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When it comes to the topic of media, most of us will readily agree that journalists are held back
by certain restraints such as pandering, biases, and the ever changing public mood especially in
times of war. Where this argument usually ends, however, is on the question of is this a good or
bad thing. Whereas some are convinced that these obstacles have not gone far enough, others
maintain that the cost is our objectivity in favor of bias and subjectivity.

Want vs need
Commercial, bad news, status quo, access, visual, narrative, fairness
Public mood
Good or bad
These are the crux of our news media

Especially in times of war more in depth

Gov need public to need (pandering)---Gladstone
Patriotism---find text example

Provide biases for general public

Keep the stories moving (commercial)---Gladstone
Keep the public interested in the result of the war effort
May be used as propaganda to create hatred of opposer
Hate media---Hoffman
Call to action

Bad news
Propaganda fuel
Insite hate
Call to action
Status quo
Propaganda can fuel dislike of change/ potential change if effort is
Anti war vs anti civil change
More effective if fighting in home territory
Call to action

Images to make situation real for the public
Propaganda fuel
Emotional appeal
Call to action
Personal stories
Propaganda fuel
Make real the situation on a humanistic/personal level
Call to action
Equal time to alternative action