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Proclaiming the Authority of Gods Word Over Every Area of Life and Thought

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Where Devotion
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Introducing: Good morning, friends:
a Collection of Weekly Radio Messages
by R.J. Rushdoony, Volume 1

rom 1953 to 1956, Reverend R. J. Rushdoony
gave weekly radio talks at Santa Cruz, California
station KSCO that reveal a perfect blend of
strong theology with poignant pastoral counsel. In
fact, these insightful, concise messages are so well
done they could be used for both individual and
group discipleship at any level. They are a storehouse
of wisdom, inspiration, strong doctrine, exhortation,
and comfort for the Christian life.
Spanning subjects from the Reformed faith to
the Trinity, life, suffering, prayer, the Bible, church,
wisdom, and much more, youll hear Rushdoony in a
way you may not have heard him before. Youll sense
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hes speaking directly to you in pastoral fashion, and
youll enjoy every chapter. 8
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T his book is more than a

devotional. Its a great way to
ground yourself in the central
doctrines of our faith in a way
thats inspiring, insightful, and
After reading a draft of this
book, one pastor wrote, Only a
few chapters in and already want
to buy a bulk amount for our
church. This stuff is golden!
Very succinct and to the point.
No beating around the bush
with Rushdoony.
Faith for All of Life
November/December 2017

Publisher & Chalcedon President Editorials

Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony
2 From the President
Chalcedon Vice-President Do You Understand?
Martin Selbrede
20 From the Founder
The Decrees of God
Martin Selbrede
Managing Editor
Susan Burns 4 On the Origin of Value and Its Relationship to Profits,
Contributing Editor Interest, and Money
Lee Duigon Daniel Depelteau

Chalcedon Founder 14 The Ways of the World vs. The Ways of God
Rev. R. J. Rushdoony Andrea Schwartz
17 Arriving at an Informed Faith
was the founder of Chalcedon
Ben House
and a leading theologian, church/
state expert, and author of Columns
numerous works on the applica-
tion of Biblical Law to society. 21 The Story Never Lies
Suzannah Rowntree
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From the President

Do You Understand?
By Mark R. Rushdoony
Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things?
They say unto him, Yea, Lord.
Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven, is like unto
a man that is a householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old. (Matt. 13:5152)

I t is always easier to
judge others than
ourselves, and the disci-
The Jewish expectation of the mes-
sianic kingdom was far different than
the slow, steady, but certain growth
undeniable miracles were themselves
evidence of demonic influence (Matt.
12:2237; Mark 3:2230). This was a
ples are often treated as these parables suggested. The Jewish slander its hearers could not forget or
easy targets. As heirs of hope was for a Messiah who would rid easily ignore. Some used it, no doubt, as
two millennia of com- them of Rome and create a strong and an excuse not to commit to Jesus.
mentary and sermons we are stunned to prosperous political state in Palestine. After that point, Jesus suddenly
have the disciples, after listening to eight The conception of the Messiah was thus began speaking to the multitudes in
parables, respond to Jesus question with parables. Yes, there were still multitudes
largely a political figure whose power
a simple affirmative. We are tempted, following Him, hoping, like Herod An-
would be measured by the political,
perhaps, to object that they could not tipas, to see a miracle. The crowds could
economic, and military power of the na-
possibly have fully understood. But not stay away, but they were not there in
tion. King Jesus described several aspects
there was no chiding by Jesus; He ac- faith. Jesus described them at this point:
of His Kingdom as being very different.
cepted their response! Moreover, He For this peoples heart is waxed
When He asked if they understood these
then directed a ninth parable to them. gross, and their ears are dull of
parables, He was not asking them if they
Each of the previous eight were parables hearing, and their eyes they have
had a comprehensive knowledge, but if
about the Kingdom of Heaven itself; closed; lest at any time they should
they had put it together. Did they get
this one was about those who were see with their eyes, and hear with
scribes, learned men, of the Kingdom the gist of what he was saying about the
their ears, and should understand
who could instruct others. Jesus believed Kingdom He had begun? Yea, Lord.
with their heart, and should be
they did, in fact, understand. Why Parables? converted, and I should heal them.
Have Ye Understood? Early in His ministry, as evidenced (Matt. 13:15)
The word understand may cause in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Two groups now marked the hear-
a misconception on our part. In a scien- had spoken very clearly. He performed ers of Jesus, His disciples (in the larger
tific age it can be used in a very compre- miracles freely, at times to all who came. sense) and those whose hearts were now
hensive sense that is not here in view. He invited, Come unto me, all ye that waxed gross, that is, their innermost be-
The word used by Jesus means to put labour and are heavy laden, and I will ing was grown fat, callous, or dull. Once
together. Jesus was asking if they had give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, the blasphemous slander of the scribes
made the connections in the parables of and learn of me; for I am meek and and Pharisees had circulated, the lines
the sower, the seed growing by itself,1 lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest were clearly drawn, and Jesus recognized
the wheat and tares, the mustard seed, unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, them. He began speaking in parables.
the leaven, the hid treasure, the pearl of and my burden light (Matt. 11:2830). The change to parables so caught the
great price, and the draw net. Did they Shortly after those words were disciples by surprise that they asked
get the drift of the lessons they were spoken, things changed. The scribes and Jesus the reason for it. His answer was
taught about the Kingdom? That was Pharisees devised talking points to scare very blunt:
the essential question. men away from Jesus. They claimed His Because it is given unto you to

2 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
know the mysteries of the kingdom of that certainty. But the scribes had just joined the
of heaven, but to them it is not 3. The Parable of the Wheat and Tares: Pharisees in blasphemy (Mark 3:22ff.),
given. Throughout its history, there will yet Jesus now calls His own disciples to
For whosoever hath, to him shall be be evil in the Kingdom, but it is not be scribes. What was His meaning?
given, and he shall have more abun- given to the servants of the King to The scribes had once been experts
dance: but whosoever hath not, remove them, though the judgment in legal matters, who committed legal
from him shall be taken away even of evil men at the final judgment is proceedings and contracts to print.
that he hath. (Matt. 13:1112) promised. During the Babylonian Captivity and
thereafter, their role grew to that of
By grace, some came to believe in 4. The Parable of the Mustard Seed:
experts on Gods law and its application.
Jesus. To their faith, more was given in The Kingdom of Gods beginning
abundance, grace upon grace. To those They were experts on how the case law
seemed insignificant; but it would
who had no faith, that clarity of com- had been applied. Theirs was a valu-
grow and bless the earths inhabit-
munication would be taken away. Alfred able function, but they had fallen into a
Edersheim called this the judicial2 couple of traps by the first century. First,
5. The Parable of the Leaven: The they gave precedence to the traditions of
aspect of the parables, but it was not the Kingdoms means of growth is not
parabolic style alone which kept them how to keep the law over the law itself,
visible, but that growth is happen- which became academic. Second, theirs
from understanding, but their own ing, and it will pervade the earth.
spiritual deadness. The first parables of was a technical and mechanical under-
Matthew 13 were given to the multi- Then, Jesus sent the multitudes standing of obedience rather than an
tudes in the presence of the disciples, away, and spoke three more parables to ethical one. The scribes were therefore
who understood them. They only asked them alone. the theologians behind the false ideas of
for clarification about a single aspect of 6. The Parable of the Hid Treasure: the Pharisees. They were often the foes
one parable (the tares, the problem of Those who find the Kingdom will of the Kingdom, yet Jesus now calls on
evil in the Kingdom, see Matt. 13:36); know its importance, and gladly those who understand to be scribes of
when asked if they understood all eight, value it above all earthly possessions. His Kingdom!
they responded Yea, Lord. Parables The calling of a scribe was to study
7. The Parable of the Pearl of Great
were understandable to the believing the law of God, interpret its meaning,
Price: Those who seek the King-
disciples, a grace upon grace. and understand its application. Jesus
dom of God (like some of those
was saying, in effect, You understand
The Kingdom of Heaven early disciples who had searched
what I am saying about my Kingdom?
What was it that the disciples the Scriptures and been followers of
Then as scribes of my law I have an-
understood or put together that the John) will, by grace, know it when
other parable for you.
multitude, spiritually deaf and blind, they see it.
Jesus described the scribes of the
could not? They understood the paral- 8. The Parable of the Net: As in the Kingdom of God as being like house-
lels between these teaching images and Wheat and Tares, the Kingdom will holders, the patriarch or master of their
an aspect of the Kingdom of Heaven. encompass and identify evil men in family and its resources. As such they
Let us very briefly note some of the its midst, but their ultimate fate is were in possession of the treasure, the
many lessons of this discourse: left for the judgment of God. wealth of the Kingdom. They were its
1. The Parable of the Sower: Not all The Forgotten Parable stewards. From their understanding
who hear the message of the King- After assuring Jesus that they un- of the words of Jesus, the law of the
dom will become part of it (repre- derstood all eight of these parables Jesus Kingdom, they were to bring out new
sented not by the sprouting of the provided yet another one. It was based and old.
seed, but by fruit-bearing, see Matt. on their professed understanding. Each The modern mind thinks of old as
7:20, etc., Matt. 13:8, 23). of the first eight had been about some stale if not outdated. Moreover, we see
2. The Parable of the Seed Growing aspect of the Kingdom itself. Now He what is new too often as iconoclastic,
by Itself: Those who sow seeds in gave a parable about the responsibility and challenging the old. This is a subtle
the Kingdom must believe that the of those who understood, whom He problem when we refer to the Old
harvest will come, and live in terms called scribes of the Kingdom. Continued on page 25 November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 3

Feature Article

On the Origin of Value and Its Relationship

to Profits, Interest, and Money
Daniel Depelteau

T he concept of value
that we will explore
corresponds to the
are the result of a behavior called time
preference. Following their reasoning,
interest or profits are the price of time.
explain the appearance of excess revenue
over costs? His analytical review of the
then-existing theories offers penetrating
worth that we attribute Money as a store of income carries insights into the problem. However, his
to material objects. Such such value through time. In this process, subsequent model of profit formation
value is subjective, vola- as is generally accepted, a payment of and income distribution has not been as
tile, and unmeasurable. But at one point interest accrues to the owner of the successful. In contemporary economics,
it translates into prices that consumers savings. The logical basis on which we the theory on this subject now rests on
will agree to pay in money. The sale agree to pay interest influences the way the foundations laid by Irving Fisher
of a companys products will translate monetary policy should be conducted. in 1930.4 Bhm-Bawerk thought that
into income for laborers and owners of In this analysis, the creation of Fishers contribution was remarkable,
capital. wealth through profits and interest is since it built on some elements that
Over and above the mercantile linked to demography. The manage- were common with his own analysis.
result of value imputation, there are ment of profits and money is set upon But according to him, Fishers develop-
processes designed by God to allow Biblical principles of justice where free ment was guilty of circular reasoning.
Him to enter the economic production. banking is a possible, even Biblical, Fisher replied to this criticism, but
Examining these processes will help to framework for promoting economic Bhm-Bawerk had passed away in the
understand how God may participate growth and development. Most contem- meantime. So the issue was abandoned.5
in the work flow of economic produc- porary theories on these subjects suffer A model has been proposed more re-
tion and distribution of income, and to from the confinement of the contem- cently by George Reisman, but it is not
substantiate how monetary policy could porary scientific method and lack a much more successful from this authors
be conducted. As one might expect, cur- relationship with ethical conduct that point of view.6
rent policy-making in those areas tends will bring justice into the distribution of The solution given to this problem
to move away from Biblical grounds income. by Karl Marx in 1867the exploitation
rather than closer. In the book of Jeremiah,1 the plan theory of valuehas changed the world,
The income that results from eco- of God for the salvation of His people precisely because it provided an explana-
nomic production can be distributed be- is interwoven with that of the creation tion for a prevailing injustice in income
tween two main types of revenue: wages as a whole. The implication is that God distribution. Very simply put, the theory
and profits. It is commonly understood is involved in the functioning of this says that the rich have become so by
that wages are the price of labor. But world to a much deeper degree than we stealing from those who are now poor as
if profits are pricescall them return generally tend to think.2 a result of the injustice. We now know
on investment or interestit has not the devastating effects that that theory
been clearly decided as to what factor The Issue in Perspective has had in the past, and even today, even
they should be attributed. Marxists hold The framework of analysis used by though it has been proven wrong.7
that it is the price of laborfor labor Bhm-Bawerk in 1884 to analyze the The Marxist theory draws its
is, according to them, the only source existing theories of capital, interest, and credibility from the fact that there is a
of value. Free market economists say income distribution offers a method persistent reality of poor segments of
that it is the price of capital. And again, that can help us make advances again population within Western societies
some (free market) economists of the today.3 His fundamental question is and in developing countries. The free
Austrian school do not retain capital as used here as a basis for the analysis: market-based society has evolved in a
a factor of production. To them, profits what is the originating factor that can fashion where the general distribution of

4 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
income leaves much less room for crying revenue will come from that part of the agree to pay. But if we really understood
injustice than it did in the nineteenth output that will have been purchased by how it was created, we would not need
century. Most Americans and Europe- customers, at a price resulting from the to ask who owns it. On one hand,
ans have a decent income that allows bargaining process within the mar- capitalists say, of course, that since they
them to satisfy their basic needs. So, ketplace. The total income (aggregate own the production process, it belongs
the Western free market structure still revenue) of a population corresponds to them.11 On the other, those who hold
has the upper hand in the organiza- roughly to the economic value of the to- on to the exploitation theory of value
tion of society. But there are still huge tal products and services manufactured say that only workers can produce
and growing gaps in the distribution of and purchased by it.10 value and that therefore they are the sole
income within Western societies and Aggregate revenue can grow over owners of the net economic value. This
outside them in the developing world. time, and it can also shrink. As a popu- issue deserves attention.
So, despite the prevailing organiza- lation grows, given constant technical The basic difficulty comes from the
tion of society, the profit question is manufacturing procedures, aggregate fact that something has been created out
still begging for a consistent answer that revenue will tend to grow with it. of nothing. As human beings, we find it
will bring a sense of justice. Conversely, if it diminishes, aggregate impossible to understand how this can
revenue will tend to diminish. Also, happen in general. This problem is like
Economic Value
given a constant population, aggregate that of understanding how the universe
The value attributed to an object by
revenue will grow with the capacity of began if there was nothing before it.
a consumer is a psychological phenom-
the population to produce more goods Man cannot create ex nihilo. Man
enon.8 It can be volatile. That value is
using new technology. It will have a ten- can make something new out of existing
personal and cannot be measured.
dency to fall if equipment and systems materials. But the power to create ex
Similarly, economic value cannot be
are not maintained and improved upon. nihilo is an attribute of God alone.
produced in the same way as a good or a
In short, economic revenue is that
service can be produced. Value is an at- Can God Participate
part of the general (psychological) value
tribute that is determined by those who in the Economic Process?
that becomes materialized through the
seek to acquire goods. In other words, We need to bring God into the
market system and is transformed into
value is in the eyes of the beholder. economic analysis. Any form of think-
Neither capital nor labor can produce ing process that has not been reset on
value that is beheld in the heart of Economic Value Creation Biblical grounds lacks a determining
consumers.9 Goods and services receive and Profits source of information for the founda-
value from people who purchase them. The puzzling aspect of the systemat- tion of science.
The price of a good will hold only as ic appearance of profits from economic We need to ask four fundamental
long as someone agrees to purchase it at production and market operations is the questionsquestions that in fact must
that price. This is one of the arguments fact that we are facing a phenomenon be answered for humanity:12
that explain why the exploitation of economic revenue creation: there
theory of value cannot hold. 1. Where does the world come from?
is more economic revenue existing at
The value that we will refer to is the (ontology)
the end of the production process than
market price of an object. We will refer 2. Where does true knowledge come
there was in the beginning. After having
to it as economic value or revenue. from? (epistemology)
paid for all the inputs, including the
The economic value of productionits 3. What is the ultimate source and ab-
entrepreneurs salary, there remains a
revenueis the product of its price net income or profit. solute standard of value? (axiology)
times the amount of merchandise The net income from the process 4. Who or what controls the direction
manufactured. The price is the explicit has been created ex nihilo. It is not the of time, or history? (teleology)
manifestation of a value imputed to result of transformation. It was created Before answering the questions, we
a product as determined by the mar- out of nothing. We can see that, for a need to address a matter of methodol-
ket; this implies that consumers have given amount of goods or services that ogy. Such questions, beginning with the
expressed their desire to acquire the was produced and sold, it results from first, have tasked scientific researchers
product given their capacity to purchase the price difference between the cost of for as long as we can remember, and
it. The economic value distributed as the inputs and the price that consumers there is yet no scientific answer. Below November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 5

Faith for All of Life
we examine this issue a bit further. For- and thus of all value created. And not position it in the organization of society.
mally speaking, we need to use presup- only is God a logical starting point, but There is a statistical confirmation
positions. That is, we admit a principle also a logical end point. For creation was of the place of demography and of the
as a truth without proof. We need to made for His glory. creative capacity of mankind to contrib-
do this because God is removed from ute to the creation of income. The 2000
But How Does God Economic Report of the President of the
the possibilities of scientific research.
Enter the Economic Process? United States18 reported on the basic fac-
Immanuel Kant demonstrated that by
Two observations can be made. tors that could explain the real growth
reason alone, man cannot prove the
The first relates to demography, and the of the gross domestic product (GDP). It
existence of God.13 Moreover, Jesus
second relates to the capacities, or the appeared that there were two factors: the
said that God will not be found by
talents, that individuals possess. demographic growth of the labor force
the wise and intelligent.14 But for our
First, men and women reproduce and the growth of productivity. These
purposes, He reveals Himself: the Bible
themselves and so they bring into two factors are directly linked to the two
is the Word of God. There is no need to
existence other human beings. But in so nodes that were identified previously
prove that He exists. We can accept the
doing, men are not the creators of other as the points of entry of God in the
existence of God as a fact.
human beings. They perform a pre- economic process.
Answer to first question: Following
programmed procedure that yields sys- It follows that the presence of God
Augustine (354430), bishop of Hippo,
tematically the same result. Their only is immanent in the economic process.
who was the first to systematize a Bibli- decision is to initiate a processwhich
cal Christian worldview,15 we presup- From that position, God provides for all
they have not designed themselvesby populations on earth the necessary basic
pose that the world was created by God. which a human being is born.
Answer to second question: It follows elements that they need to become,
We can ask where the spirit of one grow, and develop in their search of
that all knowledge, to be useful in this child comes from, when it is created.
perspective, must be consistent with the their future. Whether or not God will
The spiritual counterpart to the bio- be part of their own future is another
will of God as revealed in the Bible logical process that takes place when a
His word in written formand from matter.
life comes into existence has not been So, the creation of income ex nihilo
the illumination of the Holy Spirit. revealed to mankind. However, what we
Answer to third question: To be is the result of (a) mankinds faculty to
have from the Bible to that effect, states develop and accumulate knowledge,
absolute, a standard must be able to be that it is God Himself who imparts the
a standard for itself. However, only God by which it produces goods and ser-
spirit (the breath) to man, thus making vices, imputes value to and consumes
can be a standard for Himself. Thus, him a living being.16 That is the created
only God can be an ultimate and abso- them, and (b) Gods intervention in
part ex nihilo. the growth and character of the human
lute standard for anything, including the Second, in the population of a coun-
imputation of value. As for man, created populationthe consumers of value.19
try, we observe that all the talents, trade, Thus the creation of revenue ex nihilo
in the image of God and reconciled to and professional specialties are available
Him through the blood sacrifice of Jesus is a phenomenon in which God plays a
to produce the goods and services that role.
Christ, God imputes value to him (he it needs to be able to grow and prosper. We see this in the order of creation.
is redeemed) because the spirit of God We can ask, who provides such talents God intervenes in a way that touches
dwells in him. in the minds and bodies of individuals? every human being. The Kingdom of
Answer to fourth question: On As we know, this is part of genetic de- God is at work not only for those who
that basis, God controls the direction velopment. The selection of gifts takes believe in Him, but also for the entire
of time, of history, by means of His place at the fertilization level. If the population, however defined.
covenant. Any discourse on the origin choice was purely random, could there
of value that does not fit into the above exist a self-regulating equilibrium of the God as an Actor
framework is not consistent with Gods distribution? It is safe to attribute to in the Economic System
plan for His creation. God the general distribution of talents The question asked earlier was:
God is a logical starting point for within populations.17 At the moment what could be an originating factor
the analysis of value, for God is the of conception, an embryo receives both for the net economic value that is not
point of origin of creation as a whole its breath of life and the talent that will dependent on some other element of

