reports of . to the benefit of Pravindra of course! he told her to call hims Prav... Then when your dad comes to take you in the evening you go back home with him!” Sneha liked the idea and accepted to stay! Pravindra felt glad and his mind starting working up to test this lovely niece of his wife. and ended up just as long as a blouse is and she had word a mini jean they were almost same age. or any other supervisor..

.. and her head and shoulder on his right arm. they reached the beginning of the field and Pravindra putting her down said. and I will explain you what works have to be carried on by the workers before the harvest. When Pravindra was walking behind her. and Pravindra said. her hair hanging and swaying when he walked. He enjoyed watching her body and he obviously had a hard on and he was planning to get her fucked...... over the wrists precisely.. He drove to the fields which were unattended by anybody.. The land covering .. He took Sneha’s hand in his and walked ahead.. The flesh of her thighs were white and looked fresh and made him long for her more and more... his arms were supporting her. They were like in a jungle..” And he lifted her in his arms like one takes a baby.. desirable thighs in her sexy mini jean skirt. Pravindra inquired about the fields which were free and nobody were working therein. Sneha noticed him looking at her intimate parts but she had not thought at all that he had those intentions. The path was grassy and rocky. It was a 5 acres field under sugar cane plantation and they started walking inside. Arriving there. no life was found around and it was so quiet and only the movements of the sugar cane straws were heard and their steps crushing the dried straw on the ground making cracking sounds could be heard. Now Pravindra at times walked in front of her at times she was in the front. as she had to bend down while walking. Sneha’s shoes were getting stuck. let me carry you.. and he said.” She bite her lips and smiled. “You are not heavy at all. her thighs were on his left arm.. he was looking at the back side of her beautiful... she was being carried out. He was informed about those fields and he moved ahead. and muddy as well. a very silent and isolated place where no life was seen. “Wait. Pravindra told her to be very cautious of the green straws as the will hurt her as they cut like blades.” Sneha was overjoyed and accepted to get inside the field.. you will get an idea how a sugar cane field looks like from inside and you can then describe it in your essay.. Pravindra tried his best to walk in the front to look back at her décolleté top to view her young boobs hanging and her bra’s straps moving outside her top. “Now lets get inside.. and they had to part the way for straws not hurting them and they both had to bend down at many places to walk in the field.

and reaching a certain distance when the wasps stopped following them. “What! A bed-like place inside a tent in the middle of the field? That’s great. Pravindra held her too and their body were clutched to each other. So they were both running moving the straws with their hands and pushing the wasps meanwhile.. Wasp’s stings were very painful and it left swelling on the part of the skin it is stung. and there was a huge banyan tree in the middle of the field and that was where he was taking her.” And just after saying that and walking a few steps ahead Sneha found a wasp turning around her and she stood still and pointed her finger at it showing it to Pravindra who told her to change the way and come on his path..” And they started walking that way in the field...” Sneha was thrilled and exclaimed. “I have heard that there are wasps in the cane fields. let’s go fast... thus her cheeks touching his. “There is a big banyan tree somewhere here let’s go there as there are enough place there and we can rest well at that place as we have a sort of tent built of straw and bamboo with a small bedlike resting place inside.. yes. Sneha laughed. They remained in that position for a while and Pravindra smelled her. panting and yet felt afraid and held Pravindra tightly surrounding her arms over his shoulder... Sneha shouted and ran fast in the field and Pravindra with his hands were pushing the wasps away...... if ever you hear or find any of them stay still and tell me. was more than 3 acres. beware. can we come across?” Pravindra replied. “Oh yes. . Then Pravindra said.. and once Sneha asked. They had occasional talks while walking. and felt as though it was Neha in his arms... And he slowly pressed her more to his body and Sneha felt him doing that and she remained quiet but understood his intentions.. hoping not to come across any more wasps. I want to see that. Sneha had the same smell as her auntie Pravindra felt it that way.the sugar cane in field in which they were. They continued walking and suddenly a swarm of wasp started following them which made them start running. and Pravindra had special places inside where they could sit or lie.

