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Sura Juma (62), 4 steps of self-transformation.

4 names of Allah in the beginning of Sura.

The King, The Pure, The Authority, The Wise (Malik, Qudoos, Aziz, Hakeem)

Once you are in the company of King, there is an awe, you have to follow certain
Company of pure draws people towards them, even pure environment attracts you.
Authority that commands respect, Nobel, when authority or nobel invites you, you dont
deny, you want to be with them. You dont part to part company.
Wise people are few and far, if you find one they are very sought after, if they make
time out for you, you will take all opportunity make best of the time. You will not do
anything else in the company.

King and Authority names go together, and pure and wise go together. FAR

King and Authority, you approach with humility. Not an intimate relationship. NEAR

Pure and Wise is different it has intimate and close relationship with you.

To purify your heart, Qudoos

Purify your mind, Hakeem.

This close and Far relationship is a lot in Quran. You have to have relationship with Allah keeping both
sides in mind, he is best friend and he is authority. You have to be hopeful and a fear as well to keep the
balance. Relationship has to be balanced between close and far.

4 Task given to Prophet for transformation.

1) Recites the Ayat

2) Purifies the people
3) Teaches the law
4) Teaches the wisdom.

Something in the words that has transformed the word.

Analogy, small primitive village. An ambassador came from king to the village. He tells them that he
came from King, they dont know about the king, he gives some signs about the king, and invites them to
king. So they need to be prepared to be presented in from of King. (Purifies) then they need to learn the

Prophet was from within the society, so today if a change needs to be made it has to be from
within the particular society, e.g Pakistan, Indonesia, they have to localize the message.

Ayats are to proof that he is the messenger, these words are not from him but from Allah.
They will be in Awe of Allah words. (KING / MALIK) & SIGNS
Once you accept it is from Allah. You contemplate on the words of Allah, this purifies the
thing, emotions thoughts etc (PURE / QUDOOS) PURIFIES
Then we need to learn the laws, they are in Quran as well. E.g Alcohol was banned, it was
banned in the start, it came at the third stage, (Authority /AZIZ ) LAWGIVER
Teaches them wisdom, means you continually keep on learning and refining yourself.
Learning the law is not the endwisdom tells you the reason behind the laws. Wisdom is
a lifelong pursuit. (WISDOM/HAKEEM) TEACHS WISDOM
This is for the people who are lost for ages. This is a remedy for them to transform, if they
can transform anyone can.

Last part of ayat there are some people who have not joined yet, names of Aziz and Hakeem
mentioned again.

Self-transformation as a whole.

When Prophet changed and the people around him changed, how did they do that? There emotions,
behavior everything changed, not only individual but the whole society changed. Within 23
years, now 5th of world is Muslim.

Heart changes everything changes, heart has light it lights the surroundings as well.

Steps to approach Quran on Bayyinah

1) Study Fathia (do get in awe of it)

2) Divine speech (this is only from Allah)
3) Thematic overview of the Quran (certain passages from Quran)
4) Concise commentary of Quran.
5) Deeper Look