6 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
the creation itself, such as labor, capital, will be imputed to their economic Berthoud showed their consistency with
or time? Despite formidable advances production by potential consumers, be a Biblical Christian worldview.27
in economic thinking in other areas, they from Israel or another country. As The four fundamental causes are:
research on that question has not led to God moved the heart of Pharaoh in the the formal cause, the material cause,
any breakthrough since Irving Fisher.20 pursuit of the Hebrews,24 God sees to the efficient cause, and the final cause.
We have identified that God is an it that there are customers who are will- For example, in the case of a house, the
actor in the economic system. Signifi- ing to purchase the goods and services formal cause corresponds to the archi-
cantly, this fact is rooted in Gods own produced in Israel. tects plans; the material cause, obvi-
words. God depicts Himself as an actor The purpose of His promise of ously, corresponds to the materials used
when He makes this formal promise to prosperity is that all the people on earth in the construction process; the efficient
His people: If you fully obey the Lord will see that [His people are] called by cause links to the work involved in the
your God and carefully follow all His the name of the Lord.25 That promise general building process; and the final
commands I give you today, the Lord was kept until the reign of Solomon. cause corresponds to the final use made
your God will set you high above all the But the Hebrews could not fulfill Gods of the house.
nations on earth.21 He then describes requirement in the long run because If we apply these to the scientific
how Israels economic output will be their heart was not delivered from sin. process, we see that it has erred and led
touched and made prosperous in many God made that promise alsoand even men to believe that God had no part
ways: The Lord will send a blessing on more soto His people in Christ, for to play in science. Today, the scientific
your barns and on everything you put it is Christ who fully and perfectly ac- process dwells only on two causal fac-
your hand to The Lord will grant complishes the lawwhich is the order tors: the material cause and the efficient
you abundant prosperity in the fruit of of the universe. cause. The other two causes were elimi-
your womb,22 the young of your live- God is the originating factor in nated from the scientific process early
stock and the crops of your ground the creation of net income. Isaac was by Galileo because he believed that they
The Lord will open the heavens to made prosperous because of his cov- contributed nothing to the understand-
send rain on your land in season and to enant with God.26 The Old Testament ing of creation.28
bless all the work of your hands. shows how God, through His covenant, Scientists have since followed Gali-
In this passage, the prosperity in transformed the condition of His people leos example. In that respect, econo-
the fruit of the womb is emphasized in- from that of desolate slaves to the most mists have done the same and have con-
tentionally. We have identified that this powerful nation on earth. The form of tributed maybe more so than others to
is where God, in His immanent pres- the alliance has changed since then, but the general belief that men could chart
ence, intervenes directly in all fertiliza- Gods purpose remains the same: that their own course by studying market
tion processes. But there, He can favor His name be glorified on earth as it is trends and modelling economic behav-
those who are in covenant with Him, as in heaven. It is now the purpose of the ior, without reference to the formal and
He did for the servants that worked at body of Christ to manifest His glory.
final causes of economic phenomena.
building His tabernacle and His temple. In the concrete form of modernity, the
From our Biblical Christian world-
In His capacity to impart the breath of consequence of Gods involvement in
view, we see that God is the author of
His peoples economic processes could
life, there is additional power that He the plan, the formal cause. He is the
be that His peoples economic growth
can use in relationship with the cov- author of creation, the material cause.
pattern becomes independent of the
enant or otherwise as He sees fit. In rela- Through the demographic process, He
business cycle. There is a condition for
tion to the building of the tabernacle, at is part of the efficient cause. And He is
this, as we will see below.
the time of Moses, He imparted several the final cause. As we mentioned earlier,
talents to the people entrusted with its An Analogy with God is more involved in the functioning
construction.23 The Israelis extraordi- the Causal System of Aristotle of this world than we realize.
nary capacities to create income was a Having a given worldview will im- There is a limitation to the extent to
gift from God. pact how scientific research will evolve. which we can chart Gods role in earthly
Increased income also implies that A simple analogy using the set of fun- processes. Calvin wrote extensively on
the output of Israels economic produc- damental causes developed by Aristotle this subject,29 and we can only follow
tion will be purchased, and that value will put this into perspective. Jean-Marc his conclusion that men are close November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 7

Faith for All of Life
causes of mens actions while God is unlimited accumulation of wealth. Robert LeTourneau set a good
a distant cause. It is not possible for God required His people, the He- example in this regard.34 He loved
men to completely penetrate the counsel brews, through sabbatical years and the God deeply. God gave him talents that
of God and see the totality of His plan. Jubilee, to periodically restore the initial enabled him to conceive new earth-
What we absolutely need to know distribution of capital that He originally moving machines. He is recognized as
is what God wishes for us to learn ordained, to lend with no interest to the having been ahead of his time by years
about Him, through His involvement people of Israel, and to regularly cancel if not decades. His technologies spread
in the economic process. He wants us debts. The reason for this is that the around the world. He became wealthy
to know where His heart is, so that we people of God did not achieve its wealth to the point that he could invest very
can partner with Him in creation. He by its own strength but by the grace large sums of money in the Kingdom.
wants us to understand His power and of God; for the people of God were all In his desire to serve, he founded and
His compassion, His wealth and His slaves, a condition from which they had financed a private Christian university.35
humbleness, His glory and His meek- no means of escape, if not by the sheer More recently, J. Gunnar Olson
ness in the distribution of income. power of God alone. created the International Christian
And so He requires His people to Chamber of Commerce.36 As we will
The Management of Profits
The consequence of the above is remember their former conditionand see below, his story is about how he
that God plays a role as an originator the grace that He manifestedby ask- could start and grow a new business,
of net revenue (profit income) which ing them to extend this grace among from scratch with no capital, and see its
entitles Him to a right of ownership. one another on a continuing basis. This explosive growth under the direction
Its appropriation should follow Gods is where His heart is and where He is of the Holy Spirit. Many such stories
rules to achieve His purpose in terms expecting us to meet Him. Should His exist but there is no reason for them to
of justice. But His way of dealing with people agree to manifest His grace, remain exceptions. God gave entrepre-
profits is not a simple arithmetical rule. God will see to it that their prosperity neurs the power to create and multiply
He needs for His people to understand would never tarry, as He promised. The wealth to empower the Kingdom on
His heart and share His burden.30 redeemed sons of God in Jesus Christ His behalf, in a partnership with Him.
The issue that needs to be addressed who share in that same grace have no Christian entrepreneurs such as LeTour-
relates to the seemingly unlimited less a tribute to credit to God, for they neau and Olson should dominate the
capacity that Western capitalism has to were cursed to die. world economy.
feed its wealth through profits.31 Our How could we apply such principles This is consistent with the recom-
common sense warns us that there is today? After due and just payment to all mendation of Jesus that we should wor-
something wrong in this state of affairs. factors of production and investments, ry about the Kingdom and not about
This is partly why Marx believed that profits could be used, in part, to invest our own welfare.37 That this applies to
capitalist production begets its own in the development of projects explicitly corporate behavior as well as individual
negation and establishes the socialist conducive to the growth of the King- behavior is self-evident.
ownership of the means of production.32 dom of God. One may ask: is it not enough to
The question is: what limita- Such profits could also be applied tithe? If we consider profits, we under-
tions, if any, could God impose on the to funding projects and investments stand that they are an economic value
accumulation of wealth through the in a way that is indirectly conducive to created ex nihilo. Does it not become
rate of profit? From the reading of the building the Kingdom of God. They obvious that God created the economic
Pentateuch, it is obvious that God is could finance schools that teach cur- process so that He could create value
not opposed to an unequal distribution riculum subjects but from a Biblical in a fashion that is proper to Him, but
of wealth. The basic rule that He gave Christian worldview. They could finance also that He could involve human be-
in that respect is the following: one that Christian universities that will train ings in the process in a way to glorify
has much should not have too much, and economists, businessmen, mathemati- His name? Through that process, His
the one that has little should not lack basic cians, lawyers, biologists, astronomers, sons and daughters can partner with
necessities.33 What does it mean more and philosophers on how to use their Him in the distribution of income.
specifically to not have too much? We academic knowledge from a Biblical The rule of 10 percent made sense in
understand that the door is not open to Christian worldview. the old alliance because it was a period

8 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
of formation, designed to help us grow This is the kind of relationship that for joy. I put on righteousness, and
in the understanding of Gods heart. Robert LeTourneau and Gunnar Olson it clothed me; my justice was like a
But in the new alliance in Jesus Christ, had with God. And this they share with robe and a turban. I was eyes to the
God is embracing the earth, empower- other Biblical leaders, such as David and blind and feet to the lame. I was a
ing His nation in Christ to overcome Job. father to the needy, and I searched
the forces of sin on earth. Through the When David went up to Goli- out the cause of him whom I did
covenant written on His peoples hearts, ath, he knew! He knew that he would not know. I broke the fangs of the
He can speak directly to His children dominate over Gods enemy, because he unrighteous and made him drop
what amount needs to be transferred had accepted the Lordship of God over his prey from his teeth.40
to what purpose for the achievement of himself. He did so by accepting that the When God joined the conversation
His Kingdom, as He did in the hearts law would be his unique counselor. This that Job was having with his friends,
of Robert LeTourneau and J. Gunnar is the essence of what we read in Psalms
Olson. He confirmed that Job had not sinned.
from David in general, but 19, 23 and
The matter of sharing our income And for having accepted His Lord-
26 especially. God had given David vic-
with God is central to the discussion. ship throughout and despite his trial,
tory over formidable odds already, since
The question is not how much God is God increased by twofold His blessings
with no more than a sling he could de-
entitled to. God wants to be generous towards His servant Job.
feat lions whose physical power largely
not only with us, but to others also who Robert LeTourneau was committed
exceeded his.38 He had a commanding
hope in Him because they are out of to serving his Lord on a fulltime basis,
relationship with God because not only
resources. He desires that we be mani- but he was not a theologian. When he
was he submitted to Him, He dwelled
fested as His ambassadors by our giving prayed about this with his pastor, the
in Davids heart. Embracing Gods com-
in turn into the hands that are stretched answer that came from his pastor was:
mand as expressed in the lawnot in a
out with no hope other than in God. You know, Brother LeTourneau, God
resigned fashion but with love because
And the more we participate in His needs businessmen as well as preachers and
Gods Word is the truth, the way and
distribution of income, the closer we missionaries.41 Robert LeTourneau was
the lifegave David a level of authority
become to Him and the more power He not highly educated. He started from
unmatched in the seen world. Goli-
will manifest through our endeavors scratch. But God inspired him and gave
ath could not see who was coming up
because through us, He becomes real to him wealth. In his desire to serve, Le-
against him. God gave David His power
those who put their hope in Him. Tourneau used his wealth like Job did.
and authority.
If the people of God could under- In a similar fashion, Gunnar Olsons
Job declared spontaneously that he
stand His heart, God could bless His deep desire was to start a company in
had accepted the Lordship of God over
people economically as He promised. partnership with the Holy Spirit. He
his life when he said:
Then the path of economic growth for was led to relinquish all his savings.
Gods people could follow a different Naked I came from my mothers
Before starting, he had only a dime in
one than that of the rest of the world. womb, and naked shall I return.
his pocket. His office had been lent to
The Lord gave, and the Lord has
The Condition for Having God him. He didnt have a car.42 The Holy
taken away; blessed be the name of
as a Business Partner Spirit did not need more than his heart.
the Lord.39
The first question would be, What In the end, he could build an enterprise
Job never accepted the charges of that grossed several millions in turnover.
would be the contract? The answer
is the Cross of Jesus Christ. It means his friends because he knew! He knew He is currently (in 2017) the owner
accepting Him as Savior and Lord as the heart of God. His blessings had been and Chairman of ALFAPAC AB, a high
well, which opens the way for Jesus so abundant: tech plastic film manufacturing company,
to speak into ones life. It implies that because I delivered the poor the Chairman and owner of ALFAPAC
He is obeyed when directing one on a who cried for help, and the father- ACON AB, the Holding Company of the
path that one would not have chosen less who had none to help him. previous company, and the Chairman
from a human point of view. It means The blessing of him who was and owner of MODEFA EXTRUDING
relinquishing the position of sole com- about to perish came upon me, and AB, a plastic film extruding and printing
mander in ones own life. I caused the widows heart to sing company.43, 44 November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 9

Faith for All of Life
The Rate of Interest Gods part in the economy the framework of a covenantal relation-
and Monetary Institutions relates to a most sensitive ele- ship with God, meaning that it is indis-
Revenue creation corresponds to pensable that Jesus Christ be recognized
the net increase in income. Money is ment of economic production, as Lord, that His decisions be applied in
used to measure economic revenue. To namely profitsthe creation the daily lives of all those who claim to
an increase in aggregate revenue there of net income. It is at the heart be part of His Kingdom.
is normally a corresponding increase in
the stock of money, which is referred to of income distribution. It is the Monetary Institutions
commonly as money creation. The privilege of Gods people in The second question deals with the
parallel growth of both revenue and presence or absence of metal reserves
Christ to demonstrate the truth for the backing of the stock of money.
money at a constant rate maintains the
and reality of Gods purpose on The difference between a system with or
stability of prices.
To be able to measure aggregate rev- earth through income distribu- without a metal reserve can be described
by illustrating how new money is
enue, store it over time, and simplify the tion based on Gods principles. brought into the operations of exchange.
exchange of goods and services (includ-
ing loans), the economy needs a stock of In a system based on metal reserves,
money. This is consistent with Biblical a metal is monetized by depositing the
principles.45 of zero interest. He will see to it that metal in banks, in exchange for money
Given a stock of money, there are their economic output, and thus their notes. Ore from a mine can be melted
two subjects that need to be examined. income, grows at a rate greater than that into ingots and deposited in a bank,
The first one relates to the ethical issues of other nations despite their adoption in exchange for bank notes. By that
regarding the treatment of interest. of a zero interest rate. process, using a 100 percent reserve
The other addresses the structure of the Earlier attempts at banishing inter- ratio, the quantity of money in bank
monetary system. est rates in Europe could not be suc- notes in circulation can only increase by
cessful, as it happened, because those the exact same amount as metal reserves.
The Rate of Interest attempts did not rest on a comprehen- A metal is used as a store of economic
It follows from our analysis that the sive foundation anchored upon Gods value that is imparted to money, which
existence of excess revenue over costs is economic principles. If the people of in turn serves as a medium of exchange.
not something that can be suppressed, God apply all of Gods principles in the The increased amount of gold (or
unless God decides to withdraw from economic order, then God will partici- another precious metal), times its price,
the process. Excess revenue over costs is pate in their economic output and the forms the counterpart to the increase in
dependent on the inherent characteris- growth of their income, as we have seen the stock of money. The idea of using
tics of populations and the immanent above.48 a commodity as numraire for the
role of God.46 In that context, rates of The instructions that God gave in system of exchange is derived from the
interest on the money market parallel Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy in simple transformation of existing ore,
the rate of growth of aggregate rev- that respect can be applied today.49 John which is within the competence of man
enue.47 Monetary rates of interest reflect Calvin reaffirmed those in the sixteenth to achieve (a competence which God
the work of God in the creation. They century, and so has Rousas John Rush- bestowed upon His image-bearers).
cannot be suppressed altogether any doony in the twentieth century.50 The This concept is consistent with Biblical
more than the growth of population can fundamental principle was simple: no values.
be stopped. interest should be charged in the case of In a system without metal reserves,
However, the Bible does sug- loans to the needy, but interest could be it is a touchy matter to decide how
gest that zero interest rates should be charged for investment loans. The body the stock of money should increase to
practiced in specific circumstances. of Christ could define practical ways in meet the increasing economic value of
A practice of zero interest rate then which this can be done. production. The system that is applied
requires that its function be replaced We could add that among Chris- by central banks runs along the follow-
by something else; in Gods promise to tians, we could consider not charging ing lines: to increase the stock of money,
His people, God insures that economic interest for any type of loan. But our bonds are issued by the government and
growth will not suffer from a practice conclusion is that this can work only in bought by the central bankdebt is cre-

10 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
ated. To pay for these bonds, the central reframes the theory within a Biblical Public Health Finance; formerly: Deputy
bank adds the amount of money to the Christian worldview and introduces the Under Minister of Health and Advisor
governments bank account literally by part played by God. to Minister of Finance (Canton of Vaud,
writing in the amount, plain and simple. Gods part in the economy relates Switzerland)Achieved a reform of finance
It thus creates the new money neces- to a most sensitive element of economic for the chronic care of the elderly, applied in
all cantons of Switzerland; Finance Director,
sary for the purchase of the bonds by a production, namely profitsthe cre-
Boas Group; Director of FH Switzerland,
stroke of the pen. That money is then ation of net income. It is at the heart of fundraising NGO.
distributed in the economy through income distribution. It is the privilege of
regular governmental spending.51 In this Gods people in Christ to demonstrate 1. Jeremiah 33:1921; 2526.
system, debt is the counterpart to the the truth and reality of Gods purpose 2. The first Christian writers on economic
increase in the stock of money. on earth through income distribution matters go as far back as the early Church.
The money created parallels that of based on Gods principles. Although we would not necessarily agree
economic value, both created ex nihilo. Jesus Christ is God incarnated in with their analysis and recommendations
But when a loan is granted, debt ac- the created world. After having created today, we mention among them Clement
cumulates and involves the payment of of Alexandria (about 150215), Ambrose
the economic process, in which He is
(340397), and Chrysostom (347407),
interest. The crucial question reduces to immanent, God opened the way to followed later on by Thomas Aquinas
this: to whom does this interest belong? enter mans economy explicitly through (12251274). See Joseph Schumpeters His-
Is it normal that the population who is the body of Christ. A working economic tory of Economic Analysis, Oxford University
at the origin of the income should pay relationship between God and His Press, New York, 1994, p. 71. John Calvin
interest on top of the income that it people could lead the Christian com- (15091564) became a major leader in
created? munity to follow an economic growth Christian economic reform in the sixteenth
The supplementary money that is pattern that is independent of the busi- century. He is recognized for his contri-
created is the mirror image of the net ness cycle. bution to the liberation of capitalism
revenue produced by the economy. In that perspective, the body of from the shackles of prohibitive Christian
The real net economic value belongs doctrinal views on interest. More recently,
Christ could carefully examine the
to those who generated that revenue. Rousas John Rushdoony headed (from
way its savings and investments could
Why should they borrow money and 1965 onwards) the Chalcedon Founda-
be managed. It could innovate ways tion, a Christian educational organiza-
pay interest to monetize what belongs to manage its savings independently tion devoted to research, publishing, and
to them? It should be obvious that the of the banking system, using a set of promoting Christian reconstruction in all
interest paid on the corresponding sums interest rates that conforms to Gods areas of life. His magnum opus, Institutes of
of money to lenders has no legitimacy. instructions. Biblical Law (1973), includes a seminal ef-
Only a metal reserve free banking system The body of Christ could become fort to re-establish Biblical principles in the
could avoid this pitfall.52 the source of change on earthby the management of money. His views continue
These observations are impor- power of Godthat all nations could in the direction set out by John Calvin, but
tant, for they support the theses that look up to. In that line of thinking, the he extends the analysis to criticize modern
have been defended so notably by banking practices. In 1975, he contributed a
recommendations of John Calvin with
Rushdoony and North, as referenced segment in a book edited by Hans Sennholz:
respect to the role of the Church,54
earlier. These observations also sup- Gold Is Money (Westport, Connecticut:
emphasized and further developed by Greenwood Press). In September 1981,
port the theses of the Austrian school Rushdoony,55 are applicable in full. he published an analysis in the Chalcedon
of economic thought about money, in
[The author wishes to thank Silvia Baer, Report #193 titled God, the Devil, and
particular those formulated by Ludwig
Isabelle Shannon, Jean-Marc Berthoud, Legal Tender, in which he asserts that gold
von Mises.53 and silver reserves should be reinstated for
Glenn Martin(19352004), Tom Rose,
In Conclusion Daniel Shannon, and Michel Tricot the backing of money. For a complete list of
R. J. Rushdoonys contributions to subjects
The basic role of economic theory for their helpful comments. Of course,
any remaining error is the authors sole related to economics and the Bible, and
is to explain who does what in the eco-
responsibility.] for an extensive resource list of contribu-
nomic production and market processes, tors to the Reconstruction movement, visit
and who is entitled to what in the dis- Daniel A. Depelteau, MA (Economics) the Chalcedon Foundation at http://www.
tribution of income. The above analysis McGill University, Canada; Consultant in In the same perspective, November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 11

