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Exercise 50: Predicate Adjectives.

T 1. The two brothers do not look at all alike.

F 2. My friend brought the alive lobster to my house and expected me to
cook it. (alive should be live)
F 3. Are you going to be lone in the house tonight? (lone should be
F 4. The afraid child cried for his mother. (afraid should be frightened)
T 5. Everyone else was asleep by the time I arrived home.
T 6. We completed our two projects in a like manner.
T 7. All of the crash victims were alive when they were found.
F 8. She tried to walk quietly by the asleep dogs without waking them.
(asleep should be sleeping)
T 9. Were you feeling afraid when you heard the noise?
F 10. According to the report, the president was shot by an alone gunman.
(an alone should be a lone)

Exercise 51: Adjectives with ed and ing.

F 1. The teacher gave a quiz on the just completing lesson. (completing
should be completed)
T 2. There is a fascinating movie at the theater tonight.
F 3. They bought that it had been a very satisfied dinner. (satisfied
should be satisfying)
F 4. The empty bottles are to the left, and the filling bottles are to the right.
(filling should be filled)
T 5. For lunch at the restaurant she ordered a mixed salad.
T 6. The students thought that it was an interesting assignment.
F 7. The shoppers were impressed by the reducing prices. (reducing
should be reduced)
F 8. He cant afford to take long vacations to exotic places because he is a
worked man. (worked should be working)
T 9. I recently received several annoying phone calls from the insurance
F 10. Today the bookkeeper is working on the unpaying bills. (unpaying
should be unpaid)

Exercise (Skills 49-51): Adjectives.

F 1. Her kindly words of thanks made me feel appreciating. (appreciating
should be appreciated)
F 2. After the earthquake, assistance was sent to the damaging areas.
(damaging should be damaged)
F 3. Your view has some validity; however, we do not have alike opinions
on the matter. (alike should be like)
F 4. It is likely that the early seminar will not be the most interested.
(interested should be interesting)
T 5. I prefer a live theater show to a movie.
T 6. The thesis of your essay was not very well developed.
F 7. The asleep children were wakened by the loud sound of the crashing
thunder. (asleep should be sleeping)
T 8. During the nightly news show there was a lively and fascinating debate.
T 9. His car was struck by an uninsured motorist.
F 10. The girl was all alone and feeling lonely in the darkened, frightened
house.(frightened should be frightening)

TOEFL Exercise (Skills 49-51): Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
1. As the only major American river that flowed in a west direction, the Ohio was
the preferred route for settlers. the only flowedwest preferred
1 2. During the annually salmon migration from the sea to fresh water,
Alaskas McNeil River becomes a gathering place for brown bears waiting eagerly
to catch their fill. Annually fresh gathering eagerly
3 3. Edelman stresses the mounting evidence showing that greatly variation
on a microscopic scale is likely. Mounting showing greatly likely
4 4. Perhaps the most welcoming and friendly of the parks wild places is
the live oak forest that surrounds the districts alone visitors center in Gulf
Breeze. Welcoming friendly live alone
1 5. Halleys comet, viewing through a telescope, was quite impressive.
viewing through quite impressive
3 6. The state of deep asleep is characterized by rapid eye movement, or
REM, sleep. Deep asleep characterized by
2 7. Among the disputing sections of the Monteverdi opera are the sinfonia,
the prologue, and the role of Ottone. Among disputing sections
3 8. Most probably because of the likeable rapport between achors, the
night newscast on the local ABC affiliate has recently moved well beyond its
competitors in the ratings battle. Probably likeable night recently
1 9. Signing at the outset of a business deal, a contract offers the
participants a certain degree of legal protection from costly mistakes.
Signing outset a certain costly
4 10. The story presented by Fischer is a headlong tale told so effectively
that its momentum carries the reader right through the live endnotes.

TOEFL Exercise (Skills 1-51): Choose the correct answer.

1 1. During the early nineteenth century, the Spanish missions in Alta,
California ___________ to be an integral part of the economy and productive
capacity of the region. Proved they proved they proved it
3 2. Still other hurdles remain before ___________ suitable for private cars.
fuel cells become fuel cells become that fuel cells become
2 3. The daughters of Joseph La Flesche were born into the generation of
Omaha forced to abandon tribal traditions, ___________ on the reservation, and
to adapt to the white mans ways. they maturedto mature maturing
to maturity
1 4. Among the most revealing aspects of mining towns ________ their
paucity of public open space. Was were it was so

Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.

