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Lorain City Schools

Job Description

Chief Equity and Achievement Officer

About Lorain City Schools

The International City is the home of the Lorain City Titans. We are a district that will disrupt the status quo
for 6,700 scholars across 15 campuses in Northeast Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. To do so, we will transform
the way that we look at educating our scholars, performing as leaders, and inspiring as people, all while having
fun doing it. Lorain City Schools is one of two districts in the state of Ohio who have been granted the authority
to redream what is possible for our young people with the passing of House Bill 70. This house bill empowers
the CEO to improve district practices and operate with a level of urgency and purpose that is unique to
traditional public school systems across the country. The districts academic improvement plan, The Lorain
Promise, outlines the ambitious yet obtainable outlook for Lorain City Schools with bold statements about how
we will operate as a district and a community. This innovative new direction for Titans, will not only change the
way we look at public school education, but seeks to set the new standard for what is possible when we put our
scholars first. To learn more about Lorain City Schools, please visit

Our Shared Values

Our Shared Values are the heart of our culture and the foundation of all of our work at Lorain City Schools,
reflecting input from people across the community. They will shape who we are and how we work together to
realize every scholars potential.

Scholars First Everything we do is focused on ensuring that students reach their full potential. We will
honor the voices of our students and their families and support each other as champions of Lorains
scholars, knowing that we all have their best interests at heart.

One for All Our differences as individuals strengthen our schools. We will focus on equity, work
proactively to eliminate bias in our systems and procedures, and invest in effective strategies to ensure
equal opportunity for all scholars and families.

Experience Joy Our schools will be places where all scholars and staff can pursue a love of learning
with enthusiasm and optimism. We will lift each other up and celebrate our successes.

Expect Excellence We will hold high expectations for every student and staff memberand hold each
other accountable to ensuring that every student succeeds.

Collaborate with Integrity We promise to be transparent, knowing that we can only get better if we
work togetherand are honest with each other. We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of
personal behavior, including trust, honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Take Pride We value, honor and respect one another, our schools, and our community. We will work
together to build schools where all adults look forward to coming to work and students are eager to

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Lorain City Schools
Job Description

About the Position

The Chief Equity and Achievement Officer will play a critical role in leading the charge to transform academic
outcomes by challenging the status quo for our often marginalized populations, promote equity, and ultimately
create an approach to curriculum design and implementation that rivals the best education systems across the
globe. Reporting to the CEO, s/he will oversee the development and implementation of a an curriculum strategy
that operates with an equity lens and a continuum of PK-14 learning, while leading with care for all of our
populations of students, regardless of their circumstances. Working in partnership with these teams and the
CEO s/he will work to ensure we have the best and brightest committed to transforming the way we think about
learning and teaching, equity, and social justice in education in learning environments that experience joy,
operate with a one for all mindset, and always expect excellence.

This is an exciting opportunity for a collaborative and entrepreneurial leader, who enjoys systems thinking, and
has an insatiable passion for building a comprehensive approach to pedagogy and instructional rigor and can
find ways to close the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist within our school system. This leader
believes education is the foundation of a just and equitable society, and that every child has the potential to
succeed if given access to the right tools, opportunities, and resources. The Chief Equity and Achievement
Officer is responsible for designing, implementing, and leading the academic and equity policies that will
reshape how we view, achieve, and empower best in class learning environments that are driven by scholar
outcomes and experiences that will prepare our young people to compete globally.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

In close partnership with the CEO, leading the creation of the Equity and Achievement Office (currently
does not exist)
Create a comprehensive academic and equity strategy that will close the achievement and opportunity
gaps that exist in our learning environments.
Focus on ensuring that our systems, policies, and teaching and learning practices reflect our districts
core values
Rethink how we approach learning, thinking, and developing the minds of our young people so that they
can reach their full potential
Creating systems that demand great teaching and leading through strong performance metrics that
exponentially improve our knowledge, skills, and mindsets towards educating our scholars

Candidate Requirements:

A minimum of a bachelors degree from a four-year college or university; Masters in curriculum

development or masters degree in a related field preferred (but not mandatory)
At least 5-7 years of leadership experience in a high-performing organization; experience working in a
non-profit strongly preferred
Track record of successfully meeting or exceeding organizational targets, achieving ambitious goals, and
data that shows significant organizational or departmental impact

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Lorain City Schools
Job Description

Strong people and organizational management skills, with a track record for developing and
empowering performers to strive for more
A thinker who is able to overcome challenges in creating improvements in low performing settings
An ability to create systems and processes that do not exists with small or large teams
An unwavering belief in our school systems core values and vision
Experience in urban education and/or organizations that fight for equity and achievement of our
underserved populations

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