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Harmony Public Schools High School Graduation Requirements

In order for a student to graduate from Harmony Public Schools, the student must fulfill:
1. HPS High School Credit Requirements (Below)
2. Passing Score on the 5 Texas State Assessments (STAAR)
3. Admission by a 4-Year College
4. Minimum 100 Community Service Hours1
Course-by-Credit Summary
Harmonys High School Program is designed to ensure acceptance, enrollment, and success in 4-year universities, and
requires the following coursebycredit plan for all students, regardless of the plan they choose to graduate. Exceptions
may apply to students receiving Special Education services. Harmonys High School Program ensures high accountability
of the new graduation plans mandated by 83rd Texas Legislatures House Bill 5. Following the plan below ensures
achieving higher graduation plans: Foundation Plan with Endorsement or Distinguished Graduation.

How to Earn Credits

Courses vary from one to two semesters in length. Students can earn a half credit for each semester course and a whole
credit for a year-long course*. Students earn credits when they pass their courses with the minimum of 70%
average and meet 90% attendance requirement. Each semester stands alone. Semesters are not averaged
together except in cases of student progression plan. Students must retake classes if loss of credit occurs. Speak
with your counselor for details.

Student Classification / Promotion

Freshman (9th) must have been promoted from the 8th grade.
Sophomore (10th) must have satisfactorily completed 6 credits.
Junior (11th) must have satisfactorily completed 12 credits.
Senior (12th) must have satisfactorily completed 18 credits by the beginning of the fall semester of the school
year in which the student expects to graduate.

- Excerpt from Harmony Public Schools Program Guide, p. 17. and Student Handbook pg. 47

For questions about your students graduation plans status, credits or recovery plans, please contact our High School Academic Counselors:
Mr. Said (Seniors) or Ms. Realyvasquez (9-11th Grade)