Faith for All of Life
Landa Cope, International Dean of the Col- not be so simply conceived as to make one product in the future. But Rodbertus and the
lege of Communication for Youth With A factor solely cause and another solely effect. Socialists expound it as if it means that the
Missions University of the Nations, showed The advance of all science has required the laborer should now receive the entire future
how the teachings of the Old Testament are abandonment of such simplified concep- value of his product. p. 264. (Emphasis is
still relevant for discipling a nation today. tions of causal relationship for the more Bhm-Bawerks.) A more recent refutation
Her teachings can be downloaded from a realistic conception of equilibrium. The of the exploitation theory can be found in
website ( that Theory of Interest, op cit., p. 484 n. (Empha- George Reismans CapitalismA Treatise on
she created especially for this subject. In the sis is Fishers.) Bhm-Bawerk passed away Economics, Jameson Books: Ottawa, Illinois,
following of Rousas J. Rushdoony, Gary in 1914; he could not reply to this rebuttal. 1990.
North wrote extensively on the subject of Following his line of reasoning, he might 8. See Tom Rose, op cit., pp. 21, 99100.
economic behaviour and Biblical principles, have replied that the problem at hand is not 9. See Bhm-Bawerk, op cit., pp. 9092.
notably Honest MoneyBiblical Principles one of endogeneity but one of exogeneity. In 10. For a complete discussion of this sub-
of Money and Banking, Biblical Blueprint this essay, we retain the important question ject, we must refer the reader to economics
series #5, Institute for Christian Economics as to what exogenous factor causes the excess textbooks.
Freebooks, 1986. For other contributions of of revenue over costs to arise. That factor
North on this and other topics, visit the In- 11. Truly they own the equipment, the pro-
could then act as a determinant of a just
stitute for Christian Economics Freebooks at distribution of income. There is an ethical duction process, and the output, since they appreciation to this matter which math- have purchased the equipment, the labor,
frm2.htm. Also of interest are: E. L. Hebden ematics cannot address, however elegant and and materials entering the production. They
Taylor, Economics, Money and Banking, precise mathematicians analyses and solu- own the products and services that are pro-
Christian Principles, The Craig Press, 1978; tions might be. The reader is encouraged to duced by them and, therefore, the income
Brian Griffiths, The Creation of Wealth: A read George Reismans view on this concept from the sales of these products and services.
Christian Case for Capitalism, InterVarsity of equilibrium. Reference to his book is If the price agreed to by consumers for these
Press, 1985; Tom Rose, Economics: Prin- given in note 6. On page 9 of his treatise, he products and services is superior to the cost
ciples and Policy from a Christian Perspective, says that equilibrium analysis takes atten- paid for the inputs of labor and material
American Enterprise Publications, Mercer, tion away from the real-world operation of that entered the production process, there
8th printing, 2000; Stephen C. Perks, The the profit motive and of the market processes is creation of value and income. If consum-
Political Economy of a Christian Society, by means of which the economic system ers buy none of the items produced, the
Kuyper Foundation, Taunton, England, continually tends to move towards a state costs transform into a loss. There is no value
2001; Craig Hill and Earl Pitts, Wealth, of full and final equilibrium without ever created; rather, it is destroyed. There is no
Riches and Money, Family Foundations pub- actually achieving such a state. (Emphasis is income. We see that consumers are determi-
lishing, Littleton, Colorado, 2001. Reismans.) nant elements of value creation.
3. Eugen von Bhm-Bawerk, History and 6. George Reisman, CapitalismA Treatise 12. The four fundamental questions are
Critique of Interest Theories, first edition in on Economics, Jameson Books: Ottawa, borrowed from Glenn Martin (19352004),
1884, re-edited by Libertarian Press, South Illinois, 1990. Reismans approach rests on formerly professor at Indiana Wesleyan
Holland, Illinois, 1959. the time preference proposed initially by University, Indiana, U.S.A.
4. Irving Fischer, The Theory of Interest, Bhm-Bawerk and retained in the literature 13. Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason,
MacMillan, New York, first edition 1930, on the subject. However, Reisman faces the Penguin Classics, 2008, Second Part, Sec-
reprinted in 1977. same limitation as did Bhm-Bawerk and ond Division, Chapter III.
5. Eugen von Bhm-Bawerk, Further Essays his followers, namely the one that comes 14. Matthew 11:25; 1 Corinthians 1:19;
on Capital and Interest, first edition in 1912, from dualism: the separation of material 3:1921.
re-edited by Libertarian Press, South Hol- from spiritual problems into different and 15. Saint-Augustine, City of God, Modern
land, Illinois, 1959, pp. 162193. In that unrelated domains of investigation. Library, 1994.
book, Bhm-Bawerk reacted to an earlier 7. Bhm-Bawerk wrote a complete and sys- 16. Genesis 2:7; Isaiah 2:22; Psalm 144:4.
work by Irving Fisher, The Rate of Inter- tematic refutation of that theory as early as
1884, in his important History and Critique 17. This is akin to the general equilibrium
est, published in New York in 1907. Fisher
of Interest Theories, op cit., pp. 241321. of genders among populations on earth.
rewrote that book into The Theory of Inter-
est, published in 1930. In this later work, He observes: The perfectly just proposi- There is no demographic explanation for
Fisher explains (p. viii) that the arguments tion that the laborer should receive the this equilibrium.
were rewritten entirely but the mathemati- entire product may be understood to mean 18. Economic Report of the President, United
cal model remains the same. He discards either that the laborer should now receive States Government Printing Office, Wash-
Bhm-Bawerks charge of circular reasoning the entire present value of his product, ington, 2000, p. 85.
by saying that The causal solution can- or should receive the entire future of his 19. This observation fits very well with

12 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
William J. Baumols proposition by which is what really matters, as the widows offer- American Media, 3rd Edition, 1998. For
the natural rate of growth of an economy ing teaches us (Mark12:4144). an evaluation of the Federal Reserve from
depends on the rate of growth of the popu- 34. Robert LeTourneau, Mover of Men and a Christian point of view, see Tom Rose,
lation and that of productivity. See Roy F. Mountains, Moody Publishers, Chicago, 90 Years and Going Strong? An Evaluation
Harrod, An Essay in Dynamic Theory, 1972. of the Federal Reserve: Its Motivation and
Economic Journal, March 1939. A more 35. See Founding, in Chalcedon Report, Banking on
recent formulation of this point can be the Future, August 2002, pp. 1215.
36. J. Gunnar Olson, Business Unlimited,
found in Roy Harrod, Economic Dynamics, 52. On free banking, see the following
ICCC, Sweden, 2002
MacMillan, London, 1973, pp. 1631. An references: Lawrence H. White, The Theory
application of this principle can be found in 37. Matthew 6:3134. of Monetary Institutions, Blackwell Publish-
The Economic Report of the President, United 38. A lion can weigh between 150 kg to 250 ers, 1999. Larry J. Sechrest, Free Banking:
States Government Printing Office, Wash- kg, run up to 60 km/h and jump up to 11 Theory, History, and a Laissez-Faire Model,
ington, 2000, p. 85. meters. Quorum Books, London, 1993. George A.
20. See note 5. 39. Job 1:2021. Selgin, The Theory of Free Banking, Rowan
21. Deuteronomy 28:114. 40. Job 29:1217 and Littlefield Publishing, Totowa, New
41. Robert LeTourneau, op cit., p. 109. This Jersey, 1988; from the same author, Bank
22. Emphasis is the authors.
took place around 1920. Deregulation and Monetary Order, Rout-
23. Exodus 35:3135. ledge, London and New York, 1996.
24. Exodus 14:8. 42. J. Gunnar Olson, op cit., p. 51.
53. Ludwig von Mises, The Theory of Money
25. Deuteronomy 28:10. 43.
and Credit, translated from the German
26. Genesis 26:1214. gunnar-olson-sweden
by H. E. Baton, Jonathan Cape, London,
27. Jean-Marc Berthoud, Lcole et la famille 44. For further reading, we recommend 1934, re-edited by Yale University Press in
contre lutopie, LAge dHomme, 1997, pp. Dennis Peacock, Doing Business Gods Way, 1953, and by Liberty Funds: Indianapolis,
227255. Rebuild, 2003. Indiana, in 1981. Consider the following
28. Jean-Marc Berthoud, op cit., p. 236. 45. See Deuteronomy 14:2226; 15:111. statement from p. 480: The eminence of
46. This observation could be related to the [100%] gold standard consists in the
29. For a synthesis, see Cornelius Van Til,
the analysis made by Patrick J. Buchanan fact that it makes the determination of the
The Theology of James Daane, Presbyterian
in his recent book The Death of the West, monetary units purchasing power inde-
and Reformed, Philadelphia, 1959, pp.
Thomas Dunne Books, New York, 2002. In pendent of the measures of governments. It
5053; quoted from Jean-Marc Berthoud,
that book, he shows how dying populations wrests from the hands of the economic tsars
op cit., p. 254.
and immigrant invasions imperil whole their most redoubtable instrument. It makes
30. In Job 29, Job explains where his wealth it impossible for them to inflate. Brackets
countries and civilizations. He observes that
came from and how he shared Gods burden and their content added by the author.
whole populations are dying because they
for the needy.
have relinquished Judeo-Christian values. 54. The Swiss pastor-economist Andr
31. As a case in point, George Reisman Biler wrote a thesis in which John Calvins
47. The argument draws from the analysis
asserts, The principle that mans desire for theological anthropology and sociology are
made by Bhm-Bawerk and from which
wealth is limitless is fully consistent with the summarized. In his book, the relationships
he concludes that surplus value manifests
law of diminishing marginal utility, one of between the Church and civil govern-
itself directly in the form of interest on the
the most important and well known prin- ments are depicted by Calvin as being in
money market. See E. von Bhm-Bawerk,
ciples of economics. op cit., p. 49. perpetual tension but not in conflict. The
Positive Theory of Capital, first edition in
32. Karl Marx, Das Kapital, 7th ed., role of the Church is to criticize the work
1889, re-edited by Libertarian Press, South
Hamburg, 1914, Vol. I., p. 728. (Quoted of the government in view of the Word of
Holland, IL, 1959, p. 323.
from Ludwig von Mises, Planned Chaos, 5th God but always in a constructive fashion.
reprint, Foundation for Economic Educa- 48. See note 24.
Calvins worldview can be easily drawn from
tion, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, 49. Exodus 22:2527; Leviticus 25:3555; Bilers work. See Andr Biler, La pense
1977, p. 35.) Deuteronomy 15:118. conomique et sociale de Calvin, Librairie de
33. In reference to the manna, Exodus 50. Rousas John Rushdoony, op cit., pp. lUniversit, Georg & Cie S.A., Genve,
16:18. Emphasis is the authors. One should 473481. In that passage, Rushdoony recalls 1961. See in particular pp. 184305.
keep in mind that the amount of resources the declarations of John Calvin on the sub- 55. See references at the beginning of the
at ones command means nothing to God. If ject of interest. essay, in note 2.
we have more to manage, we have more to 51. For a detailed but user-friendly presen-
be accountable for (1 Corinthians 3:9). The tation of the mechanism, see G. Edward
attitude of our heart towards the Kingdom Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 13

Feature Article

The Ways of the World vs. The Ways of God

by Andrea Schwartz

W e are all products

of our times.
Although we like to
of various privileges, and had been
frequently slapped and spanked when
younger. All of this was true, but the
life from a Biblical world and life view
makes use of all the tools of teaching,
correcting, admonishing, chastising, re-
think otherwise, unless fact remained that the child had grown warding, and punishing. The law-word
we evaluate our prac- up radically undisciplined. The parents of God provides instruction for parents
tices and traditions from had confused, as all too many people in the nurture and admonition of the
do, chastisement or punishment with
a Biblical perspective, we are likely to Lord, exhorting them not to exasperate
discipline, and the two are markedly dif-
be using the methods of secular society ferent. Discipline is systematic training in the process.
and adapting to the ways of the world. and submission to authority, and it is Fathers, do not provoke your chil-
We are expressly told in Scripture that the result of such training. Chastisement dren to anger, but bring them up
although we are in the world, we are or punishment is the penalty or beating in the discipline and instruction of
not to be of the world. In fact, Jesus administered for departure from author- the Lord. (Eph. 6:4)
prayer for us to the Father was: I do not ity. Clearly, discipline and chastisement
ask that you take them out of the world, are related subjects, but just as clearly Fathers, do not provoke your chil-
but that you keep them from the evil one they are distinct.1 dren, lest they become discouraged.
(John 17:15). (Col. 3:21)
In addition, the pendulum can, and
When it comes to parenting often does, swing to extremes. Parenting by Humanistic Methods
children, the prevalence of humanistic
thinking in our day is more influenced If You Only Have a Hammer, Then there are parents who are
and directed by the world of child All You See Are Nails intimidated by the critics of the Bible
psychology than it is by Scriptural man- There are parents who resort to and refuse to utilize the means laid out
dates. Whats more, because the concept chastisement and punishment as the in Scripture. Instead of applying the law
of discipline is often reduced to corporal primary (and sometimes only) tools in of God even to the least of infractions,
punishment, many professing Christian their toolbox. They mistakenly think they employ worldly principles that only
parents have ignored or abandoned that with enough force they can make lessen the authority of the parents and
Biblical methods in the training of their their children good. However, as I fail to bring about the result of godly
children. always remind those I mentor, whereas disciplinary actions.
you can control your childrens speech When a child damages or breaks
What Is Discipline? and behavior to a point, you cannot something, the principle of restitution
R.J. Rushdoony, in his Institutes of control their thinking. It is the job of is rarely invoked. If the child repeatedly
Biblical Law, devotes an entire section to parents to inform their thinking with demonstrates defiance and rebellion
this subject. He states, the law-word of God as the basis. after appropriate instruction, parents
An important and basic aspect of Granted, force and coercion often will fail to use the rod of discipline as
church law is discipline; it is also a very are the quickest route to achieving ones the Bible instructs. Instead, they do a
much-misunderstood subject in church, end. But they only work up to a point. version of our ungodly prison system
school, and family life. To illustrate this If they are the only tools utilized, chil- and issue a time out or send them
misunderstanding, the case of a pious to their room, or ground them. In
dren are apt to come to the conclusion
couple with an erring and seriously
that might makes right, or money makes other words, their methods are environ-
delinquent daughter can be cited. Com-
right, or age makes right. When those mentally informed rather than Biblically
plaining because of her behavior, her
unmarried and pregnant condition, and particulars change, you are left with informed.
her contempt of their authority, the par- someone who only has had those tools Rushdoony discusses the pagan
ents insisted that they had disciplined modeled for them. On the contrary, the roots of the prison system and the hu-
her regularly. She had been deprived systematic education in all aspects of manism behind it:

14 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
It came to be believed that imprison- deprivation or isolation as the means that child. Whatever gains are accom-
ment could have a saving effect on man, by which to inform the conscience of plished in these other areas, they end up
that punishment in the form of a loss of children, in the absence of clear Biblical being undercut when the foundations
liberty would lead to reformation have not been laid.
teaching and consequences, we not only
Punishment next gave way, in the do them a disservice, but the society as a Thus, a child should be instructed
humanist ideology, to rehabilitation, whole suffers. at the earliest age that Gods law re-
and prisons began to be converted into Rushdoonys comments fly in the quires his parents to administer cer-
rehabilitation centers. Thus, in Califor- face of modern psychological theory tain consequences for behavior. And
nia, one class of prisons is known as a these consequences can be pleasant or
when it comes to bad behavior in gen-
correctional facility. The old doctrine
eral, let alone in children. unpleasant. If a child obeys with an at-
that the purpose of the criminal law
is to exact from the criminal a retribu-
titude of cooperation and respect, there
[W]e have seen that the [Biblical] prin-
tive suffering proportionate to the hei- should be rewards (a smile, a hug, an
ciple is life for life, i.e., a punishment
nousness of the offense has given way proportionate to the crime. This crime extra benefit). If the child is contrary,
to the effort to combine deterrence has no reference to the criminal or his obstinate, or disrespectful, the appropri-
and public protection with restoration mentality but only to the nature of the ate consequence (a look, a spanking,
of the offender to a more self-sustaining act. If death is the penalty for animals and the elimination of a benefit) should
role in the community. This opinion on the principle of life for life, then this be employed. But in both cases, there
reveals certain basic errors. First, crimi- is certainly true for men. Thus, on this needs to be time spent in understand-
nal law is invested with a religious and principle, biblical law has no plea of not ing the why of each. It is imperative
messianic role, a duty to save criminals. guilty by reason of insanity. Neither is that children are able to identify which
This is asking of the law more than there any privileged status before the commandment of God was violated in
law can deliver. Second, it misinterprets law for a minor.4
history. Retribution is seen as exacting
order to truly repent. Likewise, restitu-
suffering; this was true of humanistic Common Cop-outs tion should be enforced when it comes
law, but not of biblical law, wherein Churches that isolate children by re- to damaging or taking something that
retribution or vengeance is the preroga- moving them at the time of the sermon does not belong to them. And if a child
tive of God and His instruments and are asserting that children are incapable bears false witness about another, the
involves giving justice where justice is of understanding the truths of God. Bibles mandate in terms of perjury are
due (Luke 18:18). Third, this opinion important to instill and enforce.
However, those who encourage children
is individualistic, not social, and it con-
centrates on the person of the criminal, to be in attendance but allow for them On the Job Training
not the victim. Thus, Bennett notes, to play or read or color or be disruptive In my childrens read-aloud story-
The current trend in the disposition in lieu of paying attention to what is be- books,5 I chronicle some of the events in
of offenders is unmistakably toward ing taught, are also delinquent in their my household with my children when
individualized penal treatment adminis- view of little ones. Parents must prepare they were growing up. I changed the
tered within the framework of a flexible their children for instruction and at- names, but the circumstances recounted
criminal code. Salvation is personal, tentiveness by modeling the behavior in were real. As my husband and I were
and the law now concerns itself with their homes on a regular and consistent learning Biblical law, we endeavored to
saving the person of the criminal.
basis. apply it to the circumstances of family
This personal frame of reference has By missing the key ingredients of life even though we knew we were far
led to the newer emphasis on mental teaching with the purpose of under- from being experts. When we werent
health, on psychiatric treatment as the standing, and requiring feedback to certain how to proceed, we sought out
answer to criminality.2
make sure they have internalized the advice from more seasoned Christian
And isnt this exactly what parents instruction, it is possible to concentrate parents, who demonstrated good fruit in
are emulating when they fail to utilize on the wrong things. Many prioritize their parenting. And we continued to be
the guidelines of Scripture? How many academic achievement, artistic ability, or students of the Word, recognizing that
default to the inherent goodness of athletic prowess over and above the im- we would get better with practice but
their children and write off bad behav- portance of character. If a child exhibits that wed apply what we did know.
ior because their age makes them not arrogance, defiance, or disrespect, rest There are numerous times where
responsible for their actions?3 By using assured there is little fear of the Lord in resorting to the ways of the world would November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 15

