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Impeachment of Donald Trump

Tyler C. Griffin

Arkansas Tech University

Author Note

Tyler C. Griffin is currently a freshman at Arkansas Tech University. Direct all correspondence to

This paper discusses reasons on why President Donald Trump should be impeached

based on the collection of articles. The articles give numerous examples of Donald Trumps

suspicious wrong doings and misdeeds. The evidence provides numerous encounters Trump has

had with Russia and business deals he has had with foreign countries. It also explains the two

various ties that his former security advisor and former chairman in his campaign had with

Russia which may have influenced the U.S presidential election.


Impeach the President of the United states

Impeaching the President means having them put under review and does not necessarily

mean kicking them out of office. To be eligible for impeachment the president must have ran

afoul of the law or committed misdeeds that warrants impeachment (Kevin Freking). These

misdeeds, such as law breaking or the obstruction of justice allegations, are the articles of

impeachment. These articles of impeachment do not provoke the removal but help the enacting

body to take further action. President Trump needs to be impeached. This paper is a review of

some of his allegations and misdeeds. It implores the people to understand no one is above the

law, not even the President and everyone needs to be held accountable. Impeachment really is for

the people, it is designed to keep everyone safe, and it allows the people to take the President out

of office. So, if he cannot do the job then we should find someone that can.

Literature Review

In Maxine Davids (2017) article it states that the FBI started investigating the Russian

interference in Donald Trumps campaign. The investigation continues to examine potential links

such as Michael Flynn who resigned as Trumps national security adviser. It also discusses that

Michael Flynn later acknowledged that he had lied about his contact with the Russian

ambassador, and currently he is seeking immunity in exchange for speaking (David).

Nick Hayes (2017) covered the information on the FBI investigation on Paul Manafort,

and how this man was Trumps former campaign chairman. From his interactions with Russia he

received millions of dollars in cash payments from the pro-kremlin groups in Ukraine.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis (2017) shows that there is evidence of Trump meeting with the

Russian president, Valdmir Putin, more than once. During their meeting nothing that was

discussed added up to something substantial. It was said that Trump confronted Vladimir Putin

about interfering with presidential elections and the US secretary says otherwise. The Secretary

states that Donald Trump never brought the US election up to Vladimir Putin.

Adam Davidson (2017) goes over the investigation in this article and states that the

investigator (Robert Mueller), assigned by the special counsel who is investigating Trump, found

concerning business deals with other foreign countries. Some of these business deals lead back to

the Kremlin and how Donald Trump works with higher political partners to help make everyone

a little bit wealthier.

John Barron (2017) states that the investigator Mueller, also found emails from Donald

Trumps son, which contained dirt on Mrs. Clinton from Russian sources that were sent to him

in June of 2016.

Darren Samuelsohn (2017) exposed that in addition to the emails that incriminate Mrs.

Clinton, some of those emails were sent from a former business partner of Donald Trump. These

emails have to do with both business and political stand points. These emails just simply show

how business and politics come together in Trumps world.


Based on the research problem here is that there are too many unanswered questions about

how far Donald Trumps relations with the Russians go, they could very well go back to before

the presidential election. The first unanswered question is about him breaking the law followed by

his staff breaking the law. Did they or did they not? The second question is in regards in obstruction

of justice was Trump himself doing something illegal during his meetings with Putin. Because of

everything that has happened so far this is where the consideration of impeachment of President

Donald Trump comes into play. Donald Trump has had two people, as recently this year, that were

incarcerated for working with Russians during the presidential election. One of these men was

Michael Flynn who resigned as Trumps national security adviser and now is seeking immunity by

exchanging the information he has on Russia and the President of the United States.

Paul Manafort was paid by the Russian government, while he worked as chairman for

Trumps campaign to help win him the election. Paul Manafort was a considerable influence on

Trump. What it comes down to is Trump had people leading his campaign that were suspiciously

getting paid by Russia, and not only is there evidence to support that they were working with

Russia, so was Trump. Trumps meetings with Russian President Putin just go to show they had

relations. Not only were the people that were helping run the campaign involved so was his family,

Trump Jr.

When Trump Jr received all the incriminating information, he simply replied, love it and

the Russians response was the offer of the material is part of Russia and its government support

for Mr. Trump (Samuelson) This shows another connection between Trump and Russia that is

yet to be explained.

Donald Trump has plenty of actions that need to be answered for and explained. Actions

such as his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and how he supposedly confronted

him about Interfering with the U.S presidential elections. Also, how he mixes business with politics

on some occasion, such as some of the Russian resources sending his son incriminating emails

about Mrs. Clinton and the concerning business deals with other foreign countries founded by

investigator Robert Mueller.



President Donald Trump needs to be impeached, which just means to be put under

review, because there are many questions that are unanswered and possible misdeeds that have

not been answered for. No one is above the law not even the president. The House of

Representatives needs to cast a vote to impeach Trump and try his actions based on the

information collected against him. America needs its answers and Trump needs to give it to



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