4 5. Factor analysis is used to discover how many abilities are involve in
intelligence test performance. Factor analysis is used how many
2 6. One of the early orders of marine mammals, manatees have evolved
more than fifty million years ago from land animals. Early have evolved million
2 7. Dolphins and chimps are like in that they have been shown to have
language skills. Are like in that have been shown
4 8. In the appendix at the end of the chapter are the instructions to be
used for the completion correct of the form. End are to be used
completion correct
1 9. Used sound that varies not only in time but in space, whales at close
range may communicate with sonarlike pictures. Used that but in space
communicate with

3 10. The 1898 Trans-Mississippi International Exposition has the distinction

of being the last major fair which held during the Victorian period. Has of
being which held during

Exercise 52: Articles with Singular Nouns.

1. She is taking trip with her friends. (should be a trip)
T 2. In my yard there are flowers, trees, and grass.
F 3. The manager sent memo to his employees. (should be a memo)
F 4. There is car in front of the building. (should be a car)
T 5. The child and his friends are having milk and cookies.
T 6. She is studying to be an actress in films.
T 7. My neighbor was arrested for throwing rocks through windows.
T 8. We have machinery that prints ten pages each minute.
F 9. Teacher has many students during a semester. (should be A
T 10. Can you heat water for tea?

Exercise 53: A and An. Choose C (correct) or I (incorrect).

F 1. The dishwasher quit his job because he was making only four dollars a
hour. (should be AN hour)
T 2. It was an unexpected disappointment to receive a rejection letter from
the university.
F 3. It is raining, so you should bring a umbrella. (should be AN umbrella)
T 4. He bought a half gallon of milk and a box of a hundred envelopes.
F 5. An objection was raised because it was such a unacceptable idea.
(should be AN acceptable idea)
T 6. The workers at the plant do not belong to a union.
F 7. The police officer was not wearing an uniform when she arrested the
suspect. (should be A uniform)
T 8. If you do not give me a hand, finishing the project on time will be an
F 9. She was upset when a honest mistake was made. (should be AN
honest mistake)
F 10. She opened a account at a local department store. (should be
AN account)

Exercise 54: Articles + Nouns Agreement.

T 1. She went to school in a local community.
F 2. The doctor used another pills. (pills should be pill)
T 3. It is necessary to have a farm or land of your own.
F 4. He must contact a members of the club. (members should be
T 5. You will need a pen or a pencil.
T 6. He is responsible for bringing a number of items.
F 7. You must write a report on a subjects of your choice. (should be
T 8. They crossed through several forests and a stream.
F 9. There will be another important lessons tomorrow. (lessons should be
F 10. He could not give me a good reasons for what he did. (reasons
should be reason)

Exercise 55: Distinguish Specific and General Ideas.

F 1. He took a trip on a Snake River. (should be THE Snake River)
T 2. Ill meet you at the library later.
F 3. The ball hit a child on a head. (should be THE head)
F 4. He had a best grade in the class on the exam. (should be THE best
T 5. The people who came here yesterday were here again today.
F 6. She was a most beautiful girl in the room. (should be THE most
beautiful girl)
T 7. The trip that I took last year to the Bahamas was the only vacation I
had all year.
T 8. I need a piece of paper so that I can finish the report that I am working
F 9. A basketball player threw the ball to a center of the court. (should be
the center)
F 10. The sixth-grade class went on a field trip to visit a Lincoln Memorial.
(should be THE Lincoln Memorial)

Exercise (Skills 52-55):

F 1. He took a money from his wallet to pay for sweater. (should be
took money)
T 2. The notebook that he left had an important assignment in it.
T 3. Because of previous disagreements, they are trying to arrive at an
F 4. The appearance of room could be improved by adding a green plants.
(should be THE room, plants should be plant)
F 5. The Senate passed Law banning smoking in public workplaces.
(should be A law)
F 6. Each chemistry student should bring laboratory manual to a next class.
(should be THE laboratory manual, should be THE next class)
F 7. She admitted that she made mistake but said that she had made a
honest effort.(mistake should be mistakes, should be AN honest effort)
F 8. His absence from the board meeting was a strong indications of his
desire to leave the company. (indications should be indication)
T 9. The car needed gas, so the driver stopped at a service station.
F 10. Anyone taking group tour to the Hawaiian Islands must pay fee before
a first of the month.

