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Graduate School

Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal 9506
South Cotabato, Philippines



The bakery industry is one of the several manufacturing industries which cater to

a community’s food needs. It is an industry which has the promise of expansion and

even franchising once a bakery has established a reputation for itself through customer

satisfaction. Bakeries are assured of repeat purchases from their customers since their

products have already become part of the average Filipino’s diet. Bakery goods are

often substituted for breakfast because of their ease and speed of preparation. Heating

bread in the microwave or toaster and making a cup of coffee take less time and effort

compared to cooking rice and viand. The same is true when it comes to snacks- a

sandwich made with butter, jam or peanut butter takes less time to make compared to

cooking instant noodles.

Bakeries have passed through several changes from their appearance to the

present. These changes were in terms of physical structure, production systems, kind of

products, service that they provide, and many others. Some of these changes result

from a natural response of bakeries when they face demands resulting from

transformations occurring in the market. Souki (2003) points out that today’s world

changes extend to the political, economic, cultural, social and technological spheres,

resulting in new market trends, as well as affecting food consumers and their

consumption pattern.

pies. Bread in its many forms make up a portion of our diet and are eaten at mealtimes-as part of Filipino breakfast. crackers. From there. They used this in making bread for the Holy Communion or what we call as Eucharistic Bread. These missionaries were the ones who introduced baking to Filipinos and was later copied and practiced by the locals (Dagoon et al. throughout the years. 1997). Graduate School NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue. bakery products have a well- established presence in the Philippine diet. Although baking bread has not been a native concept and was brought over by Europeans and our other neighbors. In contrast to many other Asian economies. City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato. The first evidence of baking occurred when the Spanish missionaries arrived in the country. These establishments sold biscuits. pastries. and as an item for celebrations (special cakes. Philippine breads and pastries are vital in every Filipino’s life. Next to rice. They brought and planted wheat in some provinces in the country. cakes. Filipinos have come to love eating bread. it became part of our Filipino culture. Philippines Our history as a baking country is comprised of influences from many different nations. etc). . It can be observed that we can find a local bakeshop in every neighborhood here in the country. bread is a staple item in the Philippine diet and sales of cakes and pastries have been expanding over the last decade. and different kinds of breads including the hot pandesal. as a “merienda” or afternoon snack.

Due to the increased demand for bakery products from the population in the Philippines. Almost every household relies on the consumption of staple products such as bread. and so the baking industry is able to thrive with this large. It would cater the needs of every Filipino family that enjoys bread and pastries as a common daily food item. specifically the following: – To identify the reasons why consumers are led to attend bakeries. including those produced by them as well as those industrialized in other companies. Graduate School NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue. – To ascertain how is the consumers image with regard to bakeries and baked products. .3 percent of manufacturing industries in 2010 according to a government census. Philippines The baking industry is a significant part of the Philippines' economy. – To determine the relevant attributes of consumers during the purchase decision process. reliable demand. Therefore. Thus. considering the state of understanding of bakery consumers. putting up a bakery or a bakeshop is a good business venture in the country. the present work aims to understand about their behavior. Food manufacturing in general is still the Philippines' most dominant industry and accounts for over 40 percent of the country's total manufacturing output. making up 20. this research study aims to determine the preferences for Bread and Pastry Products among the residents of General Santos City. City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato. Bakeries provide necessities to the population in terms of bread and cake products.

– Which reasons lead you to attend to bakeries? 3.g.. relative. – What do you think about baked products? Should they be less expensive. friend. – Which products must be offered in a bakery to attract much more customers? 7. colleague. – Are there differences between baked products and those industrialized in other companies? Why do you think so? 8. this study desired to answer the following questions: 1. Philippines – To verify preferences of consumer and their willingness to pay more for given bakery goods in General Santos City Statement of the Problem This research aimed to determine the preferences of the residents of General Santos City for Bread and Pastry products.)? 6. – What is the ideal location for a bakery in your opinion. – What leads you to decide about the bakery from which you have to buy baked products? 5. Specifically. spouse. equal price.. – What types of baked products are you used buy? 4. City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato. – Who gives you information about baked products you decide to buy (e. or more expensive than those processed by other companies? Why? . Graduate School NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue. and why? 2.

The findings of the study may help them to be aware of the purchase power of the residents in General Santos City. City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato. It is focused to determine the residents’ preferences for bread and pastry products and the different factors that influence them to buy and consume these products. Graduate School NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue. Questionnaires will be utilized in the conduct of this study which covers the respondents’ profile. Significance of the Study Proprietors. Philippines Scope and Limitations The scope of the study is limited to the respondents that are residents of General Santos City. . their frequency of purchase and their preferred bread and pastry products. This research study may serve as a guide for the different bakery owners or future proprietors to cater the needs of these students and their preferred baked products. Marketers. the factors that influence them to buy bakery products.

. Students. This will provide them a future career path that they may want to take. City of Koronadal 9506 South Cotabato. Graduate School NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY Alunan Avenue. Philippines School Administrators. This study will serve as their basis for bake shop venture in their respective schools. The findings of the study may serve as a reference and guide for future researchers. The study will inform the students that there is a great demand for this industry for people who have skills and background regarding Bread and Pastry production. Researchers.