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Institute of Business Management

Karachi, 75190


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Dear Sir:

We are pleased to inform you that we have brought a solution to address two wheeler road accident
problems in Pakistan that will not only boost your sales but also support a safer economical
transportation in the country.

Approximately 1.1 million of motor cycles are sold per year. Research shows that 36% of two wheeler
accidents occur due to forgetting to lift side-stand consequently fatality or permanent injury making
bike a dangerous way of transportation. Presently in Pakistan, there is no safety /alert device is installed
in motor cycles for prevention. A solution to address this problem is suggested as


1. Install buzzer/ light to alert the rider if side stand is open during the ride (Approx. cost 150 Rs
per item)
2. Install auto side closing mechanism (Approx. cost 2000 Rs per item)

This project is easy to fabricate, requires minimum installation cost, enhance safety of rides and above
all, applicable to all kinds of bikes.

This proposal is based on our current understanding of need of time. We would love to collaborate with
your team to further refine this proposal and look forward for further discussion with you further.

Sincerely yours

Mohammad Aqib Aziz Khan and team