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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

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Expression of Interest (EOI)

For qualification of vendors to supply production equipment for Early Production System

The Joint Venture (JV) comprising Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), and Cairn
India Ltd is developing the Nagaylanka oilfield located about 80 Kms. The Joint Venture has
proposed to set up an Early Production System to produce oil and gas from the existing and new
wells. The JV is looking for interested vendors having previous experience in supplying Production
Equipment required to set up an Early Production System.Vendors having the required capability
and possessing relevant statutory approvals may respond to this EOI within SEVEN days from the
date of publication. Interested Bidders may please note that, Bidders has to present their offer as per
EOI requirement in ppt (Power Point Presentation) form in person on 27/28.04.2017 during office
hours and the same may please be confirmed at the following mail add.

For details of the vendor qualification criteria, please visit or

Contact Person:
Shri B K V Ramalingeswara Rao
DGM (P) – SAM II & I/c FEG
Room No.G-B-17, Godavari Bhavan
ONGC Base Complex,
RAJAHUMNDRY - 533106, Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 0883 2494213; Mob: 9515153307/9490168710
Email ID: rajn

during the last Seven (7) years. Andhra Pradesh. Manufacturer’s experience:. Krishna District.0 M3 / Hr. 2. For this purpose. ONGC is in the process of setting up an Early Production System (EPS) at Nagayalanka. awarded under NELP-V round is currently a JV partnership between Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Expression Of Interest 1. 100 KVA minimum) 6 Gas Dehydration Units . Eligibility Criteria Interested parties shall have to submit the following documents/ comply with the following Eligibility criterion for pre-qualification: 1. duly supported with technical catalogues/ literatures. Introduction The KG-ONN-2003/1 block. he should satisfy the following along with documentary evidence. which should be enclosed along with the EOI offer: (a) Minimum Seven (7) years of experience of manufacturing of any TWO items / equipment from each Group I and II or Group III. The scheme for EPS consists of well fluid gathering and crude stabilization. associated utilities and offsite facilities.In case the bidder is a manufacturer of the offered equipment / item. storage & evacuation. 2. Group I Group II Group III No 1 Separators Storage Tanks (Cap. (b) Should have manufactured and supplied minimum ONE (1) quantity of any TWO items / equipment from each Group I and II or Group III to companies which are in the business of exploration & production and/or refining and/or processing of hydrocarbons. wherever applicable. Sl. and Cairn India Limited. 5. minimum) 5 Heater Treater / Bath Gas or Diesel Gen set Heater (cap. the period reckoned shall be the period prior to the date of opening of the EOI offer.100 M3 / Hr. India. Bid should be complete in all aspects covering entire scope of job/ supply and should conform to the technical specifications indicated in the document. TWO items or equipment Drums Minimum) from each Group I & II 4 Filter Assembly Plant / Instrument Air System (Cap.45 M3 Supply of complete Early minimum) Production System (EPS) 2 Pressure vessels Chemical Injection Skids or GGS consisting of any 3 Scrubbers / Knock out Pumps (Cap.

