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The uses of electronic media had become a part in everyone's life.

According to Xie-Connell
(2015), electronic media is the media that one can share on any electronic device for the
audiences viewing, unlike static media electronic is broadcasted to the wider community. One
cannot avoid by using the electronic media in his or her daily life as the world now is getting
more advance. Electronic media provide us with large amount of messages that influence and
affect us in many ways. Our media world has changed from one of limited choices to a world of
information and entertainment overload (Medoff and Kaye, 2017). In general, types of electronic
media includes television, internet and smart phones (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1).

Television, which is referred to as TV is one of the electronic medias. Television was invented
by John Logie Baird and started in India in September 1959. The invention of television has
affect everyone's life. It is one of the greatest miracles in science. Now, one can see live show by
just sitting in front of the television, for example watching a football match and also concert.
From the very beginning when the television is new invented, not everyone could afford to buy a
television. Most of the families only have a radio in their homes. On the radio set, one could only
hear the voice by the speaker but on television, one can even see his own picture. However,
television makes a big turning point. It makes this world become more advance. Television
enables people to get up to date with what is going on through watching news channel. To get to
know the newest information from our surrounding, our country and also around the world is not
a problem after the invention of television. The invention of television enables everyone for
watching geographical channel to increase their knowledge, especially children who feels bored
studying at their books. Television, which is an electronic media, leads to diffusion of other
cultures. It gets more people to know different cultures from different countries. In a sentence,
television is a very good electronic media for everyone which brings educational value.
Everyone can also be entertained by watching films and dramas from other nations and
countries. It brings entertainment value. It is fun when a group of relatives and friends gathering
in a house and sitting together watching television. It can smaller the gap and improve the
relationships between them. Nonetheless, this world seems to be small because of television
which is a powerful medium of mass communication. One should use television as a good
sources to increase the standard living.
The second type of electronic media is internet. Internet is nowadays become an important
media for all people as they cannot live without it. Internet creates more convenience and makes
things easy for peoples life in many ways. Usually, people use internet frequently for their
education purposes. According to Irene Lui (1997), students who use online technology perform
better than others. They perform better on comprehension, presentation and on their studies
because they would learn new vocabularies and latest information through the internet. Beside
that, internet is also used in business. Nowadays, people prefer to run online business rather than
doing business face to face with customers. Online business is very easy and convenient to do
because we do not need specific places to run these business and would not need to invest more
money to develop our business. Moreover, we can deal our business anywhere and anytime. Not
only that, we can also keep our personal business files online. We would not have to worry about
losing those important files because we can refer to those files in online whenever we need it.
Furthermore, internet is also used in entertainment. Entertainment is the strong pillar internet.
Many people access the internet to spend their leisure time in Facebook, Instagram and other
social media by chatting with others. They also able to become online friends with others not
necessarily someone they would ever meet but someone to talk and share things with. Our world
of electronic media has changed dramatically since the Internet and World Wide Web first gave
us rapid to text, graphics, sound, and even video (Medoff and Kaye, 2017).

Besides the internet, another one of the most useful electronic medias that most of the people
own these days is the smartphone. Smartphone is a mobile phone which offers advanced
technologies with functionality similar as a personal computer. Smartphone technology has faced
tremendous growth in all regions in the world and it has indeed become a very important part of
our daily lives. According to Steven Tweedie (2015), people didn't start using the term
"smartphone" until 1995, but the first true smartphone actually made its debut three years earlier
in 1992. Smartphones are known to give benefits to people who use it but how can a smartphone
affect someone's life, especially a student? Firstly, students can take advantages of it in their
studies or their business. The smartphone which come with Andriod, Apple IOS and Windows
Phone operating system come with educational apps which can be used while students are in
college. If it is about business, applications like Skype can be installed which will help students
in communicating with their clients on the go. The next positive point of smartphones is
communication. With smartphones communication can be made easily from anywhere at any
time. It is even easier that some of the applications like Whatsapp, Wechat and Telegram could
allow people to make calls with anyone who is either in the country or outside of it, with no cents
spent, only mobile data is used. According to Johnston (2015), a prospective mixed-methods
study was conducted in a London hospital that says all emergency surgery team members used
Whatsapp for communication for 19 weeks. That shows how important a smartphone is. Lastly,
smartphones have become a source of unlimited entertainment. Smartphones have come
existence which not only help people in making calls but also allowing us to play games, listen to
music and do lots of other stuff that could bring relaxation to students' mind. In addition, smart
phones are indeed invented to give people benefits and that is why ones need to be using it
wisely so that everyone will get all the benefits it has.

In a nutshell, there are three types of electronic media that could easily affect our lives. One
should get the full benefits by using those electronic medias as they provide a window for the
world to view many different cultures and other informations that are out of our expectation.

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Appendix 1


Television Internet

Figure 1. Types of electronic media