TOEFL Exercise (Skills 52-55): Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
4 1. On a trip down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the equipment will
in all probability be carried by a burros. a trip the bottom the Grand Canyon
3 2. Ford designed the first large-scale assembly line at plant in Highland
Park, Michigan. the first assembly lineplant Highland Park, Michigan
2 3. In the human body, blood flows from a heart through the arteries, and
it returns through the veins. In the a the arteries the
4 4. The scholarship that Wilson received to study history at Cambridge
presented an unique opportunity. The scholarship history
Cambridge an
3 5. Observations from Earth indicate that at the solar surface, the outward
magnetic field is a strongest at the polar regions. The the outward a
the polar regions
1 6. A radar images of Venus add details about a planet dominated by
volcanoes and lava. A radar details a planet volcanoes and lava
4 7. In 1863 and 1864, the U.S. Congress passed the National Bank Acts,
which set up a system of privately owned banks chartered by a federal
government. The National Banks Acts a privately owned banks a
federal government
1 8. An human ear responds to a wide range of frequencies. An ear
a wide range frequencies
3 9. Bacteria that live in soil and water play a vital role in recycling carbon,
nitrogen, sulfur, and another chemical elements used by living things. soil
and water a vital role another living things
4 10. During the U.S. Civil War, an American balloonist organized a balloon
corps in Army. the U.S. an American a balloon Army

TOEFL Exercise (Skills 1-55):

4 1. In economics, diminishing returns describes _________ resource
inputs and production. Among when it is among them the
relationship between
2 2. When lava reaches the surface, its temperature can be ten times
__________ boiling water. the temperature that ofit is more
1 3. Rarely __________ remove the entire root of a dandelion because of its
length and sturdiness. can the casual gardener the casual gardener the
casual gardener will does the casual gardeners

Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.

4 4. Operas can be broadly classified as either comedies or they are
tragedies. Broadly classified or they are tragedies
2 5. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, and for this
reason it is often use in equipment that must withstand high temperatures.
the highest use equipment withstand
3 6. Whereas there are forty-three ant species in Great Britain, the same
amount of ant species can be found in a single tree in Peru. Whereas the
amount a
1 7. People voice their opinions first in small groups or among friends and
acquaintances. Theirs groups among acquaintances
3 8. Inside the Lincoln Memorial is a large statue of Lincoln make from
white marble. is large statue make marble
4 9. Detailed photometric data of the area just north of Tritons equatorial
region indicate the existence of a thin, transparent layers of frost. Detailed
photometric indicate thin, transparent layers
4 10. U.S. census figures indicate that people with only an elementary
education can earn just half as much as college graduations. Indicate an
just half graduations

Exercise 56: Incorrect Prepositions.

T 1. After school many students participate in sports.
F 2. I know I can rely in you to be here on time. (should be rely on)
T 3. If you need more light to read, turn on the lamp next to you.
F 4. Parents always try to bring at their children to be thoughtful.
(should bring UP)
F 5. Ill have to consult to my attorney before making a decision.
(should be consult WITH)
T 6. Walt has lost his keys, so he must look for them.
F 7. I just dont approve at your cheating on the exam. (should be approve
T 8. Smoking is forbidden, so you should put out your cigarette.
F 9. Failure to pass the test will result to the loss of your license.
(should be result IN)
T 10. It is unlawful for parolees to associate with known felons.

Exercise 57: Omitted Prepositions.

F 1. If you take this job, it will be necessary to deal other departments.
(should be deal WITH)
T 2. Each child took one cookie from the plate.
F 3. In the discussion, Rob sided the rest. (should be sided WITH)
F 4. The board turned his suggestion for the project because it was too
costly. (should be turned DOWN)
F 5. He can always depend his friends. (should be depend ON)
F 6. While Mrs. Sampson went shopping, a baby-sitter looked the children.
(should be looked AFTER)
T 7. I know Steve believes what you told him.
F 8. Children should beware strangers. (should be beware OF)
F 9. It was difficult to make a decision about buying a house. (should be
result IN)
F 10. Tom blamed his brother the dent in the car. (should be blamed
his brother FOR)

Exercise (Skills 56-57):