He went to sit close to her over the bed. does he want to fuck me? What should I do? Let him? Or resist? Should I pretend or play innocent?’ She did not know what to do.. and Sneha looked at him and immediately looked away when she saw his action. “Why is this tent built in the middle of the field? And who did it?” Pravindra replied.. Still Sneha did not make any move.. and replied. and smiled and hummed a song tune. this is how my holidays are going on!” and both laughed. we are all alone in a place like this.. she sat on the bed-like place. They were both silent for a long while. It looked beautiful and romantic to her. which he did. But. they get tired and take rest inside when it’s too hot and sunny outside. She asked.Finally they reached there. And Pravindra felt encouraged to move his hand upper on her thighs. Now she thought to herself. ‘he is erect on seeing me sitting like this. yet she stretched ... His eyes devoured her soft thighs. will he do something to me? Why did he bring me here? I am his niece. he tried.. But Sneha continued humming the tune as if not paying heed to what he was doing. He broke the silence by placing his hand over her thigh and asking. At night when the watchmen come to keep an eye he sleeps inside. it was small yet spacious. as her skirt moved upper when she sat. looked in between her thighs.. He had already decided to fuck her but how to start he did not know. He found her too young and fresh and was not aware how she could take it. and he put a hand on his pant.. and Pravindra still standing on the threshold. “When the cane cutting season comes. “Well here am I in your company in the middle of the field.. anyhow. to arrange his dick inside as it was taking form.. he was worried what if she will speak to his wife. Pravindra’s hand was by then under the mini-jean skirt and his finger almost touched her panty.. and the labourers get to carry the cane to be loaded in the trucks...” So Sneha got inside. She bite her lips as she understood what was going on with him. He also thought she was his wife’s niece so his niece as well.. Sneha was amazed seeing that. “So how are your holidays going on?” She smiled without bothering about his hand being over her thighs. Pravindra on his side did not know how to approach her..

And he discovered a wet sign and he knew that she was envious that’s why she was wet already.. he had a better view in between her thighs and her black panty was all clearly seen and the handful of her fleshy pussy in the panty was very well clear to Pravindra’s eyes.... it had openings at the front over breasts.. and slowly moved a finger under the thin strap of the top.. and without losing time he licked the panty. Sneha hissed and twisted.... Pravindra felt hot and he shook his head! He did not know where to look...So. She hissed and quivered on the bed and twisted like a snake with a mild moan. And it was time fro Pravindra to come into action. on the part where her pussy was.... or at he bumping breasts.... caressing... Pravindra ran his hands on both thighs... feeling the flesh in his palms.. And Sneha by herself without being asked lay over the bed. which was like a sari blouse as I mentioned earlier. Sneha showed no resistance and easily let both her legs be parted sideways.... on her face to read her expressions or at her eyes to read her.. at the thighs.. her thighs were visible much more as the jean material of her skirt moved upper and her panty was almost seen... Pravindra looked up at her and moved licking her further till he reached her panty..When she did that.. Pravindra letting one hand under her skirt put his other hand on her shoulder... and tried his finger to get in.. She only once lifted up her head to glance at Pravindra once and smiled.. He slowly moved the panty with his teeth and Sneha gave way to get the panty out.but when .. he was thinking she was a virgin..... What he finally decided to do was to come in front of the bed and kneel down... and moved them apart.. and finally his lips brushed all along the thighs. bite her lips and lay back. Sneha did not care as she knew what was to come... He put one hand on both her knees..her body which made her breasts appear more firm over the top she was wearing... Pravindra removed it completely out finally and started licking her pussy. Pravindra looked on her face and put his finger to her pussy.. rubbing them... so he felt encouraged to move on.... After doing that. and he put his mouth over there ran his cheeks on them.

