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Amaya Hollidays


Problem Statement:

This POW is asking you to create two formulas. The first is how to find the height of the platforms. The
second is to find the the amount of ribbon.

Visual Representation:


I solved this POW by finding a formula to find the height of the tallest platform. For the first equation I
struggled at first to conceptualize the the problem until Hannah drew me a picture like the one above.
From there I was able to create the formula x + z w = y . Y is the tallest platform, x is the shortest
platform, w is the difference between the platforms, and z is the number of platforms minus one. Moving
to the second equation, I realized it has something to do with adding consecutive integers together. From
there, I asked Ethan what if sigma would help me achieve this formula and we both agreed it would from
there we plugged in the in variables from the first equation. Next, I realized I the width of the platforms
had to play a role in the amount of ribbon used, so you simply have to multiply you sigma equation by the


x + zw = y

( x + z w) * width of platf orms
y = tallest platf orm
x = shortest platf orm
w = dif f erence between platf orms
z = number of platf orms 1

The solution for formula one is x + z w = y . For example if we have 3 platforms, the tallest platform is 3
ft, my shortest platform is 1 ft, and they are a 1 ft apart. 1 + (1 * 3 1) = 3 . The second formula is (
x + z w) * width of platf orms . The second equation is correct because you need a formula that add
consecutive integers, which sigma does. If you had three platforms that were each a foot wide, then the
equation would be the following ( (1 + 2(1)) * 1 = 6. The area of the 1 foot by 1 foot platform is one,
two feet by one foot platform is 2, and the 3 feet by 1 foot. This sums to 6. This proves my equation to be


The first time I read over this POW I was very confused. I could not visualize what was being asked.
After Hannah helped me with a visual representation, I understood what was being asked. If I were to
change the problem I would add an extra credit opportunity where students find formulas for the
platforms going up and down. I was very stressed about this POW because I was afraid I was not going to
finish on time because I am currently working on many other assignments. Finally, this POW was a
perfect difficulty level for me.

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