T 1. The students must hand in their homework.
F 2. It will be difficult to forgive you of breaking your promise. (should be
forgive you FOR)
F 3. Elizabeth excels math and science. (should be excels IN)
T 4. She insisted on going to work in spite of her cold.
F 5. Bob reminds me to his father because he looks just like him.
(should be reminds me OF)
T 6. If you are cold, you should put on your sweater.
T 7. Mr. Sanders is not here now, but he will call you when he returns.
F 8. I do not want to interfere your plans. (should be interfere WITH)
F 9. Alan waited Marie after school. (should be laughs AT)
F 10. Bill laughs me whenever he looks me. (should be looks AT)
TOEFL Exercise (Skills 56-57): Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
3 1. Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic,
disappeared on June 1937 while attempting to fly around the world. the
first across on around
1 2. The occurrence edema indicates the presence of a serious illness.
occurrence edema (excess/swelling) indicates of illness
3 3. Atomic nuclei are believed to be composed by protons and neutrons in
equal numbers for the lighter elements. Are believed by in
1 4. According legend, Betsy Ross designed and sewed the first American
flag. According legend designed and sewed first flag
2 5. The middle ear is attached for the back of the throat by the Eustachian
tube. middle ear for of by
4 6. Plants that sprout, grow, bloom, produce seeds, and die within one
year are classified for annuals. produce seeds within one year
3 7. A marionette is controlled by means strings connected to wooden bars.
Controlled by means strings connected to
4 8. In July of 1861, Pat Garett killed Billy the Kid in a house close Fort
Sumner. In of in a close Fort Sumner
4 9. Many comfort heating systems using steam as a working fluid operate
at the convection principle. Using as operate at
4 10. Mars two small moons are irregularly shaped and covered for craters.
two small irregularly shaped for

TOEFL Exercise (1-57): Choose the correct answer.

3 1. In many matter, heat tends to flow __________ to the cooler parts.
hotter parts there are hotter parts from the hotter parts
toward the hotter parts
1 2. Certain authorities claim that the costumes that people wear to parties
_____________ into their personalities. give subtle insights they give subtle
insights which give subtle insights subtle insights
3 3. __________ Army camps near Washington D.C., in 1861, Julia Ward
Howe wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic. She visited After visiting
When visited When was she visiting
Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
2 4. The body depends in food as its primary source of energy.
Depends in as its
4 5. Regular programming was interrupted to broadcast a special news
Programming interrupted to broadcast bulletins
3 6. Sulfa drugs had been used to treat bacterial infection until penicillin
becomes widely available. Used bacterial infection becomes widely
3 7. Plans for both the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank were
drawn up at the Bretton Woods Conference. Plans for or drawn up
1 8. Seldom Antarctic icebergs will move far enough north to disturb South
Pacific shipping lanes. Antarctic icebergs will far enough to disturb
1 9. In 1958, a largest recorded wave, with a height of 500 meters,
occurred in Lituya Bay, Alaska. a largest recorded with occurred in
4 10. Exercise in swimming pools is particularly helpful because of the
buoyant effect water. Particularly helpful of effect water

Exercise 58: Make and Do.

F 1. The biology student did several mistakes in the lab report. (did
should be made)
T 2. I hope that you will be able to do me a favor this afternoon.
F 3. No matter what job she has, she always makes her best. (makes
should be does)
F 4. The runner did a strong effort to increase her speed in the mile race.
(did should be made)
T 5. It is comforting to think that your work can make a difference.
T 6. His grade was not very good because he had not done his homework.
T 7. In this job you will make more money than in your previous job.
F 8. He was unable to do dinner because no one had done the lunch dishes.
(do should be make)
9. It is pleasure to work with someone who always makes the right thing.
(makes should be does)
T 10. If you make a good impression at your job interview, you will get the

Exercise 59: Like, Alike and Unlike.

F 1. The two routes you have chosen for the trip are like. (like should
be alike)
T 2. The science books this semester are like the books used last semester.
F 3. Alike the restaurant where we usually eat, this new restaurant has
early-bird specials. (Alike should be Like)
T 4. Unlike the traditional red fire engines, the new fire engines are yellow.
F 5. The two girls were embarrassed because they were wearing alike
dresses. (alike should be like)
T 6. The new piece that the pianist is preparing is unlike any she has ever
played before.
T 7. Like the Washington Zoo, the San Diego Zoo has several panda bears.
F 8. The insurance package offered by that company is exactly alike the
package our company offers. (alike should be like)
T 9. Any further work done in a like fashion will be rejected.
T 10. It is unfortunate that the covers for this years and last years albums
are so alike.