Faith for All of Life
have been easier and less time-consum- eliminate the reality of Gods mercy, but
ing. But that would just mean that I it is important for children to learn at
would be postponing important lessons a very young age that Gods Word does
that we all needed to learn. Aside from not return to Him void (Isa. 55:11).
the benefit my children received, I was That is why from the earliest of ages,
preparing for my all-important role as a regardless if they seem to understand or
Titus 2 woman, ready to teach younger not, it is important that the full counsel
women how to love their children by of God is proclaimed to them. Catechiz-
treating them like true children rather ing children is a great way to steer the
than illegitimate ones.6 daily conversations of family life into
And have you forgotten the exhor- the important doctrines of the Christian
tation that addresses you as sons? faith.7 Assume they understand, persist
in your instruction, and before long you
My son, do not regard lightly
will see that they do!
the discipline of the Lord, nor be
The task of parenting is not for the
weary when reproved by him.
weak of heart. However, if the ways of
For the Lord disciplines the one the world are used rather than the ways
he loves, and chastises every son of the Lord, the results look a lot like
whom he receives. the collapsing humanism surrounding
It is for discipline that you have us. As Christians, we are here to provide
to endure. God is treating you as the Kingdom alternative.
sons. For what son is there whom
Andrea Schwartz is Chalcedons family and
his father does not discipline? If Christian education advocate. She educated
you are left without discipline, in her three children through high school,
which all have participated, then and has written books on homeschooling,
you are illegitimate children and the family, and developing effective women
not sons. Besides this, we have had for the Kingdom of God. She is the author
earthly fathers who disciplined us of two childrens books for families to
and we respected them. Shall we read together: Teach Me While My Heart is
not much more be subject to the Tender: Real-Aloud Stories of Repentance and Save 30% on All Books by
Father of spirits and live? For they Forgiveness and Family Matters: Read-Aloud Andrea Schwartz!
Stories of Responsibility and Self-Discipline.
disciplined us for a short time as it
Visit her website at KingdomDrivenFamily. Only $78.40 (Reg. $112.00)
seemed best to them, but he disci- com to find out more about the Chalcedon The Biblical Trustee Family
plines us for our good, that we may Teacher Training Institute, a mentoring/ Woman of the House: A Mothers Role in
share his holiness. For the moment study program designed for women to help Building a Christian Culture
all discipline seems painful rather them in their Kingdom service. She resides Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender
than pleasant, but later it yields the in San Jose, CA with her husband of over Family Matters: Read Aloud Stories of
peaceful fruit of righteousness to 40 years. She can be contacted at Andrea@ Responsibility and Self-Discipline
those who have been trained by it. Lessons Learned From Years of
(Heb. 12:511) Homeschooling
1. R. J. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law
The Homeschool Life: Discovering Gods Way
(Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed to Family-Based Education
God Keeps His Promises Publishing, 1973), pp. 765766.
A House For God: Building a Kingdom-Driven
Although the concept of God as 2. Institutes, pp. 516517. Family
a faithful promise keeper is often only 3. A number of parents have told me that Empowered: Developing Strong Women
discussed in the positive, it is impor- their pediatrician claimed it is pointless for Kingdom Service
tant for children to learn, without a to discipline a child until the age of four,
doubt, that He is faithful to administer because they cannot discern right and wrong Order Online at
His judgments as well. This does not Continued on page 26

16 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Feature Article

Arriving at an Informed Faith

by Ben House

T he year was 1974

when I first became
aware of the man with
Critics, and others who I was being
warned to be wary of or to avoid totally.
them to supplement his lectures. He
introduced them and others to me.
They became my guides and mentors
More terms would appear, more
the funny names. opponents, more ways of talking and for Calvinia.
Neither Rousas, nor thinking, but for a time, it was all a These guides were authors, some
Rushdoony were muddle. In Acts 8:30, Philip asks the still living at the time and others who
words I had ever heard. Had it not been Ethiopian eunuch who was reading had been dead for ages. Their messages
for the middle name of John, I might Isaiah, Do you understand what you were sent to me in books, many com-
have doubted whether or not he was a are reading? The Ethiopian answered, ing from a place called Presbyterian and
real person. While C. S. Lewis Peven- How can I, unless someone guides Reformed Publishing Company; and
sie children entered Narnia through a me? I was in the same boat, or the same deciphering the message of the books
wardrobe, I entered a far different world was always a challenge. One major
chariot (Acts 8:31). The language, the
through an American history class. The breakthrough came from a man with
culture, and the underlying worldview
world I entered intoby design and a womans nameLoraine Boettner.
of Calvinia was beyond anything in my
plan, as I now understand itis called His book The Reformed Doctrine of
experience in church or school.
Calvinia. Predestination became the boot camp,
There were guides who then helped
The world of Calvinia I stepped the training ground, for me. Once read,
me learn the fundamentals of this new
into had only slight connections with there was no turning back. I have never
way of thinking in this life-changing
the world I had grown up in. That left Calvinia after that book.
universe. There was, first of all, my
world was a small east Texas town where This journey to Calvinia, or this
history teacher, Professor Henry Wood. process of becoming Reformed, had
I was a member of the local Methodist
Church. While much of the preaching While grumbling and lazy students of- many phases and angles. It all centered
I heard was weak, the worship services ten accused him of interjecting religion around redefining who God is. When
had fortified me with the weekly recit- into his class, I quickly realized that he I entered that world, I thought I had
ing of the Apostles Creed and Lords was primarily teaching about the actual already found and figured out God. I
Prayer, along with many solid hymns in history of colonial and early America. then learned that it was I who had been
the Wesleyan and evangelical tradition. An earlier mentor had told me to take found and much of what I figured out
After hearing some evangelistic and Mr. Woods class because he taught about God was wrong or inadequate.
revival preaching in other churches, I about Calvinism. She added, And you My views of God, based on misleading
had experienced salvation and had come will need to understand that to under- or incomplete understanding, under-
to personally know Jesus Christ as Lord stand American literature. She was went a revolution. I had tried to know
and Savior, to use the phrase common right, but Calvinism explained much God by being the judge in a courtroom
to many of us. more than some of the participants in or the scientist subjecting God to a mi-
I was a Christian, but terms like Americas history and literature. croscope. The Sovereign, Omnipotent,
Protestant Reformation, Calvinism, Re- Mr. Wood not only taught about Omniscient God was not to be a subject
formed, theology, soteriology, eschatol- Calvinism, but he embraced itwith of my defining. The miniscule pedestal
ogy, apologetics, and others were a new zeal. Also, he really liked the man with I was standing on to examine God col-
language that I discovered in Calvinia. the funny name, along with others, lapsed as I began to see myself for what
Along with that, I became aware of the like C. Gregg Singer, Gordon Clark, I was and wasnt and caught a glimpse of
words to describe the foes within this and one simply called Spurgeon, and who God isas revealed in Scripture.
new universe. There were Arminians, especially one who seemed to be a major The book that I had thought was a
Pelagians, Semi-Pelagians, Deists, Evolu- leader of them allJohn Calvin. He self-help manual, filled with encourag-
tionists, Naturalists, Rationalists, Higher shared quotes from them all and used ing quotes, opened up to be the key to November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 17

Faith for All of Life
understanding far more. It was the very explain immediately.) ing materials. Rather than googling
Word of God. Gutenbergs printing press changed the topic of interest, you had to wait
Doctrine became life; church life the world of information flow in the patiently for a magazine, a newsletter, or
became central; and all areas of life late fifteenth century. He was a con- some other publication to arrive. Once
begin whirling around a series of central tributor, unknowingly, to the Protestant a month, a fat envelope would show up
concepts concerning God, the Word, Reformation due to the flood of books in my mailbox coming from the far-off
and how we should then live. that event spawned. In subsequent ages, land of Vallecito (one of the primary
I was a college student at the time: both improvements in technology and towns in the land of Calvinia). It con-
A freshman when I first began read- newer technologies have continued the tained a newsletter called The Chaldedon
ing the man with the funny names, process. The information highway was Report, consisting of four pages, begin-
a sophomore when I first embraced given a gigantic boost by the develop- ning with an article by Rushdoony.
Calvinia, and a junior and senior as I ment of the cassette tape. Created in the Over the years, a number of other
began parallel studies of history and early 1960s, this short-lived technologi- names appeared and disappeared in the
literature in college classes, all the while cal breakthrough boomed during the changing circumstances of this newslet-
trying to connect and sometimes reject 1970s and 80s. Cassettes were small, ter and foundation. Leaders of what was
what I was learning in the classroom in easily transported, easily reproduced, coming to be called the Reconstruction
comparison with what I was learning and explosive in terms of impact. Taped Movement contributed articles to the
from the Bible. messages had previously existed in huge report. These included an economic
reel to reel formats. But cassettes were commentary on the Bible written by
The Mission of Calvinia cheap and handy. It was there that I first
The world of Calvinia unveiled a Gary North and a series on apologetics
heard the slow, deliberate, calming voice written by Greg Bahnsen. Much later,
sober truth: My life in the classroom of R. J. Rushdoony.
of Gods universe would never end. Otto Scott began writing for the Report
My love of history drew me to his as well.
The vision revealed in Calvinia would series of ten tapes on world history.
be all consuming. Every area of life and The newsletter began including
My awe for the man increased ten- more and more inserts. Around 1980,
thought would be called to account for fold along with my desire to hear and
interpretation and use for the furthering a series titled Position Papers became
read everything I could by him. Those a regular feature of the mailing. These
of a Kingdom not of this world, but to ten lectures, given to a small gather-
be implemented in this world. (Thy essays, authored by Rushdoony, covered
ing of people in the early 1970s, were the front and back of a page of print.
will be done on earth, as it is in heaven packed with more information, insights,
was and is still resonating in my mind.) While Christians, even those of us in
interpretations, and challenges than
The mission would be impossible Calvinia, were always hankering for
I had received in many of my college
without the help of others. Reading some final word on a current event or
history studies. And the intimidating,
would not just be a pastime, but a duty. news controversy, these Position Papers
lofty, unemotional image of Rushdoony
But knowing what to read and who rose above the fray of the moment.
vanished. He was warm, humorous, en-
to read would be a major necessity. In other words, Rushdoonys
gaging, and human. Yet, when he would
Rushdoony, the man with the funny Position Papers were not journalistic
casually mention having read five or six
names, was to be a key to both who and commentary. Plenty of such writings
biographies over some historical figure,
what to read. But I had to somehow abound. There are good articles, well
I would realize why I would experience
get beyond the texts of the books he written and convincing, dealing with
again the awe I had of him.
authored. The pictures of him on the some front burner issues. A few years
back flaps of some of his books showed The Day of the Newsletters later, such writings are of interest to the
a rather stern-looking, unsmiling man, Along with cassettes, there were history students, and they might shed
bearded like an Old Testament prophet. publications that were increasing in light on on-going concerns, but they
Intimidating, to say the least, Rush- number. (At one time, it was possible are dated. They can be compared to the
doony from both his books and pictures to keep up with all of the publications computer manuals whose covers show
appeared distant, aloof, highly cerebral, in a given area of interest.) In those some huge dinosaur of a computer that
and unapproachable. Then I begin hear- days before the Internet, Calvinists had has long since been scrapped. Rush-
ing voices. (Dont stop reading; I will to search far and wide for good read- doony was not writing about the 1980s

18 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
and 90s; rather, he was writing articles a whole library of writings to be pub- reader to find particular topics or people
that are just as important today as when lished. It was like inheriting a massive that Rushdoony wrote about.
they were penned. As his readers often intellectual trust fund. New books by Here is a set of books that really
realize, his writings from decades ago Rushdoony continue to come off the needs to be on the shelves, the desk,
are often so relevant that they appear to press, but now more and more of the ar- bedside book stand, or next to the
have been written in our own time. ticles he wrote for newsletters are being easy chair of every Christian reader.
Rushdoonys Position Papers reprinted and published in book form. I am currently reading through the
referenced historical events, recurring An Informed Faith is a packaged gift books a few articles at a time. My son
political ideas, sociological patterns, from Rushdoony to his readers (pres- randomly opened one of the volumes
theological issues, and economic factors. ent and future). This three-volume set last night and read Rushdoonys article
Whatever the topic, it was then filtered consists of the hundreds of Position titled Kenosis, which he loved. Either
through his own vast, well thought-out, Papers reprinted and put into order of method works. Open any volume
and informed Christian worldview. categories. Rushdoony had an admirable anywhere and start reading. Or read the
Scripture references are often included, and sanctified type of ADD (attention books through from beginning to end.
but the works as a whole reflect a broad deficit disorder). He would write on one Or look in the table of contents or index
Scriptural perspective. Calvin, Van topic, then turn and write on a different for a subject and read. It doesnt matter.
Til, and a few other theologians were one, only to follow that up with a com- Rushdoony Has No Peer
sometimes referenced or quoted, but the pletely unrelated subject. While many A final selling point: I feel like I
entirety of the Position Papers was con- scholars have vast expertise in a limited ought to be a peer to Rushdoony by
ditioned by Rushdoonys imbibing of subject area or two, the whole universe now. He was born about forty years
the Reformed tradition and Van Tillian of history and thought was Rushdoonys before I was. But he would have been
thinking which he had been cultivating mental parish. about my age when many of these
for years. These essays range in dates from papers were written. Like Rushdoony,
As my collection of old Chalcedon around 1979 to 1999. But there is no I have been a reader, teacher, pastor,
Reports and Position Papers grew, I de- evolution of thought in the sense that and writer. Plus, I have read quite a few
cided in the late 1980s to organize these Rushdoony believed one thing in the books that have been published since
materials. I put all of the Position Papers early papers, but had moved in a differ- his death in 2001. I ought to be able to
in order, punched holes in them, and ent direction later on. He had a well- hold my own against the man. But read-
then put them in a three-ring binder. grounded set of core principles. The ing Rushdoony always reminds me of
Confession Time: I would carry this sources are brought out in some of his how much I still need to learn. He runs
official looking notebook into meetings
definitive works such as The Institutes circles around me. He casually mentions
I had to attend and would read from it
of Biblical Law, The One and the Many, people, ideas, and events I am often
when the meetings grew dull. I learned
and By What Standard. The foundation totally unaware of. But he is not just
to give the appearance of the interested
never shifted, but as he read (vora- a master of trivia. He makes connec-
listener while I was secretly reading
ciously), talked and listened to people tions from his readings, discussions, and
Rushdoony. Looking back now, I admit
(constantly), and reflected (deeply), he experiences. He links whatever the topic
that I should have read the Rush-
would take one idea after another and is to how it relates to Christian thinking
doony articles even more diligently.
test it in the light of his Biblical world- and living.
Rushdoony Lives view. Reading Rushdoony can be the
Rushdoony left the Christian world Enriching this set of books is a col- equivalent to going to college. (Ironi-
in February 2001 after having written a lection of indices that include Scripture cally, he wanted to start a university for
large stack of books over the course of references and historical references. many years, before turning his energies
his lifetime. Some were thin paperbacks, Then there is a list of the books that to the mission of the Chalcedon Foun-
while others were weighty and hefty Rushdoony mentioned or quoted (some dation.) Enroll for a class with Rush-
tomes. When the sad news came that favorably, some not so favorably). I have doony and you will be challenged to
he had died, most of us didnt realize already purchased one bookRenais- think, rethink, and apply. Take note of
that, in addition to the many books we sance Cavalierthat Rushdoony quoted that last termapply. Rushdoony never
already had from him, there was still from. The multiple indices enable the Continued on page 26 November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 19

From the Founder

The Decrees of God

Taken from Rushdoonys Good Morning, Friends, Volume 1, pp 30-32

G ood morning,
friends. This
morning Id like to talk
how to reconcile Gods decree and hu-
man freedom and responsibility. Such
questions we cannot answer: we do not
about the decrees of have the mind to grasp all their implica-
God. What are they? tions. But this one thing we know, that
When we say that God to believe in a God who is in full control
decrees something, what do we mean? gives meaning to every moment and
The Shorter Catechism answers it like every act in our lives. Nothing that hap-
this: pens to us is senseless or meaningless.
The world is not out of hand, or God
A. 7. The decrees of God are his eternal
purpose, according to the counsel of his
out of the drivers seat. He is in full and
will, whereby, for his own glory, he hath absolute control. This means that there
foreordained whatsoever comes to pass. is a purpose to all things which faith and
patience can discern and trust in.
At first glance, this seems to be Expect Volume 2 of Good Morning, Friends to Every one of us suffers things and
something very remote from our lives, arrive in early 2018. undergoes trials and tribulations which
but it actually has a meaning and ap- sorely try our spirits. It would make life
know that we can never control every
plication which reaches down into every senseless and cruel if we could believe
factor in our lives or in our work and
fiber and nerve of your life and mine. no more than that these things were
world. We plan, but events outside our
Simply stated, it tells us this, that meaningless and chance acts. But if we
control continually compel us to alter
the Lord is God, that God rules over can believe, as we are asked by Scripture
and adjust our planning.
all things, and not chance. You and to believe, that all these things are a part
If Gods planning were like our
I sit down frequently and try to plan of Gods decree and have a meaning in
planning, then most of Gods creation
our lives. We figure on so much time terms of Him, then we know that noth-
for work, and so much time for play. would have to be outside His control
ing is senseless or wasted in our lives or
We budget and plan our finances, and and moving under chance. It would
in all creation. Then we know that there
decide that a certain sum will have to make chance more important than God,
is an eternal purpose in and behind all
be set aside monthly for set payments, because Gods plans would be liable to
things, and our strength is in trusting in
leaving us a specific sum of money change if events overruled His plan-
God and His workings. It enables us to
for other purposes. We earnestly and ning. We know that this is not so: there say, although I do not know why these
sincerely try to plan our lives, but of is no chance in this world. As James, things have happened to me, I believe
course the trouble is that they dont plan the brother of our Lord, declared at the in the love and purpose which stands
well. Unexpected things happen, events Council of Jerusalem, Known unto behind them and brought them to me.
which we cannot control, and neither God are all his works from the begin- Because the Lord planned this, I know
our time nor our money prove our own. ning of the world (Acts 15:18). Gods that His purpose is to His eternal glory
Illness or extra expenses wipe out all our planning is perfect planning: it leaves and to my strengthening and fulfilling
planning, and sometimes years of hop- nothing to chance, and neither man nor in Him. With Paul we can say, We
ing. Then we start planning and hoping events but only God controls the course know that all things work together for
all over again. It has its value; it gives us of the plan. good to them that love God, to them
minor victories which would be impos- What does this mean for us? It who are the called according to his pur-
sible without planning, but we always raises, of course, some questions about pose (Rom. 8:28).

