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Deonte Foxx

Professor Jacobs

English 132

15 November 2017

The Perfect Person

Nathaniel Hawthorne, The birthmark there is a beautiful young lady name Georgiana, who is

married to a scientist named Aylmer, her husband did love her dearly but he couldnt just see the

beautiful within all because of a birthmark shaped as a hand on his wifes cheek. The story is set

in the late 18 century during the time when women werent treated like prize possession they

were treated like property in a sense; they were expected to do anything to please their husbands.

Aylmer just wanted his wife to perfect even though she was to other men in the town

The process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body, especially by the transfer of tissue

either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons. In creating beauty to cure the soul

doctors proposes that clinical definitions of unhappiness with the body developed out of theories

of race that held people to be immutably corrupt in appearance and character.

In the Birth mark Aylmer uses the potions to try to secure his wife birthmark that doesnt make

her so unperfected where he end ups being the reason that his wife ends up dead. In todays

world plastic surgery can be a bad thing, So many things can go wrong such as doing to the

wrong doctor and everything could go wrong.

Gilman argues that a shift in the cultural understanding and representation of the popular plastic

surgery to offend the Jews .in the article Gilman explains how the surgery on people nose causes

others to be offended because they take pride in what they have, but in the birth mark Aylmer

loved his wife but he couldnt just do anything because she had that birthmark which came

naturally for her too. Others around town thought she was the perfect women and didnt see any

flaws in her.

The perfect person doesnt exist in a world that lack perfection between the two articles they

both have similarities where one person doesnt like how they were made to they get something

changed and it doesnt work out for the better for them. Hawthorne story was written way before

plastic surgery was popular to the world, people couldnt have a doctor perfect them. Aylmer

uses poisons that ended up being the reason of his wife death. Making the body Beautiful is a

more comprehensive study than creating beauty says Deborah Covino the author of A cultural

History of Aesthetic surgery. in the story The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne talks

about how he wants the perfect women .in todays world the perfect person does not exists in the

article Convino explains how the different types of approaches and types or plastic surgery that

people get to make their self-look as perfect as they can get in their eyes . All feminist activity,

including feminist theory literary criticism has its ultimate goal to change the world prompting

gender equality

21st century women were not subservient to their mans as women were back in the 18th century

.many feel the need to change the appearance to feed on to the mans ego. But changing the

appearance could also have women end up dead or not quite what they thought they would look

like. But isnt the case for all women today, many feel that it is expected once they get a little

money they have to look like a Barbie doll or the a mans trophy wife.

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