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My Role as a Leader in My School

Reflect on my working experiences in school, it is very important to

have effective management and leadership in order to support the school
administration and also students success. Here, I am going to discuss my role
as a leader in my school although I am just an ordinary teacher.

I will focus on achieving the goals of the tasks and maintaining

relationships. I have to be warm, friendly and flexible in dealing with people. I
wish I can maintain balance between the goals and harmonious work
environment in school. I would like to involve my staffs and colleagues in goal
setting and in important decision making. For example, I will encourage them
to gives ideas in planning some activities such as Teachers Day and Sport
Day. When dealing with decision making, I will give them encouragement
and provides frequent feedbacks to them. This method can maintain two-
ways communication channels with my staffs and colleagues.

Besides that, I will show confidence in my staffs and colleagues and

trust their capabilities in handling some tasks. For example, I will let them to be
the group leader in certain tasks or events. This can help my staffs and
colleagues to evaluate their own performance in a supportive and non-
judgmental atmosphere indirectly. I should not be fear of taking risks as a
leader. As a motivator leader, I must know when act fast, when to think and
when to act slowly. I am not static but I am dynamic and am able to change
my headship depending on the situation.

Secondly, be an inspirational leader in school. Leadership is about how

a leader influences others actions in order to achieve the identified goals. For
me, a good leader needs to have sense of direction and is able to inspire
other people. I will identify aims, vision and direction for the school. For
example, as a leader in school, I will create plans, strategies and tactics that
deliverables and measurable to achieve the schools vision and the yearly
goals. I will direct and guide them towards the vision and goals. Besides, I
have to persuade and lead them in order to take the school to a certain
position which ensures that the school is ahead of other schools.

Moreover, I identify and meet group training needs such as organize

some competency courses for my staffs and colleagues which can inspire
and challenge them to be excel in their position. Thus, I will encourage
collaboration and empowers my staffs and colleagues by allowing them to
share their opinions and ideas. These actions will bring positive changes in my
leadership effectiveness. Inspirational leader exhibit the ability to influence
followers behaviour. Thus, as an inspirational leader, I can change my staffs
and colleagues working behaviour in positive manner and structure their
practices in work too.

According to Emory S. Bogardus (1918), an American sociology

explains that leader has to interact with a large number of people. I always
have to deal with parents, colleagues and children in school. Therefore I
have to act as a coach leader in term of coaching them towards one
specific direction. For example, I can provide my professional opinions to
parents on ways to guide their childrens study and behaviour problems at
home. In addition, I might coach and guide my school junior teachers
(Novice Stage) who facing problems with their daily work such as classroom
management, time management or problem dealing with parents.

I wish I can be a role model for my followers such as staffs, colleagues,

parents and students. Southworth (2000) claims that an effective leader
should demonstrate few characteristics i.e. interest in learning, honest,
courtesy, courage and compassion. By referring to Raymond Cattell (1954)
key traits of successful leaders, I ought to apply the team orientation working
traits. For example, I should foster the team work and collaboration where all
staffs and parents can work together such as during the clean-up activity.
Besides, I should share my enthusiasm with them and lead them actively,
expressively, and energetically. Nonetheless, I have to stable in emotion. I
need to be able to deal with my frustration and be well-adjusted. Further, I
have to be conscientiousness. I should show my high sense of duty and self-
disciplined in order to be a good role model in school.

Conclusion, it is very important for a school leader to know his or her

role in leading and managing the school. Full understanding on roles that we
play is vital to be an effective leader. All in all, I believe that I can serve as
good leaders among my peers, parents and students by leading this variety
of roles. By knowing the school organization, each staff and colleague,
resources and how to place them correctly can help the school grow and
thrive strongly. Besides, I get to use my intelligence and skills to sets the
foundation for my schools success.