. and she was as though kneeling but with his cock into her.. she started it slowly but gradually she went on moving faster and faster... Pravindra lay on the bed and asked Sneha to come over him. were on both sides of Pravindra’s legs...his finger found its way easily inside her hole he knew that she has already been fucked... and his hands holding her neck.. sucked it. held her head in his hand and started moving his hips thus. She was holding the cock in her hand and letting him fuck her in the mouth. At last Pravindra was on the bed by her side with his clothes on the floor. kissed the balls..... her hands running over his naked back. she hissed and pulled her head back feeling ... Pravindra with groans continued that for a long he got more encouragement to go ahead... savouring each other’s tongues.. She held his dick in her hands delicately.. and she gave little moans and shudders during the action. Sneha did that...... he knelt on the bed. fucking her in her mouth.. and his dick pressing over her pussy and his chest over her breasts.. and he made her hold his dick in her soft hand and told herself to introduce it into her then asked her to move up and down..and she moved down and down till she reached his dick which she took in her mouth voluntarily. she moved her hip. Sneha mounted over him. Pravindra lay flat on his back. when at last Sneha complained that her mouth started aching so she stopped and....... and she placed her palm on his chest to support herself and she started moving up and down over his cock....... After the mouth kiss. then took the dick inside her mouth and started sucking Pravindra her uncle! Pravindra on his turn now hissed and gave groans and felt the pleasure and he enjoyed that a lot. neck. licked it all along. He was damn hard and his organ was doing to and fro in her young mouth.. they were both kissing. and one hand caressing her young sexy boobs. both her legs. parting both her legs. chest... and continued up and down movements. the cock of Pravindra slide into her pussy easily as she was too wet. She did that. Sneha continued kissing him on his cheeks.

with sounds like. “Aaaahahahahahah! Yessss... just then Pravindra also started roaring and groaning.. Pravindra jumped and shouted with joy!! And both lay nude over that fake bed for a long while in each other’s arms all naked.. I want it to continue.... yessssssssssssssssss. Pravindra tried to make her speak to know who else is fucking her as she seemed to be so experienced but she did not speak as she was related to him and had not yet won all the it faster.. while Pravindra licked and bite her breasts and sucked them during the fuck... when she placed her tongue over the tips of his cock.. wwwooooooooooooooooooow!!!!” And she reached her orgasm... and he took of his dick rapidly out.oh my Gooooooooooooooooooood. but one thing they did was they promised to meet for such sex ....... eyes.aghghghgh. its so gooooooooooooood.. Pravindra by then held her waist with both his hands and was encouraging her to move. “hmmghghmghmghmmmm. Both stayed there for more than 2 hours and they talked a lot about sexual intercourse. to get his mouth into her and kissed him savagely.. fuck me more...she shook under him and his blows became more violent she twisted and shouted.... come on come on.yes yes yes .... held his hard dick in his hand and shot it over her face as Sneha hurried to come to take it over her face. yeahhhhh. fuck me more... she hissed and quivered more and more. the cums went on her cheek.... yessssssssss. Sneha started giving moans and it became louder and louder.....the sensation of pleasure and ecstasy... She continued that for quite a long moment and was tired and finally went to the classic position. and Pravindra drained the last drops in her mouth as she took his cock in her mouth to suck him to feel the last pleasure........i am coming...... Sneha was pulling his neck to her... forehead. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. She also wished to learn more about her auntie Neha but she was reluctant to ask him.. Pravindra was now in between her parted legs... his cock into her and his hip was moving giving blows one faster than the other.i love it..

And Roopchand by his experienced eyes found out that . Roopchand was walking along an alley and Pravindra stopped to give him a lift.. Still Roopchand told Pravindra they had to talk alot. So on reaching at a certain place. But Pravindra told him she was Neha’s niece. He said he had thought it was Neha. And both man started talking about the women and sex.. Pravindra still has to have a party with him and Neha and Sheikh. But Pravindra told him that he won’t be able to talka as Sneha was with them.. Pravindra went back to meet Roopchand.. “I thought you are a lucky guy to have two sisters to enjoy!” Pravindra only smiled to that.. so he replied Roopcahnd that it will be for a next time and he will try his best to convince Sneha too have a gangbang. During the drive. Roopchand was turning back every now and then looking at Sneha and asked Pravindra who she was. When he reached his dwelling place Roopchand did not get out of the vehicle but told Pravindra he will accompany him further as he had to talk to him. they both got out of the car and Roopchand talked: “Tell me dear she is a hot little girl in the car! Did you just fuck her? Can’t we get her to fuck together like we did the last time?” Pravindra thought to himself that he would very much like to do that! But her father was to come to take her back soon. While returning the came across Roopchand. When they left the field and were going back home Pravindra suggested to make her drive her a bit more to the deeper sides of the village which she accepted and they went for a longer drive in the wooden areas of the village. And he slowly added. Pravindra told her how she was related to him.. Hope you all readers still remember about him. Roopchand said.session again.. Sneha’s father came to take her back around 5 pm and was shocked to learn that his sister was already back in her village and he left Pravindra’s place with Sneha.. And Pravindra tld him he will return to see him after leaving Sneha with her dad. The old guy inquired about Sneha in details. “I thought she is your wife’s little sister. At that time Sneha was sitting at the front and when Roopchand got in Sneha went at the back seat and he sat in the front near Pravindra...

