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City, State
MBA. Ellis College of NYIT. Seeking a project management position within [COMPANY] that will utilize over a
Old Westbury, N.Y. 2007 decade of proven experience in successful project management, business analytics,
BS (Business Mgt. /E-Commerce) and customer service.
Kaplan Univ., Davenport, IA. S PECIAL S KILLS AND A BILITIES
2003 Successful project management Website, Graphic Design, Building outreach services
career with on-time, on- Typography, Color (rsums, crisis
Graduate, Diamonds & Diamond
budget delivery Science counseling, residential
Grading. Gemological Institute
intake, makeovers)
of America. 2001 Information Architecture Visual ARMM Method of visual
Display of quantitative design Branding of both
analysis business and
D OMAIN E XPERTISE S YSTEMS : Building awareness and business owner
Munis - Financials Creating project artifacts such as community support
SharePoint Implementation/Management Started local Registered
Business Intelligence (BI) Plans, Project Plans, etc. Apply Project Mgt. 501(c)3 for trauma
Learning Management (LMS) philosophies to all survivors
Facilitation of meetings and endeavors
P RODUCTS /L ANGUAGES : cross-functional teams for
successful deliveries.
E-Learning Interface Design
Articulate Replay
Financials Accounts Payable Cash Management
General Ledger Contract Management Accounts Receivable
Adobe Captivate
Graphic Design Projects & Grants Inventory General Billing
Adobe Creative Suite Budgeting Bid Management System Administration
Purchasing Fixed Assets Workflow
Interactive Training Platforms
MS Office
Within a few months of graduating from my [PRODUCT LINE] training class and in
Social Media Platforms: recognition of years of experience in Project Management and Business Analysis, I was asked to
Twitter create a Reporting Analysis tool and to deliver these training days at the City of Tulsa.
Facebook Additionally, I then performed additional days parsing the results into actionable information
HootSuite for the responsible Implementation Consultant. I also presented on the lessons learned from
LinkedIn this activity at the May 2017 Midwest Regional Meeting. The net result was the creation of a
Pinterest new activity for [COMPANY] to deliver to clients with significant billable income potential.
In 2005 - Before the era of online applications and Enterprise Resource Planning Software, I
S PECIAL E XPERTISE took an organization that used the Microsoft Office Suite for all operations in three separate
locations (one of which was a secured, hardened facility at an Ops center in Washington, DC),
Branding covered 50 decentralized programs, 6,000 trainers, and over 150,000 members nationwide, and
Creative Writing created a web-based infrastructure allowing all concerned to function as if we were in the same
501(c)3 for Women in Emotional building. Originally, I was a hired as the web designer for the Highway Watch program of the
Trauma American Trucking Associations. Our mission was to train overland truckers to spot suspicious
Dog rescue, retraining, socializing activity and report it to our Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ISAC) for vetting against
the terrorist matrix. After reviewing our Cooperative Agreement with DHS and TSA,
E.C., ###.###.####

I identified our need for improved for a robust, interconnected, software solution. After much research, and several
meetings to pitch the idea to the leadership, I successfully won approval and an initial $3M to proceed. I conceptualized
the project in detail, wrote the RFP, hired the vendor, and oversaw the implementation of the of a complete web-based,
software infrastructure. We completed the project on-time and on-budget. We boosted productivity from 1,500
applications/month to over 20,000/month and saw a 100% ROI within six months. And, I was promoted from web
designer to Director of Operations.


After working at DFPS for a few months, I noticed that many people in the agency didnt really understand what we,
The Office of Process Improvement, did. I pitched the idea of branding our division and operating like a service vendor
within the Agency. Recognizing a good idea when she saw it, my boss immediately gave me the go ahead. I walked my
team through my ARMM methodology and we generated a brand statement, brand story, as well as themes for the
emotions we wanted to be associated with. With these results in hand, I developed a cohesive brand identity for the
division. I also developed a six-step methodology for how to get things done from a project management standpoint,
which we published as an in-house booklet for new staff members. With all of this in place, we launched a web presence
and began promoting the work we did in the organization. I developed business cards, a style guide, branded templates,
and a tagline. Within one year, we went from being virtually unknown in our agency to being sought after for projects
and even training other divisions on our methodology.