for all the equipment to be supplied under the contract. Bidder should furnish an undertaking for providing the product/ service support along with uninterrupted and timely supply of spare parts for at least TEN (10) years for the quoted model. (ii) The bidder shall indicate the source of their bought out items and also the names of the original equipment/materials manufacturer for the major components. 7 years in case of electronic equipment/items and 10 years in case of mechanical equipment/items) for all the equipment to be supplied under the contract. 7 years in case of electronic equipment/items and 10 years in case of mechanical equipment/items) of spares for all the equipment to be supplied under the contract. the bidders should indicate the source of their bought out items and clearly indicate the names of the original equipment manufacturer for such bought out items. The OEM shall guarantee the ‘lifetime supply’ (i. along with the EOI Offer. For supply of major equipment and items. such as . if awarded to him by ONGC. Broad Scope of Work Please refer Annexure – I for complete details. The bidder must give details of their after sales service support/ repair services that will be provided by them. along with his offer: (i) The OEM shall provide the maintenance / service / calibration facilities in India. 3. if awarded to him by ONGC. 2.(i) Satisfactory Inspection report (OR) (ii) Satisfactory supply completion / Installation report (OR) (iii) Consignee Receipted Delivery Challans (OR) (iv) Central Excise Gate Pass / Tax Invoices issued under relevant rules of Central Excise / VAT (OR) (v) any other documentary evidence that can substantiate the satisfactory execution of each of the purchase orders cited above.1 In case the bidder is not a manufacturer. if awarded to him by ONGC. Documentary evidence in respect of the above should be submitted in the form of copies of relevant Purchase Orders along with copies of any of the documents in respect of satisfactory execution of each of those Purchase Orders. (iii) The OEM undertakes to enter into Annual Maintenance Contract for ‘lifetime’ (i. In case the bidder is not the manufacturer. a certificate from the manufacturer to the effect that the manufacturer possesses the required facilities for testing the quoted equipment/ material should be enclosed along with the EOI Offer. Bidders should have the required facilities for testing the quoted equipment/material as per International standards at their premises and also agree to inspection by ONGC or any other agency nominated by ONGC. 5. 4.e.e. then the bidder is required to submit documentary evidence in respect of the above 2 (a) and 2(b) of the concerned manufacturer (having supplied such items either by manufacturer himself or his distributor). . (a) Bidder must furnish the following undertakings from the Original Equipment Manufacturer(s). 3.

Gas Processing capacity: 0. Supply. The contractor should design Separation facilities to prevent ingress / carryover of oil. . Procurement. Nagayalanka is at Annexure – II. Installation. 3. EPS Design Capacity Design Oil processing capacity: 440 m3/d.I Scope of Work 1. Nagayalanka for separation of well fluids from wells of Nagayalanka Field.16 MMSCMD. Annexure . 2. Scope Of Work: The Scope of work involves. Typical Process Flow Diagram shown below: 4. if any. but not limited to. Fabrication. List of Modular Type Skid Mounted Surface Facilities at EPS. Commissioning and Demonstration of Performance Guarantee Test Run (PGTR) for continuous 72 Hours of Modular type Skid Mounted Surface Facilities at EPS. along with the Gas and / or effluent water and recovery of oil in the subsequent stages incase of unavoidable ingress / carryover of oil. Composition of Well Fluid: The typical composition of Well Fluid at inlet of Separators are specified in Annexure-III. Detailed Design Engineering. Produced Water processing capacity: 3 m3/d.

OMR Regulations. . 75 days except the item at Sl No. 5.2 All electrical apparatus. the right to terminate the contract. 120 Days for Sl No. for each week of delay or part thereof.5. constructed and operated for uninterrupted continuous operation to process the well fluids as designated by ONGC at the specified pressure & temperature. Upon receipt of such a request. extend the period of mobilization and shall recover from the contractor. (d) LD will be calculated based on order value excluding duties and taxes. commissioning and complete the Modular Type Skid Mounted Surface Facilities to commence the production at the specified site within a maximum of 75 days except the item at Sl No. 6. Indian Electricity Rules. (c) The parties agree that the sum specified above is not a penalty but a genuine pre-estimate of the loss/damage which will be suffered by ONGC on account of delay on the part of the CONTRACTOR and the said amount will be payable without proof of actual loss or damage caused by such delay. ASME. 14 & 17 of Equipment List at Annexure-II from the date of Fax Order / LOA / NOA. DGMS Regulations. 14 & 17 of Equipment List at Annexure- II b. ONGC may at its discretion. 14 & 17 of Equipment List at Annexure-II and 120 Days for Sl No.4 All works /systems provided under this contract shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the prevalent National / International codes and practices.1 Modular Type Skid Mounted Surface Facilities at Nagayalanka EPS shall be designed to meet the requirements of applicable safety codes / standards. OISD Standards. APSPCB norms.3 All systems should be designed. without prejudice to any other right or remedy in law or contract including sub clause (c) below. a sum equivalent to ½ % of contract value. ONGC shall have. API. where such duties/taxes have been shown separately in the contract. DELAY AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: (a) CONTRACTOR (successful bidder) shall Supply. as an ascertained and agreed Liquidated Damages. etc. subject to a maximum of 10% of order value. it may request ONGC for extension of the time with unconditionally agreeing for levy and recovery of LD. 5. (b) If the CONTRACTOR fails to supply and complete the commissioning of Modular type Skid Mounted Surface Facilities and / or fails to commence the operations within the period specified in sub clause (a) above. Period of Completion: a. If the contractor is unable to mobilize / deploy and commence the services within the period specified in sub clause (a) above. GENERAL REQUIREMENT: 5. instrumentation items / systems shall be suitable for the hazardous area classification as per applicable National / International standards and statutory regulations. 5. 14 & 17 of Equipment List at Annexure-II 7.

