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General Mathematics 11

First Quarter

Aligned Classroom Instruction Delivery Plan (ACID Plan)

Highest Thinking Skills to

Learning Competencies
Assess Enabling
Content Performance Re-Grouped Teaching
Content General
Standards Standards Competencies Strategy
RBT Level Techniques
Functions The learner The learner is able to LC 1 Knowing Understanding Representation
and Their demonstrates 1. accurately Reasoning &
Graphs understanding construct LC 2 Understanding Evaluating
of mathematical
LC 3 Knowing Understanding Representation
1. key models to
concep represent real- LC 4 Understanding Analyzing Communication
ts of life situations
functio using
LC 5 Knowing LC 6 Understanding Representation
ns. functions.

2. key 3. accurately LC 7 Understanding Analyzing Communication

concep formulate and
LC 8 Knowing Understanding Representation
ts of solve real-life
rational problems LC 9 Knowing LC 10 Remembering Representation
functio involving LC 11 Understanding Applying Connection
ns. rational
functions. LC 12 Understanding Analyzing Communication

Performance Task (GRASPS)

You belong to a research group of one Non-Government Organization (NGO) whose primary goal is to promote healthy lifestyle among the teachers in your community. Your
organization is currently working on a big project which is a cross sectional study on the different issues affecting the health of your teachers. Your team consists researchers,
surveyors, tabulators and presenter was asked to conduct a research on the prevalent complaints of the teachers with their health and how are these correlated to each other.
Your output will be presented to the president and board members of your organization. Your output must be informative, accurate, clear and organized.

Written Output (60%) Presentation (40%)
Mathematical Accuracy (30%) Clarity of Report (20%)
Synthesis and Recommendation (20%) Materials Used in Presentation (10%)
Format (10%) Collaboration and Teamwork (10%)

Prepared by: Mishel P. Alcanar, LPT