Unknowingly and unintentionally, companies fall into a rut of doing the same things the same way without ever
wondering how they might do better. Such was the case with how eCoreXperience responded to RFP opportunities.
They used the typical methodology so many businesses use: a large Word document that required them to edit the
document as a whole and often led to errors and improperly-edited sections because it was an over-used template. My
solution was to break up all the sections and boilerplates into modular components that could be edited independently
and dropped into a now-blank template at a moment's notice. eCoreXperience could now create efficient, effective,
custom, tailored, and polished responses to solicitations. The very first use of my
methodology landed them the largest contract they had ever won (National
Education Association) for $2M.


I went to work for a diamond merchant who had a 50% share of the insurance
adjuster market. He wanted to increase his share to 80%. Once I became certified
in the 4Cs and how to read diamond certificates, I set out to grow our market
share by training insurance adjusters. I developed an interactive training program
and always made sure to have fresh coffee and a fine assortment of bagels and
donuts. I offered my training program to insurance adjusters and their supervisors
in the Washington, DC. Metropolitan area. My programs were a big hit and I built
personal relationships with all the insurance companies. I took our appraisal
business from $600K per year to $1.2M.

One of the main charges of the Office of Process Improvement at DFPS was to
convey information is a readily digestible fashion. We also had the challenge of
disseminating new, often mission-critical information, across Texas, the second
largest state in the Union, and an agency with 14,000 decentralized employees who
had made clear that they were unhappy with our current, text-heavy methodology.
We surveyed our staff on how they used our training and I went on ride-alongs
with staff in Harris County, TX -- one of our regions with the most training
issues/complaints. Talking with everyone I could, I was convinced we were
disseminating information ineffectively. I proposed the introduction of
infographics - conveying information visually, with minimal use of text to mu
E.C., ###.###.####

supervisor and my division implemented a policy of using an infographic wherever possible. We immediately saw an
uptick in compliance and understanding of new initiatives and policies. Here is one example, where the Data Analytics
Division needed agency staff to understand its workflow to reduce complaints and set expectations:


The Office of Consumer Affairs at DFPS was facing a public relations crisis: a public perception of bias and non-
responsiveness. I was brought in to create a brand and some media properties for the Consumer Affairs Your Voice is
Heard campaign. Using my ARMM methodology, I took the relevant stakeholders through my facilitated process and
provided a design specification for sign-off. One of the key directives was to create a logo that would distance Consumer
Affairs visually from the parent agency, while at the same time showing the corporate relationship. Once I received
approval, I provided several science-backed options. After one more iteration, the team approved a logo, which was
immediately applied to $10,000 worth of branded merchandise for distribution to DFPS clients and families. The
campaign was successful in raising awareness and reducing friction between Consumer Affairs and the clients it served.


A local counseling business was seeking a cohesive brand identity to build their practice in Downtown [CITY]. I met
with the relevant stakeholders and took them through my ARMM methodology. We agreed on theme and design
direction based on the results of the exercises. I delivered to them a logo and a brand identity style guide as well as a fully
branded website The business has rallied around the brand, launched the
website, and applied the brand to various merchandising. Additionally, through this process, I developed a highly-
synergistic working relationship with Janel Sanford, the owner of Circle, and she agreed to partner with [COMPANY] as
the therapeutic support provider for our groups, as well as serving as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.

Philosophy of User Interaction Design - I taught myself the two leading schools of thought on usability and user-interaction
design at the time: Steve Krugs Dont Make Me Think process and Jakob Nielssons Ergonomics Drives
Usability philosophy. Based on these two methodologies, I built myself a successful career in web interface design and
information technology management

Layout of a proposal, font choice, text color, logo design, business intelligence, literally every element of anything I do is
a carefully constructed interaction with one goal in mind: dont force my consumer to think. Freeing up the cognitive
load that comes with simply trying to navigate a report, interface, etc. means that the consumer of that particular
interface is free to absorb and understand and that, in turn, allows productivity, and profitability, to happen.
Autonomic Responses to Shape and Layout - I am self-taught in website design, color science, and typography. When our
Division director wanted to create a logo, I volunteered to lead the process. Rather than simply designing the logo, I
involved all stakeholders and turned the project into a unifying teambuilding experience. I developed and facilitated an
exercise-filled four-hour workshop where we: 1) figured out what business we were really in, and 2) what emotions we
wanted our customers to feel when they saw our logo and experienced our services. Using the tabulated results of the
"feeling" themes from the workshop, and the tools of color science and the ARMM (Attention/
Response/Meaning/Memory) methodology of design, I created three scientifically-based options, from which the
team selected the most effective one. Both my process and the logo were lauded and became part of the organization's
culture going forward.