Exercise 60: Other, Another and Others.

T 1. It is essential to complete the first program before working on the
F 2. The waitress will bring you the another bowl of soup if you want. (the
another should be another)
T 3. You should pack another pair of shoes in case that pair gets soaked.
F 4. It is difficult to find others workers who are willing to work such long
hours. (others should be other)
T 5. Since the lamp you wanted is out of stock, you must choose another.
T 6. The other desk clerk must have put that message in your mailbox.
T 7. If your identification card is lost or stolen, you cannot get another.
F 8. Because they were not pleased with the hotel accommodations last
year, they have decided to try a other hotel this year. (a other should be
T 9. As some students moved into the registration area, others took their
places in line.
F 10. The printer will not function unless it has another cartridges.
(cartridges should be cartridge)

Exercise (Skills 58-60):

T 1. When the cars odometer reached 100,000, she decided that it was
time to buy another car.
F 2. Every time someone does an error in the program, several extra hours
of work are created.
T 3. Like the fashions shown in this magazine, the fashions in the other
magazine are quite expensive.
F 4. Because the main highway is crowded at this hour, the driver should try
to find another routes to the stadium. (routes should be route)
F 5. Although the two signatures are supposed to be exactly the same, they
are not at all like. (like should be alike)
T 6. The decorators did the shopping for the material and made curtains for
the windows.
T 7. Before the administrator reads the stack of papers on his desk, he
should sign the others that are on the file cabinet.
F 8. The committee is doing the arrangements for the Saturday evening
banquet. (doing should be making)
F 9. When he made several other big mistakes, he did his apologies to the
others in the office. (did should be made)
F 10. Perhaps the designer could select others styles if these are
inappropriate. (others should be other)
TOEFL exercise (Skills 58-60): Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
2 1. The buffalo and the bison are like except for the size and shape of the
head and shoulders.Are like except for size
1 2. Other interesting aspect of tachistopic training in recent years has been
the newfound use by professional teams. Other interesting has been
4 3. Only about 3 percent of oil wells actually do a profit. Only about
Oil wells actually do
1 4. Dislike sumac with red berries, sumac with white berries is poisonous
Dislike With Is Poisonous
3 5. Pittsburgh has reduced its smog by requiring more complete oxidation
of fuel in cars, and others cities can do the same thing. Its more others
1 6. Alike all other mammals, dolphins have lungs. Alike all other
2 7. Up to World War II almost all important research in physics had been
made in universities, with only university funds to support. almost all made
with only for support
4 8. Because the plan that was made yesterday is no longer feasible, the
manager had to choose another alternatives. that was made no longer
had to alternatives
3 9. Particles with unlike charges attract each other, while particles with
alike charges repel each other. Unlike while alike other
1 10. One another surprising method of forest conservation is controlled
cutting of trees. One another surprising conservation is controlled

TOEFL Exercise (Skills 1-60): Choose the correct answer.

1 1. Wild Bill Hickok _______ for the Union Army during the Civil Was by
posing as a Confederate officer. Spied spying a spy was spied
1 2. _______ was unusable as farmland and difficult to traverse, the
Badlands is an area in South Dakota. So named because it Because of
It Naming it
Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.
4 3. Titania, photographed by Voyager 2 in 1986, has significantly fewer
craters than another moons of Uranus. Photographed has fewer
3 4. The author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is better know as F. Scott
Fitzferald. The author better know as
3 5. The result of the failure to plan for the future is that a child from an
urban area must be took to the country to see that an urban took
see nature
2 6. This machine can print on a single pieces of paper, but only if the level
is facing the front of the machine. This pieces only facing
1 7. The development of permanent teeth, alike that of deciduous teeth,
begins before birth. alike that begins birth
2 8. A crowd of several hundred fan watched the ceremony from behind a
fence. Several fan watched from behind
3 9. Unlike other architects of the early modern movement, Alvar Aalto
stressed informality, personal expression, romantic, and regionality in his work.
Unlike other romantic his work
4 10. Color blindness may exist at birth or may occur later in life as a result
for disease or injury. Color blindness exist later in for