Pravindra asked him to be patient... My sister was married when she was only 17 years old. Only two men were watching the dance. There conversation then shifted to Roopchand’s widow sister. nor any other women so they could fuck her they believed..Sneha was a girl who will love to have sex a lot with whoever wants to fuck her. .. boobs were very clearly seen and the most sexy and killing part was when she was turning around and her skirt was being lifted up by the swirl and her panty and beautiful thighs were seen. She was a good dancer and loved dancing. or a teacher. And Roopchand started. so both men asked who could be fucking her there? They thought of her father or uncle... It was a festival occasion and the husband was out of town and the father-in-law and brother-in-law were at home and on that occasion they asked her to show a dance number to them.And they murmured the she looked so sexy and hot and her husband was not at home.. She had her father-in-law and elder brother-in-law in the same house. Pravindra asked Roopchand to relate him about his sister and his niece.. And she got dressed in a small ‘choli’ and a skirt to have a folk dance in the yard. her daughter and Sheikh. All her flat belly. Then they talked about Sneha who looked so young yet accepted to be fucked by him who was his uncle.. The cd was put to play and she was dancing on that number.. Both father and son looked at each other and they were having strong drinks while watching her. Every movement that she was doing displayed her body and her skirt moved up and her beautiful thighs were seen to the father-inlaw and elder brother-in-law and they were both men amazed and had hard on seeing a young 18 years old daughter-in-law dancing in front of them and showing them her intimate parts. it could be even a boyfriend. And Roopchand asked when the day will come that he will bring Neha and they will all be together with his widow sister. After 1 year she became the mother of my niece.. The other women of the house had all been to their relatives.. navel.

“What a sexy daughter-in-law you are my God! We are only longing to put our cock deep inside you!.. But the old said.. ran his tongue over it and murmured.... “Let him watch he is also excited....... “They will not come so early my dear at least let me enjoy your young body sweetheart.. we watched your dance and all the curves of your young body and . one holding her legs and the other taking her by her arms and shoulders and they carried her to the bedroom.During the dance..” She giggled and murmured in his ears still holding his hand. and she twisted on the bed and sat up holding his hand under the skirt and asked.. “Your elder son is looking at us!” the old said in a groaning voice. By then he had put his hand under her skirt and was moving it upwards... she was looking at their expression and she found out that they were both men looking under her skirt and she knew what was going on in their mind. Her baby was in sleeping at that time and both men walked to her on the floor and held her.. Her facial expression did not change but she had seductive expression as the song demanded that kind of expressions. “No! What if he comes in suddenly?” She meant what if her husband comes in.. After saying that the father-in-law started caressing her belly and made round movements around her navel. “But papa. The elder brother-in-law at that time was standing and watching his father doing the actions and he was amazed that she was letting him touch her that way and was laughing. she giggled and said... She was quickly put on the bed and the father-in-law talked. he won’t be coming as he is out of town. “And what if your wife or bhabi comes in suddenly?” The old persisted and approached his mouth to her neck. Both men thought that she was inviting them to fuck her. what are you guys doing. The old man admired the curves of her waist line from her ‘choli’ up to her hip and ran his hands above the line.. I am your daughter-in-law!” She was smiling and moving her body the other way on the touches of her father-in-law. She was holding the old man’s hand to prevent her him going further with a laugh and said..

