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Triwave Mods: Drum triggers, Bypass switch www.commonsound. To Bypass switch (if Drum trigs and Bypass switch mod)
(see license for use) v1.0 20041118

"Bypass switch" link (see below)

Mod V+ jumper

Cut traces
for Bypass
switch with
Drum trig
Drum trig 555V+ jumpers mods.

No drum triggers, no bypass switch Drum Trig Sens. pot (100k)

These two wires go to the main board
Connect the Bypass switch link, and the two Drum trig "-l-" links. to mod board (sens 2)
to ground as described on the left
2 (it doesn't matter which wire is which)
Drum trig (with or without Bypass switch): 1 to trig jack
1. Connect the two jumpers shown (A555V+ and B555V+)
2. Disconnect the two links "-l-" where the 555V+ jumpers now go. to volume 3
Bypass switch (w/o Drum trig):
Disconnect the "Bypass switch" jumper and run two wires from
there to the Bypass switch. to "input" on board

Bypass switch (with Drum trig): Drum Trig On/off

1. Leave the "Bypass switch" jumper in. (SPDT flip)
2. Cut the two traces shown (see diagram)
3. Run a wire from Drum Trig B's 4558 pin 8 to Bypass switch input jack
4. Run a wire from the "Bypass switch" jumper to the Bypass switch
5. (If ring mod and/or Aux Vol/blend mod...) put in the Mod V+ jumper output jack
to mod board
to ground
to ground
(sens B) (on powerjack
or on board)