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Marron 1

Rosalyn Marron

Professor Beadle

English 115

7 December 2017

Social Media

Social Media is a network where everyone is able to communicate. This network is

keeping teenagers occupied. The networks that teenagers use are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,

and Snapchat. All social medias are considered monstrous. The reason why social media is

considered monstrous is because it is becoming a huge distraction. How people make it become a

big distraction is that people post inappropriate statuses, make people feel insecure about

themselves, and cyber bully other teenagers. Not only are people becoming distracted by social

media, but they are becoming monsters. The monsters people are becoming are zombies.

Teenagers now are always on the internet, especially on social media. My own experiences with

twitter is feeling insecure about myself because I dont have the trending look that everyone has

on social media. The fear of social media is feeling like you dont fit in. The values of social

media are being able to communicate with others and to share your thoughts.

Social networking is having teenagers become addicted and relying on the network. One

of the reason social networking is becoming a distraction is because people are posting

inappropriate statuses and an express themselves. Some inappropriate statuses people are posting

are false information about racism and gender slanders and what is going on in the society. Not

only are people posting or writing false information, they also become bad writers. In my

personal experience, I have seen people write in slang and it does not make them a better writer

because they dont raise their vocabulary, but there are certain people on twitter that correct their
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writing and the false information that was posted. People on social media enjoy posting false

information on the internet so that they can get the attention from others and become someone

that they are not. For example, on twitter Not only do people post false information about what is

going on around them but they also like to post false information about themselves. Which leads

to people on social media becoming insecure about themselves. For instance, there is a T.V.

show called catfish it is a show were people talk to other people through social media and

when they meet them in person, they really arent the person who they say they are.

People become insecure about themselves because they are trying to fulfill the society

expectation. People are influenced by famous people. For example, famous people usually look

good on social media and make others feel like in order to be like everyone else they should

follow their trend. It can make people feel insecure because everyone is different and unique.

The people that do not follow the trend are considered different and can lead to bullying.

Cyber bullying has become one of the biggest issue on social media. The reason

cyberbullying has become a big thing on social media because it is easier for people to

communicate behind the screen instead of communicating in person. In one of the reading My

Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead says Zombies are like the internet

and the media and every conversation we dont want to have. All of it comes at us endlessly and

if we surrender we will be overtaken and absorbed (Kolterman 42). This evidence shows how

the internet is similar to Zombies because everyone is becoming addicted to the internet. For

example, when a zombie bites another person they become a zombie too and expand the disease,

it is the same way when someone else introduces someone to social media they become addicted

to it.
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Not only do people cyberbully but people like to gossip and spread rumors about others.

People gossip about what people post. Not only do people talk about other people, but a lot of

people enjoy sharing their whole life on social media so that they can get attention from other

people. In the article of My Zombie, Myself: Why modern Life feels Rather Undead says

following Twitter gossip out of obligation, or perfuming tedious tasks in which the only true

risk is being consumed by avalanche ( Klosterman 41). This evidence shows how social media

like to gossip especially twitter, that you might as well be consumed by an avalanche. Twitter or

any type of social media becomes easily to become distracted and it becomes easy to stay

focused on what is going in other peoples lives because people like to share everything about


The internet has made us become mindless and repetitive just like zombies. We are so

focused on what is going on in technology that we are un aware of what is going on around us. In

the article My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead says Its not that

zombies are changing to fit the worlds condition; Its that the condition of the world seems more

like a zombie offensive. Something about Zombies is becoming more intriguing to us

(Klosterman 40). This evidence shows how the world is becoming like zombies because of social

media. A lot of people spend a lot of time on social media because it is so intriguing. Since the

internet is similar to zombies, the article explains to us how the society is making zombies fit

into the society because the time everyone waste time on the internet. As a society, we should

know how to control how much time we use the internet.

Our society is being controlled by the internet especially social networking. It has

become a monstrous network because of what is being posted and what is being said about other

people. It has made people feel insecure about themselves, become cyberbullied and has become
Marron 4

a huge distraction. Not only are we becoming zombies because we are always behind a screen

but we are zombie killers. In the article My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life feels Rather

undead says What if contemporary people are less interested in seeing depictions of their

unconscious fears and more attracted to allegories of how their day-to-day existence feels? That

would explain why so much people watched the first episode of The Walking Dead: They knew

they would be able to relate to it. A lot of modern life is exactly like slaughtering zombies

(Klosterman 41). This evidence shows how we are not only becoming like zombies because we

are so distracted by the internet but we are also relating to how we are zombie killers. Social

media has made it where it is controlling people. It has come to a point where people just reply

on the internet, not realizing how it is bad for everyone.

In addition of social media becoming monstrous to the society because of how addicted

people have become towards the internet. The internet has values because people are allowed to

communicate with others. In the chapter of Understanding Rhetoric 2nd Edition a Graphic Guide

to Writing says The internet brings together diverse groups of people and invites them to share

their ideas and opinions, so conflicts, disagreements, and arguments are common online. (Losh,

Alexander pg.69) This evidence describes how social media is and how it allows people to listen

and read other peoples opinion. Social media is where you can see and hear whats going on in

the society and in other countries. It allows people to become aware and brief of what is going on

around them. It encourages people to write actively and communicate with each other.

In conclusion, we are living in a zombies world. Some people can be a zombie and some

people are zombie killers the only reason why is because we have allowed social media to take

control of us. We can live better and control how much time we spend on social networking. We

shouldnt let others affect us behind a screen, we should stand up to the bullies that like to gossip
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and make others feel insecure about themselves. We shouldnt care about how we look to other

people and if we are going with a trend or not. As a society, we should start communicating in

person and not let material things become a huge disturbance.

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