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Gabby Rosales



Meditation has given me the confidence about knowing life and what to experience

throughout my whole life of learning. It has gained many things to knowledge what life is about.

Learning about the presence of silence, simplicity, and solitude was very interesting to learn. It is

simply inviting ourselves to be confident and to interface with this moment in full awareness. We

can find the symphony of forgetfulness throughout the meditations of life.

We can learn how to present ourselves by meditating on what we feel and what we think

of in our lifetime. We can arrive at each moment for ourselves and gain many opportunities. We

can fulfill our destiny by relaxing our minds from the stress, depression, and anger. We can walk

with beauty all around us as we can walk the Beauty way. Learning about beauty and what we

can feel about beauty is amazing and very interesting. It is unique to realize what beauty can

really be while knowing what it is in meditation.

I have learned many things in this class and from the book. I also love my teacher

because she is great at teaching. She has taught us to become more confident in ourselves and

helps us gain better opportunities in our lifetime. Learning about different kinds of meditations

were very interesting to learn about.

I didnt know there were different meditations throughout the entire world. It has helped

me throughout the stress and depression I went through because of negativity in my life. Taking

this class was a great experience for me. I love how the students in this class was willing to tell
their personal things that has happened to them and that is why they do meditation to feel the

confidence of themselves and feel the freedom they deserve.

I really like learning about candle gazing because I never done it before and doing in

class was amazing. Candle gazing is like so peaceful to watch and to feel its vibration through

the flame. I really thought it was great because you can feel the flame move and the heat while

meditating peacefully. It is like a glowing light in front of your face, the flame going back and

forth. Candle gazing gives self-protection, better sleep, great dreams to dream about, less tension,

and serenity.

Becoming to realize it is better to let go of the tension and the stress that is building up in

your body. The tension and stress has been released from your body because of the meditation. It

can guide you through the positive way and helps you to remember to be as much confident as

you can be. Right at that moment, you touch the core of your well-being and invite mindfulness

to enter and heal it. It is greater to plant our intention and cultivate our compassion of life.

I learn about RAIN. R stands for Recognize, A stands for Allow, I stands for Investigate,

and N stands for Nurture which I felt in peace learning about it. You can express more emotion if

you put your hand over your heart or your belly to feel the relaxation of your body. It is about the

control in balance, resilience, gut instinct, and the boundaries around us. It has been very

interesting to learn about this because it is nice to know something new out of it.

It is beautiful to realize that I can trust my intuitive wisdom through many meditations of

life. I love to know I can honor my personal truth about life and that I can fulfill my destiny of

knowing where I can stand. When we do honor our personal truth, we can grow internally.

Knowing about our wisdom and our personal truth has helped us become better people in life and

that we can overcome powerful incomes in our lifetime.

In the book, I have learned about Patience, Trust, Generosity, Concentration, Standing

Meditation, Harmony, Karma, and Anger. The readings were very unique and interesting to

read because learning about them is a way to help you to better yourself for your life and for

your well-being.

The first one is Patience because it has provided to a rich soil in which seeds of

mindfulness can be flourished. It is tilling the soil of life for our own mind and ensuring that it

can serve as a source of clarity, compassion, and right action in our lives. Inner qualities can be

only cultivated and this only when you have reached the point where your inner motivation is

strong enough to want to cease contributing to your own suffering and confusion.

The second one is Trust because it is a feeling of confidence or conviction that things can

unfold within a dependable framework that embodies order and integrity. If we trust ourselves,

we can find a powerful stabilizing element that embraces security, balance and openness. Within

the trusting, intuitively guides us through the positive and negative and protects us from harm or

self-destruction. Feeling state of trust is very important in our lives, if we dont trust in our

ability to observe, to be open and attentive, or to reflect upon experience, we would hardly

persevere in cultivating any of the abilities.

The third one is Generosity because it is like patience, letting go, non-judging, and trust.

It provides a solid foundation for mindfulness practice and you can experiment the cultivation of

generosity as a vehicle for deep self-observation and inquiry as an exercise of giving. Practicing

can be a good feeling to deserve enough to accept those gifts without obligation to simply

receive from yourself and from the universe.

The fourth one is Concentration because it is a cornerstone of mindfulness practice. Our

mindfulness will only be as robust as the capacity of your mind to be calm, stable and peaceful.

We can think of concentration as the capacity of the mind to sustain an unwavering attention on

one object of observation. Concentration can be called samadhi which is onepointdness. It is

developed and deepened by continuing to bring the attention back to the breath every time it

wanders. The great stability and calmness which comes with one pointed concentration practice

from the foundation for the cultivation of mindfulness.

The fifth one is Standing Meditation because it talks about trees. You can feel your feet

developing roots into the ground. You can feel your body sway gently like trees do in the breeze

from the winds. Stay put of the touch of your breathing, drink in what is in front of you, or keep

your eyes closed and sense your surroundings. Feel the tree closest to you, listen to it, feel its

presence, and touch it with your body and mind. Learning about this is very interesting because

we can feel like we are a tree and we can feel how the presence is around being a tree. We can

work for being in touch with the air of our skin, the feel of the feet with contact on the ground,

the wonderful sounds of the world, the dance of light and color and shadow, and the dance of the


The sixth one is Harmony because it reminds us how little we humans know, and how

little we appreciate harmony, or even see it exist. Natures harmony is all around us and within

us every single day. We perceive it as a occasion for great happiness but sometimes we often see

it as a retrospect. Our abilities such as walking, seeing, thinking, and peeing take care of

ourselves and so blend into the landscape of automaticity and unawareness. The only things that

wakes us and brings into focus is the pain, the fear, and the loss.
The seventh one is Karma because it means it can happen at anytime of our lives. Every

cause of karma can affect that its measures and its consequences at the non-quantum level of life.

When we speak about someones karma, it can mean that total of the persons direction of life

and the tenor of the things that occur around that person. Karma can be wrongly confused with

the notion of a fixed destiny. Its easy to become imprisoned by our own karma and to think that

our cause will always lie elsewhere with other people and the conditions beyond our control,

never within ourselves.

The last one is Anger because we sometimes feel anger throughout our lives. We gain

anger because some people in our lives makes us angry for no reason or discover they have hurt

us in a way. There is a price we pay for being attached to a narrow view of being correct.

Without care and awareness, we have small-minded feeling states can dominate that very

moment. Anger happens all the time and it can affect us all for many reasons in our lives. The

collective pain we have caused others because of anger bleeds our souls and affects us to be

better people in the world. Its hard admit to ourselves that self-tinged anger may be something

we indulge in and surrender to far too often.