20 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Guest Column

The Story Never Lies

by Suzannah Rowntree

I was 300,000 words

into writing the first
draft of Outremer, a
campaign known today as the First
Crusade. Following appeals from the
Eastern Roman Empire, Pope Urban II
sader battle-cry God wills it seemed a
description of obvious fact.
The First Crusade was marred by
historical fantasy series urged the knights of France to undergo episodes of brutality, significantly the
set during the 200-year a mass pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulcher bloody massacre of the Arabs in Jerusa-
history of the medieval at Jerusalem. Their mission: to serve lem with which it culminated. But in
Crusader states, when I realized some- Christ by liberating the people of the the immediate aftermath of the crusade,
thing had gone wrong. Eastern Church and the shrines and the Frankish pilgrims acknowledged
The story I had written was deeply relics of the Holy Land from the oppres- their responsibility to guard what they
pessimistic. sion of the heathens. had liberated. So, a mere three hundred
How could this have happened? I It was the first time that knights knights, together with their entourages,
hold a lot of theological positions, but then a byword for rage, lust, violence, settled in Palestine under the leadership
none with quite the same energy as my and rapacityhad been encouraged of Godfrey of Bouillon. Other states
postmillennial eschatology. My first by the Church to think of themselves were founded in Tripoli, Antioch, and
novel, Pendragons Heir, applied postmil- as knights for Christ, valuable believers Edessa.
lennialism to the medieval Arthurian whose everyday occupation was some- Thus, began the Latin Kingdom of
legends. I was proud of how Id infused thing through which they could serve Jerusalem. It would last 192 years.
this bleak story with hope and encour- God. The results were electrifying.1 In
agement. In Outremer, I planned to 1096 thousands of laymen, nobles and A Loss of Nerve
work similar themes into the equally commoners, took arms and travelled For the next century the Kingdom
tragic history of the Crusader states. east. of Jerusalem prospered, fueled by lucra-
And yet somewhere in the trans- All of them recognized that success tive trade routes, a booming pilgrimage
mission from mind to page, that vision depended on God, not on themselves. industry, and constant injections of
got lost. The final quarter of the story The Turks they faced commanded im- money and manpower from the West.
confirmed my suspicions: Outremer mense resources of land and manpower, Local Greek, Syrian and Armenian
ended on a whimper. There was a reso- and the crusade faced mounting danger, Christians welcomed the Frankish
lution, but it was trivial, neither crush- even as it was whittled down by starva- newcomers and worshipped alongside
ing enough to be a grand tragedy nor tion, disease, war, and desertion. Three them in harmony.2 Muslim prisoners of
eucatastrophic enough to be a comedy. separate timesat Dorylaeum in Asia war were enslaved,3 but local Muslim
If I was going to be honest with Minor in 1097, Antioch in 1098, and peasants spoke well of the justice of their
myself, Outremer wasnt postmillennial Ascalon in 1099they faced annihila- Frankish overlords.4
at all. It didnt even have the tragic gran- tion at the hands of a well-fed, well- In the 1180s, the Kurdish conqueror
deur of premillennialism. Its structure equipped, and numerically superior foe. Saladin, criticized for his wars against fel-
much better resembled amillennialism. On one occasion as the starving pilgrims low Muslims, vowed to force the Chris-
Maybe the history itself was to were trapped inside Antioch by an tians out of Palestine, then follow them
blame. immense Turkish armywhich had al- to Europe to impose Muslim rule there.5
ready managed to penetrate the walla In 1187 Saladin succeeded in provok-
God Wills It! meteor fell from the sky into the Turkish ing the Frankish army into crossing the
The Crusader states of the medieval camp, starting a fire which panicked the dry hills of Galilee at midsummer to
Levant were founded in the euphoric intruders into retreat. offer him battle. At Hattin, within sight
aftermath of an extraordinary military After such deliverances, the cru- of Lake Tiberias, he crushed the larg- November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 21

Faith for All of Life
est army ever fielded in the Kingdom ed in Outremer is rigorously historically hundred years. Not until 1453 did the
of Jerusalem. Moving quickly, he then accurate, so despite my postmil creden- Turks finally capture Constantinople
captured Acre, Jerusalem, and all but a tials, I wasnt going to alter it in an at- and open Europe to invasion.
handful of fortresses along the coast. tempt to construct an imaginary happy The other thing the crusader states
Europe responded with the Third ending. More to the point, the primary absorbed was huge quantities of the
Crusade in 1190, but the campaign purpose of Christian art is discernment,7 money and best blood of Europe. With
stagnated until the arrival of Richard and above anything else I wanted to their fall, these resources were freed up
the Lionheart in 1191. Richard was a discern Gods purpose and will in the for the coming age of exploration. As
brilliant general, and over the next two history of the Crusader states. Why did the Turks consolidated their grip on the
years he defeated Saladin twice, first at God bless this deeply flawed endeavor markets and trade routes of the eastern
the siege of Acre and then at the battle so richly? Why, after sustaining them so Mediterranean, Portuguese sailors pio-
of Arsuf. Turmoil in his French lands long, did He ultimately spit the crusad- neered new routes to Asia via the Cape
eventually forced him to leave, but ers out of their promised land, exposing of Good Hope. And Columbus dreamed
Saladin died shortly after Richards de- so many native Christians once again to of crossing the sea to Cathay with a new
parture, leaving a power vacuum which the rigors of Muslim rule? More than crusade to catch Islam in the rear.
once again fractured the Muslim world. anything else, I wanted to know how So, the Crusader states served
Jerusalem remained in the hands of the this apparent failure might have contrib- their purpose and passed from history.
Saracens, but thanks to Richard, the fer- uted to the advance of Gods Kingdom Despite the tragedy I saw hope in this
tile coastal lands of Palestine remained on the earth. story, because theres always hope in
Christian. Clearly God brought covenant sanc- the judgments of God. I knew that
Many factors contributed to the tions against His people in the Frankish firsthand from my first novel, which
Kingdoms decline through the next East. Possible reasons may include the contained a similar story. So why did I
century. They included dynastic prob- worship of relics: the Holy Land was fail to communicate the same thing in
lems, financial strain as major trade called the Holy Land because the whole Outremer?
routes moved north to the Black Sea, thingland, shrines, relics, tombs,
infighting between different Christian Encountering Islam
churches, and hermitageswas believed One of my intentions with Out-
factions, and the rise of an aggres- to have absorbed the holiness not just
sive military junta, the Mamelukes, in remer was to provide a sort of fictional
of Christ but also of the thousands of apologia for the way that I viewed
Egypt. However, the most significant saints who had lived there. The earthly
factor seems to have been a crisis of Muslims. Much in the history bore out
Jerusalem has often been a tempta- my perspective. When the First Crusade
nerve. As defeat followed defeat, the tion to idolatry; perhaps thats why
Franks of Palestine began to suspect that conquered Palestine, their chroniclers
Providence has so rarely entrusted it to recorded local Christians flocking to
God had become their enemy. They
Christian hands. Another reason might greet them with joy in a land filled with
noticed what appeared to be the supe-
have been simple violations of justice: cities so ruinous that the Muslim gar-
rior piety showed by the Muslims. They
covenant-breaking, fornication, murder, risons abandoned them rather than try
knew God must be punishing them for
theft, war crimes, slavery. to defend them.
their sins, but depended on increasingly
The crusades accomplished much By contrast, when Saladin recon-
Biblically illiterate leaders to coach them
good. Local Christians welcomed them quered the same cities a hundred years
into godliness.6 Trapped in a cycle of sin
with jubilation, and peace treaties later, he marveled at the beauty and
and judgment which they did not know
between the crusader states and their richness of the Christian cities: from
how to escape, the final crusader strong-
Muslim neighbors guaranteed protec- a rocky hill devoid of trees after the
holds at Acre and Beirut fell in 1291.
tion for Christians living in Muslim First Crusade, Jerusalem had become
Discerning Historical Truth lands (as well as for Muslims living in a garden of paradise under Crusader
Initial success followed by judg- Christian lands). After forcing the Turks rule.8 Where Christian chroniclers shied
ment, mounting fear, apostasy, and to retreat to Mesopotamia from the very away from detailed descriptions of sex or
more judgment: this was the tragedy of shores of the Bosphorous in 1097, the violence for the sake of decency, Muslim
the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. crusaders absorbed the warlike energies chroniclers devoted pages of semi-por-
Historical fantasy of the kind I attempt- of the Muslim world for another two nographic fantasy to the gory sights of

22 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
the battlefield of Hattin or the fate they countries, more frightening than any my thoughts had been of retaliation or
expected to inflict on Frankish women HarperTeen dystopia. And all the time, isolation.
enslaved after the surrender of Jerusa- our headlines solemnly inform us that I realized that Islamophobia was
lem.9 Meanwhile, at least one Muslim this kind of violence has nothing to do actually the perfect word to describe
traveler marveled at the contentment of with Islam and that Christianity has what Id felt. Of course, those who use
Muslim peasants living under Christian committed comparable atrocities. it mean that the Christian or conserva-
rule.10 Clearly even crusader Christian- I had begun writing Outremer with tive fear of Islam is irrational, a chimera,
ity was preferable to Islam. a good deal of pent-up frustration at a mental disorder. There I disagree. I
But as I wrote about all this, I was this manifest untruth. If people werent think it is entirely rational to fear Islam.
faced with something I wasnt prepared every bit as scared by Islam as myself I also believe its a sin.
for: the need to write realistic Muslim after reading these books, it wouldnt be
my fault. The Covenantal Option
characters. Of course, I knew what was
The story never lies, because the
involved in constructing compelling
Functional Idolatry Story is the Gospel. Writing about my
characters. I must understand and em- fears was not cathartic in the least; it
So I wrote all my worst fears into
pathize with their motivations. I must the story. Outremer was grimmer and only crippled my story. But Im grateful
connect with them based on the one darker than anything Id written before, for the experience, because it exposed
universal which all humans share: the and for a while I congratulated myself my fear for what it was.
shattered image of God. I must write on being All Grown Up Now. But little Jeremiah 17:5 exhorts us: Thus
them, as I write every character, with a by little, the grimness and darkness in saith the Lord: Cursed be the man that
keen sense of how I might sin as they the story stifled that all-important mes- trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his
sin. And so the question ceased being sage of hope. arm, and whose heart departeth from the
how are Muslims different to me? and I was listening to a podcast on Islam Lord. Repenting of idolatry meant put-
became how am I like them, even in the when Scripture verses concerning fear ting my faith where it should be: in an
things I fear most? began to convict me. God had not given all-powerful, covenantally faithful God.
I began to read the testimonies of me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power No doubt God overcomes the wick-
Muslim-background Christians as a (2 Tim. 1:7). I was to fear God and ed, and sometimes He does it through
way to ease myself into the empathy I serve Him alone (Deut. 6:13). Most so- military victories. Self-defense is a
so badly needed. As I did so, I became bering of all, the fearful would not enter Biblical concept, after all. But ultimately
convicted of responding to Muslims not the New Jerusalem but be cast into the Islam will not be defeated through the
with the grace of the gospel but with lake of fire along with murderers and use of raw power and violence. As the
fear. Then a Pakistani man told me how sorcerers (Rev. 21:8). For the first time, I Crusades demonstrate, such things may
he never took Christianity seriously began to apply the Word of God to my win a modicum of peace for a little
until he finally found Christians willing fear of Islamand what it said horrified while, but ultimately, they will breed
to look him in the eye. And this in a me. more violence. Rather Islam will beit
modern cosmopolitan city filled with I had put my faith in man, not in is beingwon over through justice,
an abundance of people of every kind of God. I had feared Islam, not God. I had mercy, and humility; through love and
lifestyle. not just become a pessimist: Id become service of widows, orphans, and strang-
But surely, I reasoned, if Christians an idolater. ers; through Gods blessings as Chris-
fear Islam, they do it no more than the Scariest of all, I knew that imitation tians faithfully keep His covenant.
justice it deserves. Obviously many and emulation are basic facts of human
When Suzannah Rowntree isnt travelling
Muslims are peaceable people who do worship. If our fears are our false gods, the world to help out friends in need, she
not follow their faith to what I believe and if we become like what we worship, lives in a big house in rural Australia with
is its logical end, but many do. As of then was I too on the road to violence her parents and siblings. She is currently
2017, terrorist attacks seem to occur on and oppression? I took a second look at working on a very different second draft of
a monthly basis, all to the tune of the my novel. I had my characters fight- Outremer, Book 1 of which will be published
Muslim confession of faith. Meanwhile, ing Islam using weapons of power and in late 2018, Lord willing. Visit her online
Id read harrowing tell-alls of life behind violence. I thought about my reactions at
the burka from women living in Muslim to some recent headlines. Too often, Continued on page 26 November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 23

Book Review

The Case for Christ

Movie Reviewed by Lee Duigon

T he only way to
truth is through
facts. For award-win-
daughter chokes on a gumball and they
cant save her. Providentiallyand that
is meant literallya nurse was on hand
his wifes friendship with Alfie. Again,
no feelings herejust pure rationality.
ning Chicago Tribune to save the child. She was there because, Among the facts collected by Stro-
crime reporter, and for no reason she could think of, shed bel are these.
two-fisted atheist, Lee changed her plans for that evening There were many witnesses to the
Strobel, those were words to live by. and went to that restaurant instead of risen Christ, none of whom recanted,
This movie by Jon Gunn is about another. even in the face of lethal persecution.
how God used facts to haul Strobel out The nurse, Alfie (L. Scott Caldwell), The manuscript evidence for the
of atheism and into a committed belief is a Christian, and she and Leslie New Testament is many times more
in Jesus Christ our Lord. That which become friends. Shaken by the experi- abundant, and many times stronger,
was, for Strobel, atheisms sword and ence, Leslie finds herself drawn back than the evidence for any other event in
shield against superstition and igno- toward the Christian faith in which she the ancient world.
rance, God turned to His own good was raised. Alfie lovingly encourages her, The details of the Resurrection
purpose. Well, how many times do the and Mr. Strobel doesnt like it. narrativefor instance, the prominence
Scriptures warn the sinner that hell fall Youre cheating on mewith of women among the witnessesare
into the pit he dug himself? Jesus! he shouts at her. I want my wife of a kind highly unlikely to have been
I feel a bond with Strobel, having in- back! invented by any first-century fiction-
terviewed him several years ago about his Youve got to love this. As he sees monger.
book, The Case for a Creator.1 When I it, his atheist convictions are based on According to modern medical
finally connected with him by phone, he facts and science, and are there- science, it would have been impossible
said he was about to go skiing, but could fore the only conclusion available to a for Jesus to have survived the crucifix-
give me fifteen minutes. We wound up rational mind, whereas Leslies growing ion, thus ruling out any fakery in that
talking for an hour and a halftwo Christian convictions are only feel- department.
guys whom Gods grace had delivered ings, and therefore dont count. Oh, Psychologically, it is impossible for
from bondage to false pridethe kind nohe hasnt got any emotional invest- any group of individuals to have exactly
of pride that looks at itself in the mirror ment in his atheism: no feelings here! the same hallucination.
and coos, Oh, youre so smart! Hes only yelling at her because hes so These facts, and others, rock Stro-
The Lee Strobel (played by Mike rational. bels atheist beliefs to the core. This is
Vogel) whom we meet at the start of Gunns direction and Vogels acting not supposed to happen. It frustrates
the moviewhich is based on his first make it real. him, and he fights itagain, no feel-
autobiographical book, The Case for ings involved. Just cold, hard facts.
Christ (1998)is a self-satisfied fat- A Search for Facts
head: not really a very nice person at all. Without telling Leslie what he When Facts and Reason
His wife, Leslie (Erika Christensen), is means to do, Lee embarks on a journal- Lead You Astray
also an atheist and very happy with their istic project to assemble facts that will Meanwhile, he still has his job as
life. Theyre raising their little girl to be disprove Christianity. He works very a crime reporter to do, and he tries to
an atheist, too. hard at this, interviewing historians and keep on doing it. Out of this develops a
theologians all around the country. But wonderful, and very instructive, irony.
Cheating with Jesus unhappily for him, the facts seem re- Investigating the shooting of a po-
The first crack in the faade comes luctant to take his side of the argument. lice officer by a petty criminal who may
one evening at a restaurant, when their He also tries, unsuccessfully, to break up have been a police informant, Strobel