 All the equipment / instrument used shall be suitable for Zone 1 area. pre-commissioning and commissioning of all the instruments. calibration. cables. Scope of work: The scope of work shall include assessing the quantum of instrumentation works. Design and Engineering:  The supplier should do all design and engineering. flow meters to be done by Supplier. control valves. A Cause and Effect Matrix shall represent the logic as per API RP 14C safe charts. indications and all trip logics shall be incorporated in a PLC system mounted on the skid. supply of all instruments as per specifications and standards. junction box connections and associated accessories for final hook up with the PLC system should be assessed and implemented by the contractor. Junction boxes.  All controls. Crude Oil and Water has to be provided at the respective unit battery limits.  Final control elements shall be pneumatic and the necessary I/P converters are to be provided as indicated in the P& IDs.  All the instrumentation control system can be operated through a local control panel mounted on the skid. enclosures etc. BASIC SCOPE FOR INSTRUMENTATIOn a.  The cabling.  Portable ultrasonic flow meter for flare gas measurement is to be provided.  All instruments and associated items shown in the P& ID are indicative. All junction boxes. separators.  All sizing calculations of the instruments.  The analog gauges shall be installed at appropriate locations for local field indications as indicated in P&IDs for vessels.  Supplier shall design the UPS system to run the Control system Continuously and uninterrupted. testing. Operator should be able to operate the skids both locally and from a control room thru a HMI in future. to be installed at hazardous area shall be certified/approved by CMERI / DGMS. PLC based control system shall be OPC compliant as a minimum with third party access to data base and for interfacing with SCADA system in future. Gas – Group C & D.8.  ESD / FSD push button facility to be given to shut off the system in case of exigencies. Class I.  Instrument air supply for all the instruments & all necessary works for hook up are in contractor’s scope. CE. An indicative interlock logic scheme is given in the PID. CENELAC etc.  All instruments provided are smart type and compatible with SCADA communication in future. pumps etc. Class A Petroleum Products. cable glands and local control panel shall be certified for use in hazardous area as per area classification. erection. b.  All instruments supplied shall have requisite certificates from OEM / Country of Origin and from regulatory agencies like ATEX. .  Measurement system for Gas.  Contractor shall provide interlock logic schemes for the new facilities for the safe operation of the unit.

 All pressure/ pressure differential instruments should be provided with block and bleed valves.  Installation. in general magnetic type level gauges shall be used. bypass.  The safety shutdown system and Gas detection should be connected to the PLC system on the skid.  Necessary tapings /nozzles should be provided at the vessels along with isolation valves.  Pump run and Stop indication along with Remote start and stop facility is to be provided in the PLC system. . Working platform is to be provided wherever required.  All field instruments should have ingress protection to IP 65 or NEMA 4. one spare is to be considered for operational failures.  Level instruments supplied by the Supplier shall be test mounted to ensure correct nozzle alignment.  For local visual level indication. vent/drain valves as per the installation requirements.  Canopy is to be provided for weather protection for the instruments installed in the field.  Pressure and Level switches (float/displacer type/latest technology) are to be installed for provision of alarms as well as tripping of pumps as indicated in the P& IDs. field calibration and testing of all the instruments should be done and should get certified by ONGC authorized representative by the supplier.  Panel mounted display system shall be included along with PLC system  IR type gas detectors are to be provided at identified locations and detection panel  All Shut down and alarm switches should be in ‘Fail Safe’ mode.  The Contractor shall include all instrumentation necessary for the safe and effective control and operation of the new facilities.  For pressure safety valves.  Pumps will be provided with local panel having repeat signal to for indication  Wetted parts of instruments should be SS 316L.  The Contractor shall provide full details of all instrumentation included and shall complete the instrument data sheets.

