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3rd Conditional is used to talk about actions, and if they have happened, the
consequence would have been done. So, we use this conditional in order to talk about
unreal things that could have happened, and if they have happened the
consequence would have been done.


(had + V3) (have + V3)
A) Rewrite the sentences using 3rd B)
E.g. If I had seen you, I would have said hello. Match the 2 halves of the sentences.
Conditional. Remember 3 Conditionals form.

- not met you/my life different.

If I hadnt met you, my life would have been 1) If I hadnt met my best friend,
different. 2) we wouldnt have arrived late
3) they wouldnt have seen that advert.
-not wake up early/not arrive. 4) If they had started 2 years before,
_______________________________. 5) If I had known that you were here,
6) they would have won the match.
-live here/see that literature was... 7) If he had seen the sign,
_________________________________ 8) The police wouldnt have given him
_______________________________. a ticket.
a) If we had got up early,
-visit Seville/buy a souvenir.
b) If they had turned on the TV,
c) I would have come sooner.
d) If they had had better players,
-study English/not do this exercises. e) they would have spoken better.
_________________________________ f) my life would have changed in many
_______________________________. ways.
-arrive soon/ not miss it. g) he would have stopped the car.
_________________________________ h) If he hadnt been talking on the
_______________________________. phone.

C. Now write sentences using the contexts. Use 3rd Conditional.