24 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Faith for All of Life
brings all his journalistic skills and ideals the paternal rejection was only too real. It is this message, expertly delivered
to bear. This is a man who has told his Facts, we see in this film, are impor- by the film-makers, that makes The Case
little girl, We only believe in what we tant to the Christian. What we believe is for Christ a movie we can stand up and
see. So based on what he sees, and what true. After all, if facts didnt matter, the cheer.
he reasons from it, Strobels investiga- book and the movie wouldnt have been
Lee is the author of the Bell Mountain Series
tion sends an innocent man to prison, called The Case for Christ.
of novels and a contributing editor for our
where hes almost killed. Only afterward But love matters, too; and in spite Faith for All of Life magazine. Lee provides
does Strobel discover that what he saw of his struggle to resist its effects, Lee is commentary on cultural trends and relevant
was incomplete, and thus misleading. powerfully moved by Leslies love. He issues to Christians, along with providing
In this case, what he could see proved to confesses this to her, eventually. cogent book and media reviews.
be a blind guide that led him into the Ultimately we are saved by Gods
ditch. sovereign grace. Faith is the gift of God.
This was another opportunity for Facts are strong, love is strong, but grace belief-in-god-will-prevail-over-darwinism
the script to lapse into heavy-handed- is stronger still. When Strobel finally
ness. Instead, it makes us think. utters a prayer, his first words are, All
How far do we trust our reason, right, Godyou win. Rushdoony Understand? cont. from pg. 3
and the quality of the information upon We can see these words coming, and
and New Testaments. We develop a
which its based? Facts led Strobel to can rejoice in them.
dispensational theology in line with our
aiding in a miscarriage of justice; but Can We Love Atheists? modern perception of adjectives.
another set of facts helped break down Lee confesses to Leslie, The evi- New does not refer to young here
the wall of unbelief hed raised around dence for your faith is more overwhelm- and old does not mean antiquated.
his soul. ing than I ever could have imagined. The reference is to things fresh and
A key factor in Strobels conver- He, and the evidence, have been led ancient.3 The scribe of the Kingdom
sion, we see, is his wifes persistent love. full-circle back to Strobels words at the of Heaven, having studied the law of
Once she starts moving back to Christ, beginning of the story: The only way the King, understands it as the disciples
her husband is really pretty mean to to truth is through facts. But we have had just indicated to our Lord. Their re-
her. Shes different, he complains to also seen that there is more than that to sponsibility was to distribute that wealth
an atheist friend, and it scares the heck being human and made in the image of in terms of the old, ancient, orthodox
out of me. He may even leave her if she Godmuch more. truths, but in new, fresh ways. One of
keeps it up, he says. The friend comforts The viewer will find it easy to be the functions of a scribe, remember,
him, assuring him that Christianity is a angry with the old Lee Strobel for his was to study the case laws of Scripture
delusion and that, if hes patient with conceit, his close-mindedness, and his as well as understand their applications
her, the phase will pass and shell come mean spirit. Those characteristics of over time, and then suggest how to
back to the truth of atheism. atheistsand there are atheists who are apply them in new instances with a
Some viewers will be surprised by much more obnoxious and provoking contemporary context:
the atheists emotional intensity in their than Strobel ever wasnor do we dare Because the Kingdom of God is old,
conviction that there is no God. I have suggest that the same characteristics are ancient as God is ancient, it has ever
had enough experience with atheists to not to be found in Christians, toocan new applications. Methods, manners,
confirm that this is so: most of them are make it hard for us to feel compassion men may change; but this underlying
quite emotional indeed, and their pre- for them, and to love them as God does. principle of Divine government abi-
dominant emotion is anger. In Strobels But the Son of God came into the world deth, rooted in the nature of God, and
case, his anger sprang from what he per- to find those sheep who are lost, not the active in redeeming grace, and it blos-
ceived as his fathers refusal to love him. ninety-and-nine who arent. He came soms fresh in every generation among
the sons of men.4
I have personally known atheists who as a physician to heal the sick souls,
have carried that same burden all their not the healthy. And we are all, to one We are called to make the Kingdom
lives. Strobel discovers, but only after extent or another, lost sheep, sick souls. new, fresh in our lives, in that of our
his fathers death, that hed profoundly Only Jesus Christ can find us. Only families, our churches, as well as every
misunderstood the man. But for others Christ can heal us. other area of life and thought. November/December 2017 | Faith for All of Life 25

Faith for All of Life
It seems, at times, that the ground pastors and laymen who are jumping for
around us is a wayside, or rocky, or joy after unwrapping this beautiful set
choked by thorns. If we understand as of books on Christmas morning.
the disciples did, however, we will see
Ben House is the Headmaster of Veritas
the certain and inevitable progress of
Academy in Texarkana, Texas where he
His Kingdom. We are part of it, it is also teaches history and literature. Hes
priceless, and we are to so value it that the author of Punic Wars & Culture Wars:
we think the things of this world noth- Christian Essays on History and Teaching.
ing in comparison.
Chalcedon Needs This is what Jesus told His disciples Rowntree The Story cont. from pg. 23

Your Support... of their responsibility if they under-

stood His Kingdom teaching. Do you
1. J. Riley-Smith, The First Crusade and the
Idea of Crusading (Philadelphia, PN: Univer-
understand? sity of Pennsylvania Press, 1986).
The answer to humanism 2. C. MacEvitt, The Crusades and the
and its statism is Christian 1. The parable of the seed growing by itself
Christian World of the East: Rough Tolerance
is found only in Mark 4:2629.
faith and liberty. The (Philadelphia, PN: University of Pennsylva-
2. Alfred Edersheim, The Life and Times of nia Press, 2007).
Chalcedon Foundation Jesus the Messiah. Book III, Chapter XXIII.
3. B. Kedar, The Subjected Muslims of
is leading in this great 3. See G. Campbell Morgan, Studies in the the Frankish Levant, in J. M. Powell (ed.),
mission of Christian Four Gospels, Matthew XIII. 51,52. (West- Muslims under Latin Rule 11001300
education, and we need wood, NJ: Fleming H. Revell Company, (Princeton, NJ: Princeton Legacy Library,
1931) p. 178.
your support! 1990), pp. 135174.
4. ibid., p.179. 4. Ibn Jubayr, The Travels of Ibn Jubayr,
As the world reels in trans. R. J. C. Broadhurst (London: Jona-
turmoil, the great need is SchwartzWays of the World cont. from pg. 16 than Cape, 1952), pp. 316317.
a restoration of spiritual until then. This is unbiblical to the core. 5. T. F. Madden, The New Concise History of
capital and the work of 4. Institutes, p. 231. the Crusades (Washington, DC: Rowman &
Littlefield, 2005), p. 69.
Christian Reconstruction. 5. Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender and
Family Matters are both available from chal- 6. While reading a collection of letters [M.
The Chalcedon Foundation Barber (ed.), Letters from the East (Surrey:
is committed to both, and Ashgate, 2013)] from crusaders in the east,
6. Illegitimate children are often referred to
your partnership in this as bastards. What is now a general pejorative I noted that over the course of two hundred
great mission is needed term was originally rendered to comment on years, Scripture references and quotations
in the crusader correspondence steadily
more than ever. the undisciplined nature of one without the
benefit of a father. declined in number and frequency.
Although the times 7. Let me recommend Rushdoonys Good 7. M. Minkoff, According to His Excellent
might be difficult, the Morning, Friends as an excellent family Greatness (Sugar Hill, GA: The Nehemiah
Foundation for Cultural Renewal, 2015),
opportunities are many, devotional.
states The Christian artists tool is not
and its through our transgression, because he does not aim pri-
HouseArriving cont. from pg. 19
concerted efforts that real marily at novelty. His tool is discernment.
strides can be made for wrote with the academic goal of just 8. M. C. Lyons, and D.E.P. Jackson, Sala-
the advancement of Gods advancing a bit of scholarship among a din: The Politics of Holy War (Cambridge:
scholarly cadre of experts. His vision of Cambridge University Press, 1982), p. 276.
history, philosophy, and theology was 9. See, for example, F. Gabrieli, Arab
Please take a moment Historians of the Crusades (Oakland, CA:
concerned about changing the everyday
to send your most generous University of California Press, 1984), pp.
life of the Christian in the pew, home, 8081, 9697.
tax-deductible gift today.
and workplace. 10. Ibn Jubayr, The Travels of Ibn Jubayr, With the Christmas celebration trans. R. J. C. Broadhurst (London: Jona-
upon us, there needs to be thousands of than Cape, 1952), pp. 316317.

26 Faith for All of Life | November/December 2017

Chalcedon Catalog
Biblical Law Faith and Obedience: An Introduction to Biblical Law
R. J. Rushdoony reveals that to be born again means that
where you were once governed by your own word and
The Institute of Biblical Law (In three volumes, by R. J. Rushdoony) Volume I spirit, you are now totally governed by Gods Word and
Biblical Law is a plan for dominion under God, whereas its rejection is to Spirit. This is because every word of God is a binding
claim dominion on mans terms. The general principles (commandments) word. Our money, our calling, our family, our sexuality,
of the law are discussed as well as their specific applications (case law) in our political life, our economics, our sciences, our art,
Scripture. Many consider this to be the authors most important work. and all things else must be subject to Gods Word and
requirements. Taken from the introduction in The Institutes of Biblical Law
Hardback, 890 pages, indices, $50.00 $35.00 (foreword by Mark Rushdoony). Great for sharing with others.
Or, buy Vols 1 and 2 and receive Vol. 3 FREE! Paperback, 31 pages, index, $3.00 $2.10
All 3 for only $77.00 (A huge savings off the $110.00 *Buy Pack of 50 Faith and Obedience for only $45.00 (Retails $150.00)
retail price)

Volume II, Law and Society

The relationship of Biblical Law to communion and community, the Education
sociology of the Sabbath, the family and inheritance, and much more are
covered in the second volume. Contains an appendix by Herbert Titus. The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
Hardback, 752 pages, indices, $35.00 $24.50 By R. J. Rushdoony. The Christian School represents
a break with humanistic education, but, too often, the
Christian educator carries the states humanism with him.
Volume III, The Intent of the Law A curriculum is not neutral: its either a course in
After summarizing the case laws, the author illustrates how the law is for our humanism or training in a God-centered faith and life.
good, and makes clear the difference between the sacrificial laws and those
that apply today. Paperback, 190 pages, index, $16.00 $11.20
Hardback, 252 pages, indices, $25.00 $17.50
The Harsh Truth about Public Schools
By Bruce Shortt. This book combines a sound Biblical
The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol. 1 (La Institucin de la Ley Bblica, Tomo 1) basis, rigorous research, straightforward, easily read
Spanish version. Great for reaching the Spanish-speaking community. language, and eminently sound reasoning. It is a
Hardback, 912 pages, indices, $40.00 $28.00 thoroughly documented description of the inescapably
anti-Christian thrust of any governmental school system
and the inevitable results: moral relativism (no fixed
Ten Commandments for Today (DVD)
standards), academic dumbing down, far-left programs,
This 12-part DVD collection contains an in-depth
near absence of discipline, and the persistent but pitiable rationalizations
interview with the late Dr. R. J. Rushdoony on the
offered by government education professionals.
application of Gods law to our modern world. Each
commandment is covered in detail as Dr. Rushdoony Paperback, 464 pages, $22.00 $15.40
challenges the humanistic remedies that have obviously
failed. Only through Gods revealed will, as laid down in Intellectual Schizophrenia
the Bible, can the standard for righteous living be found. Rushdoony silences By R. J. Rushdoony. Dr. Rushdoony predicted that the
the critics of Christianity by outlining the rewards of obedience as well as humanist system, based on anti-Christian premises of
the consequences of disobedience to Gods Word. Includes 12 segments: an the Enlightenment, could only get worse. He knew that
introduction, one segment on each commandment, and a conclusion. education divorced from God and from all transcendental
2 DVDs, $30.00 $21.00 standards would produce the educational disaster and
moral barbarism we have today.
Law and Liberty Paperback, 150 pages, index, $17.00 $11.90
By R. J. Rushdoony. This work examines various areas of life
from a Biblical perspective. Every area of life must be brought
under the dominion of Christ and the government of Gods The Messianic Character of American Education
Word. By R. J. Rushdoony. From Mann to the present, the state
has used education to socialize the child. The schools basic
Paperback, 212 pages, $9.00 $6.30 purpose, according to its own philosophers, is not education
in the traditional sense of the 3 Rs. Instead, it is to promote
In Your Justice democracy and equality, not in their legal or civic sense,
By Edward J. Murphy. The implications of Gods law over the but in terms of the engineering of a socialized citizenry. Such
life of man and society. men saw themselves and the school in messianic terms. This
Booklet, 36 pages, $2.00 book was instrumental in launching the Christian school and homeschool
Hardback, 410 pages, index, $20.00 $14.00

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Mathematics: Is God Silent? Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers
By James Nickel. This book revolutionizes the prevailing By Sam Blumenfeld. Provides parents, teachers and tutors
understanding and teaching of math. It will serve as a with a sensible, logical, easy-to-use system for teaching
solid refutation for the claim, often made in court, that reading. The Workbook teaches our alphabetic system
mathematics is one subject which cannot be taught from a - with its 26 letters and 44 sounds - in the following
distinctively Biblical perspective. sequence: First, the alphabet, then the short vowels and
consonants, the consonant digraphs, followed by the
Revised and enlarged 2001 edition, Paperback, 408 pages, $24.00
consonant blends, and finally the long vowels in their variety of spellings and
$16.80 our other vowels. It can also be used as a supplement to any other reading
The Foundations of Christian Scholarship program being used in the classroom. Its systematic approach to teaching
Edited by Gary North. These are essays developing the basic phonetic skills makes it particularly valuable to programs that lack such
implications and meaning of the philosophy of Dr. instruction.
Cornelius Van Til for every area of life. The chapters explore
Spiralbound, 180 pages, $25.00 $17.50
the implications of Biblical faith for a variety of disciplines.

Paperback, 355 pages, indices, $24.00 $16.80

The Alpha-Phonics Readers accompany the text of Sam
Blumenfelds Alpha-Phonics, providing opportunities
The Victims of Dick and Jane for students to read at a level that matches their progress
By Samuel L. Blumenfeld. Americas most effective critic through the text. These eleven readers move from simple
of public education shows us how Americas public schools sentences to paragraphs to stories, ending with poetry.
were remade by educators who used curriculum to create By the time a student completes this simple program, the
citizens suitable for their own vision of a utopian socialist phonetic reflex is well-established. This program has also
society. This collection of essays will show you how and been successfully used with functionally illiterate adults.
why Americas public education declined. $15.40
This set consists of eleven 12-page readers, totaling 132 pages, $22.00
Paperback, 266 pages, index, $22.00 $15.40
How to Tutor by Samuel Blumenfeld demystifies primary
education! Youll learn that you can teach subjects you
Revolution via Education already know without requiring specialized academic
By Samuel L. Blumenfeld. Blumenfeld gets to the root of training or degrees. Heres what youll discover:
our crisis: our spiritual state and the need for an explicitly
READING: In 117 lessons, teach any student to read
Christian form of education. Blumenfeld leaves nothing
virtually any word in a comprehensive phonics program
uncovered. He examines the men, methods, and means to
HANDWRITING: In 73 lessons, train any student to
the socialist project to transform America into an outright
develop the lost art of cursive handwriting
tyranny by scientific controllers.
ARITHMETIC: In 67 lessons, enable any student to master the essential
Paperback, 189 pages, index, $20.00 $14.00 calculation skills, from simple addition to long division

Lessons Learned From Years of Homeschooling Paperback, 271 pages, indices, $24.00 $16.80
By Andrea Schwartz. After nearly a quarter century of
homeschooling her children, Andrea experienced both the
accomplishments and challenges that come with being a American History & the Constitution
homeschooling mom. Discover the potential rewards of
making the world your classroom and Gods Word the This Independent Republic
foundation of everything you teach. By R. J. Rushdoony. Important insight into American
Paperback, 107 pages, index, $14.00 $9.80 history by one who could trace American development
in terms of the Christian ideas which gave it direction.
The Homeschool Life: Discovering Gods Way These essays will greatly alter your understanding of, and
to Family-Based Education appreciation for, American history.
By Andrea Schwartz. This book offers sage advice $11.90
Paperback, 163 pages, index, $17.00
concerning key aspects of homeschooling and gives
practical insights for parents as they seek to provide a
Christian education for their children. The Nature of the American System
By R. J. Rushdoony. Originally published in 1965, these
Paperback, 143 pages, index, $17.00 $11.90 essays were a continuation of the authors previous work,
This Independent Republic, and examine the interpretations
Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender: Read Aloud Stories of
and concepts which have attempted to remake and rewrite
Repentance and Forgiveness Americas past and present.
Andrea Schwartz compiled three stories drawn from her
family-life experiences to help parents teach children how Paperback, 180 pages, index, $18.00 $12.60
the faith applies to every area of life. They confront the
ugly reality of sin, the beauty of godly repentance, and the The Influence of Historic Christianity on Early America
necessity of forgiveness. The stories are meant to be read By Archie P. Jones. Early America was founded upon the
by parents and children together. The interactions and deep, extensive influence of Christianity inherited from
discussions that will follow serve to draw families closer together. the medieval period and the Protestant Reformation. That
Paperback, 61 pages, index, $10.00 $7.00 priceless heritage was not limited to the narrow confines
of the personal life of the individual, nor to ecclesiastical
structure. Christianity positively and predominately (though

28 Save 30% on ALL Orders Through Jan. 31, 2018 Faster Service at
not perfectly) shaped culture, education, science, literature, legal thought, Disc 22 The Monroe & Polk Doctrines
legal education, political thought, law, politics, charity, and missions. Disc 23 Voluntarism & Social Reform
$4.20 Disc 24 Voluntarism & Politics
Booklet, 88 pages, $6.00
Disc 25 Chief Justice John Marshall: Problems of Political Voluntarism
Biblical Faith and American History Disc 26 Andrew Jackson: His Monetary Policy
By R. J. Rushdoony. America was a break with the Disc 27 The Mexican War of 1846 / Calhouns Disquisition
neoplatonic view of religion that dominated the medieval Disc 28 De Toqueville on Democratic Culture
church. The Puritans and other groups saw Scripture as Disc 29 De Toqueville on Individualism
guidance for every area of life because they viewed its author Disc 30 Manifest Destiny
as the infallible Sovereign over every area. Disc 31 The Coming of the Civil War
Disc 32 De Toqueville on the Family/
Pamplet, 12 pages, $1.00 $.70
Aristocratic vs. Individualistic Cultures
Disc 33 De Toqueville on Democracy & Power
The United States: A Christian Republic Disc 34 The Interpretation of History, I
By R. J. Rushdoony. The author demolishes the modern Disc 35 The Interpretation of History, II
myth that the United States was founded by deists or Disc 36 The American Indian (Bonus Disc)
humanists bent on creating a secular republic. Disc 37 Documents: Teacher/Student Guides, Transcripts
Pamplet, 7 pages, $1.00 $.70 37 discs in album, Set of American History to 1865, $140.00 $98.00

The Future of the Conservative Movement The American Indian:

Edited by Andrew Sandlin. The Future of the Conservative A Standing Indictment of Christianity & Statism in America
Movement explores the history, accomplishments By R. J. Rushdoony. Americas first experiment with
and decline of the conservative movement, and socialism practically destroyed the American Indian.
lays the foundation for a viable substitute to todays In 1944 young R. J. Rushdoony arrived at the Duck
compromising, floundering conservatism. Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada as a missionary to
Booklet, 67 pages, $6.00 $4.20 the Shoshone and the Paiute Indians. For eight years he
lived with them, worked with them, ministered to them
and listened to their stories. He came to know them intimately, both as
The Late Great GOP and the Coming Realignment individuals and as a people. This is his story, and theirs.
By Colonel V. Doner. For more than three decades, most
Christian conservatives in the United States have hitched Paperback, 139 pages, $18.00 $12.60
their political wagon to the plodding elephant of the
Republican Party. This work is a call to arms for those
Our Threatened Freedom:
weary of political vacillation and committed more firmly A Christian View of the Menace of American Statism
than ever to the necessity of a truly Christian social order. R. J. Rushdoony reports on a mind-boggling collection of
absurdities by our legislators, bureaucrats, and judges
Booklet, 75 pages, $6.00 $4.20 from making it against the law for a company to go
out of business, to assigning five full-time undercover
American History to 1865 - NOW ON CD! agents to bust a little boy who was selling fishing worms
By R. J. Rushdoony. The most theologically complete without a license. Written some thirty years ago as radio
assessment of early American history availableideal commentaries, Rushdoonys essays seem even more timely
for students. Rushdoony describes not just the facts today as we are witnessing a staggering display of state intrusion into every
of history, but the leading motives and movements in area of life.
terms of the thinking of the day. Set includes 36 audio
CDs, teachers guide, students guide, plus a bonus CD Paperback, 349 pages, indices, $18.00 $12.60
featuring PDF copies of each guide for further use.
Disc 1 Motives of Discovery & Exploration I World History
Disc 2 Motives of Discovery & Exploration II
Disc 3 Mercantilism A Christian Survey of World History
Disc 4 Feudalism, Monarchy & Colonies/ The Fairfax Resolves 1-8 Includes 12 audio CDs, full text supporting the
Disc 5 The Fairfax Resolves 9-24 lectures, review questions, discussion questions,
Disc 6 The Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation and an answer key.
Disc 7 George Washington: A Biographical Sketch
Disc 8 The U. S. Constitution, I The purpose of a study of history is to shape the
Disc 9 The U. S. Constitution, II future. Too much of history teaching centers upon
Disc 10 De Toqueville on Inheritance & Society events, persons, or ideas as facts but does not recognize Gods providential
Disc 11 Voluntary Associations & the Tithe hand in judging humanistic man in order to build His Kingdom. History is
Disc 12 Eschatology & History God-ordained and presents the great battle between the Kingdom of God
Disc 13 Postmillennialism & the War of Independence and the Kingdom of Man. History is full of purposeeach Kingdom has its
Disc 14 The Tyranny of the Majority own goal for the end of history, and those goals are in constant conflict. A
Disc 15 De Toqueville on Race Relations in America Christian Survey of World History can be used as a stand-alone curriculum,
Disc 16 The Federalist Administrations or as a supplement to a study of world history.
Disc 17 The Voluntary Church, I Disc 1 Time and History: Why History is Important
Disc 18 The Voluntary Church, II Disc 2 Israel, Egypt, and the Ancient Near East
Disc 19 The Jefferson Administration, the Tripolitan War & the War of 1812 Disc 3 Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Jesus Christ
Disc 20 The Voluntary Church on the Frontier, I Disc 4 The Roman Republic
Disc 21 Religious Voluntarism & the Voluntary Church on the Frontier, II