N ON -P ROFIT - 501( C )3

[COMPANY] fills the void in services for trauma survivors no longer in crisis. [CITY] has many reputable crisis services
and transitional housing facilities. But, these organizations have a different focus than [COMPANY]. The current model
in the domestic violence domain spans roughly two years and 30-60 days from initial crisis to end of services. However,
once survivors are considered no longer in crisis the resources become limited as existing organizations must focus on
their primary missions of prevention and crisis assistance. [COMPANY] steps in after the crisis portion of escaping from
abuse or exploitation has passed and partners with survivors to ensure they remain supported in healing.
E.C., ###.###.####

[COMPANY], Inc. uses a two-pronged approach to fulfill its mission: 1) supporting survivors directly; and 2) partnering
with the community. To support survivors directly, we offer focused services such as support groups, trauma
management workshops, and other life in the aftermath survival skills training. Additionally, each survivor will follow
a path of healing unique to themselves. No single organization can fill every need for every survivor, therefore,
[COMPANY] partners with local service providers to ensure that every survivor has access to a variety of resources and
services in addition to those provided directly by [COMPANY] so that every survivor can succeed in their individual
journey to transcending their trauma.


After launching [COMPANY]s Survivor Social in May 2016, it grew rapidly. We went from one survivor the first
meeting to ten by the third. Something that became clear in the wake of this growth was the fact that a group of trauma
survivors with no other outlet was sometimes going to get into territory that may be uncomfortable for civilians to
hear. We host the social at a local coffee shop and, as this is a public space, we are often overheard. I decided to create a
therapeutic support group specifically for this type of detailed and personal sharing so that the Social could maintain
its original purpose a safe space for survivors to come together socially where our quirks and tendencies are
understood and not out of place. In short, we practice social skills among a compassionate group to overcome the social
anxiety that is created by Complex PTSD. I knew I needed a trained therapist to facilitate the group, and through a
friend of a friend, I met Janel who retained my branding services. As we worked together, it became apparent that Janel
was just the therapist I was looking for. She agreed to become [COMPANY]s therapeutic partner and to serve on our
Board. Thrive Together: A support group is going strong and is the only known survivor group in [CITY] to have
both male and female survivors attending. Additionally, [COMPANY] has expanded its offerings to include the partners,
loved ones, and caregivers of survivors with Partners in PTSD a monthly educational and support group specific to
their needs.


Creating a viable non-profit from scratch involves identifying services you want to offer and then asking strangers to
provide them. One service I wanted to offer was makeover help for survivors of trauma as they go about making over
their lives. I learned about the work Sheona Sleiman does in the beauty industry, met with her and invited her to partner
with me. Our approaches did not mesh and she declined, but we liked each other and became friends. In her makeup
academy, she offers business classes and I offered to conduct my "Well-ARMM'd" seminar for her students. Sheona
will also host our October 20th Fall Fundraiser.


Building a viable non-profit from scratch requires finding the right partners with the right heart and offering the right
services at the right price. Rochelle Stroh, owner of Ecclesia Coffee & Community on [CITY]'s West Side, is just such a
person. When it comes to trauma survivors, familiarity goes together with feeling safe. I knew that if the Survivor Social
was to find its feet my survivors were going to need a place with excellent visibility on all entrances and exits, that
many individuals needed to be able to sit facing the doorway, and the coffee and snacks had to taste good. How did I
know this? As a trauma survivor, these are my own requirements for the establishments Im willing to frequent on a
regular basis. It was also key that we got the space for free. At that time, [COMPANY] had not one single dollar in the
bank. Ecclesia, of all the coffee shops I visited, fit the bill and Rochelle generously agreed not to charge me. In the
almost two years Ive operated out of Ecclesia, the membership has grown significantly. For Rochelle, she confided in
me that her business has grown and on the days which she knows were coming in she now must put on extra staff. My
hope is that as [COMPANY] grows, we can help Ecclesia do the same.


