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Brennan Counts

Ms. Gordon

English 101

8 December 2017

Course Reflection

English 101 at Nitro High School is a dual credit course that consists of College English

Composition I and 12th Grade Honors English. The course is designed to offer skills such as

writing in an analytical way, improving critical thinking and organizing information in a logical


Throughout the beginning stages of my high school career, I never really knew how to

write a proper essay or the writing process, despite taking all honors classes. It never was

apparent to me that I was forming unorganized and unfocused essays. For those first three years

of high school, it was as if my writing skills never improved and stayed stagnant. It was not until

English 101, did I see improvement.

Beginning the year, we started with a writing unit that was divided up into three

assignments, common application essay, resume, and a mock interview. The unit served to be a

soft introduction to the course, and a benchmark to be evident as to where I stood as a individual

in my writing skills. In my opinion, my skills were not up to par to a English twelve or a college

English level, and need great improvement.

After this unit had concluded, we started a speech unit that focused on taking risk. We

supplemented the speech and the topic of taking risks with the text Beowulf which had a

central theme of taking risks. Although I had previously taking Communications, which focused

on public speaking, I do believe the unit was beneficial to me. The action of planning and writing
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out an outline for our speech helped me gain skills in planning and gathering my idea, which can

translate to writing essays and analysis.

With all of the practice and gained skills from the majority of the class, writing the

literary and poetic analysis was much easier for me, and I believe they prove my improvement in

writing. The flow is much smoother, making the papers way more clear.

This course not only is giving me a chance to obtain college credits while still finishing

my senior year of high school, but also foreshadows and prepares me for college in the future. To

be successful in college it is essential to have time management and writing skills, and I feel that

I have improved greatly in both of those skills and I can accredit the progress to English 101.