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Disc 5 The Early Church & Byzantium
Disc 6 Islam & The Frontier Age Philosophy
Disc 7 New Humanism or Medieval Period
Disc 8 The Reformation The Death of Meaning
Disc 9 Wars of Religion So Called & The Thirty Years War By R. J. Rushdoony. Modern philosophy has sought
Disc 10 France: Louis XIV through Napoleon to explain man and his thought process without
Disc 11 England: The Puritans through Queen Victoria acknowledging God, His revelation, or mans sin.
Disc 12 20th Century: The Intellectual Scientific Elite Philosophers who rebel against God are compelled to
abandon meaning itself, for they possess neither the
12 CDs, full text, review and discussion questions, $90.00 $63.00 tools nor the place to anchor it. The works of darkness
championed by philosophers past and present need to be
The Biblical Philosophy of History exposed and reproved. In this volume, Dr. Rushdoony clearly enunciates
By R. J. Rushdoony. For the orthodox Christian who
each major philosophers position and its implications, identifies the
grounds his philosophy of history on the doctrine of
intellectual and moral consequences of each school of thought, and traces
creation, the mainspring of history is God. Time rests
the dead-end to which each naturally leads.
on the foundation of eternity, on the eternal decree of
God. Time and history therefore have meaning because Paperback, 180 pages, index, $18.00 $12.60
they were created in terms of Gods perfect and totally
comprehensive plan. The humanist faces a meaningless The Word of Flux:
world in which he must strive to create and establish meaning. Modern Man and the Problem of Knowledge
By R. J. Rushdoony. Modern man has a problem with
Paperback, 138 pages, $22.00 $15.40 knowledge. He cannot accept Gods Word about the world
or anything else, so anything which points to God must
James I: The Fool as King be called into question. This book will lead the reader to
By Otto Scott. In this study, Otto Scott writes about one understand that this problem of knowledge underlies the
of the holy fools of humanism who worked against the isolation and self-torment of modern man. Can you know
faith from within. This is a major historical work and anything if you reject God and His revelation? This book takes the reader
marvelous reading. into the heart of modern mans intellectual dilemma.

Hardback, 472 pages, $20.00 Paperback, 127 pages, indices, $19.00 $13.30
To Be As God: A Study of Modern Thought

Church History Since the Marquis De Sade

By R. J. Rushdoony. This monumental work is a series
of essays on the influential thinkers and ideas in modern
The Atheism of the Early Church times such as Marquis De Sade, Shelley, Byron, Marx,
By R. J. Rushdoony. Early Christians were called Whitman, and Nietzsche. Reading this book will help you
heretics and atheists when they denied the gods of understand the need to avoid the syncretistic blending of
Rome, and the divinity of the emperor. These Christians humanistic philosophy with the Christian faith.
knew that Jesus Christ, not the state, was their Lord and Paperback, 230 pages, indices, $21.00 $14.70
that this faith required a different kind of relationship to
the state than the state demanded. By What Standard?
Paperback, 64 pages, $12.00 $8.40 By R. J. Rushdoony. An introduction into the problems
of Christian philosophy. It focuses on the philosophical
system of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, which in turn is founded
The Foundations of Social Order: Studies in the Creeds
upon the presuppositions of an infallible revelation in
and Councils of the Early Church
the Bible and the necessity of Christian theology for all
By R. J. Rushdoony. Every social order rests on a creed,
philosophy. This is Rushdoonys foundational work on
on a concept of life and law, and represents a religion in
action. The basic faith of a society means growth in terms
of that faith. The life of a society is its creed; a dying Hardback, 212 pages, index, $14.00
creed faces desertion or subversion readily. Because of its
indifference to its creedal basis in Biblical Christianity, Van Til & The Limits of Reason
western civilization is today facing death and is in a life and death struggle By R. J. Rushdoony. The Christian must see faith in Gods
with humanism. revelation as opening up understanding, as thinking Gods
thoughts after Him, and rationalism as a restriction of
Paperback, 197 pages, index, $16.00 $11.20 thought to the narrow confines of human understanding.
Reason is a gift of God, but we must not make more of
The Relevance of the Reformed Faith (CD Set) it than it is. The first three essays of this volume were
The 2007 Chalcedon Foundation Fall Conference published in a small booklet in 1960 as a tribute to the
Disc 1: An Intro to Biblical Law - Mark Rushdoony thought of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, titled Van Til. The last four essays were
Disc 2: The Great Commission - Dr. Joe Morecraft written some time later and are published here for the first time.
Disc 3 Cromwell Done Right! - Dr. Joe Morecraft Paperback, 84 pages, index, $10.00 $7.00
Disc 4: The Power of Applied Calvinism - Martin Selbrede
Disc 5: The Powerlessness of Pietism - Martin Selbrede
Disc 6: Thy Commandment is Exceedingly Broad - Martin Selbrede
Disc 7: Dualistic Spirituality vs. Obedience - Mark Rushdoony
7 CDs, $56.00 $39.20

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The One and the Many: The Cure of Souls:
Studies in the Philosophy of Order and Ultimacy Recovering the Biblical Doctrine of Confession
By R. J. Rushdoony. This work discusses the problem By R. J. Rushdoony. In The Cure of Souls: Recovering
of understanding unity vs. particularity, oneness vs. the Biblical Doctrine of Confession, R. J. Rushdoony cuts
individuality. Whether recognized or not, every argument through the misuse of Romanism and modern psychology
and every theological, philosophical, political, or any other to restore the doctrine of confession to a Biblical
exposition is based on a presupposition about man, God, foundationone that is covenantal and Calvinistic.
and societyabout reality. This presupposition rules and Without a true restoration of Biblical confession, the
determines the conclusion; the effect is the result of a cause. And one such Christians walk is impeded by the remains of sin. This volume is an effort in
basic presupposition is with reference to the one and the many. The author reversing this trend.
finds the answer in the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity.
Hardback, 320 pages with index, $26.00 $18.20
Paperback, 375 pages, index, $26.00 $18.20
The Flight from Humanity:
A Study of the Effect of Neoplatonism on Christianity The Mythology of Science
By R. J. Rushdoony. Neoplatonism presents mans By R. J. Rushdoony. This book is about the religious
dilemma as a metaphysical one, whereas Scripture presents nature of evolutionary thought and how these religious
it as a moral problem. Basing Christianity on this false presuppositions underlie our modern intellectual paradigm.
Neoplatonic idea will always shift the faith from the The mythology of modern science is its religious
Biblical perspective. The ascetic quest sought to take devotion to the myth of evolution.
refuge from sins of the flesh but failed to address the
reality of sins of the heart and mind. In the name of humility, the ascetics Paperback, 134 pages, $17.00 $11.90
manifested arrogance and pride. This pagan idea of spirituality entered the
Alive: An Enquiry into the Origin and Meaning of Life
church and is the basis of some chronic problems in Western civilization.
By Dr. Magnus Verbrugge, M.D. This study is of major
Paperback, 84 pages, $13.00 $9.10 importance as a critique of scientific theory, evolution,
and contemporary nihilism in scientific thought. Dr.
Verbrugge, son-in-law of the late Dr. H. Dooyeweerd and
Psychology head of the Dooyeweerd Foundation, applies the insights
of Dooyeweerds thinking to the realm of science. Animism
and humanism in scientific theory are brilliantly discussed.
Politics of Guilt and Pity
By R. J. Rushdoony. From the foreword by Steve Schlissel: Paperback, 159 pages, $14.00 $9.80
Rushdoony sounds the clarion call of liberty for all who
Creation According to the Scriptures
remain oppressed by Christian leaders who wrongfully
Edited by P. Andrew Sandlin. Subtitled: A Presuppositional
lord it over the souls of Gods righteous ones. I pray that
Defense of Literal Six-Day Creation, this symposium by
the entire book will not only instruct you in the method and content of a
thirteen authors is a direct frontal assault on all waffling
Biblical worldview, but actually bring you further into the glorious freedom
views of Biblical creation. It explodes the Framework
of the children of God. Those who walk in wisdoms ways become immune
Hypothesis, so dear to the hearts of many respectability-
to the politics of guilt and pity.
hungry Calvinists, and it throws down the gauntlet to all
Hardback, 371 pages, index, $20.00 $14.00 who believe they can maintain a consistent view of Biblical
infallibility while abandoning literal, six-day creation.
Revolt Against Maturity
Paperback, 159 pages, $18.00 $12.60
By. R. J. Rushdoony. The Biblical doctrine of psychology is
a branch of theology dealing with man as a fallen creature
marked by a revolt against maturity. Man was created
a mature being with a responsibility to dominion and
cannot be understood from the Freudian child, nor the
Darwinian standpoint of a long biological history. Mans Making Sense of Your Dollars: A Biblical Approach to Wealth
history is a short one filled with responsibility to God. Mans By Ian Hodge. The author puts the creation and use
psychological problems are therefore a resistance to responsibility, i.e. a revolt of wealth in their Biblical context. Debt has put the
against maturity. economies of nations and individuals in dangerous straits.
This book discusses why a business is the best investment,
Hardback, 334 pages, index, $18.00 $12.60 as well as the issues of debt avoidance and insurance.
Paperback, 192 pages, index, $12.00 $8.40
By R. J. Rushdoony. For years this compact examination
of Freud has been out of print. And although both Freud Larceny in the Heart: The Economics of Satan and the
and Rushdoony have passed on, their ideas are still very Inflationary State
much in collision. Freud declared war upon guilt and By R.J. Rushdoony. First published under the title Roots of
sought to eradicate the primary source of Western guilt Inflation, the reader sees why envy often causes the most
Christianity. Rushdoony shows conclusively the error successful and advanced members of society to be deemed
of Freuds thought and the disastrous consequences of his criminals. The author uncovers the larceny in the heart of
influence in society. man and its results.
Paperback, 74 pages, $13.00 $9.10 Paperback, 144 pages, indices, $18.00 $12.60

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Biblical Studies Deuteronomy, Volume V
of Commentaries on the Pentateuch
If you desire to understand the core of Rushdoonys
Genesis, Volume I of Commentaries on the Pentateuch thinking, this commentary on Deuteronomy is one volume
By R. J. Rushdoony. In recent years, it has become you must read. The covenantal structure of this last
commonplace for both humanists and churchmen to book of Moses, its detailed listing of both blessings and
sneer at anyone who takes Genesis 1-11 as historical. curses, and its strong presentation of godly theocracy
Yet to believe in the myth of evolution is to accept provided Rushdoony with a solid foundation from which
trillions of miracles to account for our cosmos. Spontaneous generation, to summarize the central tenets of a truly Biblical worldviewone that is
the development of something out of nothing, and the blind belief in the solidly established upon Biblical Law, and can shape the future.
miraculous powers of chance, require tremendous faith. Theology without $31.50
literal six-day creationism becomes alien to the God of Scripture because it Hardback, index, 512 pages $45.00
turns from the God Who acts and Whose Word is the creative word and the
word of power, to a belief in process as god. Sermons on Deuteronomy - 110 lectures by R.J. Rushdoony on mp3 (2 CDs), $60.00
Save by getting the book and CD together for only $105.00 $73.50
Hardback, 297 pages, indices, $45.00 $31.50

Exodus, Volume II of Commentaries on the Pentateuch Now you can purchase the complete
By R. J. Rushdoony. Essentially, all of mankind is on set of five hardback volumes of the
some sort of an exodus. However, the path of fallen man Pentateuch for $150.00
is vastly different from that of the righteous. Apart from ($75 savings!)
Jesus Christ and His atoning work, the exodus of a fallen
humanity means only a further descent from sin into
death. But in Christ, the exodus is now a glorious ascent Pentateuch CD Set (4
into the justice and dominion of the everlasting Kingdom Commentary CD Sets)
of God. Therefore, if we are to better understand the gracious provisions By R. J. Rushdoony. Rushdoonys four CD
made for us in the promised land of the New Covenant, a thorough Commentaries on the Pentateuch (Exodus,
examination into the historic path of Israel as described in the book of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) in one set.
Exodus is essential. It is to this end that this volume was written.
$120... Thats 6 total MP3 CDs containing
Hardback, 554 pages, indices, $45.00 $31.50 383 sermons for $80 in savings!
Sermons on Exodus - 128 lectures by R.J. Rushdoony on mp3 (2 CDs), $60.00 $42.00
Save by getting the book and 2 CDs together for only $105.00 Chariots of Prophetic Fire: Studies in Elijah and Elisha
$73.50 By R. J. Rushdoony. As in the days of Elijah and Elisha,
it is once again said to be a virtue to tolerate evil and
Leviticus, Volume III of Commentaries on the Pentateuch condemn those who do not. This book will challenge you
By R. J. Rushdoony. Much like the book of Proverbs, any to resist compromise and the temptation of expediency.
emphasis upon the practical applications of Gods law is It will help you take a stand by faith for Gods truth in a
readily shunned in pursuit of more spiritual studies. culture of falsehoods.
Books like Leviticus are considered dull, overbearing, and
irrelevant. But man was created in Gods image and is Hardback, 163 pages, indices, $30.00 $21.00
duty-bound to develop the implications of that image by
obedience to Gods law. The book of Leviticus contains The Gospel of John
over ninety references to the word holy. The purpose, therefore, of this third By R. J. Rushdoony. Nothing more clearly reveals the
book of the Pentateuch is to demonstrate the legal foundation of holiness in gospel than Christs atoning death and His resurrection.
the totality of our lives. They tell us that Jesus Christ has destroyed the power
Hardback, 449 pages, indices, $45.00 $31.50 of sin and death. John therefore deliberately limits the
number of miracles he reports in order to point to and
Sermons on Leviticus - 79 lectures by R.J. Rushdoony on mp3 (1 CD), $40.00 $28.00 concentrate on our Lords death and resurrection. The
Save by getting the book and CD together for only $85.00 $59.50 Jesus of history is He who made atonement for us, died,
and was resurrected. His life cannot be understood apart from this, nor can
we know His history in any other light.
Numbers, Volume IV of Commentaries on the Pentateuch
By R. J. Rushdoony. The Lord desires a people who will Hardback, 320 pages, indices, $26.00 $18.20
embrace their responsibilities. The history of Israel in
the wilderness is a sad narrative of a people with hearts
Romans and Galatians
hardened by complaint and rebellion to Gods ordained
By R. J. Rushdoony. From the authors introduction:
authorities. They were slaves, not an army. They would
I do not disagree with the liberating power of the
recognize the tyranny of Pharaoh but disregard the servant-
Reformation interpretation, but I believe that it provides
leadership of Moses. God would judge the generation He
simply the beginning of our understanding of Romans,
led out of captivity, while training a new generation to conquer Canaan. The
not its conclusion.... The great problem in the churchs
book of Numbers reveals Gods dealings with both generations.
interpretation of Scripture has been its ecclesiastical
Hardback, index, 428 pages $45.00 $31.50 orientation, as though God speaks only to the church, and
commands only the church.
Sermons on Numbers - 66 lectures by R.J. Rushdoony on mp3 (1 CD), $40.00 $28.00
Save by getting the book and CD together for only $85.00 Hardback, 446 pages, indices, $24.00 $16.80

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Hebrews, James and Jude A Comprehensive Faith
By R. J. Rushdoony. The Book of Hebrews is a Edited by Andrew Sandlin. The Festschrift presented to
summons to serve Christ the Redeemer-King fully and R. J. Rushdoony on his 80th birthday featuring essays
faithfully, without compromise. When James, in his from Theodore Letis, Brian Abshire, Steve Schlissel, Joe
epistle, says that faith without works is dead, he tells Morecraft III, Jean-Marc Berthoud, Byron Snapp, Samuel
us that faith is not a mere matter of words, but it is of Blumenfeld, Christine and Thomas Schirrmacher, Herbert
necessity a matter of life. Pure religion and undefiled W. Titus, Ellsworth McIntyre, Howard Phillips, Ian
requires Christian charity and action. Anything short Hodge, and many more. Also included is a foreword by
of this is a self-delusion. Jude similarly recalls us to Jesus Christs apostolic John Frame and a brief biographical sketch by Mark Rushdoony.
commission, Remember ye the words which have been spoken before by
the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ (v. 17). Judes letter reminds us of Hardback, 244 pages, $23.00 $16.10
the necessity for a new creation beginning with us, and of the inescapable
triumph of the Kingdom of God. Noble Savages: Exposing the Worldview of Pornographers
and Their War Against Christian Civilization
Hardback, 260 pages, $30.00 $21.00 By R. J. Rushdoony. Rushdoony demonstrates that in
order for modern man to justify his perversion he must
Sermon on the Mount reject the Biblical doctrine of the fall of man. If there is no
By R. J. Rushdoony. So much has been written about the fall, the Marquis de Sade argued, then all that man does
Sermon on the Mount, but so little of the commentaries is normative. What is the problem? Its the philosophy
venture outside of the matters of the heart. The Beatitudes behind pornography the rejection of the fall of man
are reduced to the assumed meaning of their more popular that makes normative all that man does. Learn it all in this timeless classic.
portions, and much of that meaning limits our concerns $12.60
Paperback, 161 pages, $18.00
to downplaying wealth, praying in secret, suppressing
our worries, or simply reciting the Lords Prayer. The
In His Service: The Christian Calling to Charity
Beatitudes are the Kingdom commission to the new Israel of God, and
By R. J. Rushdoony. The Christian faith once meant that
R. J. Rushdoony elucidates this powerful thesis in a readable and engaging
a believer responded to a dark world by actively working
commentary on the worlds greatest sermon.
to bring Gods grace and mercy to others, both by word
Hardback, 150 pages, $20.00 $14.00 and by deed. However, a modern, self-centered church has
Sermon on the Mount CD Set (12 CDs), $96.00 $67.20 isolated the faith to a pietism that relinquishes charitable
Sermon on the Mount Book & CD Set (12 CDs), $99.00 $81.20 responsibility to the state. In this book, Rushdoony
elucidates the Christians calling to charity and its
Sermons in Obadiah & Jonah implications for Godly dominion.
By R. J. Rushdoony. In his study of Obadiah, Rushdoony
condemns the spiritual Edomites of our day who believe Hardback, 232 pages, $23.00 $16.10
evildoers have the power to frustrate the progress of the
Kingdom of God. In Jonah, he demonstrates that we play A House for God: Building a Kingdom-Driven Family
the part of Jonah when we second-guess God, complain Christian parents are called to establish Kingdom-driven
about the work He gives us, or are peevish when outcomes families. To aid in this calling, Christian author and
are not to our liking. education expert, Andrea Schwartz has carefully put
together this collection of essays entitled A House for God:
Paperback, 84 pages, indices, $9.00 $6.30 Building a Kingdom-Driven Family.
Paperback, 120 pages, $14.00 $9.80
Taking Dominion
Salvation and Godly Rule
By R. J. Rushdoony. Salvation in Scripture includes in its
Christianity and the State
meaning health and victory. By limiting the meaning
By R. J. Rushdoony. This book develops the Biblical view
of salvation, men have limited the power of God and the
of the state against the modern states humanism and
meaning of the Gospel. In this study R. J. Rushdoony
its attempts to govern all spheres of life. It reads like a
demonstrates the expanse of the doctrine of salvation as it
collection of essays on the Christian view of the state and
relates to the rule of the God and His people.
the return of true Christian government.
Paperback, 661 pages, indices, $35.00 $24.50
Hardback, 192 pages, indices, $18.00 $12.60

