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Foxx 1

Liana Foxx
ART 133
Amber Ward
October 5, 2017
Unit Paper 3

Vulnerability is defined as the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of

being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally (Merriam-Websters Dictionary,

2017). Everyday individuals expose themselves to being vulnerable by allowing others to

become involved in their personal lives. However, one can also be vulnerable amongst

themselves when channeling, acknowledging, or confronting their deepest thoughts and

emotions. There are six sense that increasingly guide and shape our world and help to comprise

what it means to be human (Pink, 2005). With that said, I believe that of these six senses, story

is one that allows individuals to be the most vulnerable. Stories force us to seek a deeper

understanding of ourselves and our purpose (Pink, 2005, p 115) , as well as provide a deeper

understanding of how we fit in [the world] and why that matters (Pink, 2005, p 115), and we

expose these findings to others.

In an art therapy setting, I would modify the content we learned in class in order to best

serve my patients mental and emotional needs by practicing a holistic approach in and teaching

my patients how several small pieces work together to make a larger whole. I would do this by

altering the empathy braid project and instead of painting cloth and adding a sentimental object

to combine with others artworks, I would have my patients create bracelets that they would wear

as a reminder to work towards becoming a better version of themselves. My patients would pick

different colored beads in which each color would represent a different aspect of their lives or

something they wish was a part of their lives more. For example, if one wished to have more
Foxx 2

happiness in their lives, they may choose a yellow bead to represent this. The different colored

beads would then work together to tell a story of my patients lives and work as a whole to do so,

as well as force my patients to be vulnerable by pushing them to focus on their inner thoughts

and feelings.
Foxx 3


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