‘two men of the family will have me? How will that feel? Shall I let them enjoy? Will that please me too? Do I let them or? Should I refuse? What if the mother-in-law comes in and sees all this?’ she was not able to make up her mind while the old man slowly turned her over her belly on the bed and started kissing her back.he visualised how they looked hot and sexy when she was dancing and turning around and how the . “Come on will you join or still stand and watch?” she turned her head back to look at the brother-in-law who was almost nude and approaching the bed. and she quickly turned back and sat up again! Both men looked at her and she looked reluctant and said...... in her mind she was thinking . the ‘cjoli’ was backless with laces tied around and her white skin on the back was as delicious as at the front and the old man was enjoying her soft skin bit by bit... come on don’t pretend that you do not like it. now come on stop testing our patience. His father said... Then the brother-in-law also undressed himself and approached the bed.. you will like it I am sure... Now before they come in let us both enjoy you.. The old man removed his shirt and trouser and was only in his underwear on the bed and was kissing her belly .” By then he slightly pushed her to lie back on the bed. his hot tongue licking near the navel which made her twist more but still looking at the brother-in-law.. she lay still with a pretty smile and her eyes were on her elder brotherin-law who was appreciating all the actions of her with his father.. “Come on little sister! You know it pretty well what we want.” And he held her face in his hands and started kissing her wildly while the father pulled her by her legs and she was lying flat again on the bed.both want to share you together darling. as his father was running his hand up and down and she was preventing his touches while her eyes being on the brother-in-law with a smile and a blush. and he moved up her skirt and held the white fleshy thighs and started licking them.... “What are you two up to?” by then the elder brother-in-law was on the bed together with his father and he spoke. While she was moving her legs up and down the brother-in-law could again see her things. She moved her legs up and down in a refusing way but was still as if willing to let and refuse at the same time..

.skirt had moved up in a swirl and she was smiling looking at them as they were looking at her things. and up. by pressing their head on her boobs........ both men looked at each other while sucking the boobs and they smiled and her hands were running on both men’s head in between their hair. the old man pulled out her skirt and panty and there she was all nude on the bed at the mercy of two strong males! Both the father-in-law and the elder brother-in-law came up to her breasts and each took one boob in their mouth and started sucking and licking the nipple with the tip of their tongues. The elder brother-in-law slowly started undoing the laces of her sexy ‘choli’ while the father had reached her panty and was licking it there... then both men’s hands roamed along her belly then to her thighs...their desire was enormous and she started feeling the need to be caressed and licked more and more by those two hungry males on her bed.. caressed by two men who were the member of the same family and were the father and brother of her husband.. kissing.... that was the first time that two men were enjoying her body in that way. pressing them hard which made her quiver and twist on the bed and the old man was eating her pussy and she was like in another world.. massaging them one after another and licking.. she was feeling not in this world by the feelings she was acquiring by those licks and sucks.. She was turned very hot and envious by both men as her body was asking for more and more.... she already started dripping in her panty and when the old moved down her panty he got her juices taste on his tongue and he was overjoyed to understand that she was willing to be fucked as she would not have got wet if she was to refuse...... . The brother-in-law was eating her soft young breasts... she had a terrible lusty feeling thinking of all that and she was ready to eat both cocks gladly.... the ‘choli’ was removed with delicacy.... and reached her wet pussy where she dripped more and more. she started watching at both men one after another and she was stunned seeing their lust in their eyes and reading it on their face...

.. quivered.. licked the bum and took a position from where he touched his dick on her butt. now her butt was to his position. Both men groaned and they did not delay to get please and ejaculate as that was their first time with her and they had longed so much to fuck her. and the b..... she shouted with moaned deriving pleasure she never had in her life.i... while she was still being fucked by the old....... and it was the old man’s! While he was fucking her. shuddered and moaned moving her whole body in all the ways but she was in between to men and felt caught in a trap yet she enjoyed a lot.. and there she was with two cocks inside her...l wetted her anal hole with his saliva and slowly pushed his cock in her anus....i.l kissed her ass.. she gave moans and quivered and the b. their orgasm came very fast and very quickly they got ejaculations. the first was when the old was over her.......the moans increased from her part when another cock touched her... and soon the son asked his dad to lay on the bed and made the sister-in-law come over his father with the cock of the cock still in her. she twisted. ... she shouted. the second was when the elder brother-in-law penetrated her and the third when both men ejaculated.i.. moaned and cried with pleasure and pain and two big dicks were inside her and she in fact enjoyed it to the maximum but as it was the first time she received two cocks she got mixed pain and pleasure...l continued biting her flesh over her neck and boobs. her father-in-law’s cock and her elder brother-in-law’s cock.. she cried with moans and pains when his cock entered her.. the father-in-law was going on fucking her his hip moving fast and his dick doing to and fro in her wet pussy. the b..And very soon one cock was inside her... but she reached her orgasm twice or thrice..

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