A Conquering Faith: Doctrinal Foundations for Christian

Tithing and Dominion
By Edward A. Powell and R. J. Rushdoony. Gods Reformation
Kingdom covers all things in its scope, and its immediate By William Einwechter. This monograph takes on
ministry includes, according to Scripture, the ministry the doctrinal defection of todays church by providing
of grace (the church), instruction (the Christian and Christians with an introductory treatment of six vital areas
homeschool), help to the needy (the diaconate), and many of Christian doctrine: Gods sovereignty, Christs Lordship,
other things. Gods appointed means for financing His Gods law, the authority of Scripture, the dominion
Kingdom activities is centrally the tithe. This work affirms mandate, and the victory of Christ in history.
that the Biblical requirement of tithing is a continuing aspect of Gods law- Paperback, 44 pages, $8.00 $5.60
word and cannot be neglected.
Hardback, 146 pages, index, $12.00 $8.40

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Predestination in Light of the Cross
By John B. King, Jr. The author defends the
predestination of Martin Luther while providing a
compellingly systematic theological understanding of
predestination. This book will give the reader a fuller
understanding of the sovereignty of God.
Paperback, 314 pages, $24.00 $16.80
A Word in Season: Daily Messages on the Faith for All of Life (7 Volumes)
By R. J. Rushdoony. In these pages, you wont find the overly introspective Sovereignty
musings of a Christian pietist; what youll discover are the hard-hitting By R. J. Rushdoony. The doctrine of sovereignty is a crucial
convictions of a man whose sole commitment was faithfulness to Gods law- one. By focusing on the implications of Gods sovereignty
word and representing that binding Word to his readers. over all things, in conjunction with the law-word of God,
$58.80 the Christian will be better equipped to engage each and
Get all 7 volumes as a set for only $84.00 every area of life.
Vol. 1, Paperback, 152 pages, $12.00 Vol. 2, Paperback, 144 pages, $12.00
Hardback, 519 pages, $40.00 $28.00
Vol. 3, Paperback, 134 pages, $12.00 Vol. 4, Paperback, 146 pages, $12.00
Vol. 5, Paperback, 176 pages, $12.00 Vol. 6, Paperback, 149 pages, $12.00 The Church Is Israel Now
Vol. 7, Paperback, 138 pages, $12.00 By Charles D. Provan. For the last century, Christians have
$8.40 each
been told that God has an unconditional love for persons
An Informed Faith: The Position Papers of R. J. Rushdoony racially descended from Abraham. Membership in Israel is
This beautiful three-volume collection of hardback said to be a matter of race, not faith. This book repudiates
books topically organizes ALL of Rushdoonys position such a racialist viewpoint.
papers (not only the 115 originally published in Roots $8.40
of Reconstruction, but also 118 later essays, including Paperback, 74 pages, $12.00
six recently discovered unpublished papers), AND it The Guise of Every Graceless Heart
features the most extensive indexing weve ever done By Terrill Irwin Elniff. An extremely important and fresh
featuring a general index, history index, Scripture study of Puritan thought in early America. On Biblical
index, and works cited index. and theological grounds, Puritan preachers and writers
Hardback, three volumes, 1125 pages, indices, $75.00 $52.50 challenged the autonomy of man, though not always

Theology Hardback, 120 pages, $7.00 $4.90

The Great Christian Revolution

Systematic Theology (in two volumes) By Otto Scott, Mark R. Rushdoony, R. J. Rushdoony, John
By R. J. Rushdoony. Theology belongs in the Lofton, and Martin Selbrede. A major work on the impact
pulpit, the school, the workplace, the family and of Reformed thinking on our civilization. Some of the
everywhere. Without a systematic application of studies, historical and theological, break new ground and
theology, too often people approach the Bible provide perspectives previously unknown or neglected.
with a smorgasbord mentality, picking and Hardback, 327 pages, $22.00 $15.40
choosing that which pleases them.
Keeping Our Sacred Trust
Hardback, 1301 pages, indices, $70.00 $49.00
Edited by Andrew Sandlin. This book is a trumpet blast
heralding a full-orbed, Biblical, orthodox Christianity. The
The Necessity for Systematic Theology hope of the modern world is not a passive compromise with
By R. J. Rushdoony. Scripture gives us as its underlying passing heterodox fads, but aggressive devotion to the time-
unity a unified doctrine of God and His order. Theology honored Faith once delivered to the saints.
must be systematic to be true to the God of Scripture.
Paperback, 167 pages, $19.00 $13.30
Booklet now part of the authors Systematic Theology.
Booklet, 74 pages, $2.00 $1.40 The Incredible Scofield and His Book
By Joseph M. Canfield. This powerful and fully
Infallibility and Interpretation documented study exposes the questionable background
By R. J. Rushdoony & P. Andrew Sandlin. The authors and faulty theology of the man responsible for the popular
argue for infallibility from a distinctly presuppositional Scofield Reference Bible, which did much to promote the
perspective. The question of Biblical infallibility rests dispensational system.
ultimately in ones belief about the character of God. Paperback, 394 pages, $24.00 $16.80
Paperback, 100 pages, $6.00 $4.20
Pierre Viret: The Angel of the Reformation
This publication marks the five-hundredth anniversary
Infallibility: An Inescapable Concept of the birth of Pierre Viret with the first full biography
By R. J. Rushdoony. Infallibility is an inescapable in English of this remarkable and oft-overlooked early
concept. If men refuse to ascribe infallibility to Reformer. R. A. Sheats pens the fascinating history
Scripture, it is because the concept has been transferred and life of this important early light of the Protestant
to something else. Booklet now part of the authors Reformation who, after nearly five centuries of relative
Systematic Theology. obscurity, is now enjoying a renewed interest in his history
Booklet, 69 pages, $2.00 $1.40 and scholarship. The republication comes at its proper

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time, inspiring future generations to continue the work of advancing Christs The Luxury of Words: Poems by R. J. Rushdoony
Kingdom throughout the world. By R. J. Rushdoony. This collection of poems reveal much
more about the man who dedicated his life to the premise
Hardback, 323 pages, $30.00 $21.00
that God speaks to all areas of life and thought. These 112
poems span over six decades, dating as far back at the mid-
Culture 1930s and culminating in the years before his death. This
poetry reveals Rushs concerns and fears, his outlook on
life, and the joy he experienced in serving Christ.
Toward a Christian Marriage
Paperback, 136 pages, $10.00 $7.00
Edited by Elizabeth Fellerson. The law of God makes
clear how important and how central marriage is. Our Faith & Wellness: Resisting the State Control of Healthcare
Lord stresses the fact that marriage is our normal calling.
by Restoring the Priestly Calling of Doctors
This book consists of essays on the importance of a proper
Statist regulations. Quackery. Addiction. These are the
Christian perspective on marriage.
modern symptoms of a disease that has infected Western
Hardback, 43 pages, $8.00 $5.60 medicine for thousands of years: the disease of humanism.
In a series of thirteen Medical Reports, R. J. Rushdoony
Back Again Mr. Begbie: traced the Christian and pagan roots of Western medicine
The Life Story of Rev. Lt. Col. R.J.G. Begbie OBE in history, and demonstrated how humanist thought has
This biography is more than a story of the three careers produced vicious fruit in both modern medical practices and in the expecta-
of one remarkable man. It is a chronicle of a son of tions of patients.
old Christendom as a leader of Christian revival in the
Paperback, 100 pages, $13.00 $9.10
twentieth century. Personal history shows the greater
story of what the Holy Spirit can and does do in the Good Morning Friends:
evangelization of the world.
A Collection of Weekly Radio Messages by R. J. Rushdoony
Paperback, 357 pages, $24.00 $16.80 From 1953 to 1956, Rushdoony gave weekly radio talks at
Santa Cruz, California station KSCO that reveal a perfect
Woman of the House: A Mothers Role blend of strong theology with poignant pastoral counsel.
in Building a Christian Culture These insightful, concise messages are so well done they
In true Titus 2 fashion, Andrea Schwartz challenges can be used for individual and group discipleship at any
women to reexamine several fundamental aspects of level.
motherhood in light of Scripture. Beginning with a
consideration of Gods character and concluding with an Paperback, 177 pages, $12.00 $8.40
invigorating charge to faithfulness, Andrea connects the
dots between Gods reality and a mothers duty. Eschatology
Paperback, 103 pages, $14.00 $9.80
Thy Kingdom Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation
Family Matters: Read Aloud Stories
By R. J. Rushdoony. Revelations details are often
of Responsibility and Self-Discipline perplexing, even baffling, and yet its main meaning is
Unless children are taught self-discipline early, they move clearit is a book about victory. It tells us that our faith
into their adult years without a sense of personal, familial, can only result in victory. This victory is celebrated in
or societal responsibility. The stories are meant to be Daniel and elsewhere, in the entire Bible. These eschatological texts make
read by parents and children together and serve as useful clear that the essential good news of the entire Bible is victory, total victory.
conversation starters to educate boys and girls so they can
be effective citizens in the Kingdom of God. Paperback, 271 pages, $19.00 $13.30

Paperback, 48 pages, $10.00 $7.00 Thine is the Kingdom: A Study of the Postmillennial Hope
False eschatological speculation is destroying the church
The Biblical Trustee Family: today, by leading her to neglect her Christian calling. In
Understanding Gods Purpose for Your Household this volume, edited by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., the reader
By Andrea Schwartz. Gods basic institution is the family, is presented with a blend of Biblical exegesis, theological
and the Biblical family lives and operates in terms of a reflection, and practical application for faithful Christian
calling greater than itself - the Kingdom of God. In an age living. Chapters include contemporary writers Keith A.
when the family is disparaged, warred against, and treated Mathison, William O. Einwechter, Jeffrey Ventrella, and
as a mere convention, it becomes the duty of Christians to Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., as well as chapters by giants of the
bring Gods plan for the family to listening ears. faith Benjamin B. Warfield and J.A. Alexander.
Paperback, 109 pages, $16.00 $11.20 Paperback, 260 pages, $22.00 $15.40
Empowered: Developing Strong Women for Kingdom Service Gods Plan for Victory
By Andrea Schwartz. Strong women are integral to By R. J. Rushdoony. The founder of the Christian
building a godly culture. In these essays, Andrea Schwartz Reconstruction movement set forth in potent, cogent
explores how Christs absolute authority, the protection of terms the older Puritan vision of the irrepressible
the trustee family, the justice of Gods law in abuse cases, advancement of Christs kingdom by His faithful saints
and the careful study of Scripture liberates and empowers employing the entire law-Word of God as the program for
the Christian woman to take her vital place in the cause of earthly victory.
Christs Great Commission.
Booklet, 41 pages, $6.00 $4.20
Paperback, 154 pages, $17.00 $11.90

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Fiction (Storehouse Press) The Temple (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 8)
King Ryons has led his tiny army into the heart of the Thunder Kings
dominion. Ahead lies the impregnable fortress of the enemy, defended by
the destructive powers of the ancient world. His enemies work to abolish his
kingdom and restore the defeated Oligarchy.
Paperback, 284 pages, $18.00 $11.20
The Throne (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 9)
By Lee Duigon. Nothing in the city of Obann is what it seems to be: evil
masquerades as good, while good must hide behind a semblance of evil. The
kings chief spy must pose as the usurpers trusted adviserbut will he be able
SAVE by to find the help he needs to mount a successful resistance?.
purchasing Paperback, 270 pages, $18.00 $11.20
the entire
nine volume Hidden In Plain Sight (Bubble Head Series, Vol. 1)
By M. G. Selbrede. Young physicist Jenna Wilkes has
set for only done the impossibleand the whole scientific world
154.00 is shaking on its pillars. Could it be that conventional
$107.80 science has misunderstood the very fabric of the
Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 1)
universe? Could there be infinitely more to it than
By Lee Duigon. The world is going to end as soon as Jack and Ellayne
anyone has ever guessed? Could sciences whole concept
ring the bell on top of Bell Mountain. No one has ever climbed the
of reality be ... unreal?
mountain, and no one has ever seen the bell. But the children have a divine
Paperback, 334 pages, $15.00 $10.50
calling to carry out the mission, and it sweeps them into high adventure.
Paperback, 288 pages, $14.00 $9.80
The Journal of Christian Reconstruction
The Cellar Beneath the Cellar (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 2)
By Lee Duigon. A worlds future lies buried in its distant past. Barbarian
Vol. 2, No. 1, Symposium on Christian Economics $6.50 $2.60
armies swarm across the mountains. A boy and a girl must find the holy
writings that have been concealed for 2,000 years; and the man who was sent Vol. 2, No. 2, Symposium on Biblical Law $6.50 $2.60
to kill them must now protect them at all costs. Vol. 5, No. 1, Symposium on Politics $6.50 $2.60
Paperback, 288 pages, $16.00 $11.20 Vol. 5, No. 2, Symposium on Puritanism and Law $6.50 $2.60
The Thunder King (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 3) Vol. 7, No. 1, Symposium on Inflation $6.50 $2.60
By Lee Duigon. The Thunder Kings vast army encamps against the city, but Vol. 10, No. 1, Symposium on the Media and the Arts $6.50 $2.60
treason brews inside the city walls. The tiny army of the Lord is on the march Vol. 10, No. 2, Symposium on Christianity and Business $6.50 $2.60
in bold obedience to a divine command; but the boy king, Ryons, marches Vol. 11, No. 1, Symposium on the Reformation in the Arts and Media $6.50 $2.60
all alone across an empty land. The Lost Books of Scripture have been found. Vol. 11, No. 2, Symposium on the Education of the Core Group $6.50 $2.60
Paperback, 288 pages, $16.00 $11.20 Vol. 12, No. 1, Symposium on the Constitution and Political Theology $6.50 $2.60
The Last Banquet (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 4) Vol. 12, No. 2, Symposium on the Biblical Text and Literature $6.50 $2.60
By Lee Duigon. In the wake of a barbarian invasion, chaos sweeps across Vol. 13, No. 1, Symposium on Change in the Social Order $6.50 $2.60
Obann. The boy king and his faithful chiefs try to restore order before the Vol. 13, No. 2, Symposium on Decline & Fall of the West/Return of Christendom $6.50 $2.60
Heathen come again - not knowing that this time, the Thunder King himself
Vol. 14, No. 1, Symposium on Reconstruction in the Church and State $6.50 $2.60
will lead his armies.
Paperback, 338 pages, $18.00 $12.60 Vol. 14, No. 2, Symposium on the Reformation $6.50 $2.60
Vol. XV, Symposium on Eschatology $6.50 $3.80
The Fugitive Prince (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 5) Vol. XVI, The 25th Anniversary Issue $9.50 $3.80
By Lee Duigon. The powers wielded by the men of ancient times destroyed
all their cities in a single day. Will those powers now be turned against Journal of Christian Reconstruction Set $100.00 $46.60!
Obann? There is a new Thunder King in the East, and new threats against
the West. Special CD Message Series by Rushdoony
Paperback, 370 pages, $18.00 $12.60

The Palace (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 6) A History of Modern Philosophy The United States Constitution
By Lee Duigon. In the sixth installment of the Bell Mountain Series, Gods 8 CDs) $64.00 $44.80 (4 CDs) $32.00 $22.40
judgment hangs over the great city of Obann; but in the endless maze of Epistemology: The Christian Economics, Money & Hope
halls and corridors and offices inside the Palace, power-hungry men enter (3 CDs) $24.00 $16.80
Philosophy of Knowledge
into secret dealings with Obanns archenemy, the Thunder King.
(10 CDs) $80.00 $56.00
Paperback, 321 pages, $18.00 $12.60 Postmillennialism in America
Apologetics (2 CDs-2 lectures per disc) $20.00 $14.00
The Glass Bridge (Bell Mountain Series, Vol. 7)
(3 CDs) $24.00 $16.80
By Lee Duigon. Can faith do what pride and power cant? In obedience to A Critique of Modern Education
God, the boy king, Ryons, with only half his tiny army, crosses the mountains The Crown Rights of Christ the King (4 CDs) $32.00 $22.40
to invade the Thunder Kings domains. (6 CDs) $48.00 $33.60
Paperback, 308 pages, $18.00 $12.60 English History
(5 CDs) $40.00 $28.00

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Our Faith Should Be An Informed One
Now You Can Have All of Rushdoonys Position Papers
and Research Them Like Never Before with This
Attractive Three-Volume Hardback Set!

O ur faith should be an informed one because

the God who created all things speaks
to every sphere of life, and all facts should be
studied in light of the revelation of God in
Scripture. This is the foundation of Christian
For R. J. Rushdoony, true government was
the self-government of the Christian life in terms
of Gods law, so he wrote his position papers
to better equip Christians to apply their faith
to all of life. His objective was not to empower
Only $7500
the state, or the organized church, but rather to
$ 50
SAVE 30%
call every person and institution to Gods Word,
1125 Pages Indices which often put him at odds with both church
and state.

Topically organized, and it features the

most extensive indexing weve ever done!

T his beautiful three-volume collection of hardback books topically organizes ALL of Rushdoonys
position papers (not only the 115 originally published in Roots of Reconstruction, but also 118
later essays, including six recently discovered unpublished papers), AND it features the most extensive
indexing weve ever done on any series of books in the history of Chalcedon/Ross House Books
featuring a general index, history index, Scripture index, and works cited index.
Order Your Copy Today at or Use the Enclosed Order Form
U.S. Postage

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Equipping You to Advance His Kingdom
P.O. Box 158 Vallecito, CA 95251-9989
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Fax: (209) 736-0536
November-December 2017


F ar from carrying out its Biblical mandate to be a
terror to evildoers, civil government in America
has increasingly become a terror to its law-abiding
R. J. Rushdoony reports on a mind-boggling
collection of absurdities by our legislators,
bureaucrats, and judgesfrom making it against
the law for a company to go out of business, to
assigning five full-time undercover agents to bust
a little boy who was selling fishing worms without
a license. Written some thirty years ago as radio
commentaries, Rushdoonys essays seem even
more timely today as we are witnessing a staggering
display of state intrusion into every area of life.
Throughout these concise, insightful essays, you
will see that true and lasting freedom is the end
result of responsible, faithful Christians exercising
self-government in terms of Gods Word.
Paperback, 349 pages, Indices
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