As a trauma survivor, much as I would like to distance myself from the immediacy of others in trauma, I have learned
that if I'm going to be true to the promise of [COMPANY] to turn no one away, I will need to make myself physically
and emotionally available to both women and men in immediate trauma. Such was the case with C.K. and his girlfriend,
both trauma survivors who had never received treatment. His girlfriend called me one night and told me she was in
danger and that C.K. was out of control. Long story short, after calling my husband, I went to their home, calmed C.K.
down and got him to leave the house so I could take his girlfriend to her mother's home. Since then, Ive met regularly
with him to offer support and a compassionate ear. Ive referred him to a local trauma therapy provider and in the last
E.C., ###.###.####

six months, his life has taken a 180. Hes gotten a better-paying job, is moving in with his parents to save money, and
thoughtfully ended the relationship with his girlfriend when it became apparent that they werent healthy for each other.

I'm a survivor of 22 years of spousal abuse. During those years, and in the years since, I've learned to overcome
inordinate difficulties to achieve my goals. I've learned to persist in the face of daunting adversity and pain. I've learned
to read people and situations, and I can deal with pretty much anything because I do not collapse under pressure. I
promise to be as stalwart and committed to accomplishing your business goals as I am in achieving my personal ones.


3/2016 - Present
Implementation Consultant [PRODUCT LINE]
Responsible for
o Assisted clients with analyzing and proofing data conversions
o Conducted analysis, training, and business process consulting for clients on a Financial ERP system
o Traveled extensively throughout the U.S. to implement various modules in key financial areas
o Achieved on-time go-lives consistently by building client relationships and managing training
o Created thorough user documentation for different system processes and functional areas

Consultant/Business Analyst
2007 present
Provide business analysis and performance metrics to small companies with the purpose of identifying
challenges to growth. Also, provide business process re-engineering services to guide organizational change
Provide proposal writing services to help build revenue. Craft successful proposals for major clients such as the
National Education Association. Manage the development, compliance, and submission process for all
Include drafting/responding to RFPs/RFQs/RFIs
Include interviewing and collaborating with subject matter experts
Include sourcing and vetting opportunities
Provide online content for various websites utilizing effective SEO techniques. Articles with my byline appear
on eHow, Answerbag, Examiner, and others.
Provide business writing and copy-editing services to a full range of clients from individuals to small
businesses. Help clients communicate their message effectively and completely in the required mediums.
Provide desktop publishing, design, and layout services to clients as needed
Consult on branding, marketing, company positioning as well as provide authoring services for various content

Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services

3/2013 3/2016
Management Analyst (5/2015 3/2016)
Responsible for
o Facilitating organizational improvement and business process re-engineering for DFPS
o Project management and oversight including the development of project artifacts such as scope
documents, project schedules, etc.
o The conceptualization and design of in-house brands to support the agency mission.
o The logistical management of the Office of Process Improvement for DFPS.

Program Specialist (3/2013 5/2015)

Responsible for:
o Development, creation, and deployment of interactive, e-learning interfaces.
o Development, creation, and deployment of technology training curriculum in support of the DFPS
mission including face-to-face and web-based training seminars.
o Development of communications products such as training aids, tip sheets in support of the
technology training curriculum developed.
E.C., ###.###.####

Director of Operations, Highway Watch

American Trucking Associations
2004 2007
Responsible for planning, managing, and directing program functions including all operational and
administrative functions.
Responsible for developing project plans and providing management oversight through completion
Responsible for budget forecasting and management, participating in management decision-making, and
developing policy and procedures for the program.
Represented the Vice President and the program in providing information and program expertise to the
Federal Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Transportation
Security Administration.
Responsible for all facets of technology project management from conceptualization to implementation. Also,
responsible for running the day-to-day functional operations of business units with a focus on growth to a
specific financial/operations goal.
Successfully led a $3 million project to completion on time and on-budget
Redesigned the program's three web entities with a focus on usability and intuitive user interaction leading
to a high adoption rate and successful conversion to the new web presence.
Responsible for training and support on all technology.

Web Designer/Consultant
1997 2004
Provided full range consultation to small businesses and individuals for website design and technology services
and solutions. actively conceptualized, implemented and managed website builds for a variety of clients to
provide low-cost, high-return technology platforms to support business growth.
Provided full, design/development lifecycle management for technology projects with a focus on usability and
intuitive user interface design.

[COMPANY]. 501(c)3 non-profit for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.
5/2016 - Present
Founder, President & CEO
Full responsibility for all operational aspects of this start-up non-profit

Creative writing
Dog rescue and training
Gourmet cooking
Watercolor Painting

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