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NBA Criteria 7

7.1 Actions taken based on the results of evaluation of each of the POs & PSOs

7.1.1. Pos and PSOs Attainment Levels and Actions for Improvement

Course Closure report (2015-16 & 2016-2017)

The course handling faculty should prescribe

and adopt a remedial action plan by referring
Chair Person , Individual Subject Handling
to the short comings (if any), identified in the
Faculty members
previous course closure report (2015-2016).
The remedial action should be reflected in the
newly formulated course plan

7.1.2. Actions taken based on the results of evaluation of each of the POs & PSOs

POs Target Attainment Observations

level level
PO1: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an
Specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

Attainment is low in the following subjects

Observations :
PO1 ***** ******

*The above format should be made for successive POs and PSOs

7.2. Academic Audit and actions taken thereof during the period of Assessment
7.2.1 List of Internal Quality Assurance Committee members (HoD, Members from within the
department, Member from other department)

7.2.2 Activities before commencement of classes (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)

Details with relevant information as per 7.1 Date

a. Submission of staff requirement (if any) request
to the Principal.
b. Electives selection

c. Subject allocation to faculty members

d. Lab manual preparation, if any

e. College level calendar of events

f. Departmental calendar of events

g. Time table preparation

h. Course plan

i. List of students approved by Principals office

7.2.3. Activities after commencement of classes

Details with relevant information as per 7.1 Date
(Ex. Every day or Every week, Every
a. Class monitoring and students attendance
b. Class room teaching quality (theory and lab

c. Performance of students in Internal Tests and

actions initiated for poor performance.
d. Students attendance and counseling, if needed.

e. Information on attendance and IA marks to be

sent to parents / guardians
f. Display of time table for practical examinations

g. Finalization of IA marks and attendance

h. Performance in Semester End examinations For ex: Within a week after the
declaration of university results

7.3 Placement and Higher studies

Required Information

Item LYG (P1) LYGm1 (P2) LYGm2 (P3)

Number of students admitted
corresponding to LYG including lateral entry(N)
***** ***** ****
Number of students who obtained jobs as
per there record of placement office(x1)

Number of students who found

employment otherwise at the end of the final year (x2)


Number of students who opted for higher

studies with valid qualifying scores/ranks (y) -

Average placement(x+y)/N

Average placement(P1, P2, P3)

Assessment points

* Latest Year of Graduation

7.4 Improvement in the quality of students admitted to the program