Water Tanker Loading b Centrifugal 1+1 20 x 1.) 1 HP Separation Skid a HP Separator – 3 Phase Horizontal 1 1. along with all Process valves. Sl Design Op.2 m May-60 65 b Filters .61 x 2.2 m3/hr Atm / 5 35 to 40 Produced Water Transfer b Centrifugal 1+1 3 x 1.5 x 2.2 m3/hr Atm / 5 35 to 40 Prod.A/B 1+1 May-60 65 c Orifice Meter 1 10 Gas Metering Station Skid 1 0.Pr. b Dosing pumps 1+1 7 De-Oiler Injection Skid a Storage Tank Fixed Roof 5 M3 Atm. Annexure – II List of Modular Type Skid Mounted Facilities Equipment Name (Modular Type Skid Mounted Op. b Dosing pumps 1+1 8 Diesel Storage system a Storage Tank Fixed Roof 2 Each 5 M3 b Transfer Pumps Centrifugal 1+1 20 x 1.2 m3/hr Atm / 5 35 to 40 Pumps 4 Loading Pump Skid a Oil Tanker Loading Pumps Centrifugal 2+1 20 x 1.90 m 3 39-62 3 Transfer Pumps Skid a Crude Oil Transfer Pumps Centrifugal 1+1 20 x 1.2 m3/hr Atm / 5 35 to 40 Pumps 5 Demulsifier Injection Skid a Storage Tank Fixed Roof 5 M3 Atm.5 x 2.Temp.2 MMSCMD 11 Weigh Bridge 1 12 Gas Genset Skid 1 100 KW . Type Nos (Kg/Cm No Capacity (Deg.2 m3/hr Atm / 5 9 Fuel Gas System Skid a KOD Vertical 1 0.90 m 60 39-62 2 LP Scrubber Vertical 1 0.C) Safety System and 2) Instrumentation etc. b Dosing pumps 1+1 6 Methanol Injection Skid a Storage Tank Fixed Roof 5 M3 Atm.98 m 60 39-62 b HP Scrubber Vertical 1 0.2 x 5.

2 m3/hr Atm/1 5 35 16 Drinking water Storage Tank PVC 1 20 M3 17 Flare package with auto ignition 10.5 TPH a Flare header 8” b Flare KOD drum Horizontal 1 1.5 m 0.5 40 Office Bunkhouse with 18 1 furniture 19 Living Quarters a 4-Berth Staff Living Room 2 b 4-Berth Officers Living Room 1 c VIP Bunk House 1 d Recreation Room 1 e Kitchen Bunk House 1 f Dining Bunk House 1 g Toilet Bunk House 1 h Bath Bunk House 1 i Dispensary 1 .2 14 Centrifugal 2 Atm/1 5 35 Engine) m3/hr 15 Fire Jockey pump Centrifugal 1+1 20 x 1.25M X2. Container mounted MCC room With partition to a 1+1 ~6.2 x 3.5 40 c Mass Flow meter 1 d Flare KOD pumps Centrifugal 1+1 5 x 1.5 M accommodate battery bank/ UPS(2 Bunks joining together) Instrument and Plant Air 13 Centrifugal 1+1 100 M3 / Hr Compressor System Fire Water Pumps (Diesel 300 x 1.2 m3/hr 0.