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10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa


Matam is Totally Haram by Shias Own Books

zarbehaq 3 years ago

Evidence no:1

Let us rst read the Fiqh book of Shias i-e Nahjul Balagha

Nahjul Balagha Part 3 page 745 Irshad 322

Hazrat Ali(R.A) aik jaga sy guzery to kuch orten Maqtooleen per Giryah ker rahy then
itny men os qabeely ky sardar ap ky khidmat men hazer hoye to Hazrat Ali R.A os per
naraz hoye or kaha ky kiya tomhara bas in orton per nahy chalta ky inhen giryah
kerny sy maana ker sako

Short and Rough Translation:

Hazrat Ali (rd) going from one place when he saw some women doing (Matam)
(moaning crying hurting ownself), at certain moment the leader of that tribe came in.
Hazrat Ali(rd) was very upset with him and asked him that you even do not control
these women (ie, to stop them from doing this).

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10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

Evidence no:2

Farogh-e-Ka is like Sahih Muslim of the Shias let us read what it say about it.

Farogh-e-ka vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:78 hadees:7 page:328

Hazrat Muhammed(s.a.w) ky farzand Tahir ka jab inteqal hoa to App(s.a.w) ny bibi

Khadeja ko Rony sy manna kiya or farmayah kiya tum Is per Razi nahy ky osy Janat ky
darwazy per khara pao

When Hazrat Muhammad (sall allhu alehiwasalam)s son Tahir died, You stopped
Hazrat Khadija from moaning and crying (for the child) and said dont you want to
see him standing on the door of Paradise?.

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Some More Scans with Same prohibition for beating own self or crying and torchure
like Shias do 2/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

Another Evidence 3/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

Yet Another from the same book 4/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

More Evidence:

Book name Hayat-ul-Quloob vol.2 page-994 Ch:62

Translation in short: Prophet alehisalam said about four things will be there in my
ummah and one among them is moaning and crying which is prohibited.

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More Evidence:

khisaal-as-sadooq , pg:109 , bab:4 , sheikh-as-sadooq

Noha geeri ki majlis men shirkat walon ko Allah mon ke bal jahanum men phenke
Allah will throw those people to hellre who will join Majlises. 5/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

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More Evidence: again

Hayat-ul-quloob , jild:2 , bab:63 , pg:1008

Huzoor(s.a.w) ne Hazrat Fatima (r.a) se farmaya ke mere jane ke bad tum na mujh
per gham kerna , na apne chehre ko zakhmi kerna , na apne balon ko pareshaan kerna
, na noha kerna aur na noha kerne walon ko bulana.

Short Translation: Prophet alehisalam said to Fatima (rd) that after my demise do not
cry and do not harm your face, . (ie do not moan neither hurt yourself nor cry).

For full reading Click the Scan Folder 6/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

Now Presenting Some More and utmost Authentic Scans and Rulings of Shias own

On the Prohibition of beating and doing torture (matam)


He Prohibited the torchure and making ourselves blooded and guys he is not ordinary
mulla of Shias but he is Ayatullah Khaminee 7/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa 8/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa 9/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa 10/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa

Another Reference:

When Imam Hussain (Rd) was on the battle of Karbala, before martyr he gave his will
to Syada Zeenat (rd) by saying O my beloved sister! i swear you. if i am martyred, dnt
do Matam, neither hurt your face (slapping) nor snatch your face with nails. (i-e
Dont do Matam)
Ref : Book Al-Irshad Vol 2 11/12
10/12/2016 MatamisTotallyHarambyShiasOwnBooksMakashfa


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